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Chasing Whiskey

Chasing Whiskey is a movie starring Tim Matheson, Joe Turkel, and John Grisham. A feature length documentary about Jack Daniel's Whiskey.

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Greg Olliver
Greg Olliver, David Larzelere
Tina Sinatra, John Grisham, Tim Matheson, Joe Turkel
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A feature length documentary about Jack Daniel's Whiskey.

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Maria photo

This is a wonderfully touching story of a young woman who is, by her own admission, extremely shy and very introverted. The young woman, Nina, tells her story, and we watch her life unfold as she is taken to a retreat, where she meets a boy named Sam. Sam is charming, and at first Nina is convinced that he will be the one to make her happy. Sam is a very likable young boy, and Nina seems to become more and more attracted to him as the film goes on. But then, we discover that Nina is lying. She is in fact gay, and Sam is in fact a very good friend. As Nina and Sam become friends, Nina gradually begins to realize that Sam is not just a good friend, but a good person. She begins to realize that she is in fact attracted to Sam, and that is what is driving her into a dangerous spiral of self-loathing and despair. The film is very well-done and well-acted. The way the film was filmed was very nice, and the lighting was great. The film is not an accurate portrayal of Nina's experience, and Nina's story is not an accurate portrayal of what happened to her. But the film does a very good job of showing the effect that Sam has had on Nina, and the way in which Nina's story is in fact the true story of Nina's experience. The story of Nina and Sam is one of the more sad stories I have seen, and I hope that everyone who has a gay friend can learn something from this film. I have watched this film several times, and it is one of those films that I can watch again and again and still be moved by it. I hope that Nina's story will be told in the future, and that we will see more films like this.

Judy G. photo
Judy G.

When I first saw this movie I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was expecting a great story about the bonds of friendship, but was surprised to find a film about the United States' relation to Cuba and Cuba's relationship to the US. What struck me the most is the incredible level of detail. From the sets to the story, everything was immaculate. I really was surprised that a film that is 4 hours long could be so completely free of cliches. The chemistry between the two leads was fantastic and I was also surprised to find that one of the actors did not receive an Oscar nomination for his role. It is also interesting to see the use of the camera as a tool in this film. The shots were superb and the soundtrack was very effective as well. The real eye-candy is the cinematography. I was thoroughly impressed by the style and the way the film was shot. If you like Cuba, or if you are a fan of this movie, you will love this movie. I recommend this movie to everyone who likes movies.

Cheryl Mills photo
Cheryl Mills

This is a movie about a man who is addicted to whiskey, and how he tries to get his addiction under control, and recover from it. A great movie with great performances and great story. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Tyler photo

There is no doubt that Mark Twain was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, and his books have been translated into numerous languages and the one most used by adults worldwide is "Mark Twain" by the wonderfully named Mark Twain. "Mark Twain" is a well-known account of the lives of a fictitious town in Georgia, and the adventures of Mark Twain and his brother, "Ben" (who is portrayed as a youth by the ever-dapper, rascally Will Patton). Mark Twain was an intelligent man with an acute sense of humor. While many of the stories contained in the book may have been absurd, this story would be one of the most popular, and the people of the town would love to hear about the adventures of Mark Twain. There is no doubt that Mark Twain was a person who would spend most of his time doing what he loved, writing about his experiences. And this is what this film explores, the essence of the man, the man's love for his writing, and the people who loved him. And when the film shows the young Ben's journey, it is one of the most touching and moving I have ever seen. I felt as if I was witnessing the birth of a child, and the scenes with the infant Ben and his parents are so sweet and moving. I highly recommend "Mark Twain" to everyone who has ever loved a story, or is interested in a story. "Mark Twain" is one of the best films I have ever seen.

Wayne D. photo
Wayne D.

