Steam Gray Matter

Gray Matter

Gray Matter is a movie starring Alys Crocker, Michael G. Wilmot, and Tara Elizabeth O'Brien. Since the 1940s, alien beings known as "GRAYS" have been sighted around the globe with the thought that they visit our planet to study our...

Other Titles
Eirian furomu meteo: Shinryaku, Alien from Meteo
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Greg A. Sager
Greg A. Sager
Jay Dub, Alys Crocker, Michael G. Wilmot, Tara Elizabeth O'Brien
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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After a meteorite crashes to earth awakening the extraterrestrial creature within, a young woman is abducted by an alien "GRAY" to aide in hunting down and destroying the creature before it can reach a second meteorite that fell to earth decades earlier unleashing its deadly infestation of earth.

Comments about sci-fi «Gray Matter» (14)

Eric photo

I really liked this movie, it had great special effects, good plot, and was a bit of a forgettable film, but all in all it was fun, although I'm not sure how it would do on TV. It would be a good film for a rainy day with friends. I gave it a 7/10, but I would give it a 6 or 7. It's probably a good movie to watch with your parents.

Lisa H. photo
Lisa H.

I admit, I was excited to watch this movie. I've heard a lot about it and I am not a fan of "neon" movies but I wanted to check it out. I was not disappointed. It's a small indie movie that does not get big at all. The plot and the acting are quite good. The story is about a young boy who goes to see the world. He has some problems but it's pretty simple. It's basically like a comedy that you can't laugh at. The jokes are good and you will not be bored watching this movie. It's quite a good movie and a must see.

Hannah photo

This movie is not as bad as some say. It's actually pretty good. It's not great. There is one major thing that can't be ignored. This is a movie made by people who actually enjoy making movies. It's a movie that has a small budget. The special effects are pretty good. And it has a very good story. The actors are very good. But the story is not always as good as the special effects. Sometimes it feels like the story is a little rushed. I thought it was a little rushed in some places. But if you watch it, you'll notice this is the only thing that bothered me. So if you like movies like The Sixth Sense or Fight Club, this is one you should definitely watch.

Patrick Sullivan photo
Patrick Sullivan

This film tells the story of a group of people who find a mysterious man-made wormhole that connects to a dark side of the universe. They unwittingly save a guy and two women from a gang of intergalactic bad guys led by the very same wormhole's creator. Of course, we have to be willing to suspend our disbelief here, but even the most liberal of viewers will be able to suspend disbelief and accept that the people in this film are in some ways the same as the people on Earth. As for me, this film was fairly easy to follow and was exciting to watch, but I still think it has a certain amount of incoherence. It is all so strange that I don't think I could follow it all. There's a lot of talk and strange choices that are made that really don't make sense. The protagonist makes a series of horrible choices that makes little sense. For example, at one point he's in an elevator and he goes to go down to a level that has no doors. There's not even a door. There are stairs that lead to a door that leads to the hallway. If he goes down that stairs, he has to have a key, right? Of course, the actor who plays this guy must have had a key that he had memorized or something, because he's only shown with a key to get down a single staircase. As for the events in the wormhole itself, they make little sense. For example, there's a whole wormhole that connects to the sun. But it doesn't go anywhere and there are some black holes in the center of the wormhole. The one thing that really bothered me about this film is that the plot doesn't follow any sort of logical path. If you try to follow the logic of the plot, it doesn't work and you don't like it. Of course, it's also hard to watch a movie that follows a really convoluted plot, because it's impossible to know where it's going and it's impossible to know why. I don't know. I thought the movie was pretty good. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said, but it was a good film. If you like science fiction, I recommend it. I really liked it.

Michelle Smith photo
Michelle Smith

The film is set in the near future, where the number of homeless has become a serious problem, and there is a tendency to create shelters and social centres to house them. A homeless shelter that opens in town, called Shelter, is faced with a crisis, with most of the shelter's population being either addicted to drugs or violence. The author of the Shelter manifesto, Matt LeBlanc, is one of the workers who starts to notice strange behaviour in some of the people who are housed at Shelter, such as the fact that they have short term memory loss, and that the homeless people are fighting over the lockers in the toilets, and other strange occurrences. The story takes a while to develop, but once it is established, it quickly becomes apparent that Matt LeBlanc is a man with some problems of his own, and in particular, he doesn't like to have to work or be in a public environment. In his last day of work at Shelter, he's treated badly, and is forced to take a different job in the underground, for which he is not paid. Matt finds himself in the company of an addict called Penny, who wants to get rid of Matt, but he has other ideas, so he goes to an underground bar, where he meets a group of fighters, and one of them is an attractive woman, who gives Matt a job, and a ride to his next job. Matt is forced to work in a rundown factory where the boss demands that he do an extensive amount of manual work, and it turns out that he is being used as a machine, and is really evil. As Matt attempts to escape from his employer, he runs into Penny again, and she's forced to help Matt, and they go on a journey to get away from the boss and his group of thieves. This film is a pretty decent follow up to the movie that it is based on, because it's not really a sequel to the original, but it's more of a companion piece to it, and it makes a really nice addition to the series, and a really good entry into the series. It does have a few minor problems with the plot, such as the way that the story is told is a bit uneven, the way that Matt is framed for something that he didn't do, and how Matt and Penny spend most of the time together, but it doesn't really detract from the film too much. It's a pretty good sequel to the original, and it is definitely worth checking out, even if it doesn't quite have the same impact that the original had, but it's a good watch. The acting is decent, and it's quite good to see Matt LeBlanc back as Matt LeBlanc, as he has a great presence to the role. The special effects are good, and the action scenes are quite fun to watch. The direction is good, but it's not all that memorable. It's a solid movie, and I recommend it. 7/10

