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Los Reyes

Chola and Football are a couple of street dogs that live in the Los Reyes skatepark. A microcosm is organized around them, composed of things, animals and young adolescents in conflict with an adult world that they reject but are required to enter.

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1 hours 18 minutes
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Iván Osnovikoff, Bettina Perut
Germany, Chile
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Terry Rios photo
Terry Rios

I saw this film in a small screening at a local theater in the late summer of 2011. It was the first film that I had ever seen in which I was moved to tears. It was also the first film that I have ever seen in which I actually cried. I can't say how many times I have seen it since then, but I've seen it at least 20 times. It is very hard to watch a film about a person who has a terminal illness and still be moved to tears. It is also hard to watch a film about a person who is dying, especially one who is so far advanced in his/her disease. I would not recommend this film for people who are pregnant or nursing, or for people who have any kind of mental illness. It is a very sad film and is a very powerful film to watch. The film is very well shot, and the acting is very good. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in mental illness, or anyone who is interested in life. It is a very powerful film that should be seen by everyone.

Teresa Kennedy photo
Teresa Kennedy

The Coen Brothers haven't taken over the world since "Blood Simple", but they are now more famous than ever. This movie focuses on their history, their works and how they work. It is interesting to watch how each part of the Coen brothers' lives are connected. The main focus is on their movies. The movies include the wonderfully executed masterpieces "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and "No Country for Old Men". The movies are a big part of the Coen brothers' life and I think that this movie also includes their personal life. The story was interesting and enlightening. I'm always impressed with the way the Coen brothers follow up their work. The writing in this movie is very engaging and entertaining. The humor in this movie was great as well. I think that this is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Wayne Hayes photo
Wayne Hayes

I saw this movie at a screening last night at the Sundance Festival in Park City Utah. This was a very well crafted documentary about the people of South Florida. The interesting thing about this film was that the characters in the movie were very real and made us feel for them. It was not just about them. It was about the people of South Florida and their struggles. This is a film that I will probably watch again. There was a few parts that were a bit over the top, but the rest of the movie was very powerful. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a moving and entertaining movie.

Lori Phillips photo
Lori Phillips

Man, I'm a HUGE fan of Ronny, especially his last album "Go". I heard about the film and liked the concept of the documentary. The story is about a young Mexican who had to leave his father's old home because he felt it was going to become an asylum. He moved into an apartment with a mentally retarded person who had been there for years. He was terrified when he first moved in and he made the mistake of sleeping on the sofa next to the couch. He always felt uncomfortable around people with mental illness. He was really scared. After a year he moved into his own place with a family who were in the process of moving to a new home. They took on the burden of the care of the elderly. He was not a very nice person and he was terrified of being alone. He was desperate to find a job and at first he tried his luck with an architectural job. He met with a lot of opposition from the employers and was rejected. Eventually he found work at a radio station in his new city. He eventually met a young man who wanted to learn more about the cultures and traditions of the cultures he knew and became his mentor. In the end the man died from a drug overdose. Ronny wrote a book about his journey and learned many things from him. The documentary is very important and brings up some very important issues. It was very well done and I would recommend this documentary.

Maria Woods photo
Maria Woods

It's a brilliant, funny film. It's not a documentary, it's not one of those TV series that nobody watches and the character's name is never mentioned. This is not a film about the fight. It's about the people. The filming of this film was a bit different. The movie starts with a call to violence in the local community. It was easy to make the people to think that if the film starts, the action will start. The camera was slow-motion in the streets, the hoodlums walk and talk and do things like that. The end was a little bit unexpected. The viewers can't help but think that the people are going to start to get even. We never see any confrontation between the gangs. Instead, we see the gang's go and fight and kill each other. If you see this film, I can promise that you will be surprised.

Betty E. photo
Betty E.

