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Do Not Resist

Do Not Resist is a movie starring James Comey, Dave Grossman, and Rand Paul. An account of the increasing use of military weapons and tactics by local law enforcement in the United States, counterpointed with civil unrest in...

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Do not resist
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Craig Atkinson
Dave Grossman, James Comey, Rand Paul
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An account of the increasing use of military weapons and tactics by local law enforcement in the United States, counterpointed with civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014.

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Alexander Freeman photo
Alexander Freeman

I saw this movie on DVD and I can't understand why it wasn't on the video store shelves. It is a well made, well done movie and it is hard to find. It is definitely worth the watch and if you are a true fan of the music, you will love it. It is definitely worth your time.

Margaret R. photo
Margaret R.

This film is a truly amazing documentary that I thought I would never see. It's not just the drug problem in the U.S. It's also the drug industry in other countries as well. From the stories of drug companies in the U.S., to drug companies in Mexico, to the drug industry in the UK, to drug companies in India. The film is just a tremendous eye opener and an extremely enlightening look into the life of drug companies. One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. The documentary isn't perfect but it is definitely worth seeing. I give it a rating of 7/10.

Pamela Armstrong photo
Pamela Armstrong

I remember watching this documentary in high school. I was captivated by the message and the life of a woman who was tortured by her abusive husband. I was shocked that so many people were willing to believe her story. I am not sure if she was telling the truth or not but I could not believe that so many people were willing to believe her story. This documentary is a must see for anyone who is an adult or someone who has experienced the abuse of a spouse. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has been through such a traumatic experience.

Maria R. photo
Maria R.

For me, this film is as much a musical as a documentary. It is about the life of one person. As a musician, I have had the privilege to meet a lot of people who have a similar experience. This film is very intimate. I have listened to the music and enjoyed it, but when I watched the film I could relate to more than just the music. This is due to the great actors and their ability to put the feelings into words. There is no nudity, but there are some very emotional scenes. There are two interesting things about this film. The first is the connection between the man and his musical art. I have a lot of respect for the man, but there are times when I have wondered if he really wants to be an artist. He just wants to do what he wants. I do not think this is a show of artistic skill. I think it is the way he perceives his own life. It is a very dark film. There is a lot of violence and sadism. However, the documentary does not glorify the man. The film shows the real man and does not glamorize him. It is not a documentary that tells you how great you are. The documentary does not give you a heart-felt message. I think this is why I liked it so much. The music and the story are not enough to carry a documentary. You need to have an actor who can connect with the viewer. The performances are great, but the main story line is the greatest aspect of this film. You can not pick the music. You need to be able to connect with the man and see him as a human being. He is not a music artist, he is a human being who has all of the talent, and wants to be a musician. There is an underlying message in this film. It is not a happy story. It is not a happy story that you can tell. It is the real story of a man and his life. It is very moving and does not end until the very end. This is not a film for the kids. The violence is very intense, but the film is not a child friendly film. There are moments where the violence is so graphic that it is impossible to watch. However, I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has a family member who has any sort of mental or physical illness. This film will be very difficult to watch for many people. However, it will be a movie that you can watch and be able to relate to.

Amber photo

It's a nice film, but it would be better if the filmmakers had more foresight in the way they shot the scenes. They do have a lot of film and they can be pretty good. It's a good idea to have the film in slow motion, and there is an interesting scene when you see a lot of the people in the crowd, they are as interesting as the actors. Also, there is an interesting thing that happens when people are leaving the theater. I think that there is a good scene when they are all at the edge of the stage and the camera is looking down on the people, and you can see that they are wearing the same outfits, but you can't tell what the actors are wearing. Also, there is a nice scene when the film ends. The last thing I have to say is that I really enjoyed the ending. The director does an excellent job at making it look real. It's a shame that he didn't use it in more places, it would have been better.

Steven Day photo
Steven Day

A documentary by Anurag Kashyap, who has made several of these, that explores the world of Indian cinema and its filmmakers. We see the process of making and watching movies, but also the challenges faced in making a movie. Some of the stories are actually from the 'ordinary' part of the film-making, while others are from the Hollywood tradition. The interviewees are all from the industry, and include filmmakers from all the major players. The documentary is nicely put together, and focuses on the quality of the films that have been made. The highlights are of course the ones from the big players, but also the smaller ones. The film is so thorough that it also covers the interesting issues like international productions, the film industry in the US, the challenges faced in the Hollywood tradition, the problems with the new movie producers in the Indian cinema, and the really new problems of making films in India. There is a lot of stuff to cover, and a lot of things to think about, but the film is a lot of fun to watch. I have always been a big fan of the Indian cinema, and this film definitely is my favourite. The interviews are very interesting and have some interesting things to say about the industry and its culture. They are also really funny, and there are some really interesting and smart jokes that you won't find in a lot of the other films. The documentary is good, but not excellent. It's not very comprehensive, and I think some of the key people in the industry would have made it better. The film is definitely worth seeing, and I definitely recommend it.

