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The Portal is a movie starring Kitra Cahana, Ronnie Cahana, and James Doty. It follows six people (and a robot) who transform their lives using stillness and mindfulness, providing inspiration as we embark on the next phase of...

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Jacqui Fifer
Jacqui Fifer, Tom Cronin
Heather Hennessy, Ronnie Cahana, Kitra Cahana, James Doty
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What would happen if 7 billion people all meditated? Could it shift the trajectory of our planet? This experiential documentary approach follows six people (and a robot) who transform their lives using stillness and mindfulness, providing inspiration as we embark on the next phase of evolution. Supported by insights from three of the world's foremost futurists and philosophers, THE PORTAL opens hearts and minds to an exciting vision for humanity transformed and takes them on a mindfulness journey through a tapestry of technology, love, existentialism, human potential, brain hacking, stillness and inner peace.

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Russell Myers photo
Russell Myers

I saw this documentary on the SyFy channel a few months ago, and I can't believe how great it is. I was really excited to see it, and I'm glad I did. It's really well done, and it's not boring. The subject is interesting, and the interviews with the people involved are great. I think the film does a great job of showing the different ways that people have approached the same problem. There are some really good interviews with the people involved, and it's really good to see the people who are trying to solve this problem. It's really interesting to see how different people have come up with different solutions to the problem. I really enjoyed this film, and I think it's a great documentary. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the problems with the Portal. 9/10

Gary photo

For years, Hollywood's cold hearted attitude toward the gay community, has made it impossible for any director to bring a feature film about the gay rights movement. In fact, it seems that no movie has ever been made about the gay rights movement and even Hollywood has been reluctant to make a film about it. It took the director of "Dumb and Dumber" to break this unwritten rule and really show the world what is happening. This film is well worth seeing and is truly a breakthrough for Hollywood. This is by far the best movie made about gay rights ever made. It really shows that Hollywood has never been hostile toward the gay community and that they are finally waking up. This movie was nominated for many awards. It received the Academy Award for Best Picture, the Oscar for Best Director and was nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay for Dan O'Bannon. It was nominated the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy and was nominated the BAFTA for Best Director. Also worth seeing was the great "The Pianist", directed by Roman Polanski. This movie has the highest body count in cinema history at 102 and is the most brutal film about the genocide of the Jewish people. The acting was brilliant and the story was gripping. "The Pianist" is the best movie made about the holocaust in history. I suggest that anyone who has not seen this movie to go see it as soon as possible and then get the DVD.

Kyle Newman photo
Kyle Newman

All i can say is what a great documentary film. Excellent? Not really. I only saw it because there is nothing else to see. The only reasons for this film being made is to make a documentary. I do not think that this film should be viewed as a documentary. It's quite cool in a way but I would not classify it as a documentary. The film itself is awesome and cool. When I first heard about it I was pretty disappointed but I thought it will be okay. So I waited for a while and then decided to check it out. And it is awesome. I would say that there is some points in the film that are a bit too over the top but i guess that is to make it interesting. But all in all, it is not bad. I don't think it is that good as the movie "Super Size Me". But it is really cool and cool at the same time. Great job to the movie makers and great job to the director of this movie.

Rose P. photo
Rose P.

This is a documentary that shines an illuminative light on the lives of some of the more controversial personalities from the past. At first glance, this would seem to be a boring documentary, but as the narrator explains that he is from a town in New Zealand where the debate on sexuality is at it's highest, this becomes an interesting journey into the various aspects of gay life. It doesn't lack entertainment value as it introduces people to interesting aspects of sexuality and how it is a part of how people feel, but it is also about personal growth, and how people define themselves. Not the kind of documentary you would want to watch once and forget about, but an experience you will want to revisit. Some people don't find this as good as the more heavy-hitting documentaries that are available, but then you will have to choose your enjoyment based on the personal qualities you find in the videos.

Gerald photo

The Portal is a brilliant film that has a great message and a great story. The film is about the search for the gateway to the universe. It tells the story of a man named Richard Garth who is trying to find the portal that will allow him to enter the universe. The film is an excellent example of how a documentary should be. The film has many great facts about the search for the portal. The film has a great message and is a great movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in science and the universe.

Patrick photo

I saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival and was amazed. The film is a tour de force in the documentary film form. It is a look at the world of the video game Portal from the perspective of its creators. It is also a look at some of the people who are involved with the game. The filmmakers are a mixture of The Sims creator Gabe Newell and the creators of the game Counter-Strike. The film is shot in a way that gives the viewer a feel of the quality of the game that the filmmakers are trying to portray. The actors are a good mix of real people who are invested in this story. The films greatest success is that it can be viewed in multiple ways. It is not like The Blue Marble which is the only documentary I have ever seen that can be viewed in multiple ways. The filmmakers use voice-over from Gabe Newell while his voice is heard from a camera in a portable audio recorder, which adds to the feel of the documentary. They also used a number of cameras on each of the players as well as the characters themselves. The camera work is very good. All the footage is clearly shot in a way that is the best for the content. The filmmakers are going to have a tough time trying to convince people that the quality of the footage can't be compared to that of the videos of players themselves, but they have their proof to back up their claim. The documentary also shows that the video game was not just an exercise in gaming, but that it had a profound impact on the lives of many of the people who were involved in it. The filmmakers made a number of claims that were not supported by the evidence they had. What they showed in this documentary were several anecdotes of people who came out of the game to their families, who had lost their jobs due to it, and of the players themselves. These testimonies give us an idea of how the game had an impact on them. For me, this documentary was a pleasure to watch. I felt I was part of the world that was depicted in the film. I felt as though I was watching the game unfold. I wanted to be part of the game and know how it affected the lives of the people who played it. I was not disappointed.