This is not a documentary, nor is it a film. It is a long interview with an author/photographer/professor, Philip N. Cadera, who has made a career out of telling the story of how a small town is destroyed by a nuclear explosion. He offers a unique look at a small town in the south of Nevada where the film opens with the following quote: "No one really knows who the f* is." To say the town is empty, it's a town that is a mess, but the town has two people in it. It's as if everyone has fled town to the rest of the state. It's clear that this is a country town in which one person has taken over the entire town. Cadera is a rare breed of an artist who works in small towns and has a distinct style of telling their stories. This film is different from many of his other works because it's not set in any country or town. It is in the middle of the United States and the people Cadera interviewed live in one of the most populated areas in the country. That would be a small town in Oregon in the US, which is where the film was shot. Cadera was also very kind to allow us the chance to be present during his filming. We see a great deal of people moving away from the town and to Oregon, but we get to see little of them. You'll notice in this film a number of streets named after politicians and people who live in or around town. I think the town is named for the townspeople. I don't know if that's accurate, but it does sound like a great name for the town and it's been a common name in Oregon for many years. The town is about 40 miles north of Salem, Oregon. Salem is the smallest of the communities Cadera has interviewed. It's not big by any stretch of the imagination. The town is about 25 miles north of the Idaho border. The town had a population of about 400 people when the nuclear bomb went off and was losing its population by the end of the interview. Cadera says Salem is the most ethnically diverse town he's ever been in. I found the towns in Oregon and Arizona a lot more diverse than Salem, and a lot more diverse than the city of Salem. I'd be willing to bet that Salem was named after the townspeople's families. Salem is located in Oregon's High Desert and has a desert culture with people living there. Many of the people who live in the town have lived there for generations. The people in Salem may not be in Salem, but they are Salem. Cadera also did a fantastic job of getting people to speak candidly about their views on nuclear weapons. We see a great deal of fear about the idea of a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union. The townspeople have a very positive view of the idea, but they do not necessarily understand the truth about nuclear weapons. Cadera does a great job of showing us these people as they face these issues. Cadera does a great job of getting people to speak about their fears and thoughts about nuclear weapons. He also interviews people about the Cold War and the implications of nuclear weapons. He gets people to talk about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Andrew photo

While the film does contain some insight and interesting points about the lifestyle of the LGBT community, this documentary focuses a bit too much on the camera man's lack of emotional connection with his subject, which undermines the entire point of the movie, which is that the viewer must feel the love, sorrow, and loneliness that they feel when watching the movie, in order to truly experience the sensations that the actors/directors are able to convey to the audience through the medium of film. This movie has a great sense of vision, but it's definitely a slow-paced movie that will probably drag on for the first half hour.

Diane A. photo
Diane A.

Before I get to my verdict, I'd like to say I'm a regular viewer of Rivera's "The Great American North" and have seen the majority of his movies and several of his documentaries. I also was an editor for a couple of his films, and I enjoyed watching these a lot. This is his third documentary to be released in the United States, following the 1987 "The Unseen" and the 1991 "Love & Rage" which was re-released in the UK. I've read reviews which say that it is filled with jabs at the government and other 'establishment' types. This is true. Some of the comments that Rivera made on the Vietnam War are taken out of context. His comments on that subject are as good as any I have read. All in all, it is an entertaining documentary and Rivera's sense of humour is always on show. This is a film you should definitely see if you enjoyed the "Great American North".

Sharon C. photo
Sharon C.

What a brilliant movie, I thought. It is very long and very impressive. You don't see these drug lords ever before in the world. You feel like you are with them and you feel your own disgust and rage for them. We don't see them as human beings. We see them as the bad guys. The movie is filled with amazing performances. Everyone of them are amazing. How can you not fall in love with Nicolas Cage? When he is on screen you feel like he is living his role. You feel the pain, the fear, the anger, the hate for him. I don't want to say much about the film itself, so I will just say that this is a very unusual movie that shows how very much hate there is and how inhumane we are. If you are looking for a movie with a lot of emotion, this is it. If you like to watch movies that you have to think about after watching them, this is it. You might not feel the emotions after you have watched the movie, but you will not regret it.

