Steam Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain is a movie starring Rosario Dawson, Vinay Gupta, and Imogen Heap. TRUST MACHINE is the first blockchain-funded, blockchain-distributed, and blockchain-focused documentary, from entertainment...

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Decentralized: the Story of Blockchain
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1 hours 24 minutes
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Alex Winter
Alex Winter
Rosario Dawson, Vinay Gupta, Tim Draper, Imogen Heap
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TRUST MACHINE is the first blockchain-funded, blockchain-distributed, and blockchain-focused documentary, from entertainment tech company SingularDTV and Futurism Studios. The feature documentary explores the evolution of cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralization, including the technology's role in addressing important real-world problems, such as world hunger and income inequality.

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Ronald W. photo
Ronald W.

This documentary is definitely worth watching. The documentary starts with a brief introduction about the story behind the Bitcoin and the creators of it, and the main characters. I felt the introduction was good, but the movie goes very slow and boring. After that, the movie goes from the main characters to the miners and exchanges. It also goes from the main characters to the community and exchange operators. There is a lot of information given, and it feels like a lot of information was just left out. The documentary doesn't go on for very long, and it's not really clear what the point of the documentary is. Some parts of the documentary are interesting, like the interviews of the miners and exchanges, but the other parts of the documentary feel a bit boring. The documentary ends with a short interview with the founders of Ethereum, but it's a pretty quick and vague interview, so I wouldn't recommend it. The documentary definitely had a lot of potential, but it felt like it was a bit too slow, and it didn't go into as much depth as it should have. Overall, the documentary was a good documentary, but it was a bit too slow for me, and the lack of information and explanations was a bit disappointing.

Joan photo

This documentary was very well done. The film covers all aspects of the development of the Ethereum Blockchain, from its initial concept to its current state. It also touches on the history of the Blockchain and its applications. I think this is the best documentary about the Blockchain that I have seen to date. A great idea, well done and a great representation of the blockchain as a new technology.

Aaron photo

I was amazed by the amount of information provided by the creators of this documentary. The movie is a great summary of what the blockchain is and what it is not. This is a must see for anyone interested in blockchain technology. It will change the way you think about the technology. I have read many of the reviews and they are great as well. If you are an Ethereum investor or a bitcoin investor, you will enjoy this documentary.

Jose Thomas photo
Jose Thomas

I have been following the blockchain project for several years now, and this documentary is by far the best and most comprehensive analysis of the technology I have seen. It really gives a more in depth view of the technology, and that is one of the main reasons I am recommending it to anyone that wants to understand the technology. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the technology, and if you are not familiar with the technology or the project, this documentary will be the best way to get started. As far as I know, this is the first documentary to explain the blockchain to the general public, and the first to explain the technology in an understandable way. The interviewees are all very knowledgeable, and the interviews are all very insightful. I was also very impressed with the documentary's production, the interviews, the analysis, and the overall production. This documentary is definitely worth watching.

Stephanie Rogers photo
Stephanie Rogers

I've been a Bitcoiner since I saw it's first exchange for my local coffee shop. I've been to meetups and meetup groups. I've heard all of the hype and the hype and it's all so hard to understand. I don't know if it's the Bitcoin hype or just the fact that people are so enamored with the technology that they can't see the limitations. I don't know if it's the fact that Bitcoin is a great technology that can do a lot of good, or if it's the fact that so many people think it's the biggest scam ever. I don't know. It's all good, but it's hard to see the negatives. The positives? It's the people that really do want to use Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin will continue to be the technology that many people are excited about and want to use. We are the first generation that can actually use it. Bitcoin has a way of making you feel like a pioneer in the new world. I love it, and I think it's a fantastic technology that has the potential to change the world. I think it's going to change the world for the better, and that's really what it's about.

Arthur Castillo photo
Arthur Castillo

I don't know why this movie was so slow moving and boring. I really wanted to see more. I have to admit, I was really looking forward to the movie, but I was disappointed. I have to say I'm glad I didn't pay to see this movie. I felt cheated and that I was really looking forward to this movie. I don't think I will watch it again.