Deborah Nguyen photo
Deborah Nguyen

I was very skeptical going into this film. I love science fiction and have been reading Richard Matheson's writings for years. His writing is dark, foreboding, and tense. The second that I heard this film was being released, I was definitely intrigued. And when I found out the plot, I couldn't wait for the film to come out. The movie was beautiful. I could feel the atmosphere of the film. And the emotional experience of the film was amazing. I was right at the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I was able to really feel the emotions of the characters. They were really living this story that the movie was telling. I'm not going to spoil anything, but the ending of this film surprised me a lot. There were so many questions that I had after the movie was over, and it just kept me thinking about the film for a long time afterwards. I don't want to give anything away, but I was very satisfied with this film. It was a very well made film and the storyline was so compelling. I loved the atmosphere of the film and it really brought me to a different place in my mind. I really believe this is a great movie, and I will definitely buy the film when it comes out on DVD. I'm going to be going out of town soon so I'll definitely be bringing this film with me. It is very rare to find a film that can truly touch you and make you feel something about it. This film was so much like that. It was a very emotional and powerful film that really had a strong impact on me. If you like science fiction, you will definitely enjoy this film.

Ruth M. photo
Ruth M.

This is a very, very short film. It has a very simplistic story that is only interesting to the extent that it demonstrates how our current immigration policy is having a negative impact on communities. That is, it is only important to the extent that it brings about positive change. The film does not have a lot of dialog, and the focus is strictly on how bad it is that immigration is being allowed into the United States. The film does not give us a lot of background, but it does make it very clear how many immigrants are coming into the country and how they are being welcomed by many Americans. It also demonstrates that the flow of immigration has been getting worse over time, and is now the highest since the 1940s. That is not a bad thing. It shows that immigration is a bad thing and needs to be stopped. The movie also shows how immigrant families are torn apart by the lack of information and support. It does a good job of showing how the family members are struggling to communicate and how the loss of a loved one affects them. It also shows the negative impact that the crisis of immigrants has on the community. It makes clear that the population of immigrants is being decimated, and the amount of people that the country needs is being destroyed. Overall, the film is very, very good. It does an excellent job of showing how this country is in serious trouble and how many families are having problems with the loss of a loved one. It also explains how this affects the community and shows how the "compassionate" immigration policies of this country are destroying what it means to be a local community.

Jerry F. photo
Jerry F.

After watching the movie "Portal" I was stunned and intrigued by the science behind the movie and how it was made. It was like seeing a magic trick where you see the movie and you are like "Wow, that was amazing". The movie was awesome, the scientific stuff was cool, but the message of the movie was just really good. It was really nice to see scientists who are actual scientists and also to see how the whole world is being influenced by scientific concepts and to see how scientists are really trying to put their ideas into action. Overall, I really recommend this movie to everyone. I think it is really awesome, definitely one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Beverly Fisher photo
Beverly Fisher

The Portal is a documentary on a video game. The idea is to show you how they created a game, the production, the characters and the gameplay, the music, and the events of the game itself. It also shows you what is the essence of the game. The Portal games have been created by five people who were not connected with each other at the beginning of the game. One of the people was very busy in the game. Another one of the people worked on the games while the other one was playing other games. The other two worked on the game as a team. The goal of this documentary is to show you the gameplay and the people who worked on the game. This is a really good documentary about a game that people want to know more about.

Brandon L. photo
Brandon L.

The most powerful aspect of this movie is the artistic and scientific approach taken by the scientists. It is very rare that a documentary like this is made, and that makes it even more powerful. The entire movie is very interesting and inspiring. Although the scientists are not responsible for the outcome of the "spiral" of the disease, they do make some valid points about it. The real science here is in the data and the findings, not the ideas that are put forward in the movie. The scientists are responsible for the data, not the ideas presented in the movie.

Joshua photo

A fascinating documentary that explores the reality of the "Gateway" phenomenon and the "Gateway" concept itself. Some of the most important things to me are the interviews with representatives from the military and the government, the discussion on the conspiracy theories about the purpose of the gateway, and the explanation for the phenomenon. It is also interesting to hear the experience of those who were affected by the gateway and why they did not want it to happen to them. Although I have seen the movie already, I have not heard about the phenomenon before watching it. But the concept itself is very interesting, and I hope that the film makers will continue to explore this topic, as I do. It is good to see the result of the scientific research, and the fact that the experiment has been successfully performed. I have the feeling that the phenomenon might have been related to a meteorite impact, as one of the interviews mentioned a meteorite impact in the area where the experiment took place. I think the reason why the experiment was carried out was that the military wanted to know how many people would be affected if the experiment had been carried out. So if you are interested in this topic, I would definitely recommend this film.

Timothy photo

After seeing this movie, I had a lot of questions. I have to say that I thought this movie was great. This movie had me speechless. I mean, it was just a masterpiece! It was like watching a movie on my PC, and you were watching it on your PC. Just watch this movie and don't think about the plot, just watch it. The movie just makes you think and is a great documentary on a huge topic. This movie would have been perfect if it wasn't for the poor ending. So all in all, this is a must watch movie, I rate it a 9/10.

