Steam Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain is a movie starring Rosario Dawson, Vinay Gupta, and Imogen Heap. TRUST MACHINE is the first blockchain-funded, blockchain-distributed, and blockchain-focused documentary, from entertainment...

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Decentralized: the Story of Blockchain
Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
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Alex Winter
Alex Winter
Rosario Dawson, Vinay Gupta, Tim Draper, Imogen Heap
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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TRUST MACHINE is the first blockchain-funded, blockchain-distributed, and blockchain-focused documentary, from entertainment tech company SingularDTV and Futurism Studios. The feature documentary explores the evolution of cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralization, including the technology's role in addressing important real-world problems, such as world hunger and income inequality.

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Diane Hall photo
Diane Hall

The movie is very well made, and it's very interesting to see how Blockchain technology is actually being used today. It's also very informative, and gives a good overview of the technology. There are a lot of questions that the movie leaves unanswered, and it makes it hard to follow, but I found it interesting and I would definitely watch it again.

Ronald W. photo
Ronald W.

This documentary is definitely worth watching. The documentary starts with a brief introduction about the story behind the Bitcoin and the creators of it, and the main characters. I felt the introduction was good, but the movie goes very slow and boring. After that, the movie goes from the main characters to the miners and exchanges. It also goes from the main characters to the community and exchange operators. There is a lot of information given, and it feels like a lot of information was just left out. The documentary doesn't go on for very long, and it's not really clear what the point of the documentary is. Some parts of the documentary are interesting, like the interviews of the miners and exchanges, but the other parts of the documentary feel a bit boring. The documentary ends with a short interview with the founders of Ethereum, but it's a pretty quick and vague interview, so I wouldn't recommend it. The documentary definitely had a lot of potential, but it felt like it was a bit too slow, and it didn't go into as much depth as it should have. Overall, the documentary was a good documentary, but it was a bit too slow for me, and the lack of information and explanations was a bit disappointing.

Sarah photo

What would you do if you could change the world? In the most basic sense, what would you do? Do you want to change the world? Well, this documentary is going to tell you that. The film follows a group of young people who are working on a project to change the world. The film is a bit long but it's a good documentary. It's a bit slow in some parts but the documentary is good. The documentary is about a project to change the world and that's what it's about. It's a good documentary and it's worth watching.

Anthony photo

This documentary is a well-made, comprehensive overview of the life and work of Thomas Hoare. The film features interviews with some of the greatest names in blockchain history, and also features some amazing music and lyrics by some of the biggest artists. From big names like T. Rex, Dr. Luke, Jack White, and many others, the film covers a wide range of topics. This documentary will have you talking about blockchain forever.

Sarah M. photo
Sarah M.

I saw this documentary and it is awesome. It is very detailed and shows all the different things that are going on behind the scenes. The main thing that I think that it is missing is that there is a large amount of people that are not even involved in the actual blockchain technology and they are just talking about it. I would love to know more about these people. If you are looking for a documentary that is more of a story, I would recommend this one.

Anna C. photo
Anna C.

This is the first movie I've seen that shows a real human story from the perspective of the blockchain. This movie will make you think about what you want from a movie. I think it's a must watch for everyone.

Nathan Oliver photo
Nathan Oliver

If you're a big fan of bitcoin, blockchain or cryptocurrencies in general, you owe it to yourself to see this film. I had no idea that the future of the internet was in question, and what's even more astounding is that it's actually possible to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that is secure, decentralized and trustless. This film is a must see for everyone who wants to learn more about the future of the internet, and it will likely open your eyes to the risks involved with P2P networks. In fact, the film is a must see for everyone because it explains in a very simple and entertaining way why the internet should be decentralized and trustless. If you've never heard of bitcoin, blockchain or cryptocurrencies, this film is a great way to get started. If you're a big fan of the internet, you owe it to yourself to see this film. I didn't know the internet had such a future, and this film will help you understand the risks involved with P2P networks, and how P2P networks could potentially destroy the internet.

Craig photo

I was very impressed with this documentary. It was very interesting and informative. I was also impressed with the content of the interviews. I thought it was very well done. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has a interest in blockchain. I think that it will be a good starting point for anyone interested in blockchain.

Janice photo

What do you expect from this type of film? With the development of Blockchain technology, this film is perfect in presenting the research that went into the technology. The ideas presented are very interesting and are useful for the everyday viewer. As a documentary maker, I think this film is very good in showing how Blockchain technology is evolving. I would also like to say that this film is not one of those that are just made to push people into Blockchain technology, rather the film is one of those documentaries that can be watched by the average person who has an interest in Blockchain. I recommend watching this film.

Jack M. photo
Jack M.

I was surprised to find that I had not heard about this film before. I was very interested in this film. It is a really good documentary that I highly recommend. I watched it last night and I was very impressed. The fact that the majority of the film is from interviews with blockchain enthusiasts and people involved in the technology is really amazing. It shows the incredible level of innovation and progress that has been made over the last 10 years. It also shows the current state of the technology and what it could become. The main takeaway from this film is the potential for this technology to be a huge part of the economy and for us to be able to do a lot more with it. It is clear that the current political and social climate is holding back the progress of this technology. However, I think that there are many different points of view on this technology and I think it is very important to get out in the open and share this information. If you have not seen this film, I highly recommend you see it.

Bryan photo

I was expecting a documentary film about Bitcoin, but it is much more than that. It is a really interesting look into the creation of Bitcoin and the history of it. I like how the film doesn't go into the technical details of Bitcoin, but instead shows the real history of Bitcoin and how it is being used. The film is quite interesting, but also very informative and entertaining.

Joan photo

This documentary was very well done. The film covers all aspects of the development of the Ethereum Blockchain, from its initial concept to its current state. It also touches on the history of the Blockchain and its applications. I think this is the best documentary about the Blockchain that I have seen to date. A great idea, well done and a great representation of the blockchain as a new technology.

Donna photo

This is a great documentary. The audience is captivated by the story. It is a must see. I will be watching this again.

Brittany C. photo
Brittany C.

I really liked this documentary, it was a very good mix of different views and perspectives. It covers a lot of interesting topics in the Blockchain space, and it really makes you think. The thing I like about it is that it's very balanced, and you don't get a lot of biased points. The thing I didn't like is that it was too short, and it doesn't cover all the important topics in a short amount of time. I also don't think that it's very accurate, I know the author of the book, but I don't know if the movie is accurate. Overall, I liked it and I would recommend it to anyone.

Shirley photo

This is a well made documentary about the recent hype surrounding Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. The interviews with Bitcoin and Blockchain experts were well done and were a great addition to the film. The documentary was well edited and a great addition to a growing list of Bitcoin documentaries that have been released over the past year. The topics covered in the documentary were interesting and the interviews were very engaging. The documentary covers many different topics and it is hard to keep up with everything that is discussed. It is not an easy documentary to watch, but if you can handle it, it is worth the time. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Aaron photo

I was amazed by the amount of information provided by the creators of this documentary. The movie is a great summary of what the blockchain is and what it is not. This is a must see for anyone interested in blockchain technology. It will change the way you think about the technology. I have read many of the reviews and they are great as well. If you are an Ethereum investor or a bitcoin investor, you will enjoy this documentary.

Zachary photo

I really liked the film, not only because it was informative, but also because it was so entertaining. I thought the filmmakers did a great job of bringing together and putting the different angles of blockchain into one cohesive, and somewhat non-biased narrative. It's very interesting to hear from experts and not just hear from journalists. The history of the blockchain is also very interesting and very relevant to the topic of blockchain. I was surprised that the narrative was as non-biased as it was. Some of the opinions that were presented were quite controversial. However, I think it's fair to say that everyone has an opinion, and we're all different and I believe that the best information and opinions are presented to the audience in the same way that we listen to experts. The film was so well done. It was all in a good way, I really liked the film. I think everyone should see this film and share it with their friends, family, or anyone who wants to learn more.

