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Killer Unicorn

Killer Unicorn is a movie starring Dennis Budesheim, Alejandro La Rosa, and Markus Kelle. Danny is your average Brooklyn party boy. This year, he and his friends couldn't be more excited about the upcoming "Brooklyn Annual Enema...

Other Titles
Killer Unicorns from Anusburg
Running Time
1 hours 14 minutes
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Drew Bolton
José D. Álvarez
Alejandro La Rosa, Monica Garcia Bradley, Dennis Budesheim, Markus Kelle
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Danny is your average Brooklyn party boy. This year, he and his friends couldn't be more excited about the upcoming "Brooklyn Annual Enema Party;" one of Brooklyn's biggest parties, the event is a place "where you come to get douched and dance." While the night starts out fun, it quickly takes a turn for the worse when Danny is attacked by a stranger. In the end, his fabulous drag queen and queer friends are able to save his life, but not without deadly consequences. A year later, Danny is still going throughout the aftermath of that horrible incident and refuses to go to this year's upcoming "Brooklyn Annual Enema Party," despite the pressure of his close friends Cholata, Collin and Gayson. His friends want Danny to face his fears and go back out into the world. Danny refuses, but when a new boy, PuppyPup, enters his life, Danny decides to give his social life and the Brooklyn nightlife scene a second chance. It isn't until his friends start to disappear and get killed in gruesome ways that Danny realizes that his life, and everyone else who helped him that night, are in danger. A man wearing a unicorn mask is killing off Brooklyn nightlife, one queen at a time, and he won't stop until he has his revenge.

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Brandon W. photo
Brandon W.

Unraveling the mysteries of an evil Unicorn (which has a symbol on its head) is the main plot of this short, though I think the ending is more of an explanation for why a bad man murders his own father, and not just because it turns out the father was evil all along. I didn't particularly like the movie, and I think the ending could have been better (the movie would be much better if it had not ended like that, but I still think it was a good movie), but overall it was a decent short that was worth watching, and would make a good thing if it had had an ending like this.

Patricia photo

I first saw this film back in the mid-90's. I am a fan of movies like "Death Race 2000" and "Shaun of the Dead", so I was looking forward to this movie. I was not disappointed. I did not expect it to be so good, and I still am not. This movie is so original, and so different from any other horror movie that I have ever seen. The plot is so original, and the story line is so entertaining. The actors are great. The effects are so great. The ending is very unexpected and very shocking. It is a must see for all horror fans. I am sure you will like it as much as I did.

Deborah S. photo
Deborah S.

I have seen this movie on cable a couple of times, and I enjoyed it a lot. This movie is a good example of a horror movie that is not as over-the-top as a typical horror movie. The special effects in this movie are pretty good, and I like how they add the special effects to the movie. The movie is not scary, but the special effects are pretty good. It's a good movie to watch with a group of friends, and I would recommend it to any horror fan.

Thomas A. photo
Thomas A.

Dramatic black and white horror/thriller. One of the most memorable horror flicks of the 1980's. The opening scenes of the movie and the introduction of the main character Tom are some of the best I have ever seen. The way they cut the film in to two different halves made for a very interesting and immersive experience. When the movie ended, I had the impression that I was about to see a masterpiece. The plot follows the lives of two boys, one who is a cop and the other who is a teen-ager. They spend the summer in the same town as the real life characters, where Tom gets a job, Rachel lives with her family, and Rachel's father looks like Burt Reynolds. The majority of the movie is told from the teen-ager's point of view. The movie is pure genius. I liked how the movie combined both kinds of horror in it, horror on the supernatural and horror on the psychological. I think it was a very smart idea to split the movie into two halves. It could have been boring, but instead it has enough humor and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie is extremely creative, because you have to take a step back and watch the movie on the psychological level, and then on the supernatural. The effect is very good, because the whole movie can be appreciated from the psychological point of view, but also from the supernatural one. I think the ending was the best part of the movie, because it also finished the movie on a high note. As a whole the movie is not great, but it is very entertaining. It has all the ingredients for a good movie, so go see it for yourself and decide for yourself.

Samuel photo

We've all seen the monster movies, some better than others. This one was pretty good. There was a bit of gore but not too much. I was disappointed that the main character was killed. I thought she should have survived. I didn't like the fact that the monster was a female. She was too strong. I thought the guy who did the best job in the movie was the main character. He did a good job in his role. It was a good movie. I recommend this movie to fans of the genre. It's not a bad movie but not a good one. I think the rating should be a bit higher. I would have given it a higher rating.