Patricia photo

After reading the story of the story of the Portal, I am very much interested to learn the history of this work and how it was produced. So I decided to watch the movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon in the autumn of 2011, and the idea was that it would be interesting to see the story of the movie and the history of the movie and how it was produced. What a pleasant surprise, this movie is very different from what I had expected, it is very entertaining, it has a very nice cast and a very unique story, so if you're a fan of the Portal movies, you should definitely go for it! I would recommend to go for it, and the next time I'll probably rent it. See you next time!

Mark photo

This movie was a great and intense movie that showed the real beauty and extreme beauty that exists within the world. I had the opportunity to see this movie in a special screening in Hollywood, and it was truly an incredible experience. I loved it and can't wait to see it again. I think the director did a great job of bringing all of the aspects of the movie to life and creating a real emotional connection with the audience. I really think this movie is a must see for anyone who is interested in beauty and the mystery that surrounds it.

Rose Morales photo
Rose Morales

The man, the myth, the myth, the myth. The Portal is a one-of-a-kind story about an unusual aspect of the world that has been a major part of human history for thousands of years: we are born with these portals of energy, which allow us to enter into other dimensions and enter into an other world. This part of our human existence is called "being on the inside". It is essentially linked to the act of being human, of understanding our being as human beings, and therefore as unique entities. In the beginning of this movie, Eli(Eli Roth) describes his perception of the world as a gate, and it's importance. The gates allow the flow of the universe, the flow of life, and the flow of time. A human being comes from the door to another dimension, and the flow of time has a different flow than the flow of the universe. Eli then talks about his perceptions of the gates, which are actually maps of the events of the earth-bound universe, in a very universal way. This explains the "path" that every human being walks on. But if one travels on that path, one never gets lost. On the path of the portal, one is always guided back to the gate, in the same way the path of the earth in the film is always guided back to the gate. This is very special, because we are all different, and one can go on a path in one's lifetime, and in many cases, he/she might not even get to the gate, and will only be able to enter into a different dimension. The portals in the Portal are very important to all of us, because if we don't have them, we will be completely lost in this world. What I liked about this film is that it is very descriptive, and it shows us how important the portal is to our existence. But what it does, is gives us a clear picture of this portal and what it can do for us. The portal is the focal point for our existence. It allows us to enter into another dimension. The world around us is an empty void, and this void is the portal. Eli, who is the pioneer of the portal, explains this in the beginning of the film, explaining how it is in our DNA. One must get the portal in order to know the "path" to the universe. Eli is the pioneer of the portal, and he is going to get it in order to get into another dimension. The portal is important, and we are all responsible for the portal. I am not going to talk about the concept of the portal in this film, because it would take up too much space here. I would simply say that the portal is the focal point of our existence. The portal is the origin of our being, and it is the origin of our existence. The portal is what connects us all, and connects us all to each other. The portal is a path. The portal is the whole world. We enter into it, we are led into it, we get lost in it, and we find ourselves at the portal. It's like the portals of the universe. The portal is the portal, it's a gate that connects us all to each other, and connects us all to the portal. It's the beginning of our existence. We get lost in it, we are lost, we are lost in it. We are lost in the portal. In the beginning of the film, Eli is lost in the portal, he is lost. But the portal is the portal. Eli is the portal, and the portal is the gateway. This is something I can't explain in words. It's just the essence of this film, and I cannot explain it here. I only give my opinions in this review. This film is a must-see, because it is a great story about a portal, and a human's life in the world of being on the inside. I give the Portal a 9/10.

George photo

We have an interesting story here: we have an important film on video, and yet we are treated to a handful of short interviews, most of which were poorly done. This may not have been intentional, but it was very disappointing. All the interviews are only of interest to an outsider, which means they have to be very broad to be worth the effort. The actors are all very good, but we don't get much insight into them. Only the director seems to have been able to break out of the mold of the more "musical" interview style, and maybe that is why the director decided to do these interviews. This is a very good documentary, and a good first step in the right direction. It is certainly a lot of fun to watch, but I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a real documentary on a very important subject, and even if you aren't interested in it, the movie still contains many important things.

Jose photo

One of the most difficult things to do with a documentary is to present it in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the subject matter. This film accomplishes that task with astounding precision. It is not only a historical document, but it is a documentary of its own, and its many layers of information will be interesting to anyone interested in the history of science and the scientific method. It is not just a documentary of science, it is a documentary of science and its methods, and that is what it is. I found this film to be both entertaining and educational, and I highly recommend it.

Louis H. photo
Louis H.

The Portal is one of those films that you might have trouble watching even if you are a hardcore fan of the game. The film centers on the very first Portal game, and the game's developer, Valve Corporation. The film starts off at the beginning of Portal 2, where the first game was played. The film is fairly humorous at times, but it is full of spoilers that will keep you up at night. It was the only thing that kept me from turning off the movie. It is also interesting to see how Valve Corporation's approach to game development is. Valve Corporation doesn't have a lot of people, but they're working hard to develop new games, and the process is real. The film is well done, though, and the information about Valve Corporation's process is something that every gamer should know. The movie is worth watching, but it is a long film. The movie is at 4 hours and 40 minutes. However, I would not say that the film was boring. The film is quite long, but it is very well done. It does make you think, and that's something that you can't say about a lot of films. The film is entertaining and interesting, but it is not a masterpiece, and I will not say that it is the best movie out there. It is worth seeing, but it is not the best movie out there. However, it is very entertaining, and is worth watching.