William photo

I've seen this movie many times and I still love it. It's a must see.

Arthur photo

It's not often that you get to see a documentary about a blockchain technology that's a perfect example of what blockchain technology can be, a revolutionary and real breakthrough. This documentary is a must see for everyone, not only for the technological aspect, but for the deeper meaning behind the blockchain technology. It was a very positive and refreshing experience to see this technology described as something that makes people actually own their own personal data. I can only hope that it will soon be adopted as a legitimate means of financial transactions, something that is not controlled by banks and the government. Not to mention that the financial system is currently underdeveloped in the countries in the region. This documentary is not just a collection of stories, but a compilation of the most compelling story of the blockchain technology. The stories of the different blockchains are very diverse, and it's very exciting to see them all in the same documentary. The final result is a very well organized, well researched documentary about a very important topic, and a must see for everyone. 10/10

Diane S. photo
Diane S.

This is a very interesting documentary that shows the history behind the world's biggest financial technology, Bitcoin. The documentary takes a look at how Bitcoin started, the various types of Bitcoin transactions, and the people who are involved with Bitcoin. The documentary is quite interesting and the main story is that of Bitcoin. The documentary is a great read and it is well worth the time.

Margaret Schmidt photo
Margaret Schmidt

I've watched this documentary about blockchain from beginning to end. I'm not a big fan of bitcoin, but it does not change my mind to be optimistic about it. Bitcoin was not the only thing that I've heard about, but it is the most important thing I've heard. It's an interesting topic that should be studied. I just loved it.

Hannah photo

The first half of this documentary is about how the blockchain was born and how it has been used in the last year. The second half is about how the blockchain has evolved into what it is today and how the tech will be used in the future. This documentary is not only for techies and developers. It is also for people who have been in the blockchain space and are interested in the history of the blockchain technology. It is a very engaging documentary and I think the entire world can learn from the history of the blockchain and its evolution.

Robert photo

I think this is a brilliant film and one of the best of the year. I have read some of the reviews and have noticed how much people are ranting about the political agenda in the film. I'm a socialist and would be very surprised if you weren't, or if you weren't pro-human rights, or something along those lines. I'm sure that most of you are either for or against these things. I think the film is very powerful because it is so true to life and has so many truths that it makes you wonder about what is real and what is not. As a former college student, I have seen the issues of the world, but I haven't been able to truly understand them. The film is filled with information that is in the most naive way possible. I think that it is also a very inspirational film. I will never be able to understand the language that the students speak in class, and I'm sure that if I were to go to college, I wouldn't be able to understand all of the information that is presented. I think that this film is an excellent way to start your college experience, because it gives you an understanding of what is going on in the world today. I'm sure that this film will be a great help in the future for all of us.

Heather W. photo
Heather W.

I just finished watching this film and it is a great movie about what blockchain is, and how the technology is transforming the way we do business. I will go as far as to say that the technology is changing the way we use the internet, and it is just getting better with every year. This is the first film I have ever seen that was actually made by the people who are doing the technology. There were a few, and a few that weren't even interested in the technology, but most of the people involved in the project are still trying to figure it all out. This film has the ability to educate you on how the technology is evolving and the way it is changing everything. You have to be really interested in the subject matter, and it takes a long time to get to the point where you will be able to fully understand how it will change your life. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in blockchain technology and wants to learn more about it.

Jacqueline Gibson photo
Jacqueline Gibson

I am amazed that no one has commented on this great documentary. I am very impressed. I have watched the movie twice and I can say that I do not regret watching it. I have to say that it is very effective. It is a wonderful documentary and definitely worth the time to watch it.

Joyce Estrada photo
Joyce Estrada

I would love to see an official program, showing the source code of the projects being presented. But, that would be an invasion of privacy, so no program is likely to be made for this purpose. It would also be a violation of the privacy of many of the companies being represented. The conferences are the ideal place for this kind of information, but I'm afraid we have to wait until the next year.

Robert photo

This is a documentary that is well worth your time and money. It's very well-produced and you feel you are watching the real thing, instead of a fake documentary. It really is a fascinating story. It is also a very accurate description of the current and future state of the blockchain and crypto-currency industry. It really is the true story of how the current and future leaders of the crypto-currency industry view the blockchain and what they are doing to get it adopted and accepted by the mainstream public. It is a very interesting, fun, and informative documentary. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in blockchain and crypto-currency, or just wants to learn more about this subject.

Joan photo

The movie that explains the blockchain and how it is more than just an alternative way to transfer value. The conversation and interactions between the directors are very well done and we get a lot of ideas and perspectives about the future of the blockchain. The use cases and what are the possible uses are also outlined. Also, the directors created some great discussions with different companies and different people about the future of blockchain and blockchain technology. A great conversation and all the questions that come up during the movie are also answered in the discussion. The movie was made to be a documentary, so it does not contain any interview and some basic technical stuff. However, I thought it was very informative and informative is the word I would use. All the actors were great. You will not be bored watching this movie, even if you are not a blockchain fan. The makers of this movie are also very professional and professional. The main reason that this movie is getting some hype is because of its creators. It is definitely a must watch for the blockchain community and people interested in the blockchain. 9/10

Jose Thomas photo
Jose Thomas

I have been following the blockchain project for several years now, and this documentary is by far the best and most comprehensive analysis of the technology I have seen. It really gives a more in depth view of the technology, and that is one of the main reasons I am recommending it to anyone that wants to understand the technology. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the technology, and if you are not familiar with the technology or the project, this documentary will be the best way to get started. As far as I know, this is the first documentary to explain the blockchain to the general public, and the first to explain the technology in an understandable way. The interviewees are all very knowledgeable, and the interviews are all very insightful. I was also very impressed with the documentary's production, the interviews, the analysis, and the overall production. This documentary is definitely worth watching.

Johnny photo

The movie is very informative, and in my opinion it is the best documentary I have seen on blockchain. It is very different from other movies about the technology, and I think it is a must-see.

Christina photo

It's definitely worth a watch, as I'm sure the majority of people who will watch this documentary will be quite shocked to learn the type of people that run the financial institutions. Even if you're not too interested in the blockchain technology, the documentary should certainly get you thinking. Some of the key points that I found most interesting were how the financial industry is being made a lot more transparent to the public, but I think the real action takes place within the cryptocurrency industry. Many things about the blockchain technology have been done before, and in the last year it's been getting very interesting to see how things are being built up. Some of the technical stuff used to make the blockchain technology work, is extremely interesting. At times it's extremely technical, but at other times it's a little hard to follow. There are a few things I really like about the documentary, but I think there's a lot more to see. So many people are not aware of how technology can be used to improve the world, so I'd recommend checking this out if you're interested in blockchain. The documentary really shows the differences between the financial sector and the tech industry. The financial sector is very structured and very focused on making money, while the tech industry is more about the ideas behind it. The financial sector has a very structured way of working, while the tech industry has a much more decentralized and decentralized way of working. I think it's interesting to see how both the financial sector and the tech industry have grown. It's very interesting to see how people are actually benefiting from blockchain technology, and how people have become more and more interested in the technology. I think this is a great documentary, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the technology and to see how things are being built.