Frank F. photo
Frank F.

This movie is a lot of fun. It's scary and fun and I found myself enjoying it all. It's very disturbing at times, but that's what makes it so fun. The story is actually pretty good, and it's not too hard to follow. The acting is pretty good for the most part. I like the main actor's performance, and I think he did a great job. I think he was pretty good in the movie, but I wouldn't say he was amazing. I really liked the rest of the cast. The special effects in this movie were also pretty good. It wasn't as good as some of the other films I've seen, but it was pretty good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good slasher movie. It's definitely a good movie. If you like the other slasher movies I've mentioned, you'll probably enjoy this movie as well.

Roger R. photo
Roger R.

This is an interesting movie to watch. It's a horror film in the "R" horror movie tradition. The monsters are scary and the plot is very good. The film is very well made and the acting is good. The special effects are very good and I really like the way they incorporated the monsters into the film. The score is also very good and it adds to the atmosphere of the film. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror films and the monsters.

Deborah Hunt photo
Deborah Hunt

I didn't expect much from this movie. I didn't even know it was based on a Japanese movie (I thought it was a remake). I don't know what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't know what to expect, but it was really good. It was pretty much what I expected. The acting was good, the story was good, and it had a lot of gore. I think it was a good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes Japanese horror. 8/10

Emma Elliott photo
Emma Elliott

I don't know what the last two movies were, but the last movie was pretty great. I liked the music, I liked the killer scorpions, and I liked the characters, especially the hero. The only thing that didn't fit was the ending. If this movie was made in the 80's and had the same ending, I would have liked it a lot more. But because of it's r-rated content, I didn't mind that, but it didn't fit the film too well.

Donna O. photo
Donna O.

It's not a bad movie but it has a certain weakness. The screenplay and the cast are more or less predictable. The bad guy is crazy (that's what they should be for this kind of movie) and also that the bad guy is killing a young girl in the end of the movie. It's not a very disturbing movie but it has some good elements.

Alan photo

I've just seen this film and was very impressed by it. I am not normally a fan of the 'horror' genre, but this film did not disappoint. The story is good, and the characters are very well developed. I think the setting of the film is really good too, and the film is very suspenseful. There is some gore in it, but it isn't that graphic. The acting is very good, and the story is very well thought out. I think this film is worth a look. If you like horror films, I recommend this one. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Joyce photo

I just saw this film and I have to say it was very good. It had a lot of gore, and it also had a great twist at the end. I would recommend this to any horror fan, but it is not for the faint of heart. I would give this 8 out of 10. The film is a little slow in the beginning, but it picks up after the first half hour. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good slasher. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good slasher.

Victoria A. photo
Victoria A.

The film is a bizarre, almost cartoonish horror film, which although deliberately twisted and slow-moving, looks real, and sounds real. It also has a weird low-key (and overlong) ending that really sticks in your mind. There is a strange opening sequence in which we see a giant pumpkin being stalked by a man in a rubber mask. It is completely unlike anything I've ever seen in a movie, and I couldn't find a better way of explaining that there was actually a story here, but it was hidden within the dark visuals. I've always liked this kind of film, and thought that this was one of the few that truly felt like they had a beginning, a middle, and an end. I do admit, however, that I didn't really like the film that much, but I didn't find it awful, just uneven, and overall I think it was very uneven. There are a few of those moments where you really feel the "hide and seek" genre has taken a step backwards and the film takes a wrong turn. Also, the horror element is not really that strong here, and there isn't really a good horror film in the bunch. I guess the one thing I like is the fact that this film takes a really unique approach to horror and not the usual stuff. It's a very different film in terms of production and design. Also, the music really works well here, and is more than effective at creating an ominous atmosphere. It was also very atmospheric and creepy. Overall, a decent effort. 7/10

Judith O. photo
Judith O.