Donna photo

I think this movie is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It really is a documentary about a man who was a part of a computer revolution and the way it was going to change the world. He is a visionary, a genius and a genius at what he did. He was a pioneer and he was very brave. This is a must watch for everyone. I am very happy that I have watched this movie. It was very well made and it is a great documentary. I think everyone should watch it.

Kenneth H. photo
Kenneth H.

This is a documentary about the movie, Portal. It's about the game Portal that it's game company, Valve, was founded. It's about Valve's concept of Valve, and how it plays on the "gamer" identity. It's about the writers, Christopher A. Rogers and Simon Van Arsdale, who were so interested in this concept that they wrote a game where you could play as a virtual world. I felt like it was more of a "world" than a "game" but it was still a game. It was a game that is designed to explore the "player" identity, to what people consider as a "role". The story was kind of forced. I would have liked more character development and less focus on gameplay. It was a good documentary but it didn't have a lot of real passion behind it. I'd recommend this film to anyone who has a love of video games. It was entertaining and the ideas it presented were interesting but it didn't have the real passion behind it.

Susan L. photo
Susan L.

I loved this movie. It has a great story, and it was not like all the other documentaries I have seen. The director/writer kept the audience on their toes by telling stories that would leave you guessing and guessing. The first ten minutes of the movie was a bit boring, but I kept watching. I was surprised how much it turned out to be. I loved the ideas presented, and the whole story line of the movie. It was a nice surprise. If you like movies like "The Green Mile", then you should definitely give this movie a shot. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Andrea Soto photo
Andrea Soto

This is a great documentary, showing the slow transformation of an institution that has been around for more than half a century. The change is only visible in the stories of the people who have worked there and the new people that have come in. I am a former employee of the Portal and I can tell you that many of the employees are very proud to be part of it. The documentary does not show the Portal's current situation, but it does show the people's feelings about their work, their thoughts about it and their feelings about the company itself. The Portal has a lot of stories that are very personal to the people who work there. You can really feel the change in the Portal staff and you can see the transition of the employees themselves. The Portal is a very old institution, and it is a very special institution. It is a building that is still being used by many people who are proud of the fact that they worked there. If you are not part of the Portal, then I would not recommend watching this documentary. If you are, then you will see this documentary for the first time.

Douglas Martinez photo
Douglas Martinez

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Portal, a nuclear-powered submarine, got the assignment to run a series of scientific and psychological tests on the public in order to see if, or how, they could be made more rational and less irrational in their attitudes towards the outside world. Some of the tests were successful and the design of the portal became public knowledge. The response was divided - most people did not want the portal and the nuclear technology to be used in a global war. These thoughts were expressed in the television series "What Would You Do?" which aired in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The concept of the portal was also debated by those who opposed the concept of the portal. People who opposed the portal wanted it to remain a secret, so they tried to prevent it from being built. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, a film was made about this topic: "The Atomic Bomb" which was directed by Stanley Kubrick and starred George C. Scott. Scott is an avowed anti-nuclear activist who became a popular television personality and film director. Scott died of cancer in 1976. A few years later, Stephen King wrote the book "I Am Legend" which discussed the morality of the nuclear project in the 1950s and early 1960s. King's novel was adapted into a 1980 film called "I Am Legend: Part II" which was directed by Richard Donner and starred Tom Cruise and Christopher Plummer. You can read about the differences between the two versions of "The Atomic Bomb" on this website.

Thomas M. photo
Thomas M.

This documentary was an interesting insight into the minds of video game enthusiasts, the creator of Portal 2 and the people who worked on the film. I found the story told in this documentary quite fascinating, with some great insights and interviews. One of the best aspects of this documentary was the interviews with the main characters, who were so engaging and memorable. This documentary could have easily been a one-sided one, but it was surprisingly balanced, showing both sides of the story. I think the film should have had a few more interviews with the developers, as it would have been interesting to know what they thought about this film. The filmmakers did a good job at not letting the interviewers get too close to the people, which I think is a good approach. Overall, this documentary was quite interesting and entertaining. It was a very entertaining documentary, and I would recommend watching it if you have the chance. It was one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time.

Helen photo

If you are a fan of the movie, then you will love this film. I loved the story, the location, the characters and the music. I think it's great to have a story about the A.I. and what it is that we do. I would have liked to have seen more of the characters and the storyline. But if you are not a fan of the movie, then don't bother. It's a great film. I think that this film should be shown at colleges and universities so that more people know what they are doing and what they are doing is so important. I also think that it is important that people are educated and that people know what they are doing. We need to get back to what we are doing. We need to learn to make a difference in our society and our world. We need to learn how to save the world. We need to make a difference. And, most of all, we need to be the change we want to see in the world. Please see this film, because it will show you how important it is to make a difference in the world and make a difference in your own life. It will also show you how important it is to use your mind and not to think about what you are going to do, but to do it and then to get the results. And it will show you that you can do anything if you are willing to try and work hard. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Andrew Hunt photo
Andrew Hunt

I really enjoyed this documentary. It was short, well edited, and very informative. As I mentioned before, it was not very gory at all. I was not surprised that the film makers decided to leave the scenes of the f/x to the viewer's imagination. I was also surprised that they chose to focus on the experience of the port-a-potties. I think this was a good move because it gave the viewer a better sense of what it must be like to go through the porta-potties as a homeless person. I was very impressed with the film makers' use of modern technology. For example, the pan-tilt-zoom used by the film makers to show the various people and objects that they interacted with was very cool. I would also like to mention that I think the actors that played the characters in the film were very good. I thought that the actors did an excellent job of portraying the characters that they played. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes documentaries that are interesting and entertaining.

