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Love, Gilda is a movie starring Andrew Alexander, Anne Beatts, and Chevy Chase. In her own words, comedienne Gilda Radner looks back and reflects on her life and career. Weaving together recently discovered audiotapes, interviews...

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Love Gilda
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Lisa D'Apolito
Anne Beatts, Andrew Alexander, Chevy Chase, Bill Hader
USA, Canada
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The life of actress/comedienne Gilda Radner is presented largely through audio recordings of herself and through her handwritten notes, some read by fellow comedians/comediennes influenced by her work, some, like her, Saturday Night Live (1975) (SNL) alumnae. That life is told largely in chronological order. It tells of her growing up period in a relatively affluent family in Detroit, Michigan, and losing her father, who she considered her best friend at the time, when she was fourteen. The story moves to her not finishing college in the University of Michigan's drama program to pursue love - she easily falling in love with various men over the course of her life, most of those men professional colleagues - which led to her start in performing professionally on stage in a number of comedy troupes, where she seemed to be at home. Her professional success, even in those early days, can be largely attributed to she being likable no matter who she was portraying which connected her to the audience, and her willingness to do anything on stage to get the laugh if something as scripted wasn't working. Her reputation in this comedy work led to her being the first person cast on what would be the groundbreaking SNL. Despite the success, she felt much pressure, she hiding an eating disorder in order to maintain the Hollywood body image, which for her was especially prevalent in her mind in having battled weight issues as child. The difficult transition from SNL focuses on her meeting Gene Wilder on the set of Hanky Panky (1982), falling in love (despite already being married at the time) and getting married. Her story's final chapter is the roller coaster, especially in the emotional sense, in dealing with ovarian cancer, which would eventually take her life in 1989.

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Linda W. photo
Linda W.

I have never seen a movie before that is so beautifully made and so well directed. The movie is an emotional roller coaster that is hard to watch. The acting is wonderful and the film is very well made. The music is very well done. The director did a great job of making a movie that is both entertaining and a great story. I highly recommend this movie. I hope that it will be shown in schools to help teach the importance of kindness and the importance of love. I would give it a 10 out of 10.

Susan Porter photo
Susan Porter

I watched this movie on DVD, and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it. I am not a fan of "Sex and the City" or "Sex and the City" movies, but I thought this was a good film. I thought the movie was funny, and I thought it was a good story. I think this is a movie that should be shown in schools. I thought the acting was good, and I thought the movie was interesting. I think the movie is worth seeing, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good movie.

James photo

I've been a fan of Gilda Radner for years, and was very happy to see her finally in the spotlight for the first time in a long time. The documentary is not only a great look back at the life of the legendary "Mrs. S" but also a look at the ups and downs of her life. The film is very entertaining and I was very impressed with the director's ability to capture Gilda's voice and mannerisms in the film. She really is a beautiful person, and her voice is amazing. I also enjoyed the interviews with her children and other people who knew her. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves the movies, Gilda Radner, or just a good documentary. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Gilda in the future.

Juan O. photo
Juan O.

I'm a woman who just got married a few months ago, and I wanted to see the impact that it had on my friends and their children. I'm surprised by all the negative comments and whatnot. It's true that the film was painful to watch, but I can't say that it was without redeeming qualities. I will say that the "victim" was not the best person to be representing us as a society, but maybe she was trying her hardest to do the best she could. I believe that there is a limit to how much you can be involved in a situation where people are literally hurting in order to try to make a name for themselves. If you really want to see what kind of damage the media can do, watch "Hannibal" - another very realistic film.

Douglas B. photo
Douglas B.

The Best of 2002. Tony Scott's "AVP: Alien vs. Predator" brings to the screen a phenomenal and inspiring documentary that takes us back to the very beginning of the current blockbuster 'Alien' franchise. Director and screenwriter David Cronenberg is the master of turning a story into a film, and this is his second movie to utilize this technique in this manner, with "Dead Ringers" being his first. Scott's introduction of us to the 'Alien' franchise is seamless, and very enjoyable to watch. With more and more on the horizon, and the sequel to 'Alien' films still to come, "Alien vs. Predator: Requiem" does not disappoint in being a worthwhile addition to the franchise. Watching this film is like taking a tour of a very special place, with all the familiar sights, sounds and sounds. Watching the film is like taking the journey to a place that you know you have visited before, but never had a chance to in order to experience it in its full glory. At the same time, it is not surprising to see the unexpected, and surreal moments of the film. At the end of the film, we are left wondering if there is more to be seen from the 'Alien' franchise, and we never know what we will find. In an interview with director Cronenberg, Scott says that "I like to think that there will be a sequel to 'Alien vs. Predator: Requiem'." As of today, March 23rd, the director has a 99% success rate of "Alien vs. Predator: Requiem".