Horror is not the most convincing genre of the film world, and that's a fact that had been known since the dawn of cinema. I think the reason we're stuck in this mid-section of the genre is simply because we're bad at it. Horror moviegoers love the story that's the centerpiece of the film and tend to be like the rest of us, struggling to understand the story even as we walk away from the theater. And there's no denying that there's an awful lot of killing in these films, both big and small, and it's also the reason why some of them look as old as the proverbial bucket. But, we do love it. So, it follows that the genre is an inevitable place where violence can flow without much real justification. Well, I'd like to put forth my thought on this one. I'm gonna be blunt. I think the Hollywood of the past two decades has made some pretty pathetic films. When you think about it, what's been more tiresome and self-serving than bringing a glorified depiction of violence to the silver screen? And this is not to say that film isn't brutal in the same ways. The interesting thing is that, at least in the past two decades, they've simply rendered the genre more empty. Sure, there's a whole lot of blood and violence and it's all important, but they've just turned it into a cheap gimmick, and that's not very healthy for the genre. A lot of it is absolutely gory, but its purpose is to show how many different types of heroes and monsters there are. Yes, there's Dracula, for example, a guy who's ready to fight, ready to kill anyone who tries to stop him. But then there's Arnold, the baldy who gets killed by his own self. And there's Howard, the killer half of the sex kitten pair. There's Jason, the muscular guy who's ready to kill, ready to destroy. Then there's Harrison, the submissive guy, who's still the hero. Then there's the black and white devil-may-care vampire. And the list goes on and on. There's the priest, who doesn't care about any of his followers, who is already dead. There's the local sheriff, who doesn't want to fix anything, but is going to stop the killing, right? There's the doctor, who's just going to get a tattoo of some disgusting monster on his chest, and who will, in fact, die in the end, but only because he has his pride. Then there's the evil egomaniac, who, quite frankly, has the easiest job in the world. He can get people to do whatever he wants, and no one is going to call the police on him. Then there's the poor little girl who can't have her own blood spilled. Well, the horror is back! Horror doesn't need a reason to exist, but the easiest way to go around it is to have a reason to justify the violence. Now, in all honesty, you can get away with a lot more, because if you're an ordinary man, you're going to feel a certain guilt when the credits start rolling. But there's nothing normal about what happens to these people, and you can only make up for it in a high-budget, movie-going-industry slap-stick that leaves no room for anything else. I suppose this is why the legendary John Carpenter has always made films, and this was another important factor for him. His films have never felt like high-school movies. He had to be a little older than the average American to be able to deal with the subject matter. Now, as for the plot, we're talking about a low-budget film, so the only thing that they can do is make it a little more confusing to see. But the fact is that the script had to be so simple and yet so complicated that it's like the best of both worlds, because you can go from a plot that involves a battle to a "scream" film. And the problem with that is that no matter how good the director is, the simplest thing to do is to just have the camera, right in the shot, move around a little, and you'll have something that's scary. In fact, Carpenter's films aren't even scary at all. You just know what's gonna happen, you know that the most horrific deaths will be the ones that come from the most subtle, and most controlled, movements. But the problem is that the camera moves around the actors, and that's what gives the movie it's suspense. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out the jump-scares and close-ups that will occur, and it takes a genius to

Deborah Johnston photo
Deborah Johnston

Killer Unicorn is a surprisingly effective zombie film, one that isn't afraid to be silly, but doesn't hold back on the gore either. The film's direction is very impressive, the visuals are excellent and the acting is very good. The story is somewhat cheesy, but that's not a bad thing. The film doesn't take itself too seriously and is pretty funny at times. I was never bored and enjoyed the film immensely. Killer Unicorn is a very well-done zombie film, that is better than most of the zombie films being made these days. The acting is great, the story is fun, and the film is a lot of fun.

David photo

This is not your typical monster movie. It's very much a mystery thriller with the monster's origin, and the human protagonists are not the usual suspects. It's a well written mystery that is very well acted. It's also quite scary. I didn't find this to be a typical monster movie. There were a few scenes that were a little weak, but overall it was a good movie. It's not your typical monster movie, but it's worth a watch.

Hannah C. photo
Hannah C.

It's a little over the top, but still entertaining. Most of the shootouts are pretty well done, but some are a little too common. It's well worth a watch, though.