Rebecca Coleman photo
Rebecca Coleman

I didn't know anything about Bitcoin at all before watching this film. I did know that it was a global phenomenon, but it wasn't what it was, a subject that I have always been interested in, but never knew much about. After watching the film, I now know much more. As a child I used to tell people that it was the greatest invention of the century, I couldn't wait to own one and I just wanted to be the first. I still believe that, but I also know now that it's a global phenomenon and it will continue to grow. It's a film that really pushes the point home that it's actually possible to get a hold of this technology and that there are other, bigger projects that are on the way. It also shows the difficulty in even getting someone to understand what Bitcoin is, and how they can have no idea what Bitcoin is, and still take part in it. The documentary is a real eye opener, but in a very positive way. There is a lot of information and analysis in the film, but it really leaves you with questions and it's hard to even begin to explain it all. The film follows the journey of one person who has been developing Bitcoin for over 2 years. The film is very informative, but at times very depressing. The documentary starts off with an interview with one of the biggest names in Bitcoin, Andreas Antonopoulos. He goes on to explain what the main problem is with Bitcoin and why he is not a believer. His reasoning is that it has to be used by the masses for more than just the people who understand it, it needs to be used by the masses to start a revolution, he explains that the majority of Bitcoin users don't know what Bitcoin is, and that they should be the ones that start this revolution. The interview then goes into, a website that is the main site for Bitcoin and what it is. The main message of the film is that it is a global phenomenon and the way that it is being used is changing the world. The film is very informative, but the viewer needs to be very open minded and accept that this is not a documentary. Bitcoin is very fascinating, but the film is not about Bitcoin, it is about what is going on in the world and how Bitcoin is changing the world, and how the system is being used. The film is a very powerful and inspirational piece of work, and it has some very positive messages, but the film is not really about Bitcoin, and should not be viewed as one.

Stephanie Rogers photo
Stephanie Rogers

I've been a Bitcoiner since I saw it's first exchange for my local coffee shop. I've been to meetups and meetup groups. I've heard all of the hype and the hype and it's all so hard to understand. I don't know if it's the Bitcoin hype or just the fact that people are so enamored with the technology that they can't see the limitations. I don't know if it's the fact that Bitcoin is a great technology that can do a lot of good, or if it's the fact that so many people think it's the biggest scam ever. I don't know. It's all good, but it's hard to see the negatives. The positives? It's the people that really do want to use Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin will continue to be the technology that many people are excited about and want to use. We are the first generation that can actually use it. Bitcoin has a way of making you feel like a pioneer in the new world. I love it, and I think it's a fantastic technology that has the potential to change the world. I think it's going to change the world for the better, and that's really what it's about.

Mark photo

This documentary has some great interviews with both Satoshi Nakamoto and Nick Szabo. It's also very interesting to see the development of the Bitcoin protocol, and the way it's developed. I think it's worth watching, even if you already know a bit about Bitcoin.

Frank photo

This movie was definitely an inspiration for me. I was deeply moved by it. I am very impressed with the documentary. I am interested in the future of blockchain technology, and Blockchain is the platform to create the future. The story was very informative. I feel like the actors were really motivated to do their best. The filming was amazing and so was the editing. This is a must see for everyone who is interested in blockchain technology. I think you will be shocked with the way things are happening. I am excited for the future. I would like to thank the Blockchain community for the inspiration of the movie.

Arthur Castillo photo
Arthur Castillo

I don't know why this movie was so slow moving and boring. I really wanted to see more. I have to admit, I was really looking forward to the movie, but I was disappointed. I have to say I'm glad I didn't pay to see this movie. I felt cheated and that I was really looking forward to this movie. I don't think I will watch it again.

Patricia W. photo
Patricia W.

I thought this documentary was very insightful, especially about what Bitcoin is really all about. I also thought the filmmakers put a lot of effort into researching the Bitcoin community and the history of Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies. The documentary is great, but I think the 3D model used in the movie was a little too big. I didn't like that, because I was just a little bit disappointed. The other thing I really appreciated was that they showed a lot of Bitcoin companies that I thought were doing great things, like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Bitstamp. I would recommend this documentary to everyone, and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Doris photo

This is the most comprehensive documentary about Blockchain ever made. It is an amazing chronicle of the Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin. It is a real eye opener and one that I will be watching again and again. The documentary covers everything from the core of Bitcoin (The Blockchain) to the whitepaper for Bitcoin. The documentary was extremely well made and captured the essence of Bitcoin as a technology. There is a lot of incredible things in the documentary that I will be watching over and over. I highly recommend watching this documentary if you are interested in Bitcoin or Blockchain.

Maria photo

So I have to say, it's a really interesting and well done documentary. And I must admit, I am interested in all of the various cryptocurrencies. My favorite so far are Bitcoin and Ethereum, and that is due to the fact that I understand and I am really passionate about it. So when I learned about this documentary, I was really excited. I was able to understand a lot more about the technical aspects of it. It was very interesting and I think that this is the kind of documentary that I really want to see more and more. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in this type of thing. The film definitely did a really good job of explaining it all and I hope that the producers will do a follow-up with a similar kind of documentary. The documentary was made by a really talented producer and I hope that they will continue doing more of these kind of documentaries. The film really shows how this technology is being used in some really innovative ways. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Howard photo

I'm not sure what the content of this film was about, but it had me laughing out loud. The presentation is very interesting and the main characters are interesting. Some of the audience laughed at the same moments. I think it's very interesting and insightful on a subject we don't often discuss.

George photo

I think the documentary is very well done. It is a really important topic and it is not only about bitcoin but about any digital currency. The interviewees are experts in the field and are really engaging. The documentary also contains many other interesting stories. For example, the story of "Silk Road" and the history of the bitcoin protocol. Overall, it is an important documentary and I think it deserves more exposure. It is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone interested in digital currencies. I would also recommend that everyone watch it.

Angela M. photo
Angela M.

We have all heard about the blockchain, the technology that underlies the bitcoin network, but few have ever heard about the technology behind the blockchain. This film is a great introduction to the technology behind the blockchain. It is a great explanation of the technology and how it works. The technical side of the technology is explained well, and the film is well shot, with some great shots of the technology. The actors in this film are all very good and the film is well-acted. It is also very well-written. The film is filled with great technical information and explains the technology in a way that is accessible to everyone. There are a few technical glitches that I didn't like, but that is not a big deal. It is a great film, and I highly recommend it.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

What I like about this documentary is that it gives you a great insight into the history of blockchain and how it is shaping the future. It is also interesting to see the different opinions of different people who have studied blockchain and different perspectives on it. The documentary does a great job of explaining the history of blockchain and the issues that are being discussed in the blockchain community. I think this documentary is a great addition to any library or to any learning center and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in blockchain or blockchain technology.

Robert photo

This is a very good documentary. The team behind it has a good understanding of blockchain technology and the concept of cryptocurrency. It is very interesting to see a documentary which is not only about Bitcoin but also about other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum. Also, it is interesting to see how Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are becoming more and more popular. I really enjoyed this documentary. It has lots of great information about the Bitcoin community, and it is an interesting look into the technology and what it is like to work with it. My only criticism is that it is a little too long. It is way too long for a documentary. Overall, I give this documentary a 9/10.

Ruth photo

The movie is about the real story of how the digital currency Bitcoin and its tokens became the most recognized asset in the world. The stories of these people and what they did to change the world, you can see in the movie, and it's a must see.

Brittany Cole photo
Brittany Cole

This is a really interesting documentary. I feel it was very well done. It was really very insightful and very informative. I think it is a great documentary for anyone who is interested in the subject. I really enjoyed this film and I think it's well worth the watch.

Gloria L. photo
Gloria L.

I have always been interested in Blockchain technology and Blockchain technology is getting better and better everyday. This documentary is really awesome and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in the subject. I am not a Bitcoin user but I do believe that this documentary is not about Bitcoin. This documentary is about Blockchain technology and the technology that it is based on. It is an overview of the technology and what it is about and what it can do. I love the way they show the different companies and how they develop Blockchain technology. I love the interviews with the developers and experts and how they explained the technology. I think it is worth watching. The interviews are really interesting and I liked them so much. The documentary really shows you everything you need to know about the technology. It is really great and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in Blockchain technology.