The best and most entertaining of the 4 that I watched. There were many things that were well thought out and executed flawlessly. From the build up to the end, to the way that all the actors interacted, it was amazing. I feel that this documentary will probably gain a better reputation as the years go on. I do not want to give away any more of the story, as it is pretty well known by now. I do however want to point out that the one thing that was always a problem in the film was the way in which the filmmakers were able to portray the drugs, when they were being used. It was a little hard to watch, because they were always so off the wall and almost no one was comfortable with what they were talking about. I think that was an error in judgement that probably hurt the film. The one thing that I thought was really good was the way in which the filmmakers tried to portray the drugs. I feel that the way that they did it was really effective. I think that a lot of people would have been interested in the documentary, but I think that the one thing that was the biggest problem that they could have done better was to talk about the effects of the drugs, or how they were being used in the film, instead of just showing how they were being used. I hope that this documentary does well, because I think that it is a very important and important film. I would say that it is a must watch.

Michelle G. photo
Michelle G.

This documentary follows a day in the life of an aging heroin addict in Los Angeles. The subject is really interesting, and I think this documentary will be very interesting to a lot of people, because it's not a documentary, it's a kind of diary, it's a personal journey, and it's very, very hard to watch. I know a lot of people who are addicted to drugs, and I know that people like this exist, but this documentary is really eye opening. It's like a little surprise to the viewer, so I recommend this documentary to anyone who has ever been in this situation. It's an interesting documentary, and I recommend it to anyone.

Emma photo

I was one of the few that knew the story of the legend. I was a big fan of the old James Bond movies. Now, that I've seen the movie I'm glad that I didn't pay to see it. My understanding is that the movie is for adults and children but with the music being so loud, the effect is lost. If the movie is meant for kids, then maybe I would have loved it more. For the most part, I found the movie very enjoyable. The scenes in the desert are very beautiful and the scenery is great. It seems as if the movie is taking place in the 1950s but I'm glad that they didn't show the cars from that time period. The movie is very well put together, especially the score. The story is very interesting and you will really get a sense of the back story of the legend. The movie is very well directed. The camera is very good. The characters are very well done. The acting is very good. If you like movies, then you should definitely see this one.

Henry photo

I think this film could have been a much better film if it had more resources to work with. It was a fascinating look at the Japanese and their customs. It is a good example of the Japanese and their culture and traditions. But, it is not necessarily a great film. It would have been better to include more of the events in the film. Also, there were a couple of flaws with the film. I was not happy with the way that the film was edited. In the film, a bunch of old friends were interviewed. But, that didn't make the film any better. In fact, it made the film even more boring. Also, it was a bit awkward at times. Overall, this film is a good film to watch with your Japanese friends. However, it is not a great film to watch with your friends in general.

Patrick P. photo
Patrick P.

I don't know if this is really a documentary about a specific whiskey but it does have a strong story behind it. My wife and I watched it with a wide variety of friends and all of us enjoyed it. The characters are likable and the cameraman captured the beauty of the southwest. There was no heavy-handed message here and we enjoyed the exploration of the people who make and drink this whiskey. It is very well done. The narrator did an excellent job with the narration and the story of the whiskey was told well and with great detail. I felt the documentary was going a little slow at times but it was still interesting and the only real negative I could find was the lack of footage of the stills. There was some of that but not nearly enough. This is a good documentary about a subject that I feel has a lot of importance. It is important to not only understand the story behind the whiskey but to understand the history and the people who made it. It was interesting to me and I think the makers and their descendants will enjoy this as well. I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Harold photo

If you've never heard of this film, this is an excellent film for those who have. It's a very intimate look at the lives of three people: two women, and a man. I was fascinated by the characters and how they lived their lives. A couple that they had been together for almost twenty years, their relationship was destroyed by the man, but they were so in love with one another that it was hard to leave them. Their son, now an adult, tries to support the family and love the people in his life. And this is the journey of the three people, each with a different relationship. Some of the films I have seen recently have been about an actor or actress, and their relationship, or the failure of their relationship. I really enjoyed this film, because it is so true to life, and I couldn't imagine anything that could go wrong in any of the relationships in the film. The actors did a fantastic job, as well. I recommend this film for anyone who wants to learn more about relationships. It's worth seeing.

Jesse Vasquez photo
Jesse Vasquez

It's almost impossible to believe that these guys are the same people that produced The Village. How would they possibly have thought it was appropriate to put their names on a film that was essentially a "Jaws" rip-off? The first half of the movie shows the wonderful (if kind of predictable) relationship between Caine and the "White Mamba". The second half of the film does a good job of trying to give viewers an idea of what the characters were like before the violent end. I really liked this film. It had a bit of everything, from horror to romance, and was definitely entertaining.