Willie Ortega photo
Willie Ortega

I had never heard of this film before, so I was pleasantly surprised. A bit slow, but I liked it for the story and the images. I like the idea of what can happen if the first civilization that came to the planet goes extinct. The stories are not always that clear, but I think they are true. The shots are not so crisp, but I don't mind that. I think it is a good film to watch when you want to think about the unknown and how things will change if we don't stop destroying our planet. I think the movie is a little too long, but I can't blame the director for that. I think the only thing I didn't like was the voice over, but I understand why it was included. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did.

Michelle R. photo
Michelle R.

I had the pleasure of seeing the first screening of the "Portal" at a local theater in San Diego. I had heard good things about the movie, and I had some high expectations. The movie is about a portal that can only be accessed by an alien being. The portal is in the middle of the desert and it is only accessible by a boat, which is owned by a wealthy man named John Gates. This film was very informative and told the story of the portal in a very engaging way. The director did a great job of showing the changes that have taken place in the world since the portal was first discovered. There were many places where people were lost, but there were also places where people were able to travel across the portal and experience different worlds. This movie is very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good documentary. It was very informative and I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the world around them.

David Wood photo
David Wood

This documentary takes a lot of time to get to the point, but it's so well made. It's an exciting and sometimes very sad story of two creative men trying to be innovative in the technology industry. Michael Abrash (director) and Neal Mohan (producer) really get you involved in the events of the film. At the same time, I also have to say that it's really inspiring to see how people are trying to make something different and different from the standard technology of our time. The film really gives you a chance to look at some of the cool things in our everyday life that we don't take for granted. I have to say that it really made me see how much I am missing out on in my life.

Karen photo

As the first man to reach the surface of the moon, Armstrong is the hero of the day. It's a time of pride for all astronauts. But when a reporter and a local journalist from the local paper get wind of Armstrong's exploits, they put him in the spotlight and launch a full-scale assault on his credibility. It's not only Armstrong who is at the center of the story. It's also the entire team. Everyone is either trying to protect him or hurt him. The story begins with the Apollo 11 mission, and Armstrong and his team are the first humans to set foot on the moon. But as Armstrong begins to question his mission and his crew, he becomes the subject of intense scrutiny. The story is told from the perspective of the people who were there, as they tell their own stories. And it's one of the most powerful stories of all time. The story of the first human on the moon is compelling, and it is a story that needs to be told. We need to understand how the story began and the way it has played out. We need to understand what it means to be an astronaut, and how it impacts the way people think about themselves. The story of the first man to set foot on the moon is compelling, and it is a story that needs to be told.

Richard photo

Portal is a film that examines the concept of "transcendence" in a contemporary context. The film's main idea is that we are all in some way connected to the universe and that this connection is the basis of our existence. This is something we are all familiar with. This film, though, focuses on a particular type of transcendence: the transcendence of the human body. The film is a documentary that shows the physiological changes that occur in an individual when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. It is a process that is similar to that seen in animals when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. The film also shows us how the human body adapts to these conditions. The film's main message is that we are all connected to the universe and that this connection is the basis of our existence. This film is definitely worth watching and is definitely recommended.

Judy Moore photo
Judy Moore

I'll start by saying that I'm not a big fan of sci-fi. I've seen all the major sci-fi movies and enjoyed them, but I find that sci-fi films often seem to be poorly executed and written. The reason I'm not a big fan of sci-fi is because it often seems that sci-fi movies take place in a world that's completely different from ours, that it's very hard to relate to. I really can't stand watching a movie where a person is trying to understand the world, where there's no real explanation of why the characters are doing what they're doing, and I hate watching movies where the plot doesn't seem to make any sense. The Portal is a film that's a rare exception to the rule. The movie is an example of a movie that I could easily recommend to anybody. It's a movie that takes place in a world that's totally different than ours, but is still so compelling that it makes it all the more powerful and interesting. The movie begins with a young man named Michael (Thomas Middleditch) who is lost in the woods. After he gets lost, he encounters a mysterious portal that leads to an unknown world. The portal appears to be the only way to get to the portal, but the portal is so large that it can't be opened by conventional means. When Michael gets out of the portal, he finds himself in a strange world where he can only see things through the eyes of a woman named Elizabeth (Natalie Portman). Elizabeth tells Michael that she can't go through the portal because the portal is too powerful. However, the portal appears to be much bigger than anything that's ever been seen before, and Michael can only go through it if he puts a piece of his head inside of it. Michael goes through the portal and meets a group of people who are completely different from the people he knew in the past. This group includes a man named Eddie (Jeff Daniels), a man named Rex (Ben Barnes), a man named John (Samuel Jackson), a woman named Mary (Natalie Portman), and a man named Sebastian (Chiwetel Ejiofor). These people are the scientists who are trying to understand the portal. When they arrive at the portal, they discover that it's really a portal that leads to another world. The scientists are then forced to go through the portal and they get to learn more about the portal and its meaning. This is where the movie becomes really interesting. The movie is filled with interesting and thought-provoking questions. It's not an easy movie to watch, but it's definitely worth watching. The movie is also filled with some very interesting and thought-provoking questions. One of the most interesting questions that the movie asks is whether or not the portal is a natural phenomenon or if it was the

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Steven Ryan

You might think this film is just about the history of the Portal to the third dimension, but it's actually about the three dimensions themselves. I was surprised at how much I liked this film, especially after having seen the trailers. The special effects, if you can call them that, were very impressive and the story was even more interesting. The film uses more conventional action scenes, but the different dimensions aren't just confined to a single dimension. It also makes fun of science fiction movies that contain weird space sequences and wormholes. The action scenes in particular were excellent, and were really entertaining. I would recommend this film to fans of science fiction movies and to those who like to learn about these 3 dimensions. It also helps if you have a bit of a knowledge of physics and just want to learn about it.