Crystal photo

This is a great film. The director has created a documentary that tells the story of Gilda Radner, a brilliant and inspiring woman. The film is made up of interviews with her friends, family and coworkers. The film shows how she was a very talented person who made the world a better place. The film also shows the impact that her cancer had on her life. It is a very sad story, and it is well worth seeing. I think that anyone who loves to learn about a person or a topic will enjoy this film.

Kathryn H. photo
Kathryn H.

Gilda, the infamous teenage cat killer of Oakland, California, is an extraordinary creature that has been living in a prison for over 40 years, is now being studied, and is still killing. Before she was the cat killer, Gilda was a dairy farmer who worked with her children. We are shown how Gilda was brought up in an orphanage, had a bit of success as a maid in a ladies' home, and had a loving relationship with her family. We also learn that Gilda's father was the police officer who beat her when she was a child and she was an abused girl. Gilda's father was killed when Gilda was about 12. While Gilda is in prison, the prison is attacked by another girl, Angel, who happens to be one of Gilda's best friends. Gilda is brought back to life and is told to kill again. In prison she comes across a guy named Choco who is the cat-owner of the prison. Gilda breaks him out and becomes Angel's friend, but Choco's cat runs off to a zoo and has a stroke. Gilda goes to help her but she ends up having to kill again. Gilda is so amazing and amazing in her interviews. She is calm and level-headed when talking to the camera and she is not angry or frustrated. She just has this calm look on her face and she is very calm and level-headed. We see how much she hates the deaths of animals and how she uses her anger to kill. When Gilda comes out of prison she goes back to the orphanage where she was born and her life is not normal. She has a long-term relationship with Choco, but the two are in a relationship that is not as long-lasting as it could be. Gilda is having a real problem living with Choco who she can't stand, but Gilda still cares for him. Gilda and Choco have a big fight when Gilda is about to be put in a mental hospital and Choco comes to her aid. Gilda is then released from the hospital and she is now back in the prison. The film does a great job of showing us the trials and tribulations of the cat killer Gilda and how she gets through it. She has to keep working at the dairy to get money to go back to prison and she has to be careful because a lot of people like her and can cause problems for her. Gilda talks about the horrors of the world and how it is such a harsh and cruel place. We see Gilda in the prison at night and she is getting sick and tired of it. She can't stand it and she has a strong will to live. It is a very sad and depressing film, but it does a great job of showing us Gilda's life. She has been through so much and she is really a very strong woman. She is very well-behaved and she is very friendly. We see that Gilda really loves people and she really cares for them and she is a very sweet, loving and kind person.

Sara photo

A very touching and at times even deeply emotional documentary, that shows a difficult and unpredictable life of Gilda Radner. In the course of one night, Gilda was kicked out of the church and lost her religion. At that time she was a working woman, but the end of the film shows her as a single mother of 3 children, who spent most of her life trying to get an education, or even a job. Gilda was also very kind to her children, not caring about the fact that they were just looking for an education. At the end of the film we see Gilda with a hard time trying to find a job and a job is what she had always dream of. This is one of the saddest and most important moments in her life. Gilda Radner is a really good documentary and it really is a shame that Gilda died. This documentary shows a very human and realistic life of Gilda. It's a pity that she is not still living, because it's really difficult to believe that someone like her, who was a strong and very optimistic person, can be like this. It's a sad thing to see such an amazing woman gone, but maybe there is still hope for her.

Roger G. photo
Roger G.

I am a fan of Aussie films and I had already seen the DVD of this film a year or so ago but I wanted to see it again. It was very well made and beautifully filmed. Gilda and Bob's friendship was something I could relate to. I am a fan of Julia Roberts and can see why she did a film about their friendship. This is the first I have heard of Gilda's story and it was not on the Today programme on ABC. I have been following the movie and I hope the rest of the story will be made available for people to watch. Gilda and Bob's friendship has not been made available on the internet for a long time so I hope it will be available soon. Gilda and Bob had such a close bond that it made me want to join them for a day. Gilda wanted Bob to be diagnosed with cancer but they refused. Bob was diagnosed with stage 4 Leukaemia. The footage of Gilda and Bob in the cemetery was very moving. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. This film is a must see for anyone who loves Aussie films. I loved the fact that Gilda's mother was a nurse who had worked at St Vincent's hospital in Melbourne. She also had worked in the department of hospitals in the Royal Children's Hospital in Sydney and worked with many children with cancer. A good story that was told and very well told.

Martha B. photo
Martha B.