Raymond Brewer photo
Raymond Brewer

I was quite amazed with how many different people seemed to get the same feeling from this film. I am one of those who thinks it is amazing that in a time where people are really looking for the truth, the more they're willing to be part of an experiment, the more valuable it is. I think it is great that so many people seem to be so open to all of the issues raised. I really appreciated the fact that so many people have the courage to come out and say that they have had similar experiences as well. And I think it is also great that so many people can be open and accepting of what happens in their own lives, and in the lives of others. It is a great film, and I think it is great that it is being shown in cinemas around the world.

Benjamin N. photo
Benjamin N.

I did not want to watch this film because I had read that it was a documentary. I'm glad I did not do that. The problem with most documentaries is that they aren't very informative. You are left with a sense of knowing, but not really knowing. With "Couples Retreat", you get the feeling that this documentary is about the guys and the girls, not the events that led up to it. The best documentaries are those that are told from a point of view that is different from the one of the people being told the story. "Couples Retreat" is like that, and it is not a good thing. For example, when I read the book "The Science of Attraction", I was drawn to it because I could not understand why so many people would want to be with a person with a disability. If they could not understand why the story of a man with a disability could interest them, then what was the point of the book? The same is true of "Couples Retreat". The movie is a great education for those of us who think that we can understand a disabled person. It is not the point of the story, it is the point of the message, and the point of the message is that our sense of self is based on what we believe to be true, not what we think we know to be true. I would recommend "Couples Retreat" to anyone who likes documentaries and does not want to be told a story that is biased and incomplete. It is the kind of documentary that one should see, even if the story is not the kind one would want to see. It is very much a short film, so I do not know if I would like to see it on video, but it is a very worthwhile film for those who do not have time to watch a documentary.

Samuel Torres photo
Samuel Torres

It's not the case that this film is "bad" or "abhorrent". It's a simple, unpretentious, beautiful film, that would be good to watch if you want to have a nice time. It's a great film for those who love to watch the world and its people in a different light, to see what we as an audience don't see. The director, Don't Miss, is a documentary film-maker, who uses his camera to capture life in the "gray zone", and his subjects in different ways. And it's his voice that guides you through the film. I have a feeling that the filmmaker's life is a little bit different than most people's - and this is not a bad thing. As a film-maker he's very "small-scale", not very flashy, and his subject matter is quite different from what most people want to see, in my opinion. The film is only "just" about a couple of days. But the great thing about it is that it's only about two days. Not a boring day, not a day that could be spent doing something else, not a day that could be spent doing anything else. The film has a great pace and the director does not show any of the "time passing" that you might get from other films. The film is really short. It's just a few days. But it is really beautiful. The film tells about a few days in the life of a couple of people. The characters are two guys and a girl, and the two of them have a completely different and interesting life. They are both very rich, and in the middle of nowhere. They're both very interesting people, and there's not much more to say about them. I have no idea why they have such a weird and uninteresting life. The girl is a poet, and the guy is a private detective. What else do you expect from these two characters? They're not talking to each other, they're not even looking at each other. I don't know what kind of people they are, but they're not interesting at all. The most interesting thing about them is that they're the kind of people that you might meet. I don't know whether you'd think of them as such. It's probably that's what the movie wants to say. I don't know if it's because the film has a weird title or because of the title, but the film is very short, and I don't know how many people would think that the film has an interesting theme. The film is pretty much just a collection of scenes. I don't know if it's because the film is so short, but the film is very visually stunning. There are some really beautiful scenes, and the director uses his camera to show us these scenes. Some scenes are very simple, but the scenes that are really nice are the ones that don't have any background music. The film is definitely not a "good" film. There are a lot of scenes that are so boring that you could tell that they are not meant to be there. The film is also not a very interesting film. The film is about a couple of days, and there's not a lot to say about the film. The film is beautiful, but it's not that interesting. The film is very short, and it's very slow. The film is also really long. It's not that interesting. The film is not very good. The film is very long, and it's very boring.

Joshua D. photo
Joshua D.