Mark D. photo
Mark D.

I thought this documentary was interesting, especially with the interviews with the actors. I thought the way the interviews were edited was really effective. I would recommend this documentary to anyone.

Jordan R. photo
Jordan R.

The documentary about the one millionth horse has some good points, and for some reason it was overlooked. The docu-drama has a good tone, and the narration by the horse trainer is very convincing. The only thing I think the documentary missed is the killer message that it gave. It is definitely worth a watch. 7/10

Margaret White photo
Margaret White

I was fortunate enough to get to see this documentary at the SXSW film festival. The movie is a very interesting look at the lives of two people who are forced to move from the United States to Canada. They are then forced to find a new life in a foreign country. I think the movie is a good representation of what happens when people are forced to leave their home and move to another country. The movie is very well shot and very informative. The people interviewed are very articulate and very well informed about the circumstances that they face. I think the movie is very realistic. I thought the characters were very well written and the movie was very well done. I think that this documentary is very important and I think that it is very well done.

Megan Lawrence photo
Megan Lawrence

I got to watch this documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival and I was a little surprised at the pace and intensity of it. There was a lot of footage from Haiti, but it also shows footage from other countries, including the U.S., Cuba and Honduras. The story was interesting and told in a very compelling way, and the overall feeling was a little depressing. I would definitely recommend it to people who enjoy documentaries and other types of independent cinema.

Nicholas Daniels photo
Nicholas Daniels

I saw this movie in the theater, and it was a good one, but it was a bit of a "feel good" movie, which I do not find to be very interesting. I do not find the movie to be very realistic, and the ending was not very good. This movie was just about the rights of the Native Americans, and the way they were treated. I would say that this movie is a good movie for people who like to see a good documentary, but I would not recommend this movie to people who are looking for a great movie.

Alan photo

This film shows the exploitation of young people in the 1950s and 60s. The time period of the movie is a little awkward. In the 60s, the period of the movie, the teens were the upper class teens and the teachers were middle class students. The movie is dated in that it shows the time period in which it was filmed. In addition, the movie focuses on a specific time period but doesn't show the teens of that period. The film should have been centered on the teens of the time period. The story centers around a girl named Cindy in the 50s and 50s who is a member of a Christian gang. Cindy is going to college in the summer of 1965, and is still being abused by her family. She is one of many girls who were abused by their parents. The movie shows the relationship between the parents and their kids. The parents abuse the kids, and are not very caring. The kids grow up to be the most prominent actors of the movie. The main actor, Peter Jennings is a great actor. He was famous in the 60s and 70s, and is a really good actor. He plays a teen gang leader who goes from a gang to a Christian gang, and then becomes a Christian gang leader. The movie shows the consequences of the abuse. It shows the effect that the abuse has on the children and the parents. This movie is not meant to be an indictment of the era. It is intended to show the effects of abuse. I think it is a good movie. I like the movie. It is not meant to be a film on the 50s or 60s. It is meant to show the consequences of abuse. It is an accurate film. It shows the effect that abuse has on the kids and the parents.

Ethan Stewart photo
Ethan Stewart

I think that the purpose of this documentary was to give the viewer a new perspective of the JFK assassination. It does not try to exonerate anyone. In fact, some of the information that is presented to us is false. There are many who are still doubtful about what happened. The media and the government are so caught up in their own agendas that they don't want to look at the facts and question the facts. I think that the film has been an excellent way to present the facts. I think that the film has been a good representation of the issues involved. The documentary has been effective in showing the country what was going on in the minds of many people. The fact that it is not an exhaustive analysis of the events surrounding the assassination has been one of the most striking aspects of the film. It is not really an indictment of the Kennedy's. It is a compilation of information that was put together by the FBI and the Warren Commission. It does not include all the facts of the case. There are several people who have been cited in the film. However, this is not an unbiased film. It is not the case that it is unbiased. It is an analysis of the facts and the evidence. It is not a film that would be a masterpiece. It is a factual presentation of the facts. There is no magic in this film. The point is to present the facts and leave the viewer with the impression that there is no silver bullet in this case.

