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The Portal

The Portal is a movie starring Kitra Cahana, Ronnie Cahana, and James Doty. It follows six people (and a robot) who transform their lives using stillness and mindfulness, providing inspiration as we embark on the next phase of...

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1 hours 28 minutes
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Jacqui Fifer
Jacqui Fifer, Tom Cronin
Heather Hennessy, Ronnie Cahana, Kitra Cahana, James Doty
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What would happen if 7 billion people all meditated? Could it shift the trajectory of our planet? This experiential documentary approach follows six people (and a robot) who transform their lives using stillness and mindfulness, providing inspiration as we embark on the next phase of evolution. Supported by insights from three of the world's foremost futurists and philosophers, THE PORTAL opens hearts and minds to an exciting vision for humanity transformed and takes them on a mindfulness journey through a tapestry of technology, love, existentialism, human potential, brain hacking, stillness and inner peace.

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Russell Myers photo
Russell Myers

I saw this documentary on the SyFy channel a few months ago, and I can't believe how great it is. I was really excited to see it, and I'm glad I did. It's really well done, and it's not boring. The subject is interesting, and the interviews with the people involved are great. I think the film does a great job of showing the different ways that people have approached the same problem. There are some really good interviews with the people involved, and it's really good to see the people who are trying to solve this problem. It's really interesting to see how different people have come up with different solutions to the problem. I really enjoyed this film, and I think it's a great documentary. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the problems with the Portal. 9/10

Gerald photo

The Portal is a brilliant film that has a great message and a great story. The film is about the search for the gateway to the universe. It tells the story of a man named Richard Garth who is trying to find the portal that will allow him to enter the universe. The film is an excellent example of how a documentary should be. The film has many great facts about the search for the portal. The film has a great message and is a great movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in science and the universe.

Jose photo

One of the most difficult things to do with a documentary is to present it in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the subject matter. This film accomplishes that task with astounding precision. It is not only a historical document, but it is a documentary of its own, and its many layers of information will be interesting to anyone interested in the history of science and the scientific method. It is not just a documentary of science, it is a documentary of science and its methods, and that is what it is. I found this film to be both entertaining and educational, and I highly recommend it.

Donna photo

I think this movie is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It really is a documentary about a man who was a part of a computer revolution and the way it was going to change the world. He is a visionary, a genius and a genius at what he did. He was a pioneer and he was very brave. This is a must watch for everyone. I am very happy that I have watched this movie. It was very well made and it is a great documentary. I think everyone should watch it.

Andrea Soto photo
Andrea Soto

This is a great documentary, showing the slow transformation of an institution that has been around for more than half a century. The change is only visible in the stories of the people who have worked there and the new people that have come in. I am a former employee of the Portal and I can tell you that many of the employees are very proud to be part of it. The documentary does not show the Portal's current situation, but it does show the people's feelings about their work, their thoughts about it and their feelings about the company itself. The Portal has a lot of stories that are very personal to the people who work there. You can really feel the change in the Portal staff and you can see the transition of the employees themselves. The Portal is a very old institution, and it is a very special institution. It is a building that is still being used by many people who are proud of the fact that they worked there. If you are not part of the Portal, then I would not recommend watching this documentary. If you are, then you will see this documentary for the first time.

Michelle R. photo
Michelle R.

I had the pleasure of seeing the first screening of the "Portal" at a local theater in San Diego. I had heard good things about the movie, and I had some high expectations. The movie is about a portal that can only be accessed by an alien being. The portal is in the middle of the desert and it is only accessible by a boat, which is owned by a wealthy man named John Gates. This film was very informative and told the story of the portal in a very engaging way. The director did a great job of showing the changes that have taken place in the world since the portal was first discovered. There were many places where people were lost, but there were also places where people were able to travel across the portal and experience different worlds. This movie is very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good documentary. It was very informative and I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the world around them.