While this film was not exactly the same quality as the previous ones, it is one of the best documentaries about the controversial and sometimes frighteningly devious group known as the ACLU. Gilda herself explains why she feels the ACLU is "taking advantage" of the people they are supposed to protect, and how she has felt harassed and exploited as an activist and an attorney. While this documentary was made by the same person who did the first three, the two who are the first to examine the ACLU in detail are Randy Krumholtz and Lawrence Otens. This film does a great job of showing the activism that ACLU members go through on a daily basis, and that these men and women are passionate about doing what they can to protect people and their rights. It also shows how the ACLU has become a lot more business-oriented and more like a business organization that focuses on their lobbying and fundraising rather than their activism. The history of this organization is interesting, but I think it was interesting because it was presented in a way that made it appear like something that just happened, rather than something that was being planned and heavily influenced by many people and people's lives. While I would not consider this documentary to be great, it is still a very interesting and a very good documentary about the ACLU.

Anna photo

I don't usually comment on movies, but this one really got to me. I'm not a big fan of Gillian Jacobs. She is so cold and uncaring. I don't understand why she is so popular. I just don't see how she can get away with such a horrible film. I was very disappointed with this movie. It was just too slow. I think it was a very disappointing film. I don't think that I will ever watch this movie again.

Lori J. photo
Lori J.

This is a must see documentary. It is heartbreaking to watch the life of Gilda Radner. It is sad to see her go from a beautiful face to a nasty old woman. It is an absolute shame. I loved the documentary and I hope this movie will open the eyes of those who have never seen Gilda. Gilda should have been rewarded for her extraordinary talent and her music was the reason she was in the music business. This film should be a lesson to everyone. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves music and the art of music. I was so surprised at how sad it was to see what she went through. She was a beautiful woman and I am so proud of her.

Angela photo

As one of the greatest parents in history, Gilda Radner is a necessity in this movie. Her steadfastness is absolutely inspiring. There are a number of directors that have shown an interest in this film. Every time I have watched the trailer of this movie, I have been completely captivated. Unfortunately, it has not been released on DVD. There are two versions of the film. The uncut version (which I have) is available in widescreen. The spliced version (which I have) is available in 1080p, but also in standard definition. I would recommend the spliced version. The original version was never available on DVD. My wife purchased the spliced version for me, and it was a great decision. This movie is a must see for anyone that has a child. Parents, you must see this movie. It can bring tears to your eyes.

Madison photo

I was so excited to see this documentary and was so disappointed at the end. The only thing that kept me watching was the music. The music is amazing. The documentary is a must see. It is a must see for anyone who loves music and loves a good story.

Judith photo

Gilda Radner was a musician, singer, songwriter and actress. She wrote and performed on some of the most popular songs in America during the '60s and the '70s. It is a pity that the movie that was so good has never been on television. Not the least of her flaws was that she never had a successful marriage. This documentary portrays the remarkable life of a talented woman, who died at the age of 58. It's clear that she was given only the most basic of professional and personal rights. One of the most moving things in the movie was the idea that she was known only by her first name, Gilda. A woman who was so misunderstood by the media and society has a powerful effect on people. I felt a connection to her even if she didn't know me. I still had a hard time believing that a woman who was so bright and talented could be so misunderstood. I was so happy that she was able to leave behind the shadow of her husband. I wish there was a way to make a movie about her life and a story that shows the truth about what she went through.

Lori Ryan photo
Lori Ryan

I think this is a very good documentary about Gilda Radner. She is a very talented actress and this documentary is very good. I really enjoyed it.

Mildred G. photo
Mildred G.

Gilda Radner, who has become one of the most well-known and respected members of the Canadian film industry, is interviewed for the documentary, "Gilda, Queen of the Jungle", which is about the life of the legendary, yet infamous, star of the stage and screen, who has made a career of portraying the villainous character Gilda Radner. The film is a fascinating look at the life of a woman who has made a name for herself in the film industry. The film shows her rise to fame, her struggle with her family, her struggle with fame, her struggle with the press, her struggle with the public, and her struggle with her career. It is a fascinating look at the life of a legend. The documentary also delves into the controversies surrounding the production of the film. It is interesting to see the film being criticized by the critics and the public alike. The film is very interesting, and worth watching.

Daniel Graham photo
Daniel Graham

This movie can't get better than it is, though it is actually a bit of a pain to watch because you have to keep thinking, "What will I do next? I know the whole time that I'm supposed to think, "I'll go out and find a cactus," but it's not like that at all. It's like a dream, it's like a movie, it's like a fantasy. A dream, it's like a dream. It's not real. It's really, really, really really boring. But it's really, really, really really fun to watch, because it's so, so bad. I don't want to say any more about this movie, because there's not really anything to tell about it. If you're really, really, really, really bored, watch this movie, because there's not really anything else to say.