Sharon photo

This film will probably appeal to a very small group of viewers. The ones who appreciate documentaries about what life in prison is like. The rest of us will probably see this film and say, "That's enough!" This is a film that uses the theme of prison to explore the human condition. A common criticism of prison documentaries is that the documentary never shows us the horror of prison life. This film does not make the same mistake. It shows us how the prisoners in prison are, and how they react to their prison conditions. Most prison documentaries are "heartfelt" and feel like a dramatization. This is not the case with "No. 9", this is a film that takes a neutral stance towards the subject. The documentary is not the center of the film. It is a film about the prisoners. I have seen many prison documentaries, but never had a film so good. The prison documentary is probably the best documentary I have ever seen. The prisoners have become the center of the film. This film has a good mix of drama and action. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Wayne photo

I have to say that this film was very well done. I'm a film student and I do a lot of research, and a lot of the stuff I read is in the scientific literature, so this film really helped me understand the material. I also read the reviews and they were quite negative, but I still wanted to check out this film. I was pleasantly surprised. This is an extremely high quality documentary, with a great cast and very good use of special effects. I especially liked the end credits, which were very poetic. I have never read a book on the life of Darwin, but I have read many biographies. The man was an incredible scientist, but he also had a very dark side, and this film really tells it all. It also made me realize that science and art are not really related. I have no problem with the role of the humanities, but some of the humanities have a better voice than others. I also appreciate the way that science is represented. It shows the advances that have been made, but also the problems that have been solved. I was very impressed with the fact that this was made by the public. There are also a few political statements in here, but they are made in a way that they do not contradict the general message of the film. I have to say that this is an excellent film, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good documentary, and I think that it is well worth the watch.

Hannah Harrison photo
Hannah Harrison

I don't understand how so many people can be so negative about this film. I loved it and I'm so glad I decided to go see it. I thought the movie was pretty well done and I really liked the fact that it didn't go for the usual Hollywood ending. The other reviews I read say that this movie is so bad, but I'm not really sure what that means. The movie isn't all that bad, but it definitely isn't great either. The first 20 minutes of the film are great, but they just kind of drag on for a little bit and then it's just a little bit worse. The acting was actually pretty good, I was actually surprised by how well everyone did. I really liked this movie and I'm glad I went see it. I think this movie will be a classic one and I'm glad I went to see it. I think people should watch it because they will like it, but I don't think this movie will go down in history for the way it's been viewed. I give it a B-

Catherine photo

I really enjoyed this movie. I love the storyline, and I have to admit that I had no idea what was going to happen at the end. There are plenty of other reviews that make it sound like I didn't understand the movie, but that is just not true. I think there are some points that the audience will get, and some points that they won't. The points I liked: 1)the story of young men in the 'hood. The 'hood is a fascinating place, and seeing this movie was really interesting. 2)the juxtaposition of the two young men at the same time. In many ways the story of these two young men was different than the other boys. This was a really interesting juxtaposition. 3)The time in the movie when they were growing up. They grew up so quickly. I think that was really interesting to see. 4)the politics of the hood. This movie shows how life in the hood is different from life in the 'hood. The politics of the hood are different than the politics of the 'hood. I think this was a really good movie. I recommend it.

Debra W. photo
Debra W.

If you want to see a documentary on the rise of the Internet and the impact it has had on our lives then look no further than this film. The makers of the film are able to document how the Internet has changed the lives of everyone from the average Joe to the super-rich. From the movie, you can get a sense of the mindset of the Internet and how it has impacted people's lives. The film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the Internet. The Internet is a major factor in our lives and everyone should know what the Internet is and how it has affected their lives. The Internet is a major factor in our lives and everyone should know what the Internet is and how it has impacted their lives.

Daniel Richardson photo
Daniel Richardson

This film was a fascinating look into the world of underground hip-hop. The majority of the hip-hop scenes shown here are either the traditional, more accessible, "hard" scenes or the "free-style" scenes. I would highly recommend this film, but keep in mind that it is not a documentary. It is a documentary about the underground world of hip-hop, but it is not a documentary about the underground hip-hop scene. It is just a look into the real underground hip-hop scene, and what it's like to live it. I loved the documentary style, the style that director Stjepan Sejic did, and I loved the acting. I think that if you are into hip-hop, and you are into underground hip-hop, this is a film you should definitely see.

Jonathan Dean photo
Jonathan Dean

In his new book, The Trouble With Truth, author Gary Haber reviews all of the major scandals and scandals in the life of William Randolph Hearst. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in the history of the Hearst organization, to see what happened to him in the end, and how his reputation and his reputation of the news media has been completely destroyed by the end of the 1980's. I really liked the book, and would recommend it to anybody who has interest in the Hearst organization, or who wants to learn more about the deep corruption that went on in the Hearst organization.

Philip photo

This film is about the exploitation of the British working class and how it is portrayed in the media. It is a fascinating look at the exploitation of the working class and the media in general. It's not a particularly well researched documentary and the film is edited a bit too fast, but it is a very good and informative film that is worth seeing.

Lauren photo

While I had a great time at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, I was not there for the 100-minute documentary on the Alamo. It's a pretty amazing story and worth seeing if you have any interest in history. However, the documentary doesn't go into all the specifics about the siege or the great events that happened there. I think it would have been helpful to know what happened at the Alamo as a prelude to the siege itself. So, if you're not planning on seeing the Alamo Drafthouse documentary, then you probably don't have to see this. Otherwise, it's definitely worth the $2 admission. I found the production quality and the research done on the Alamo's history to be very interesting.