George photo

I think the documentary is very well done. It is a really important topic and it is not only about bitcoin but about any digital currency. The interviewees are experts in the field and are really engaging. The documentary also contains many other interesting stories. For example, the story of "Silk Road" and the history of the bitcoin protocol. Overall, it is an important documentary and I think it deserves more exposure. It is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone interested in digital currencies. I would also recommend that everyone watch it.

Angela M. photo
Angela M.

We have all heard about the blockchain, the technology that underlies the bitcoin network, but few have ever heard about the technology behind the blockchain. This film is a great introduction to the technology behind the blockchain. It is a great explanation of the technology and how it works. The technical side of the technology is explained well, and the film is well shot, with some great shots of the technology. The actors in this film are all very good and the film is well-acted. It is also very well-written. The film is filled with great technical information and explains the technology in a way that is accessible to everyone. There are a few technical glitches that I didn't like, but that is not a big deal. It is a great film, and I highly recommend it.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

What I like about this documentary is that it gives you a great insight into the history of blockchain and how it is shaping the future. It is also interesting to see the different opinions of different people who have studied blockchain and different perspectives on it. The documentary does a great job of explaining the history of blockchain and the issues that are being discussed in the blockchain community. I think this documentary is a great addition to any library or to any learning center and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in blockchain or blockchain technology.

Ruth photo

The movie is about the real story of how the digital currency Bitcoin and its tokens became the most recognized asset in the world. The stories of these people and what they did to change the world, you can see in the movie, and it's a must see.

Brittany Cole photo
Brittany Cole

This is a really interesting documentary. I feel it was very well done. It was really very insightful and very informative. I think it is a great documentary for anyone who is interested in the subject. I really enjoyed this film and I think it's well worth the watch.

Gloria L. photo
Gloria L.

I have always been interested in Blockchain technology and Blockchain technology is getting better and better everyday. This documentary is really awesome and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in the subject. I am not a Bitcoin user but I do believe that this documentary is not about Bitcoin. This documentary is about Blockchain technology and the technology that it is based on. It is an overview of the technology and what it is about and what it can do. I love the way they show the different companies and how they develop Blockchain technology. I love the interviews with the developers and experts and how they explained the technology. I think it is worth watching. The interviews are really interesting and I liked them so much. The documentary really shows you everything you need to know about the technology. It is really great and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in Blockchain technology.

Rose Spencer photo
Rose Spencer

This is the story of a true story. We have seen the rise of blockchain technology and the very real problems that blockchain technology has brought to the world. This film shows how blockchain technology has brought the world in a new direction and how the Bitcoin blockchain is the main technology to move forward. The technology is revolutionary and we have seen people work on different projects and are talking about a decentralized world. This film is a must see. There is no need to watch it twice.

Debra Long photo
Debra Long

I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is curious about what is happening in the world of Bitcoin. The documentary goes in depth with what it means to have a Bitcoin wallet and what it means to be a Bitcoin investor. It is a must watch for any person who has a bitcoin wallet and a desire to understand what the world of Bitcoin is all about.

Susan photo

I read this article when it first came out. The author, a former NSA employee, did a great job of explaining the history and background of blockchain technology. The writing was clear, the details were well-organized, and the photos of the technology were amazing. I was impressed that they didn't simply link the technology to the internet, but were able to explain how it actually works. The author and his team were able to keep the information relevant to the audience. I felt that the author, as well as the other authors of the articles, were able to share the information that was relevant to the current technology and industry. In addition, the information was understandable. This article was the first time I had seen a movie on blockchain. The movie is not an explanation of blockchain technology. The movie is more about the history and the technology. I am very excited to see more movies on blockchain. If you are interested in blockchain, I recommend you to read the articles written by the authors of this article. They are very interesting and explain the technology in a way that is relevant to the current technology and industry.