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Tyler P.

This is a great documentary. No words to explain how much I love this film. It is full of images, words, and thoughts. The story is about what it means to be human. All the people who go to the film are humans. I loved this film!

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Steven S.

This is a rather long documentary, about about 50 minutes. I did like it, but I did think it could have been longer. It's hard to make a documentary about Portal, and a lot of it was just talking about Portal. I also didn't find the interviews with Portal's artists particularly interesting, they were just talking about how good Portal is. So the focus was all on Portal. The other documentaries I've seen are more interesting and varied. I also think the format of the interviews are a little clunky, they're mostly talking about Portal. The interviews with Portal's other artists are much more interesting and varied, and the interviews with Portal's parents were interesting. The interviews with Portal's family are very interesting, but they're also all talking about Portal. This is a documentary about Portal, and the documentaries I've seen about Portal's other artists are all much more interesting and varied.

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Laura C.

A documentary about the work of one of the world's most famous architects, Iain M. Banks, and how he is able to bring such large and diverse projects to life. The Portal is an ambitious undertaking, but it is very worthwhile for the people who are aware of the work that is done by Banks and are able to get a look into the world of what he does. The film shows the inner workings of the studio, which is where much of the work is made. He creates a city-like environment and it is a great visual experience. The human drama of the process is shown, and the director shows the pain and the joy. It is a good look at the work and the process of what the architect does. The filmmaker does an excellent job of showing the creative process and the thought process behind what he is doing. It is a good look at the work that a genius is able to do.

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A must watch. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Its a must watch.

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Nicholas Garza

This documentary about a man who went to a variety of different countries to build a portal to another dimension and came back with the most amazing discoveries that only a visionary could make. There were many examples of how this portal could be used for good. But most importantly, this portal could also be used for evil. This is the most exciting and powerful thing I've ever seen on film. I've seen so many films where the science is presented in a way that is so extreme that it's almost laughable. This film is completely opposite. I had to sit through this film twice, and I was so impressed by it that I had to see it three times. I don't want to give anything away, but I can say that this is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen. I have to say that I was blown away by it, and I'm sure that this is one of the best documentaries ever made.

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Gregory A.

I don't understand why the majority of people on this site are so negative about this documentary. I saw it on the Sci-Fi channel and I was blown away by the quality of the movie. I thought the acting was great, the story was great, and the production value was great. I thought it was so well done that I just had to see it in theaters to see if it was worth the money. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good science fiction movie. I would also recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been through a divorce. I'm not sure what it is, but this movie really hit home for me. It really showed me what divorce can do to a family. I don't want to say more than that because I want to encourage everyone to see this movie. I think you will be surprised. I hope you like this movie. I'm sure you will enjoy it. If you don't like this movie, please do not let this discourage you from seeing it. I think you will be very happy you saw it. Thank you for reading my review.

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The great thing about this film is how it works on multiple levels, and it has the ability to relate to both the viewer and the storyteller. There is a feeling of fear in the story, and it is impossible to ignore. You feel the pain and the fear, you feel the hope and the fear, you feel the pain and the fear, and you also feel the hope and the fear. The narrative is incredibly complex, and it is difficult to get through, but it is not difficult to watch. It is the storyteller's job to tell you what it is. I am so glad I saw this film. I am a huge fan of it. It is a must see.

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The film itself, while not particularly high art, is interesting and thought provoking. It tells a story about the discovery of a Portal that leads to another world. This other world is a beautiful one. Its inhabitants are angels that look and sound like humans. They are noble and kind and the angels are called guardians of the portal. This guardian, an angel named John, is very similar to the angel of the Bible, Michael. He is an angel of great wisdom, a divine genius, and a man of the highest moral standards. His task is to destroy the portal that leads to the other world. In this film, John is accompanied by a young angel, Alice, and a loyal servant, Crowley. The angel who is a guardian of the portal, Archangel Michael, is played by Jude Law. The angel who is John's guardian, Archangel Gabriel, is played by Jim Broadbent. They are both men of great wisdom and moral standards. I liked the way the angels interacted with John. I especially liked the interaction between Archangel Michael and John. They were like old friends and they never stopped being friends. I was surprised that the angel who was John's guardian was not killed. I thought that Archangel Michael would be the one who would have been killed, but Archangel Gabriel survived and went on to help John. I think this film was very important to Christian, because it was telling us a message of love, of hope, of forgiveness, of devotion to God, and of sacrifice. It was a very important message and I think that Christians should see this film. It shows us that we are all in this world and we are all different and we all need to be treated with respect. It was also a very important message to show us that there are angels that are going to the other world to rescue us. I thought the film was very inspiring and that it was a very beautiful message that should be seen by Christians and that there is a whole world out there that is waiting for us.

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Judith Foster

Portal is a strange film. There are no rules, no explanations, just a mystery that unfolds at a brilliant pace. There is no hero, just a human being on a journey of discovery. It's a pure discovery that I found fascinating. The story unfolds in a documentary style that makes the viewer feel as if they were part of the film. The pace is so fast that it's almost painful to see. But, the film is well structured. The audience is not told what to think, they just know that there is something going on. It's not a great film, but it is one of the most beautiful documentaries I have ever seen. The only way to tell how much I admire the movie is to say that the story is so good that it makes the movie itself amazing. It's hard to imagine that people could watch this film and not get something out of it. It is a very unique experience that I would recommend to everyone.

