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The Farewell

The Farewell is a movie starring Shuzhen Zhao, Awkwafina, and X Mayo. A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decide to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she...

Other Titles
Le mariage d'adieu, L'Adieu, Untitled Lulu Wang Project, フェアウェル, 別告訴她, Ha'Preida, Lời Từ Biệt, Jäähyväiset, Pożegnanie, A búcsú, A Despedida, Elveda, The Farewell - Una bugia buona, 别告诉她, Kłamstewko
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Comedy
Lulu Wang
Lulu Wang
Awkwafina, Shuzhen Zhao, X Mayo, Hong Lu
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A headstrong Chinese-American woman returns to China when her beloved grandmother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Billi struggles with her family's decision to keep grandma in the dark about her own illness as they all stage an impromptu wedding to see grandma one last time.

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Henry Mendez photo
Henry Mendez

In this film the film makers, Pauline Kael and Robert Altman, attempt to expand on their earlier film, "Short Cuts" with a more serious script. They have adopted a more stylized style, even going so far as to use a "musical" score. It is the same "music" in the first film. This film has a more realistic plot, more of a "nightmare" type of plot. The setting is also more realistic, the characters are more realistic. The actors are not as good as in the first film. They are also not as good as in the first film. This film is not as good as "Short Cuts" and it is definitely not as good as "Animal House". But it is still worth watching. It is the best film that Altman has made. I give this film a 7 out of 10. I rate it a 7.

Carolyn D. photo
Carolyn D.

It's a dark comedy about an American businessman and his Russian wife. The wife of the American, played by the wonderful Julia Roberts, is a very rich woman. She has a fortune, and her husband is a very successful businessman. But he has been divorced. He has a Russian wife, played by the wonderful Maria Shriver. He is divorced, and she is a very beautiful woman, with her own problems. The movie is quite funny, but not very funny. I liked the movie, but it's not a great movie.

Lauren B. photo
Lauren B.

This is a very well made movie with a great story line. I loved it. It is a great movie with a lot of depth and a lot of action. The acting is great from everyone. The story line is very good and is very engaging. The film has a great ending and I recommend it to all. I can't wait to see it again!

Judy photo

This is a good movie. I didn't find it so much offensive as it was just a bit tiring. It's like a million different movies in one. There are also a few moments that I felt a little uncomfortable with, like when the man is looking at the picture of the girl and the music is playing in the background. I don't think that's very appropriate, and I think it's a bit too much for a family movie. But it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It was a good movie, and I enjoyed it. It's just a little more mature than I would have expected.

Samuel C. photo
Samuel C.

I really enjoyed the movie, however it was a little too dark for my taste. I also thought that it was way too long and they could have trimmed a bit. Still, it was a good movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes romantic comedies or just a good movie.

Joyce Barnes photo
Joyce Barnes

This movie is about an aging guy who has a lot of money and a lot of people who want to take advantage of him. He is trying to figure out how to live with the "older" people in his life. This movie is not a comedy but more of a drama. There are some funny moments in the movie but it is not a comedy. It is a drama. It is a good movie to see if you are tired of all the comedies.

Adam Richardson photo
Adam Richardson

After watching this movie, I was struck by the great way in which the director portrayed the economic chaos of the day. It was very well done. This is a must see for anyone who loves to think about the way we live in the 21st century.

Nathan Olson photo
Nathan Olson

This movie is not perfect but it is very good. It is a typical TV movie, not a movie that you would watch in a theater. The acting is not that good, but it is not bad either. The plot is not the best, but it is not the worst either. It is not a good movie, but it is not a bad one either. It is worth watching.

Lauren Aguilar photo
Lauren Aguilar

Like a lot of people who see this film, I didn't really expect too much. I'd heard that it was good, but not great. I wasn't expecting anything at all. However, I have to say that this film is definitely better than I was expecting. Yes, it's got its flaws, but in the end it's a good film that I think a lot of people will enjoy. The acting is fantastic. I didn't think it was really possible for the two main leads to be so bad at the same time, but it's not a big deal. The script is very clever and witty, and the film has a lot of wit. The music is also very good. I think this film is a good way to spend a couple of hours. There is a lot to enjoy, and it's a good film to watch with friends. I think that everyone will have a lot of fun with this film. I really think that this is a film that everyone should see at least once. It's a really good film, and I really think that anyone should see it at least once.