Richard photo

I just recently saw this movie and I was blown away by the beauty and the depth of the documentary. I can't say enough about how amazing the film is and how inspiring it is to anyone who is interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I cannot think of a better way to show the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to anyone than to do it through the eyes of a blockchain enthusiast.

Brian Coleman photo
Brian Coleman

This film, if not the best documentary I have ever seen, is at least the most interesting and thought provoking. It shows the major problems that Bitcoin has encountered, and how the technological advances are going to change the world. The movie does a great job of showing the technical side of Bitcoin, but also the people involved in it. The main characters are also very interesting and likable. It is a very interesting and thought provoking documentary.

Rose Spencer photo
Rose Spencer

This is the story of a true story. We have seen the rise of blockchain technology and the very real problems that blockchain technology has brought to the world. This film shows how blockchain technology has brought the world in a new direction and how the Bitcoin blockchain is the main technology to move forward. The technology is revolutionary and we have seen people work on different projects and are talking about a decentralized world. This film is a must see. There is no need to watch it twice.

Roger photo

What a boring movie, you can see so much more than the story, you just have to watch it. There is so much detail in it, you can't really see the story that much, but you can really understand and try to understand the ideas behind the "blockchain" that are being used in this movie. It is not a lot of information, but you can see it through your eyes. If you have time to waste on this movie, then you have time to waste. Maybe you will need to watch it more than once, I was afraid that I would hate it, but it was really good.

Sara Watkins photo
Sara Watkins

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It has it all: story, interviews, graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, interviews with different experts and innovators. It's a very informative and deep video. It is full of information and it is so very interesting. I would recommend this to anyone that has any interest in blockchain technology. It has a great message and it is very well done. The interview with Mike Hearn is very interesting as well. It is a must watch.

Beverly photo

I saw this movie on the big screen and had the privilege of hearing some really great insights from the experts in the field. This was an excellent film and I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. My understanding is that this movie was never released in theaters. I am sure that the entire movie would have been better if the distributors chose to release it on the big screen. I think that it would have been a great experience for the audience and a great learning experience for the experts.

Joan photo

The best thing about this documentary is that you don't need to have any knowledge of blockchain to understand it. The technical explanations are not difficult, but the human story behind it is. The documentary is an inside view of the Bitcoin community, and how it has been growing for the last 10 years, and how the Bitcoin ecosystem has grown up. You will learn a lot about how the Bitcoin community is doing things, and how they have been influencing the world around them. You will also learn about the history of the Bitcoin project, and how it has grown from a project that was initially founded by a guy with a website, to one of the most successful blockchain projects in history. I also found this documentary to be extremely entertaining, and I think you will too.

Louis Coleman photo
Louis Coleman

This documentary is excellent. The more you understand about blockchain, the more this documentary will help you. This is not just a good documentary, but a valuable guide for anyone who wants to understand blockchain.

Amber Anderson photo
Amber Anderson

I've been on the edge of my seat for this one. I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot. This is a pretty good documentary that tells the story of the Bitcoin Foundation. The story is interesting and has a lot of interesting facts that people might not know. But this documentary is for the general public, not for the Bitcoin community. It's a very different perspective on the Bitcoin world. If you want to know more about the Bitcoin community, I recommend watching this documentary. I give it a 9/10.

Debra Long photo
Debra Long

I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is curious about what is happening in the world of Bitcoin. The documentary goes in depth with what it means to have a Bitcoin wallet and what it means to be a Bitcoin investor. It is a must watch for any person who has a bitcoin wallet and a desire to understand what the world of Bitcoin is all about.

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This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It shows how the blockchain technology has transformed the way we think about money. It is a fascinating story that you will want to watch over and over again. The story is very much about how the world is changing and how the people who have the power to affect the future are reacting. It is a very good documentary that will change how you see the world and how you think about money. It is a must watch.

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I read this article when it first came out. The author, a former NSA employee, did a great job of explaining the history and background of blockchain technology. The writing was clear, the details were well-organized, and the photos of the technology were amazing. I was impressed that they didn't simply link the technology to the internet, but were able to explain how it actually works. The author and his team were able to keep the information relevant to the audience. I felt that the author, as well as the other authors of the articles, were able to share the information that was relevant to the current technology and industry. In addition, the information was understandable. This article was the first time I had seen a movie on blockchain. The movie is not an explanation of blockchain technology. The movie is more about the history and the technology. I am very excited to see more movies on blockchain. If you are interested in blockchain, I recommend you to read the articles written by the authors of this article. They are very interesting and explain the technology in a way that is relevant to the current technology and industry.

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It's a brilliant documentary. I wish it was longer. But it's a must-see for everyone, regardless of their political leanings. The film is worth the price of admission, and it's a must-see for anyone who is curious about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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Christian S.

In a recent interview, CEO Solomon Hofberg said that was created by the founders of the World Wide Web, specifically the pioneers of the web. It's an interesting statement, but what he doesn't say is that he and his team of people created the web because they wanted to share information freely. That's the very reason that the web was built, and that's what we want to continue to build. There is no reason for this film to show any of the high-profile figures from the bitcoin community, especially not the lead developer Gavin Andresen. But it does so by bringing together other prominent figures in the industry, such as Mike Hearn, the inventor of the bitcoin software, and Jeff Garzik, the creator of the bitcoin software. It's a great experience to learn about these men's work and motivations for the creation of bitcoin. The film includes interviews with some of the most notable figures in the bitcoin world, and the film does a great job of telling their stories. It is especially interesting to learn about Hearn, because he is so passionate about the technology, and he is still not satisfied with how bitcoin is currently implemented. Hearn describes the various problems that bitcoin can solve for individuals, such as faster payments and a greater anonymity. He also says that the bitcoin blockchain is "really only good for storing information." Hearn also mentions the many problems that bitcoin can solve for the Internet and for the World Wide Web. The most interesting part of the film is the discussion that Hearn and Garzik have about how bitcoin could make the web more anonymous and secure. In the end, the film doesn't seem to be about bitcoin at all. It is about the internet, and how bitcoin could make the web more secure. I think that the bitcoin community needs to hear these ideas from other people in order to really understand what bitcoin is all about. I think that this film is an excellent way to bring the ideas of the bitcoin community to the general public. It is important that the bitcoin community hear this kind of ideas from other people in order to really understand what the technology is all about. In the end, it is important that bitcoin becomes a more mainstream product. It is very difficult to get new people to understand bitcoin, and it is even more difficult to get them to understand bitcoin's future potential.

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This documentary is not just a documentary about Bitcoin. It is about the technology behind Bitcoin, its development, its history and its future. I've watched this documentary several times and I will watch it again. It's a must see for all Bitcoin enthusiasts and also for everyone who wants to understand Bitcoin. The documentary is very interesting and also very informative. The only problem I had with this documentary is that I didn't see any of the technical details of Bitcoin. I believe that everyone should watch this documentary and understand what Bitcoin is and why it is the most important technology in the world today. This documentary is worth watching for everyone. It is not just about Bitcoin, it is about Bitcoin's future and how it is changing the world.

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Joshua L.

The documentary is really good, it has some very interesting things to say about the technology, and also it has some really interesting interviews with some interesting people in the industry. It's not a documentary you would want to watch at the cinema, but if you want to know more about the technology, this is a good place to start. It also has some really good content that you don't find in other documentaries, like interviews with bitcoin enthusiasts, etc. It's a good documentary for people who are interested in bitcoin, or blockchain.