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Jennifer R.

In this documentary, Roberta Fisher explores the work of the legendary computer scientist Alan Turing, who helped crack the Enigma code during World War II, and the Holocaust in which he and his colleagues were involved. Turing himself discusses his experience of being the first person to successfully break the Nazi Enigma code, and also his involvement in the Nazi-controlled development of the chemical weapons program. A very important documentary about the Turing character and his work.

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Austin Mitchell

a lot of people have commented on this. I just thought it might be worth posting. I'm not very experienced in the big leagues of film making, but this is a good movie for those who are.

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Zachary Ellis

This movie was one of the best I've ever seen. I don't know why I did not see it sooner. The movie is really a great look at the worlds of artists, and how they are connected. This is a great movie for anyone who is interested in the art world, or just has an open mind. It is a bit lengthy, but it's not that bad. It is a great movie to watch. I loved it. If you have an open mind, and are interested in the arts, you should definitely see this movie.

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Ashley G.

I watched this film on Netflix and it was the most entertaining movie I have ever seen. In fact, it was better than "21 Grams" and I would watch that again. The director, Phil Alden Robinson, did a great job of keeping the pace up and never seeming to slow down. The story of this movie is extremely fascinating and it made me think of my own life. It really makes you think about what you do, what you say and how you feel. It's really one of the best movies I have ever seen. I think people should watch this film, because it's a great insight into the human mind and a very insightful look at our reality. It's also a great way to start your day. I am not a big fan of documentaries, but this one was very entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone.

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I remember seeing this movie when it first came out and really enjoying it. It was about an American soldier trying to stop a French colonel from attacking a Nazi facility. The colonel was an agent of the Nazis and his job was to go through a portal to try and get into the English language to tell the soldiers about the invasion. The movie was in French and made me very happy to be able to read it. It was very interesting and the acting was very good. I enjoyed it, but I could've done without the numerous changes to the film and the movie itself. It could have used some changes, but it was still very good. I remember having a blast watching it.

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This is a very well made documentary, and should be required viewing for anyone who wants to know more about the SCP phenomenon, or is curious about how it came to be. The documentary is fairly short, and there are some plot holes, but it's very well done and has a very interesting story to tell. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about the SCP phenomenon, or anyone who's interested in the subject. My favorite part is the interview with Dr. John Mack, who discusses the original SCP phenomenon, as well as the whole process of creating the SCP and what happened to the objects that were created.

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For a while I had no idea what this film was about, but it was very interesting and very well made. The acting was good, and the film was very well made. The only reason I gave it a 9 was because it didn't really explain how they were going to get back home to their parents, but that was only because they didn't explain how they were going to get home. The other reason I gave it a 9 was because I felt that they were going to spoil it, but it was really good, and I would definitely recommend it.

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Anna G.

I have always been a fan of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, but this film has made me want to read the book. As a child I read the book every night, but I have never seen the movie. I love watching the movie, but I think the movie is much better than the book. The movie is not as scary as the book. The book was terrifying, and the movie is just a little scary. The movie is much better, and you won't be scared watching the movie. The book is scary, and the movie is a little scary. I think that if you have read the book, you will enjoy the movie.

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This documentary is very well done and shows some interesting things about the film industry and the people who make it. I liked how they portrayed the problem with some of the movies that got bad reviews from the critics and the public, but the people who made them thought they were great. I think it's important to show this to the people who will watch the film, as it is not always clear who is to blame.

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I just saw this movie at Sundance this year, and I must say it was a very good movie. This is a film that needs to be seen by everyone, especially people who have been following this movie since it's inception. The first 20 minutes of the film are only briefly shown, but the rest of the film is very informative and fascinating. The movie is about the creation of the Portal in Portal 2. It is a story of how the creators of Portal were inspired by the games and tried to put their own twist on it. The film was very well done, but I must say that the ending is very abrupt and abrupt. I felt like I was not given enough information about the game, but that is probably because of the movie's length. It was just too short to explain all the things that happened in the game. I am a fan of the game, and I did feel like I was missing something in this movie. The movie was about a lot of things, but it was just too short to explain everything. The ending felt a bit too abrupt. I would have liked a little more explanation. The actors were good, and the acting was well done. The music was also excellent. The video game that the movie is based on is very good, and I recommend it to anyone. It is definitely worth watching.

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Susan F.

This is the most important documentary I have ever seen. It tells the story of the most important event in the history of the world. I am surprised that it is not available on DVD. I can't wait for the next one!

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Wayne May

I have a lot of respect for Nick Broomfield. I don't like to see his name associated with films like this, but I have to admit that he was the man who pulled this film together. It's an interesting film. It's full of ideas and some ideas are really interesting, but in the end it's just a bunch of guys running around the city in their weird costumes and in their strange costumes and it's kind of dull. This film is very subjective and I can understand that. The one thing I didn't like about it is the ending. I thought it was really good, but I think it would have been a lot better if they had just kept it going. That ending is just a little too cheesy. They could have made a really great film with that ending. I think it's probably the best thing about this film, but it's not really a good thing. It's really not that good. I think the best thing about this film is that it's completely different from any other film I've seen. It's very weird. It's really interesting. It's a lot of fun to watch, but it's also really, really dull. It's not really a bad film. I think it's pretty good. It's not that good. It's a good film. It's very interesting, but it's not really a good film.