Rachel Curtis photo
Rachel Curtis

I remember seeing this one in the theater back in 1988. My girlfriend and I were completely taken with the cool visuals and mysterious-as-fuck storyline. I just had to see it again after nearly 30 years. I think it's the best thing about this movie. It's really the perfect fusion of horror and sci-fi. It has a very atmospheric, eerie atmosphere. It also has a great script. The story is really interesting, and it really has a lot of tension. There are some really cool scenes that add a lot to the film. The aliens are actually very cool looking, and it's just a great mix of an alien and an alien coming from another planet. And the way they're executed in the film really adds a lot to the film. And the music really adds to the film. It's really, really good. It has some very cool pieces of music that really add to the film. It's really an awesome movie. It's really one of the best horror films I've ever seen. It's one of those films that has been with me forever, and I've never really seen it on TV. It's just such a classic. It's definitely worth watching. 7/10

Justin Kim photo
Justin Kim

After the film, you will probably be asking yourself 'What the hell happened to that film?' I can see why some people might be annoyed by the film and this film definitely isn't for everyone. The film is slow at times, it is very quiet and the acting is a little less than the typical Star Wars films. The actors have such a small part in the film that they are acting like they are a completely different movie. I was laughing at one point, I was thinking 'What the hell is this?' and then it got a little more serious and the film picked up. I was really surprised when the film ended. I never really thought the film would end but I was glad to see the credits roll up. The film was just what I was expecting. A little slow but fun. It is kind of like the original Star Wars films, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I have seen them all and they are all great films. If you like Star Wars films, you will like this film. It is better than Empire and Return of the Jedi but not as good as Return of the Jedi. I recommend seeing it, I would recommend the film to anyone.

Jose A. photo
Jose A.

If you're into Sci-Fi movies and you don't mind watching some pretty stupid movies, this is a must-see movie for you. I know I am! Just go see it!

Charles photo

If you like these films, you will enjoy this film. It is about a scientific experiment that takes place in a small town in the midwest. It turns out that the experiment was a success but a lot of the people in the town will never live it again. The film deals with the aftermath of this incident, and the people who have lived the town will do anything to be able to live their life again. You have the usual cliches like a man and his wife, a wealthy man who is haunted by ghosts, an outcast, and a brave survivor who returns from the dead. The main character in the film is a mother of three kids, who is trying to raise her family and keep the family business alive. This film is full of funny lines, and some great one-liners, and if you like this genre, you will enjoy this film. I gave this film a 7 out of 10.

Gregory M. photo
Gregory M.

This movie is quite good. It reminds me of a mixture of Matrix and the Day of the Triffids. The plot is simple, there are the typical 'hero' who gets involved in a secret space program and meets a hot chick who wants to work for the space program but is sent into space for reasons that remain a mystery. In the space program are all sorts of strange things, like missing stars, moon planets, UFOs etc. The main characters are all quite interesting. Michael Clayton is a young lad who has an interesting character, but in this movie he is much more developed than he was in the first Matrix movie, which makes for a nice change. William Hurt plays the most normal looking human being in the movie. Emily Blunt is quite the eye candy, she is a really hot babe and she does an excellent job of it. Richard Jenkins is an eccentric scientist who has a special talent for throwing up which he has to get rid of in order to keep his job. This movie has some good acting, the music is very good and the special effects are great. For some reason the script makes a lot of the movie seem pretty silly, but it doesn't take away from the movie and I still found it to be a good movie. This is a must see movie if you like sci-fi movies and you're a Michael Clayton fan. The effects in this movie are great and it has a good story line. This movie is rated PG-13 for violence, a brief scene of nudity, and drug use. This movie is in my opinion one of the best of the third movies, it will get my vote for the best movie of the year. Go see it if you like Sci-Fi movies and you want to see a good movie.

Nancy photo

It is good movie, not the best but it's a good movie. It is not that many action scenes. Not that many special effects. Some strong, some weak. It is good. The hero's face is covered with a mask, it was cool. I hope the sequel will be better. I know that the next movie will be better. So I hope that it will be better. I would not say that it's the best movie in the series but it is a good movie, it's just a movie. The end is a little bit surprising but that is the only good thing I can say. I hope the next movie will be better. I am not disappointed at all.

Teresa photo

As a film I didn't find it terribly deep. The ideas it tries to get across are very "weird" and not very believable. There are a couple of scenes where a lot of the actors seem to just stop talking, and for some reason the film doesn't really come together. The biggest problem I have with it is that I just don't think it has enough life in it to make it worth sitting through. It just felt like a bunch of scenes in a movie I had already seen once or twice and wanted to see the same thing again. Even the most seemingly original ideas, it doesn't seem to be really tying it all together. The acting wasn't all that bad, but that didn't change the fact that I felt like I just wasted a couple of hours of my life that I could have spent doing something else. If you like weird sci fi movies, this one is worth a watch, but it just doesn't have enough life to make it an enjoyable experience.

Carl M. photo
Carl M.

Possible spoiler alert. This movie was great. It was what I expected it to be. The CGI was very good. The actors were great. The special effects were great. The storyline was good. It had its flaws and it had a few problems. But overall I was really surprised and it was great. I really do hope they make more movies like this.

Jason T. photo
Jason T.

The movie is a very intelligent sci-fi movie. The script is clever and the script writer does a good job of developing the characters. The movie has a good plot. The movie is filmed in a way that it's very realistic. The movie does not require many special effects. The story does not require a lot of time to explain the plot. The movie does not have a good ending. It does not need a lot of special effects. The movie does not have a good plot. The movie is good for one to watch.