Virginia photo

The Killer Unicorn was released around 1987 and was directed by Gary Durdach. It stars the late Tony Roberts and Ronnie Corbett and was released to a little too much hype but I think it was worth it. It was a few years before my time and I do not remember seeing it then but I do remember watching it when it was on cable or in theaters. It is the little horror movie that was made by and for the indie movie people in the early eighties and it's still popular with them today. They were still trying to find a way to make a really good horror movie and did it for the most part. The killer unicorn was an evil or rather unknown entity that is out to kill all of the humans in the world. The main character is a musician named Bessy (Ronnie Corbett) who discovers a tragic secret about the killer unicorn and is captured by the creature. Soon after he is being used to kill people in the back of a car and when he is brought to the underground prison by some older inmates, the alien uses Bessy to kill them and he is then released into the world. Years pass and Bessy has become a teacher and runs a school in the underground park in the desert with the aid of a school bus. Bessy goes out to the river and starts swimming and is later seen swimming and kicking people in the road. At the same time she also starts living with her neighbors, who happens to be a wealthy couple, and they begin to give her gifts that really don't do anything and Bessy realizes that the gifts have not been used correctly. Things start to get out of hand and she begins to realize that her school is really not where it should be and she decides to leave it. At first Bessy just wanted to swim in the river and experience the natural world but later on she discovers the truth about her life. When she returns to the school and is asking to be given the job to teach, she is told that there is a special thing in the school and she will not be able to teach there. She does not know what that thing is and after a few weeks Bessy finds out that it is actually a man who is in charge of the school and he is the Killer Unicorn. Bessy decides to fight back and take on the evil entity and is able to kill it with the help of a police officer. Bessy goes back home and starts a new life with her parents and friends but still wishes to fight the killer unicorn and stop the creatures from killing the humans. The Killer Unicorn is a really cool movie. The movie was well done with the special effects, the acting was good and the cast was all great. For one thing, the Killer Unicorn was one of the first movies to have an evil entity that was supposed to be used to kill people. Sure, the movie was far from being a masterpiece but I can still enjoy it. A big part of the reason that people liked it so much was because it was small and it focused on a small story. There were actually a lot of scenes that were fun to watch. For one thing, the music was great. The songs were catchy and had a nice feel to them. The whole movie has the kind of feeling of being a kids movie. For a lot of people this was their first exposure to the horror genre. It was a really fun movie to watch and I do think that it is an interesting one. I will always love it even though I may be one of those people that doesn't enjoy it. As I said before, the Killer Unicorn was a really good movie that still holds up today. It was great for the time and still holds up today.

Thomas Morrison photo
Thomas Morrison

Alright, so not a lot of horror movie fans were going to like this movie. However, as the review title states, the movie is like a cross between 10 Cloverfield Lane, Pandorum, and Changeling. The story has a lot of similarities to other ones that you've already seen but it is actually a lot better. While Changeling was one of the most entertaining horror movies I have seen in a long time, Killer Unicorn was just slightly above average. The movie is kind of like Changeling with demons, etc. and vampires. Now with that out of the way, the movie is actually pretty good, though you would be better off watching Changeling or another movie that is quite similar. The movie has a good enough story, with the characters seeming pretty interesting and believable and I was still entertained throughout. The only reason I didn't give the movie a 10 is that I felt that the beginning of the movie was a bit confusing, because the way it was shown was different than the way I remembered it from my first viewing of the movie. But if you want to get a feel for the movie, go see the movie. Killer Unicorn is a nice movie and I definitely recommend watching it, if you want to. I give Killer Unicorn a 7 out of 10.

Christina photo

I am not sure what the film's rating is, but I did find it to be entertaining and not to be taken seriously. The story itself is pretty simple, the only things that made it interesting was the fact that it was made by a woman and that it was a horror movie. The film is pretty straight forward, but it's good because it's not a chick flick. The acting was good, the character's were all good, and the story was decent. I like how the story keeps it simple and has a good ending. This is one of the better horror films that I have seen, but I wouldn't say it is a great horror film.

Randy Soto photo
Randy Soto

I have always enjoyed all of the Manos movies. I really liked the first one, but I didn't like the second one. So I decided to watch the second one, and I must say, I was not disappointed. This movie is a good story, and it has a great ending. The monsters look like they are from a fairytale, and they are pretty scary. The story is good, and the actors are good. I really like the first movie, and I think this is the best Manos movie. The movie is very good, and it is very scary. I recommend this movie to any Manos fan.

Stephanie photo

Okay, I understand that this movie is aimed at teens and stuff. There are certain things that people don't like about it. But at the same time, the movie is really something that is very new, and something that has something to say about teen sexuality and identity. I had seen the trailer when the movie was going to be out, and I was really excited because I've always thought that John Waters was a genius and when I heard that he was making a movie about "slashers", I was excited, I was really excited, and at the same time I knew that it's going to be really good. When I saw the movie, I was really happy, it was really funny, the lines were really good, and I loved the characters. Now, I think that I should explain the movie's plot, it's not like that the characters were perfect or anything, they were sometimes stupid, but that was to be expected. But I can't say that the movie was really good because the plot was predictable, and the movie wasn't that well written, it just wasn't that funny, but it was really really really good, and I think that it's one of the best movies that I've ever seen, but I still think that the plot is good. Now, if you wanna see the best part of the movie, I've already said that it was really funny, and it's really, really funny, but I've already told you that it's good, so if you want to see it, I'm really really sorry but I don't recommend this movie. But still, it's really good, it's really good, and it's really really really good. 7/10