Terry N. photo
Terry N.

When the Beatle travelled the world, he did so as a genuine artist. He could have taken any job and made it big in the music industry, he was genuinely great, especially in the early 60s. But, he was also a guy who at times tried to make a good living, in this film we see him become slightly obsessed with his career. He is nervous about performing for the media. I think his film is very realistic and not "too melodramatic", he is the ultimate act of self-indulgence. The soundtrack is magnificent and very very good. Also very good performances by those who played his other contemporaries. I think that this film is also very moving, it shows the truth of what happens when an artist loses his vision and doesn't have time for people, he is at a loss about the situation. It is also quite funny, like when he speaks about the media, you can imagine he is a bit nervous when he is speaking. One of my favourite parts is when he speaks about the role of the press, because he knows that he will be in the media someday. It is really sad, he says it in a dry, ironic way, but is really true. It makes you think about what can happen when the artist goes off to have a bit of fun, or when the artist goes to work. The ending was touching, I think that the ending could have been more emotional, but it was very moving. Overall, it was very good. The acting is superb, it makes you want to see the film to get the truth.

Brandon Coleman photo
Brandon Coleman

Though it may not have been their best film, this was definitely a good one. The film stars Jean Reno, Helen Hunt, David Morse, Richard Farnsworth, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Susan Sarandon. The story follows an 80-year-old retired teacher named Martin (Reno), who has a deep love and respect for his late wife's musical score. He is unable to approach his wife (Hunt), who has become senile, without asking for her music. The former loves of the couple, and the 20-something son of his wife, introduce him to an 80-year-old former student and music teacher named Gerald (Morse) and his wife, Margaret (Pfeiffer). One day, Gerald meets Martin, and they fall in love, just like in the story. As they grow old, they become more and more in love, with the children of the other. Also, Margaret gets angry, which drives Gerald to kill Gerald, who was his son's professor. During this journey, Gerald and Martin make the wise decision to give the music to their students. However, they have to pay a very heavy price for that. The music is too beautiful, and some of the musicians are not very good, as the conductor plays a terrible tune. The end is sad, and sad is not the word that should be used to describe the film. But, the film is still quite good, and the actors are good. The story and the plot are not perfect, but this movie is good. It is a very good movie. Some say that this film is a piece of crap, and you can not like it, but I say to you: It is not a piece of crap! I think that you should see this film, because it is good. Also, it is a good movie for fans of the 80-year-old films of the 60s and 70s, because it has good actors, and good music. There is a bit of romance, too, but nothing too serious. The story is not perfect, but it is not bad. I have not read the book, but I think that it is good. But, to be honest, I don't think that this film is good, because I think that it is good, but it is not perfect.

Christopher photo

For those who like their movies and stories about relationships, this is a good one. It's about a pair of good friends who get together to celebrate their wedding anniversary. But their lives are turned upside down when they get involved in a "baddie" gang who are out to take out the people that the two friends know. One thing leads to another and the story starts to unfold in a way that is believable and not completely unbelievable. It's not a typical gangster movie and that's what I like about it. It doesn't go the usual gangster route with its gangster characters and it keeps it realistic. The two friends are good friends and they do have a good relationship that keeps it going and it doesn't have that stereotypical "brotherhood" relationship. It's more realistic and you actually care about the characters. It's a really good movie and I recommend it.

David Kim photo
David Kim

I love movies about the things that we all have in common. This movie was about family, love and happiness. It was a good movie with a great message and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie. This movie is about a group of people who are trying to live their life to the fullest and they have to face some difficult situations. This movie is about the things that we all have in common, such as family, love and happiness. It is a movie that is good for all ages and people who are looking for a good movie to watch.

Aaron Hamilton photo
Aaron Hamilton

John Hough gives a great performance as he plays two different characters. In one of his characters the character, Connor, is the barman, James, who is seen as a lowlife. Connor does things in a very mean way. He cheats on his wife. James is given more importance as he's seen as a good guy. In this, Connor does more or less what James does in this movie. In this, Connor is the co-owner, Randy, and in this, he's the younger brother, Curtis. Randy does things like cheat on his wife, too. This movie also shows the effect of the "gender double standard" that exists in society. In this, people with boys and girls names tend to be treated differently. In this, the man with a girl's name is treated differently than the man with a boy's name. This movie also makes the point that when a man does something bad, he is expected to apologize. In this, he's always forgiven. This is a great movie. 8/10

Tammy M. photo
Tammy M.