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I don't know if this movie is supposed to be a documentary, but if it is meant to be a documentary, I think the guys at Rockefeller should have not been paid to make the movie. If you want to find out about the history behind Bitcoin, I recommend that you watch the Wall Street Journal or some other newspaper about Bitcoin. There are tons of articles about Bitcoin and other blockchain projects, and I don't recommend that you read the book, but if you are looking for a documentary about Bitcoin, you can check out this one.

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The documentary takes a very long time to get started. It's slow and even boring at times. It's also a bit slow in the beginning. This is a bit of a problem for the documentary. But the documentary does provide a good insight into the Bitcoin world and how it is evolving. This is one of the best documentaries I've seen on the subject.

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Christina J.

I saw the movie with my ex-girlfriend. We both liked it and both enjoyed the idea of sharing the experience and talking about it after the movie ended. The movie was well edited and it was interesting to see the history and perspective of Bitcoin. I would recommend watching it and then reading up on the history and the methodology used. But don't expect a historical documentary about Bitcoin. The best part of the movie is seeing people's reaction to it after they see the movie. They love it, they hate it, they support it. These people are probably more knowledgeable and it's also nice to see people that know more about Bitcoin than me! I have been extremely disappointed by the rate of people that have expressed disappointment about the movie and I still don't think it's the right choice to make to make a movie like this and explain the technical aspects of the whole blockchain.

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This is a series of interviews with the interesting people in the Bitcoin world. There is a very interesting discussion about the space. There is also a presentation of a movie with a Bitcoin/blockchain developer. If you like the subject matter or you just want to learn more, watch it. It is a good introduction.

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Cynthia Richardson

This movie is about the blockchain. There's also about a bunch of other technical issues that it would be hard to cover in a 30 minute documentary. But it would be cool to see how many people are willing to give it a go to find out what it is about and how you should go about building it. My main criticism is the lack of diversity in the topic of the movie. There are a lot of topics that could have been covered and would have been a lot of fun to do so, but that's the problem I have with the movie. The only minority that I'm even aware of are some of the big Bitcoin/blockchain companies. There is only one presentation about how to use the blockchain, the other is about how to use their own proprietary blockchain and it's also very boring.

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Benjamin Snyder

This documentary on Blockchain focuses on the big picture, and the effect of Bitcoin on the world's financial system. Noting that the development of Bitcoin as an alternative to the US dollar, and the impact of that development has already affected the banking system. The movie talks about how Blockchain is created, and what kind of problems people will face after a major industry move to this digital currency. It also highlights the point that Bitcoin as a whole is more powerful than the world's financial system. While people talk about the use cases of Bitcoin, like gift cards and remittances, many people will focus on what Bitcoin actually is. This documentary is definitely worth a watch.

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Danielle S.

I've never heard of Bitcoin, but in the last couple of months, I've heard about it and that's why I decided to watch this documentary. I thought it would be a documentary on the Bitcoin protocol and especially the Bitcoin mining industry but it's much more. It's a look at how people decide to use the Bitcoin protocol, how they think Bitcoin will be used in the future and how it will be used today. The people in this film are Bitcoin enthusiasts and they have strong opinions about Bitcoin. This documentary is not an "inside look" at the Bitcoin community but it's a look at how the people actually use and think about Bitcoin. What I learned from the film is that Bitcoin mining has become very popular but there is a lot more to it than that. It also talks about the different mining hardware and how different mining platforms use them. You can't just compare mining hardware to a Windows PC, it's not the same. This is a documentary that's going to keep you curious and will make you think a lot about Bitcoin. As a side note, you also see how the mining hardware is connected and what software is used, and that information really drives the viewer. I found this documentary very interesting and think you should give it a try.

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What a waste of time, this movie never does anything interesting. The 3 filmmakers - one a "Blockchain" Guru, one a "Blockchain Architect" and the other a "Security Expert" don't do anything in the movie to tell a good story. I am a bit surprised they made a good movie. My advice is don't pay to see this, it is only for bit lovers like me.

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Helen Bowman

There are many elements to this documentary, and many different points of view. The problem with a documentary like this is that you have to make the points clearly and with a lot of facts. The film makers took a lot of time to gather all the facts and then presented them to the viewer. It is not an easy task. I would have liked to see more of the blockchain industry, but it was very interesting to see how the world of blockchains works. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the blockchain and its applications.

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Having recently discovered I was excited to try to understand the tech and to understand the people involved in the block chain. Sadly this was not what I got. The argument made in this documentary is just plain wrong, it lacks any research, is over simplified and inaccurate. The most painful thing is that no one in this film actually understands what a blockchain is, how the technology works and what it is used for. This is a very big flaw in a documentary. "We are going to introduce you to an extremely innovative project". It really makes it seem like we are being shown a documentary but in fact are going to give you the answer to your question. The most shocking thing of all is that in real life banks do have an interest in blockchain technology and are funding it but the documentary does not take this into consideration. I can think of no other flaw in the film. A must watch for anyone who wants to understand blockchain.

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I will start off by saying I am a total cryptoaholic. I am a believer, I understand the technical reasons behind all crypto innovations and have been patiently developing these technologies for more than five years. Now, I will start off by saying the film is very well done, though somewhat too poetic at times and I am not so sure that the "common man" would really "get" the substance behind the script and on camera performance. The bottom line is this: The message is well put together, and yes there are some "love stories" in here, but don't get fooled, they are only there for the sake of love! As it is a one-sided film, there are some themes that come out in your mind that you have not considered or didn't like, and it is impossible to analyze every detail of every moment of the film. I will not say much about the film, so as not to give away the film's purpose, because there isn't any. The film is actually quite interesting and worth seeing for its technical details alone. I give the film a 7 out of 10. Note: Be sure to watch the English version to get the "common man" perspective.

Harold H. photo
Harold H.

The movie is a treat for blockchain enthusiasts, and I think the one-liner's at the end is pretty cliche. It really was not what I expected, and I think that the creators of this movie should be commended for not just being clever in a post-Occupy style, but also for having such a simple concept in its plot. As for the movie itself, the documentary style of the way it's presented made it more like a documentary. And the scenes that they had in the end, I think that they were well thought out. It definitely wasn't a boring movie, but it was more of a film that you would watch, than one that you would watch again. 7/10

Amanda Carter photo
Amanda Carter

This is a really interesting documentary, and I am sure that it will become a standard for the new generation. I have watched it and I can say that the film is really interesting and shows the potential of blockchain. However, it does not cover everything. There are some parts that are really interesting, but I am not sure if I understood everything that was said. The most important thing is that you should watch it and make your own decision about it. The documentary is really interesting, but it does not cover everything.

Peter C. photo
Peter C.

The (con)ception behind Bitcoin is certainly fascinating, however, the source of this fascinating story is rather disappointing. The documentary style provides a dispiriting insight into the concept, as there are many scenes of economic inaccuracies. Bitcoin has obviously failed to materialize in the manner expected by Satoshi Nakamoto, as the state of the technology is quite unconvincing and quickly falling apart. The narrative also provides a visual background for the ideas presented, as the hands-on testing sessions are visually accompanied by numerous live footage of early Bitcoin exchanges. The key example is "just-after-the-fact", when Lending Club's "famous" logo is used, showing how early Bitcoin exchanges used to be. However, the central point of Bitcoin as a global phenomenon is not particularly communicated in the documentary, either. No one has been able to demonstrate that Bitcoin is an effective system for managing money. As a commodity, Bitcoin is only worth about $7,000, but as an investment, Bitcoin is only worth about $10,000. The best example of this discrepancy is the recent spike in Bitcoin's value. While we can speculate that the increase in value is due to speculative attacks, Bitcoin's early adoption is not sufficient to explain why Bitcoin is worth more than $100,000. Any speculation about the value of Bitcoin as a currency is speculative and totally unsatisfying.