Diane photo

The film "The Secret Life of Pets" is a great film. The story of a couple and their dog is a great story. The movie shows you how the dog has to learn to understand humans and how the dog learns to trust people. This movie is a great movie to watch. It is a great story and I recommend it to everyone.

Carl photo

I think the movie does what it says on the tin, which is "to show how abuse from other parents and others can affect your child" I felt very much like my 8-year-old self, who was abused by both parents. I felt too many people would be upset by the real-life stuff, and that this would be too much of a shock, if this were an even remotely real-life situation. And to be fair, it's not just any 8-year-old I'm talking about here. The movie tries to show the whole picture, from both sides. But for me, what it doesn't really do is really hit home on any one subject matter. The movie makes people who have children think it's an issue, because they think it's wrong to beat them and call them names. But the movie also has a certain point that I think many people don't get - it's not about the "family". It's about the man and the woman, and if you want to make a movie about a mother who beats her child, well, that's not the movie for you. I know I would feel differently, and probably wouldn't have felt the same if I had had a child like that. I also think the movie is more accurate than most of the coverage of child abuse cases. I'm not an anti-abuse person, but I also know of some abuse, or witnessing of abuse, that is not seen on TV or in the media, but is really, really bad. So I really do think the movie does a good job of conveying this feeling. So I'm not going to say that it's wrong, because it's not, and it's not what's wrong, it's the way the system handles the cases, and what it's like to live in a world where it's treated like this. The movie is also not a balanced view, because it doesn't mention all the ways of abuse and neglect, and that's where a lot of the problems stem from. So I'll have to see this again, and hopefully more often than I have, because it's very powerful, and has an impact on my family and my life. I have no regrets about seeing it, and I'll be looking for it again.

Cynthia M. photo
Cynthia M.

I really enjoyed this documentary and I think it was well done. It was very interesting to hear the views of many different people who have had some involvement with the drug problem. It was interesting to see how different people reacted to the same situations. The director did an excellent job of telling the story of how the drug epidemic in the US has evolved over the past 15 years. The director had a very good sense of humor and kept it interesting. It was a very interesting documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the drug problem in the US.

Sarah photo

This is a documentary that takes you into the world of Pablo Escobar. It's a fascinating look at one of the most notorious drug lords in history. The movie is filmed in a style that is very well done and blends in well with the historical footage. The movie does a great job of giving you a sense of Escobar's war with the U.S. over power and the drug trade. This gives the viewer an impression that this is a very fascinating and complicated subject. Also, you get to hear some of the stories of Pablo and how he lived his life. Overall, this is a good film that brings the viewer into the world of Pablo Escobar. 7/10

Janice C. photo
Janice C.

Mulholland Drive is a masterpiece. I am a very big fan of David Lynch. This movie is just one of the reasons I love it so much. I think he really should have won an Oscar for this movie. Mulholland Drive is about two people in Los Angeles and their relationships with each other. Mia Farrow and Kurt Russell play a couple who are in a very awkward relationship. They both play very interesting characters and they are very funny too. The movie also has very interesting cinematography and it is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I recommend this movie to anyone. I would like to have the DVD now. It's not out on DVD yet.

Jesse photo

I watched this movie about a year ago, and I have to say I'm impressed. It's an incredibly detailed look at the Los Angeles of the 60's. It's fascinating to see how different things were, what was popular, and how things changed. I was really impressed by how accurate the film was. It was a great way to view the history of Los Angeles. It was a very good way to learn about the 60's. I highly recommend this movie.

Rose G. photo
Rose G.

This documentary is one of the most entertaining documentaries I have ever seen. It is a very well done documentary that is really worth seeing. It is very interesting to see the differences between the people living in the countryside and the cities. It shows the difference between the two cultures that is so important to the film. The documentary is very well made and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the differences between the two cultures.