I read a lot of negative reviews about this movie but there's nothing I can do about it. I would have liked a little more realism, but the movie is worth seeing just for the experience of the movie and the dialogue between the characters. Don't go in expecting a masterpiece, but go in with an open mind and you'll find it's not as bad as the critics make it out to be. The last 10 minutes of the movie is where you are supposed to think the movie is good, but it isn't. Just relax and enjoy the movie and you'll enjoy it. If you're into black humor, you'll like this movie.

Nicholas photo

I was surprised by this movie, I hadn't seen it and it doesn't show much of the social classes that still exist in the U.S. Many of these people probably would be part of a flotilla or race that we see in the movie. My mother is in her late 60's and is black, she says she doesn't think the movie is really about her class, I'm sure she'd agree. She thinks the movie was very realistic and I think the director got across to the audience that the movie is about this black woman. I'm sure if they had told the story in a different way the movie would have been a lot more different. So I enjoyed the movie, it was a very different and I think more realistic movie. In my opinion the director really did a good job on this movie.

Andrea Herrera photo
Andrea Herrera

The Farewell is not your typical spy flick. It is a coming-of-age story that manages to make you care about its characters and their predicament. It's not the best spy flick, but it's not the worst either. It's a film that could have been a lot better. It had great casting and good performances, but the direction was a little too slow in some scenes. The script was written by a number of different writers, so it was a bit hard to keep up with. However, it was still a great film. The film runs for 90 minutes and is very entertaining and enjoyable. The story is about two teenage friends named Nick and Stan who are just trying to make it as they try to make it as musicians. Nick is a good singer, but Stan is a better drummer. However, Stan is in the Navy, so Nick is really the only one with any success. Stan and Nick are about to hit a rough patch, but Stan is offered a deal he can't refuse: He can go back to school, and become a surgeon. Nick will never be able to go back. Stan is thrilled about the news and promises he will try to help Nick succeed in school. However, the big deal soon turns into a bust as Nick realizes the big chance is his only chance to go back. This is a good film, but not one that will win awards. It has some problems, but overall it was a great film.

Johnny Rios photo
Johnny Rios

I really enjoyed this film. It's definitely a winner for me. I think it's a simple and sophisticated look at a terrible time in the lives of two people. It's just a matter of how much the director and his actors made me understand. I think they did a great job in making the movie very funny and at times disturbing. It also taught us important things about the US - being tolerant and accepting of everyone, regardless of race, religion or sex. It was a very thoughtful movie.

Kevin F. photo
Kevin F.

With director's Dante and Richard, The Farewell explores the interplay between the audience and the protagonist(s) in the same way as To Kill a Mockingbird did. And this is the film that the protagonist here goes through in an attempt to figure out who is the 'real' Charles Cross. Charles takes the situation very seriously, and it is his attempts to figure it out that will bring him and his friends to tears. This film is a great film for those who want to see a film where the action is faster and not as bogged down as the next. The acting, the characters, the dialogue, everything about this film is fantastic!

Frank Bennett photo
Frank Bennett

The Farewell is a Canadian made movie starring Mark Napier, Harry Hamlin and Daniel Tigerlily. The movie is about an older guy named T.A. and his relationship with a young guy named Leon. The film is pretty basic and nothing to do with the later part of the series. The story is about a long time ago, and the younger guy named Leon is supposed to be a good friend of T.A. Leon is the one who is supposed to be a "nice guy". Leon loves T.A., but T.A. hates Leon and wants to kill him. There is a scene where Leon is being chased by Leon's old friend T.A. Leon escapes and gets involved in a lot of other stuff and gets caught. The scene where Leon is chasing T.A. is really cheesy and the whole scene is really stupid. The movie is very predictable and boring. I don't know what was the story about. I don't like the director of the film. The film is pretty cheesy and the film is a waste of time. I give this film a 6.0/10.