Karen photo

As the first man to reach the surface of the moon, Armstrong is the hero of the day. It's a time of pride for all astronauts. But when a reporter and a local journalist from the local paper get wind of Armstrong's exploits, they put him in the spotlight and launch a full-scale assault on his credibility. It's not only Armstrong who is at the center of the story. It's also the entire team. Everyone is either trying to protect him or hurt him. The story begins with the Apollo 11 mission, and Armstrong and his team are the first humans to set foot on the moon. But as Armstrong begins to question his mission and his crew, he becomes the subject of intense scrutiny. The story is told from the perspective of the people who were there, as they tell their own stories. And it's one of the most powerful stories of all time. The story of the first human on the moon is compelling, and it is a story that needs to be told. We need to understand how the story began and the way it has played out. We need to understand what it means to be an astronaut, and how it impacts the way people think about themselves. The story of the first man to set foot on the moon is compelling, and it is a story that needs to be told.

Nicholas Garza photo
Nicholas Garza

This documentary about a man who went to a variety of different countries to build a portal to another dimension and came back with the most amazing discoveries that only a visionary could make. There were many examples of how this portal could be used for good. But most importantly, this portal could also be used for evil. This is the most exciting and powerful thing I've ever seen on film. I've seen so many films where the science is presented in a way that is so extreme that it's almost laughable. This film is completely opposite. I had to sit through this film twice, and I was so impressed by it that I had to see it three times. I don't want to give anything away, but I can say that this is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen. I have to say that I was blown away by it, and I'm sure that this is one of the best documentaries ever made.

Jennifer R. photo
Jennifer R.

In this documentary, Roberta Fisher explores the work of the legendary computer scientist Alan Turing, who helped crack the Enigma code during World War II, and the Holocaust in which he and his colleagues were involved. Turing himself discusses his experience of being the first person to successfully break the Nazi Enigma code, and also his involvement in the Nazi-controlled development of the chemical weapons program. A very important documentary about the Turing character and his work.

Peter photo

This is a very well made documentary, and should be required viewing for anyone who wants to know more about the SCP phenomenon, or is curious about how it came to be. The documentary is fairly short, and there are some plot holes, but it's very well done and has a very interesting story to tell. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about the SCP phenomenon, or anyone who's interested in the subject. My favorite part is the interview with Dr. John Mack, who discusses the original SCP phenomenon, as well as the whole process of creating the SCP and what happened to the objects that were created.

Bobby photo

For a while I had no idea what this film was about, but it was very interesting and very well made. The acting was good, and the film was very well made. The only reason I gave it a 9 was because it didn't really explain how they were going to get back home to their parents, but that was only because they didn't explain how they were going to get home. The other reason I gave it a 9 was because I felt that they were going to spoil it, but it was really good, and I would definitely recommend it.

Anna G. photo
Anna G.

I have always been a fan of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, but this film has made me want to read the book. As a child I read the book every night, but I have never seen the movie. I love watching the movie, but I think the movie is much better than the book. The movie is not as scary as the book. The book was terrifying, and the movie is just a little scary. The movie is much better, and you won't be scared watching the movie. The book is scary, and the movie is a little scary. I think that if you have read the book, you will enjoy the movie.

Susan F. photo
Susan F.

This is the most important documentary I have ever seen. It tells the story of the most important event in the history of the world. I am surprised that it is not available on DVD. I can't wait for the next one!

Grace McCoy photo
Grace McCoy

I thought the movie was great. The movie is just the right length. It keeps you interested and interested. The movie is about the characters and the research they are doing and how they are doing it. I think it would be interesting to see how these people would react to the research. Also, I thought the movie did a good job of showing the research. The only reason I thought it was not good enough is that it was too short. I think it could have been a little longer. I think the people in the movie would be better off just watching the movie. They would be able to understand the research better and they would be able to tell the story better. Overall, I think this movie is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction.

Hannah photo

Portal is a good film about the development of the film industry. It is a well done documentary about how the film industry is able to reach out to the disenfranchised. It shows how many people are willing to help a film to get it made and what they can do with it. This documentary is well made and has an interesting perspective. It is not all about the money. This documentary also shows that the people that make the film industry go through a lot of stress to make it a success. This documentary is an interesting look at how a film gets made.