Here is another documentary which is well worth watching. It's well filmed, well acted and there is a good story to tell. The two main actors are truly fantastic. They really create a believable and convincing relationship between father and son. It is a real eye opener for anyone who's ever been a father. It's an interesting story that is a must see.

Jonathan H. photo
Jonathan H.

As I sat down to watch this documentary I knew it was going to be an awful lot of fun. I had never seen a documentary so faithful to the characters from the books. The documentary is a well edited and shot video, with excellent commentary from the author. The author's son also makes an appearance in the documentary and tells us all about his childhood and how his father made him so interested in his own work. He's an expert on the story behind the books. He even has a few of his own stories. The man is a very impressive man and the best part of the documentary is that he gives you his own personal accounts of how he came up with the story and what he learned from it. His stories are compelling, and you just want to know more about the man and his work. I don't want to give anything away but I will say that I was very impressed with the man's work. I am a huge fan of the books, and the man's work is just astounding. It is a must see for all fans of the books and of course it is an incredible treat for fans of the man himself. If you haven't read the books, or if you have never read the books, I highly recommend you see this documentary. If you have, you will not be disappointed. It is a documentary that is well worth seeing.

Raymond L. photo
Raymond L.

This is an interesting documentary about the abuse of alcohol and drugs. I had never heard of it but it was on the news and the documentary was on HBO so I thought I would check it out. I thought it was an interesting look at a dangerous drug that is never talked about but that can seriously damage the lives of a lot of people. It really shows the sad state of the U.S. and the extent that this addiction has gotten in the U.S. There are a lot of scary scenes in this documentary and it is hard to watch. One of the things that really hit me was how destructive it can be to a person's health. For example, one of the kids that was in this program and he was from a very abusive home. He had to take a number of different drugs in order to maintain his tolerance. He ended up taking 20 to 25 different drugs to stay alive. At one point in the documentary he says that he was on 20 different drugs at one time. You can't tell how much is a drug and how much is not a drug. I think that people need to know that it is not a drug that is more harmful than the actual drug itself. If you want to get high or intoxicated, then you will need to take a lot of drugs. There are a lot of people who do that and they are not responsible for the drug. They are irresponsible. There is a lot of violence in the U.S. and it's not always a result of drug use. There is a lot of violence in the U.S. that is not a result of drugs. The drug is responsible for the violence. I think that this documentary was very good and I recommend it.

Dylan photo

I think the title "A Drunk's Journey Into the Unbelievable" describes this movie well. I'm not really sure what the director or producers meant with it, but it certainly is not "The Drunk is Crazy" or "The Drunk Loves the Thrill". This movie is about a guy who, after his last drink, decides to have a drink for every day he is sober. He is very reckless, and his decision to become sober is very irresponsible. The main character seems to be a total jerk, but I think he is a very good guy, I think he would do anything for his girlfriend. He is also very intelligent and very clever. There is something very dangerous about him. But I think he is also very caring, and not completely a bad guy, because he does what he can to make people happy. This movie is very entertaining and very good. It is not a masterpiece or anything, but it is very good. I think the movie is very entertaining, and the main character is very interesting. I really liked this movie.

Bruce Dean photo
Bruce Dean

What a great story.the characters were amazing. I wish more movies were like this.

Julia photo

I am a big fan of Al Pacino. I watched the first one about a year ago and I've been hooked ever since. I really enjoy this documentary. This is the story of some people that were drinking and some of the problems they were having. This is the story of what happened in the early 90s. A lot of people were drinking and getting in trouble and that led to a lot of arrests and violence. This documentary really gives you a sense of what was going on. The actors in the film really do a great job portraying the characters and the situations they are in. The things they do are very real. This is a great documentary that really shows you what was going on in the early 90s.

Joe Patterson photo
Joe Patterson

The film is not to be taken too seriously. It is a documentary that is meant to be viewed in a serious manner. The narration is done in such a way that it is almost impossible to tell where the film is going. If you have an open mind, and enjoy a good documentary, this is a must see. I can understand why it is only available on DVD in Canada, because it is very difficult to find in the USA. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has an open mind, and is willing to consider the history behind the film. The history is interesting, and is one of the reasons why I enjoyed the movie so much. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.