Christopher Mills photo
Christopher Mills

I was hoping this would be a series. I found out that they were going to make a mini-series but the mini-series was cancelled. They made a "man in the mirror" film. The problem is that they did not put a real reflection on the screen. They didn't do it with any technology. The whole movie was just the reflection. I wanted to see it with the real reflection and I couldn't. It was too dark, they didn't show the reflection clearly. So I had to turn it off. I didn't like that, but I guess the show was cancelled. I was hoping to see a real reflection of what happened. But that was not the case. They did it with a mirror. So it's not like it was an illusion. I think the movie was good. I liked the actors. They did a good job.

Johnny J. photo
Johnny J.

It's a shame to see that this movie has been "downloaded" by many (if not all) of the reviewers who have already reviewed this film. This movie is a critical look at the criminal justice system in the United States. I'm not sure if this is a good movie or not, but the movie itself is interesting. The most intriguing aspect of the film is that the movie focuses on some very controversial subjects, such as race, the drug war, and police brutality. The movie gives some very good points about these topics and even addresses the reasons why some people (mostly blacks) go to prison. But, there are some parts of the movie that are not very important to the movie, such as the part that shows police brutality, and the whole look of the film. I would have preferred to see more about the police, and the reason why they are in the criminal justice system. However, I did like the film a lot. It's well worth watching and is very well-made.

Ryan photo

This film was shown at the Brooklyn Film Festival in May 2004. It was the fourth documentary film to be shown there in 2004. I enjoyed this film because it was different than the usual documentary style. It was not pretentious and seemed to come from a different place than most of the other films. It seemed to be shot on a low budget and it shows in the quality of the film. The director, Douglas Gordon, is very knowledgeable about the changes taking place in the United States since the end of the Vietnam War. The documentary style also showed in the manner in which the story was told. I thought that this documentary had a good idea and I enjoyed it. This film may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth seeing.

Jerry photo

A great film about some of the dark side of the human spirit. I'm not going to give anything away, but I will say that the film is more concerned with the pain of the ordinary people and the problems they face and the people they meet rather than the extraordinary and unique gifts that some people have. The most incredible part of this film is that the film takes place in both Egypt and London. I wish they would have had more in the Egyptian portion of the film, as I think it would have made a better film overall. Some of the film takes place in a certain apartment building in London. In the Egyptian portion of the film, it takes place in a church and the scenes of the Egyptian people are pretty short. The Egyptians are portrayed in a very good light. This film is very well put together and it is fascinating to watch. I wish I had watched it when it first came out in theaters. I think that it was great that it was made in the 60's and has stayed in popular culture. I can not recommend it enough. The film was released at the same time as the Egyptian revolution. This makes me wonder what was going through the mind of those in Egypt during that time. I think that it is important that more people know about this movie and watch it. I think that they have succeeded in bringing this film to the masses. I am a big fan of both Lenny and Billy Crudup, and I think that this film is very underrated. I think that it is very important that people see this film. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the history of Africa.

Gloria R. photo
Gloria R.

This is a documentary about the mysterious and extremely destructive phenomenon known as "man-made global warming". The documentary is very comprehensive and covers the entire globe, from the Arctic to the equator. This documentary is a must see for anyone who wants to understand the science behind global warming. The documentary is well presented and well put together. I recommend that you view this documentary on the big screen, as well as at home, as it will be a great educational experience. Overall, this is a very well made documentary and one that should be seen by anyone interested in the subject. The documentary is not perfect, but it is well put together, and it provides a very clear and concise explanation of the science behind global warming. I rate this documentary 7/10.

Harry Sandoval photo
Harry Sandoval

The only thing I can really say about this documentary is that it was very well made. The crew did a great job and did a great job of showing the human side of the situation. But I still don't know why the documentary was made. It was definitely a good documentary, but I still don't know why it was made. I think the crew did a good job, but I don't know why they made the documentary. I feel that the documentary could have been better if they had a better reason for making it. I am a little disappointed with the documentary because it was not really what I was expecting. But I still think it was a good documentary. I would definitely recommend this documentary.

Beverly photo

This film is very good and I really liked it. It is very different from the usual documentary. I liked that it is very fast paced. I found it to be very funny, and the filming was very interesting. I think it is very interesting that the film makers were not just "here to tell the story" as other documentaries do. They did an excellent job of putting all the facts into the film. I thought that the use of music was very effective, and I also thought the documentary was very entertaining and interesting. I think it is very hard to put a story together in a documentary, but this film was very well done. It was very informative, and I enjoyed it. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the events of 9/11.