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Prosecuting Evil

Prosecuting Evil is a movie starring Rosalie Abella, Fatou Bensouda, and Wesley Clark. A portrait of Ben Ferencz, the last surviving Nuremberg Trial prosecutor, who continues to wage his lifelong crusade in the fight for law and...

Other Titles
Ondskans åklagare - mannen som fällde nazisterna, Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz
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1 hours 23 minutes
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History, Biography, Documentary, War
Barry Avrich
Barry Avrich
Wesley Clark, Fatou Bensouda, Rosalie Abella, Alan M. Dershowitz
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A portrait of Ben Ferencz, the last surviving Nuremberg Trial prosecutor, who continues to wage his lifelong crusade in the fight for law and peace.

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Ann M. photo
Ann M.

This documentary is very well made. It really shows that the war was not the greatest tragedy of the 20th century, but rather a brutal, brutal war. It really does the opposite of what the movie depicts. Instead of making the viewer feel sad, it makes the viewer feel angry and angry. It makes you feel like you should be looking at the camera and ask why we are there. It makes you feel like you need to go out and kill some more people. The documentary really shows how the war made people who were not in it feel. I felt as though I was in the middle of a war zone, and I didn't want to leave. It was hard for me to even get out of the theater, because I just wanted to watch it. I think this documentary really goes to show that you can't blame the victims. The war was the worst thing that could ever happen to any country, and it was one of the biggest disasters of the 20th century. It is the war that really brought about the global warming. It was the war that caused the increase of the population of the planet, and the war that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was the war that started a lot of conflicts, and it is the war that is the greatest curse that mankind has ever faced. It really shows that it is not the war, but the people that are responsible for it. I think that the documentary is very important, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the world. It shows that it is not the war, but the people that are responsible for it.

Teresa Ortega photo
Teresa Ortega

This documentary is a great overview of the issue of Japanese atrocities during WWII. It's the first film that really focuses on the atrocities and how they affected the Japanese people and the Japanese government. It's an interesting story and one that is worth seeing.

Rose M. photo
Rose M.

This is a great documentary that really makes you feel like you are there. I've seen the film at least 10 times, and every time I'm reminded of how fortunate I am to be alive. I'm very grateful for this film, and hope everyone can find a way to watch it. I highly recommend this film.

Shirley photo

A little history lesson on the Holocaust is one of the most commonly taught history lessons in American schools, and it should be. If you want to learn more, I suggest watching the HBO documentary The Holocaust and then reading the book by Deborah Lipstadt called "The Holocaust Hoax" by S. Robert Lichter. The book is a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about the Holocaust. The documentary "The Trial of the Century" is just as good as the book, but you have to watch it before watching the documentary. The Holocaust Hoax is a documentary about the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal, and the other defendants in his trial. It is quite fascinating to watch this trial unfold, but it does not give the viewer a complete picture of what happened during the trial. For example, we see the trial in a very black and white manner, which may be confusing to some viewers. It is important to realize that the trial was a process, not a courtroom. The movie does a good job of portraying the trial, but the documentary leaves out some important information. I would have liked to have seen more information about the Holocaust itself and about the trials that were happening throughout Europe at the time of the Holocaust. Overall, the documentary is a very good documentary and it is well worth watching.

Debra W. photo
Debra W.

I found this movie a lot of fun. I've been an avid fan of Martin Scorsese's work since the early nineties. This was his first documentary. The documentary was all about Martin Scorsese's involvement in the making of The Aviator. I found the film to be great, and I found the story itself interesting. Martin Scorsese did a wonderful job with this film. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great film about one of Hollywood's most famous stars.

Kathryn Garrett photo
Kathryn Garrett

I saw this documentary at the Indianapolis Film Festival last night. It's an interesting look at the mental and physical illness of former Nazi scientists. It's really hard to explain the scale of their efforts in their work. The documentaries I've seen about the Holocaust have tended to focus on the Nazi scientists themselves, so this one looks at the mental health of the Nazi scientists. There are some good interviews with people who worked with them and some interesting archival footage. I liked the way it looked at the psychological effects of the Nazi scientists, but I also really liked the look at the physical effects of the Nazi doctors. It's not a very enjoyable film to watch, but it's worth seeing. I've never been to the Holocaust Museum in Warsaw, so I was really interested in the way they looked at the Holocaust as a cultural phenomenon.

Charles photo

I've always found it hard to watch war movies, they usually have a few good scenes, but it's the war itself that really holds you. And this movie is no exception. For a history lesson, the movie is very good. But when it comes to the story, the movie is a little bit hard to understand. I think that the biggest problem is the pronunciation of the word "Holocaust". It is spelled differently in the movie, and I believe that the pronunciation was done by an interpreter. So when the movie says "Holocaust", it sounds like "Holocaust" when it should be pronounced "Holocaust". As for the movie itself, I really liked it. It's not one of the best war movies ever made, but it is very good and entertaining. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys war movies. 7/10

Nicholas photo

This documentary on the Holocaust is an excellent look at a subject that many people know little about, but has a lot of disturbing implications. The documentary is told from the perspective of a survivor of the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz, and it is very compelling and sad. The film is well done, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.

Robert C. photo
Robert C.

I was skeptical going into this documentary about the atrocities committed by the Japanese in World War II. After all, the film "Shogun Assassin" was about a Japanese who decided to kill the Emperor after the Emperor didn't approve of the Shogun's tyrannical rule. I'm a pacifist, and I really didn't want to see a film about the Japanese being the villains of the war. Well, I was wrong. This documentary is very powerful, and it shows a great deal of evil, but it also shows some of the heroism of the Japanese. The documentary is mostly focused on the brutal acts of the Japanese in China. I have to say, I thought the Chinese soldiers were really cool. The Japanese soldiers were really horrible. I really like the scenes where the Japanese soldiers were fighting, and the scenes where the Japanese soldiers were hiding out, and the scenes where they were eating. I also thought the Chinese soldiers were really cool. I think the Chinese soldiers are pretty cool. I really like the Chinese soldiers, and I think they are really cool. Overall, I think the documentary is very good, but I think it's very slow. It's not that it's boring, it's just that I think it could have been more dramatic and violent. I think it would have been better if it was more violent and more intense. Overall, I think it's a good documentary. It's really powerful, and it shows a lot of evil, but I think it's also a great documentary. It shows a lot of evil, but it also shows a lot of heroism. It's really great. I really like it.