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Tammy K.

I don't think this movie is going to change the world. However, it does make me appreciate the blockchain technology and how it is being used in everyday life. The film is very interesting and well put together. I recommend watching this movie. It's a good film that you don't need to see to understand the blockchain technology. I think this film is going to change the world, and it's not going to happen overnight.

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Jerry W.

It's a story told through interviews with those involved in the making of this groundbreaking project. It's a wide variety of personalities, from the people who were there and at the helm of the project itself, to the co-founders of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin and Vlad Zamfir. While there are some useful insights here, there are also some points about the project that I have learned the hard way and that I hope I can avoid in the future. While the introduction gives some of the background of this project and the group who created it, it's still a rather dry introduction. After seeing it, you'll be more aware of the core tenets of the project. The overall project design is a really interesting one. All of the ideas that were present in the idea were incorporated into the project in a more or less seamless manner. The artwork, animations, and narrative elements that seemed to be the most prominent aspects of the project and all the backers who contributed to the project are a strong point of it. However, I felt that there were some key elements of the idea that were missing. For example, I have a feeling that the main point that was made to the group at the end was missing. Maybe we should have been told that in a little more detail. As much as I enjoyed the idea of these "smart contracts" and their ability to orchestrate everything from a messaging system, to a payments system and a sort of intelligent business intelligence, I'm really curious about how the vision of the product would look with more work put into it. I would have liked to see a little more of the money flow system than just the actual ETH payments system, which is something that I think is incredibly important. Another weak point of the movie is that it kind of turns into a full-on-mission-statement during the final hour. I'm sure some would be on the edge of their seat with excitement over the closing credits. While I had a good time at the premiere of the movie, I just felt like I had spent the entire movie staring at my watch waiting for something that didn't really happen and asking myself: what would I have done differently? I can only assume that people would have been more excited and excited about the movie had it been a bit longer. In my opinion, the ending was actually kind of rushed and certainly wasn't a necessary element to the movie. Still, I can't help but admire the vision of this project. I would recommend this movie for anyone who is interested in this technology.

Roy photo

In this short documentary, this is what I consider the best summary of the nature of this cryptocurrency system. Bitcoin itself is very intriguing, but it's the technology behind it that provides the most interesting and practical results. These real world examples of blockchain technology will be hard to overlook and bring them into the mainstream without being caught in the hype. There are many good talks on the implications of blockchain technology, like "The Blockchain Revolution", "Reinventing Money" and "Blockchain Technology: From Bitcoin to Ethereum". "The White House: Building a Blockchain Nation" is a must watch, it explores some aspects of blockchain technology and the political implications of the technology as well as the possibility of a world without money. This documentary also talks about cryptocurrencies and provides a clear explanation of how cryptocurrencies works. Blockchain in all of its components is an incredibly complex system, where the implications are incredibly difficult to grasp. I have a feeling that the government will quickly realize the benefits and that the technology will quickly evolve into a critical part of the economy. It's clear that there will be a massive demand for the technology in the long term and that the technology will become the basis for many new applications in the future. This documentary is very good, it breaks down the blockchain technology in a thorough and rigorous way. The other aspects are also well done, there are many good examples of people talking about the technology and the importance of the technology. It's always interesting to watch this documentary, because it's one of the few that is actually using blockchain technology, it's all about it, the technology in this case. In conclusion, I would recommend this film to anyone, I believe that you will find this to be an excellent documentary that describes the technology and the implications of the blockchain technology in a very straight forward way, without excessive hype and useless comparisons to other cryptocurrencies. I really enjoyed this documentary and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in the technology. By the way, I also liked the documentary, it was very informative and quite entertaining. The way the technology is depicted is a little confusing, but I think that it is necessary to explain the technology and the implications of the technology to properly convey the technical aspects of it. That's the case for this documentary, in this case, in this case, in this case.

Lawrence K. photo
Lawrence K.

This documentary is a great insight into the world of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and the people who are working to bring the technology to the masses. The documentary is beautifully shot, the editing is crisp, and the narration is compelling. The audience is given a lot of information, and it is explained in a way that is easy to understand. I think this is a great documentary that anyone would enjoy watching.

Jerry photo

The documentary is very interesting, it explains why Bitcoin and Blockchain are so popular and why it is so hard to stop. I think it's a great idea to explain the technology behind it. I'm not a huge Bitcoin or Blockchain fan, but it's interesting to see the people behind it. The film shows some of the more interesting things that have happened to Bitcoin. It also shows how the technology is used by the government, but it's not about the government. I think the film is very good, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Johnny photo

Let's face it, this movie is a "nod and a wink" to big-time bankers, bankers and their ilk. It's a story about how blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, is changing the way the financial industry works. We're talking about a revolution that is still young and still at least somewhat uncharted. Still, the story is simple enough, an engineer, Casper Cosimov, is talking about how the technology, specifically bitcoin, was created and how the ability to hack the system is being exploited. It's a pretty simple narrative that we see in most movies about the technology. The man talks about hacking the "i-stays" (computer that stays on your computer), and he's trying to persuade a financial firm, Exante, to invest in the protocol. He's also being a bit vague about how a "blockchain" is created and what exactly the protocol is. The guy then talks about how you can hack the protocol, then he explains how one could control transactions by adding a small part of the funds of an individual. Eventually, you end up with a bank, Visa, which decides to implement the protocol in many of its sites and services. The movie then goes into a typical interview format where Casper, who is trying to convince Visa to implement the protocol, explains how it works. He then spends a lot of time on bitcoin and it's future, and it's everything that we've heard about and seen in the film. The problem is, this is where we see the biggest problem with the film, because it isn't that much about the technology, more about how it is being used. For example, there is a scene where Casper interviews a former employee of Visa. It's a very long interview with a lot of talking, but a bit to much talking, even for someone who is a video interview (or, you know, anyone). The actor who plays the interviewee tells Casper that the people working for Visa are not using the protocol correctly and that they should be. Basically, it's a very boring interview. This is the kind of talk that would have you flinch when you're watching it. The thing about it is, that this interview is not very enlightening. It's not really a big reveal about the technology, so that makes it a bit hard to know what you're going to get out of it. The same goes for the whole argument that you see in the film. In one scene, he's speaking with the executives of one bank and he explains how they are beginning to use the protocol in their services. All of a sudden, a bank executive comes in and says "We're not using it, we're using it wrong." That's when I found out that this was not the biggest question posed in the film, but rather the most superficial. So, it has that

Denise L. photo
Denise L.

This film is a bit of a mess. It's not bad, but it's not good. First of all, it's about a prediction market, which is widely considered as one of the first in the world. The film also mentions a couple of the projects that tried to put a prediction market in the mainstream. This seems to be a bit of an oversight. Now, I have no problem with a Bitcoin prediction market. I'm not opposed to any kind of prediction market. I'm just not sure this film should have focused on one particular project. It would have been more effective to talk about the ups and downs of Bitcoin and the marketplaces that put the market in place. I don't mind a short documentary on one specific thing. Bitcoin wasn't the only big speculative bubble. That is okay. But it would have been more compelling and informative. I don't know if it would have made a difference to the overall film, but it could have been a different focus. My other main gripe with the film is the seemingly anti-Bitcoin comments. It seems to be a lot of "this is bad for Bitcoin" and "Bitcoin is bad for the world". I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it should not have been lumped into that category. It's not the only area where Bitcoin has been abused. A lot of Bitcoin is fantastic. It is disruptive and it has multiple uses. That doesn't make Bitcoin bad. It could have been more more informative about Bitcoin if they had talked about it as a whole, rather than focusing on the bad parts.