Joe photo

This is the movie that inspired my latest book, "I Will Survive: The Story of Laurie Anderson and the Farewell to Life". The movie is a delight. I don't think I have ever seen a movie more powerful and believable than this one. Everything you see in the movie is a true to life story, just like the movie. The acting is wonderful, and most of the scenes are in the past. The viewer is able to identify with the protagonist and the part he is supposed to play. I do not believe this movie will be successful, but I do believe that it will be a great success, and will make a huge impact on others. People will be inspired by this movie. People will feel good about the world. The movie is an essential movie for any and all people to watch. The message in the movie is to never give up. To always have hope and to never give up. This is a must-see movie. It has the power to keep people's spirits strong.

Eugene S. photo
Eugene S.

Greetings again from the darkness. Reminds me of a Mr. Vaughn in a straight jacket, chewing on a cigarette. A large portion of the movie is set in the past, when Kim Basinger's character was a teenager. However, the future is a not as bleak as depicted in the movie, because Basinger's character turns 20 just a week before the movie starts. In her younger days, Kim Basinger still got along with her friends, and, on a few occasions, met up with her boyfriend, before his disappearance. However, when the two fell out, Kim took a more serious look at her life and decided to leave New York for better opportunities. The story is told from the perspective of Kim's brother, and is told entirely through the eyes of Kim's best friend, Dawn. Dawn and Kim go back to their hometown of Newtown, Connecticut, and to her son's high school. They are soon introduced to her boyfriend, Kevin, played by Josh Hutcherson. Kevin is a high school senior and a student at a private college in the area. Kim is convinced that he is the romantic type and falls in love with him. However, Kevin doesn't seem like the type of guy she could ever fall in love with. There is also the issue of Kevin's father, who has been making strange demands of Kim. When they go to visit his parents, Kim learns that Kevin's father has been left a broken heart by his wife. Kim's mother insists that Kevin stay in Newtown and work on his career, something that Kevin finds out during a field trip. Kim feels that her brother is not ready to leave New York and goes to the point of making him leave the country with his mother's blessing. Kevin, however, refuses to leave his mother and eventually runs away from the home he has always been in. Kim is left to cope with the loss of Kevin, her brother and her boyfriend, when she returns home to find that his apartment is being demolished. Her mother reveals that she will not accept Kevin's return and forces her son to stay in Newtown. Kim returns to her friend's apartment and asks Dawn to go with her. However, the two are late for her to get home and meet her boyfriend. As the two wait for their friends, Kim finds a note that Kevin had left for her. This is the moment that she decides to return to the friend's apartment. In New York, Kevin's brother tries to help Kim get back to her boyfriend's house, where she keeps all of her belongings. However, Kevin manages to reach his friend's apartment and they both go to his mother's. Kevin's mother has been taking care of him and is soon forced to let him go. The movie ends with Kim arriving at Kevin's apartment, where they both hug. Kevin gives Kim a gift, a necklace, which he had planned to give to Dawn, but couldn't find her. Kim is then forced to admit that she was the one who kept Kevin from leaving her. All of the above is in the time frame of 15 years. It is very hard to predict when the movie will be over and it is a movie that shows how hard it can be for a woman to break out of the cycle of sex and sex and become independent. We are shown that this is a beautiful and happy life and that it is possible. However, the movie does have a few flaws. It is a bit too long, and the ending is a bit too abrupt and somewhat pathetic. However, if you are the type of person who likes movies like this, then this is the movie for you. It is a movie that has a positive message, that is, "Even when life has you down, it never gives up on you." 8/10

Danielle Hart photo
Danielle Hart

By now, I think most people have heard of "The Farewell", the film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's play "The Importance of Being Earnest". In the film, Woody Allen has succeeded in making the play a "reality" and as such, it becomes a film worthy of viewing, or not. If you are familiar with the play, and know what the film is supposed to be like, then you can appreciate this film more than if you are not. To those who haven't seen it, I'd say to watch it, as it's well worth the watch. It's fun, and no doubt very insightful and hopefully enlightening. What do you think? You can find the reviews on the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Emma photo

I liked this movie. It was funny and not the usual cheesy Hollywood movie. I would recommend this to anyone who loves "True Hollywood." I would love to see more movies like this.