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Elizabeth Dixon

The lack of movie quality in this film makes it a great study of a time and place that were about as much a part of our lives as they were anachronisms from the 30s and 40s. The film is worth the watch even if you are not a big fan of what we consider today's pop culture. I found the connection of the '80s and the '90s to be interesting, and this film's emphasis on that era's music is right on target. Some people are comparing the music in this film to the music of the '60s, but the music in this film is neither bad nor great. I found the music of this film to be a joy to listen to, and I hope to see a lot more of these bands in the future.

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Marie V.

I was curious to see this documentary about the Portal. After viewing it, I am extremely pleased with the way it was made. The documentary is a full length and not a one-minute sketch. The way the filmmakers are able to tell the story from both the creators' perspective and from the viewers' is very unique and makes the viewer feel like they are watching the Portal from the creators' point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary and highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good and entertaining look at the Portal.

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Jordan Sanders

One of the best documentary I've ever seen. The film starts with the great-grandfather of the writer Stephen King. He discusses his career, including his bestselling novel, and also talks about his time at the Hollywood film industry. The film ends with him discussing the difficulties of the industry and how it's still a big place to be. The film also goes to the writer's home, where the author talks about his writing process. It's a great documentary about Hollywood, and a great look at how the industry has changed over the years. I'm sure this is going to be a huge hit at the Academy Awards. I highly recommend this film.

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Grace McCoy

I thought the movie was great. The movie is just the right length. It keeps you interested and interested. The movie is about the characters and the research they are doing and how they are doing it. I think it would be interesting to see how these people would react to the research. Also, I thought the movie did a good job of showing the research. The only reason I thought it was not good enough is that it was too short. I think it could have been a little longer. I think the people in the movie would be better off just watching the movie. They would be able to understand the research better and they would be able to tell the story better. Overall, I think this movie is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction.

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Joshua W.

The soundtrack to the film, chosen by Terry Gilliam, is the best I've heard. The film is one that is unique in its own right. For all of its faults, The Portal is a film I would watch again and again, if only for the music. I've never seen a film quite like this, it takes a unique approach to the story and execution of the film. The combination of Dario Argento's photography and this film's soundtrack makes the film a unique experience.

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Grace Delgado

I will not get into details about the movie, except to say that it is a good film, and that it is a very sad, depressing movie. However, I will say that I have to admit that I did not understand it. I am not sure if this is the fault of the film or of the viewers. It seems like it was created as a document for the fans, and I can't help but feel that it would have been better to have been filmed more accurately. If you are a fan of the game, you will probably be disappointed with the film. I am not sure if this is because the game has changed, or if it is because of the film. I don't know. But I do know that the game is great, and I am glad that people are now discovering it. The film is very much a document for the fans, and I think that is the best way to capture the fans' feelings.

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For the first time, an extended interview with a major film maker, Sean Taylor, who has worked in the field of "art house" films for almost 40 years. He talks about his career, the work of the "art house" directors, the politics and ethics of making movies in this era, the influences on his films, his own childhood, and the great advice he gave to his sons in the 1980s. This film is an inside look at the workings of a very large studio, which sometimes gets the wrong idea, and sometimes does get the right idea, and sometimes not. The interviews are all conducted very well, the actors are all very good, and the film is very entertaining. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the works of the "art house" directors.

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Portal is a good film about the development of the film industry. It is a well done documentary about how the film industry is able to reach out to the disenfranchised. It shows how many people are willing to help a film to get it made and what they can do with it. This documentary is well made and has an interesting perspective. It is not all about the money. This documentary also shows that the people that make the film industry go through a lot of stress to make it a success. This documentary is an interesting look at how a film gets made.

Brian Cox photo
Brian Cox

I saw this film for the first time at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. It is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. It is a film that talks about the power of the internet and the dangers of privacy. I recommend this film to anyone who has ever felt threatened by someone who is following you around, and wants to know what is going on. This film is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The director and producer, Michael Almereyda, has created a film that will stay with you for the rest of your life. I give this film a 10/10.

Sharon F. photo
Sharon F.

I can't believe how good this documentary is. I've been a fan of Portal since the beginning, and I have been in awe of the quality of the film since I first saw it in the theaters. I thought that I would never see a better documentary. I was wrong. I have never seen a better documentary. I can't wait to see it again. This documentary is incredible. The quality of the film is remarkable. The narration is excellent, and the story line is well thought out. I think that it is a very well done documentary. I think that it is very important to show the issues that are facing the world today, and the problems that we are facing, but I think that the filmmakers did an excellent job in conveying the issues that they are talking about. I hope that they do more documentaries like this in the future. I was so impressed by the quality of this film that I'm going to go buy the DVD. I'm going to get the English version of the film. It is a very good film, and I'm glad that I went to see it. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Austin C. photo
Austin C.

The Portal is a well made documentary that tells the story of one man who set out to explore the portal that has been created by the greatest minds of mankind. It's an amazing story and the best part of the film is that it's a true story. The Portal was created by the scientist Nikola Tesla. The film is very well made, with great interviews with many of the scientists involved in the creation of the Portal. The documentary also goes into the history of the Portal and explains how the portal came to be. It's very interesting to hear about the development of the portal and how it was created. You can also learn a lot about Nikola Tesla's work and how he worked on the portal. Overall, the film is a good documentary that tells a great story about one man's adventure to explore the portal. It's an interesting story and a great story. 7/10