Keith N. photo
Keith N.

I've never been much of a blockchain enthusiast, but the documentary was interesting. It is interesting to see how the technology is progressing and what it will mean for our society in the future. I think that the way that the documentary was structured and the way the subjects were portrayed made it a little bit too much for me to handle. I do agree that it could have been better if it had been more in-depth. It was interesting to see how some of the people involved in the technology had lived through the tech and how the technology had changed them. However, it was not as interesting as the other subjects, which was surprising. It was also a little bit too much for me to process, which I guess is part of the reason that I didn't like it as much as I should have. It was a good documentary and I recommend it to those who are interested in blockchain technology and technology in general.

Madison photo

A must watch for any Blockchain fan. This documentary was a must have in my opinion.

Amanda photo

I am not sure how much of this movie was actually factual. The "story" was mostly based on speculation. The same is true for the Bitcoin world. However, if you're looking for a documentary, watch this one.

Joe Graham photo
Joe Graham

This documentary was created by John Law as a companion piece to the book 'Proof: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin'. The author claims that in order to understand blockchain, you need to read proof. This documentary is no exception. It delves into the history of bitcoin and blockchain and explains some of the basic features of the technology. John Law goes on a journey with several artists and activists involved with bitcoin. The interviews and the locations change from book to book, but they are still interesting. It's a good watch if you are interested in the history of the technology. It's a bit similar to the documentary called 'Proof' but it's more along the lines of a documentary instead of a work. 8/10

Lawrence Salazar photo
Lawrence Salazar

I would like to start by saying that I am not a Bitcoin enthusiast, but I do have a deep respect for the technology behind the digital currency. I'm not going to explain how Bitcoin works in detail here. I will simply say that I really liked this documentary and think it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The film is divided into three parts. The first is about the early days of Bitcoin. The second is about the rise of Bitcoin, and the third is about the rise of Bitcoin and the current state of Bitcoin. The first part is the most interesting, as it shows how the Bitcoin protocol was first conceived and how the technology was developed. The second part is about the development of the Bitcoin protocol and the development of the Bitcoin network. The third part is about the current state of Bitcoin and the current state of the Bitcoin network. I would recommend watching the first two parts of the documentary before watching the third part. I think the first part is much more interesting than the second and the third. The third part is also a good documentary because it shows how the Bitcoin network is evolving. I think this documentary is definitely worth watching.

Rose photo

I watched this movie on Netflix and I must say that it is really good. The movie has some great interviews with the people who were involved in the blockchain. There are also interviews with the people who made the blockchain and its implementation. The movie is a bit confusing at times, but it is very interesting and very interesting. It shows how the blockchain works and it shows the history of how it was implemented. The interviews are great and they give you a great understanding of how the blockchain works. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to understand how the blockchain works. I think this movie is really good and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in blockchain technology.

Aaron photo

This is the first documentary about the blockchain and how it works. I was impressed by the way the director explains the technology and how it will affect the world. This is a great documentary for people who are interested in this technology and the way it will affect the world. This is a must watch documentary for anyone who wants to know more about the blockchain.

Daniel B. photo
Daniel B.

There are people that just want to prove themselves, but not everyone is that skilled. This documentary shows the very top of the hierarchy that does things their way and goes about it very, very skillfully. If you are not an expert, this movie will only drive you to the thought that you don't know who is the best and who isn't. As a beginner, I just felt compelled to watch this movie. Because it was so well produced, well researched, and done by a few people that know what they are doing. I could tell this was done very professionally. They really did their research on how this would affect the market and it did. There are people in the industry who really want to tell their story and do it on a big scale, but it doesn't always work out. There are also people who just want to show their skills, and nothing more. That's fine. Just as long as they are not the type of people that do things their way, people who are not that skilled will just have to be second. To anyone who thinks this movie is biased, it is not. I hope this will open your eyes to the industry and the people in it. People of all abilities and skill levels can find this movie enjoyable and informative. I gave it a seven because it is quite long, and at times boring.

Barbara Hicks photo
Barbara Hicks

I read the book "Blockchain Revolution" by Scott Aaronson and I really enjoyed it. I thought that the book was a great read, and I thought that the movie was very well done. I thought that the movie was very well done and very informative. The movie was a great way to learn about what is blockchain, and what it can do for the world. I would recommend the movie to anyone who is interested in blockchain technology, and to anyone who is interested in the technology behind blockchain. The movie is great, and I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to seeing the next one. If you like this movie, you will love the book. I highly recommend this movie. It was great, and I highly recommend it.

Sara Ferguson photo
Sara Ferguson

I'm glad I watched this - it does go into detail a lot of people want to know, but some of the facts are a little too vague and hard to put together. Anyway, it does give you some good background info about what the new blockchain technology is and what it's all about. Overall, it's about three hours worth of content that's not overly complex and you don't need to have an extensive background in finance, engineering, or math. I've read a lot of other reviews and can't really understand what others are saying about this film. It's really a good look at the technology, but I don't really see how it's so different from every other business and financial tool out there - it does come across like it's being made up as they go along. I guess if you're in a hurry you might want to get this for a $5 rental, but otherwise it's well worth the time.

Elizabeth Cook photo
Elizabeth Cook

The central idea that you cannot predict the outcome of an internet events is a common theme and a cliché. You will never see a movie about it. "The Story of Blockchain" however has many nice moments, some of which are unintentionally funny. They all have to do with the not-so-obvious technical details. All of them are entertaining and satisfying. Nevertheless I do not think the film is too good, neither does it deserve the 8 star rating it has been given. It is a good starting point for someone who wants to know more about blockchain technology, it is also an interesting (if you know the technical details) introduction to the blockchain world. It is interesting, but not good.

Elizabeth photo

I have always been fascinated by the world of digital currencies. I have been involved in the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities for years and have been able to witness first hand the technical advances that the Bitcoin community has made. The documentary was great. I would have liked to have seen more interviews with the developers of the Bitcoin protocol, but I am sure they will be interviewed in the future. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in digital currencies. It is a must see.

Amanda photo

I saw this movie at the Toronto Film Festival and was not disappointed. It is very entertaining and it is very well made. The movie is about the creation of the world's first Bitcoin exchange and the rise of the digital currency. The story is very interesting and the production is very well done. The documentary is very informative and the way it is presented is very well done. It is very well worth seeing.

Frances H. photo
Frances H.

The film is really great, and the interviews are very interesting. The content is really good, it gives you a good insight to the current and future technology of Bitcoin and Blockchain. I would recommend to watch it.

Kyle photo

A riveting follow-up to Bruce Schneier's two-part book that is a must for any active Bitcoin enthusiast. It's almost as if Schneier is dishing out an even-more detailed and in-depth look at Bitcoin and how it operates than his earlier book. One of the key points he focuses on, as he does in the first episode, is the way Bitcoin has actually transformed into a major central bank for the world economy and much more. It's been used as a currency that is anonymous and therefore dangerous. It's the first major "fiat" currency that has ever been created. So in a way, this new currency system has got many things right: it has seen huge growth in use. It has made a number of ingenious innovations, like Bitcoin's blockchain ledger that records transactions and is constantly updated. And it has ensured the viability of all Bitcoin transactions, which means all Bitcoins and Bitcoins are nearly completely safe for them. The blockchain ledger is exactly the sort of ledger that "Bitcoin" was designed to be: a way to make transactions with Bitcoin without any trust or third-party involvement. It is also the backbone of what you see in the decentralised Bitcoin network, including the proof-of-work mining, mining for blocks, miners who can participate in the network and also the system of Bitcoin wallets, where you can use Bitcoin to buy things. It's also a vital part of the Bitcoin ecosystem, though it is also a key point of difference with the first edition. As a result, the two-part book makes more of an emphasis on the decentralised Bitcoin network, while in the first part it has to do with the biggest exchange of Bitcoins, Bitcoin Exchanges, which are trying to build a global infrastructure for trading. It's also more of a technical manual, but as this second edition shows, it is not that important as one would think. While it does not delve into the complexities of how the Bitcoin network works, it does offer a great deal of insight into the various issues and problems that have made Bitcoin such an interesting and fascinating technology. And it also includes much more of the current activities on the Bitcoin network, which is where a lot of the technology and application of the technology is currently going. All in all, I think it's a great book and can be recommended to anyone interested in Bitcoin. In my own opinion, the first edition is still a must-read for anyone who is interested in the Bitcoin network, especially if they are a regular Bitcoin user.

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I recently found out about the truth behind the "Blockchain" concept (i.e. digital money, without banks or parties). And I was ready to watch this. I was not disappointed. This is not an "Official" review. It's just an explanation of my thoughts and opinions regarding the concept. As a human being I am disappointed by the fact that there are millions of people that are using illegal technology, creating money and services for other people, without trying to reform or change the global economy or the nature of their community. It is not easy to condemn any aspect of this phenomenon, but this is what I tried to do. This is my opinion, and I hope you can find some different ones as well.

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I will not pretend to be knowledgeable about Blockchain. All I know is that I know its existence and it's existence is spreading faster than any other technology. Despite its private nature and security issues, it is and will be the new era of data. So much so that it's been dubbed "futurism" by futurist Tim Berners-Lee and its "robot revolution" by futurist Vint Cerf. Bitcoin's popularity has exploded and it now boasts 2.8 billion dollars in market capitalization. If the popularity of Bitcoin continues to grow exponentially, Blockchain will surely follow with a similar fate. This movie is one of the most important movies I have ever seen and is, in my humble opinion, the best made movie that I have seen in 2014 so far. The lead up to the first Bitcoin on Mt. Gox, some of the innovations and progress that happened in this technology, how it could make the world a more secure place. Everything about it is important, whether it's the use of "Money" as a medium of exchange and "People" as an asset and even "Privacy" as a security element. The Internet didn't exist for a while, because for most of the world, it was blocked and censored by governments. Bitcoin is a new way of transaction, a way of sharing value, a way of making an investment and it will change the world forever. Bitcoin is not just a store of value, it is not only a currency and it does not have a monopoly on the banking industry. It is so much more and all the innovations that it inspired are what will be the most powerful technologies in the future. I don't want to take any risks and not to look too far ahead, but it's going to be interesting to see how the technology evolves, how it will change the world and what it means for future generations. The use of "Money" as an asset is what "Bitcoin" will have to deal with and it will have to bring about that "technology revolution" that some might call a revolution and it is definitely going to be an important technological breakthrough. If you liked this, you may also like: A Look Inside an AI Website in 2013 The State of Bitcoin The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin Speculators Bitcoin (The Rise and Fall of an American Revolution)

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Randy D.

The content of this documentary is fairly interesting and worth watching for a broad view of some of the issues involved in creating blockchain, but it is, in fact, hard to find in a short and actionable manner, so I don't know why it's rated higher than it is. If you want to get some information from this, you should go check the blockchain wiki, but personally I wouldn't rate this documentary higher. It's not really a documentary but more of a long-form question and answer session, so it's not a total waste of time, and if you enjoy this kind of thing, you should definitely check it out.

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Katherine Hopkins

This documentary is a good way to get to know the many different types of blockchain and how they are related. I found it interesting and informative. The film was edited well, and the interviews were very well done. The most interesting part was the introduction of the technology itself, the history behind it and the people behind it. The interviewees were very knowledgeable, and had an interesting perspective. I recommend it to anyone interested in blockchain, and the technology behind it.

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Matthew S.

I don't want to say much about this film as I feel it is a great movie. The only thing I could say about it is that it is a film that is being pushed to the masses in a way that has been shown in the media. This is the only thing I can say about this film. The only reason I did not give it a ten was because the subject matter was not of interest to me. However, I think the film was a great educational tool for people. It is a must see film for anyone who is interested in the subject matter. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in blockchain technology.

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I am a Blockchain enthusiast and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the film was done. It is a very well made documentary that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I was so interested in the topic and it's even made me want to learn more about it. It's very informative and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in Blockchain and the history of Bitcoin.

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This is a very good documentary. I was not expecting much but it was definitely worth watching. It is about how the blockchain technology is being used in the world today. It also covers the legal issues that surround the technology. It is a very interesting documentary that gives you a great insight into the technology and how it is being used today. It covers the legal issues that surround the technology and the fact that many people are very skeptical of the technology. I think that it is a good documentary that I would recommend.

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Jennifer Sullivan

I was a big fan of Bitcoin when it was new and the story of how it was first conceived and what it is about is fascinating. The documentary is interesting and the storytelling is excellent. I highly recommend this documentary.

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Gerald A.

I have been following the blockchain world for a few years now and the hype that surrounds it is relentless. It is a fascinating topic that is not easily covered in a documentary. This documentary is a great start to get the basics of what is going on and why. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in the subject.

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Arthur Daniels

I watched this documentary about a year ago and was blown away by the content. It's a very well-done documentary about the evolution of the blockchain and the technology that is driving the blockchain revolution. It is very informative, with a lot of technical detail and a good amount of interviews. I really liked the way it was put together and how it was presented. I think it is very good, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I highly recommend it.

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Arthur Moore

I have been following the Blockchain space for a few years now and I have always been fascinated by the technology. I am a very active member of the Bitcoin community and I have been following the development of the Bitcoin protocol for a few years now. I had the opportunity to interview the lead developer of the Bitcoin protocol, Gavin Andresen, for my blog. He was very open about his work and the difficulties he had to overcome to get the protocol to the point of mass adoption. It was a very enlightening interview and I found it to be very informative. This documentary also discusses the technology behind the Bitcoin protocol and how it has been implemented in the Bitcoin network. It was very interesting to see the development of the Bitcoin protocol and how the Bitcoin network has been developed and used by a large number of users. This documentary also highlights the difficulties that the Bitcoin protocol has had to overcome to get the protocol to the point of mass adoption. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. I found the documentary to be very informative and informative. I am very happy to see that Gavin Andresen has been given the opportunity to share his work and his ideas with the world.

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Laura O.

I read the book a while ago and was looking forward to this documentary. I was not disappointed. This is a very good film, even though it is a little long. It is definitely worth watching. I would have liked to see a bit more of the actual blockchain technology, but that was not a major problem. I am sure that the technology behind the technology is going to be used in many different industries. I am sure that there will be a lot of interest in the technology, and I hope that there will be a lot of interest in this film. The technology is very impressive. I would have liked to see some more of the actual technology, but that was not a major problem. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in the technology.

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Helen Gray

This is a great documentary that shows you how blockchain technology has changed the way we do business. It's not a high tech overview of blockchain, but it's a good overview of the basics of how blockchain works. It's also an informative look at the blockchain project itself, how it works, what is it and what are the problems it is trying to solve. It's a very interesting look into the people behind the project, and the problems it is trying to solve. The film is also very informative about the history of the blockchain project and the blockchain technology itself. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about blockchain.

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I found this film very interesting. I found it very interesting that the main character is actually a part of the Bitcoin community. It's not a one-sided story, and it is quite balanced. I also found it interesting that the people interviewed are all very knowledgeable about Bitcoin. This is not a movie about Bitcoin, but about the Bitcoin community. The main character is actually a part of the Bitcoin community. I would recommend this film to people who want to learn more about Bitcoin. I found it very interesting.