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Lemon is a movie starring Brett Gelman, Judy Greer, and Michael Cera. A man watches his life unravel after he is left by his girlfriend of 10 years.

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Drama, Comedy
Janicza Bravo
Janicza Bravo, Brett Gelman
Gillian Jacobs, Judy Greer, Brett Gelman, Michael Cera
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A man watches his life unravel after he is left by his girlfriend of 10 years.

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Crystal B. photo
Crystal B.

I was lucky enough to attend the 'London Film Festival' in May where I was able to see this film. It was a great introduction to the Japanese culture for those of us with a "Little Japanese" background. The film took us into the Japanese imagination and the practices of the people and especially the young girls in the story. It made us realize how we have "eaten" many cultural foods. We have grown up with a plethora of Japanese foods in the West and it was amazing to watch the kids take them on a trip to the countryside. The film gave us a glimpse into the mind of the elderly; they did not talk much, but the photographs they looked at seemed to take their time, and the end was very dramatic. If you are like me and have been to Japan, you will find this movie fun and inspiring!

Melissa A. photo
Melissa A.

Oh, what a film! For many years, the HBO miniseries of "The Lemon Song" with an adapted screenplay by O. Henry and author Paul Zukoff was the benchmark for the British films to follow. Now, this year, it is "The Lemon Affair," made with strong cinematography and significant themes of generational shifts and the characterisation of Ben and Marjorie Chamberlain. Ben (Tom Courtenay), a gentle, literate man, is suffering with regret of having married his young love, Marjorie (Emily Watson), who died tragically young and has to deal with the pain of that by speaking a few words of hers when they are together. It is evident from the outset that his wife was an alcoholic and a very manipulative one, but, he sees the light of the moment and marries her. But, this doesn't give him a complete solution to his life. It is a family affair. All of a sudden, his wife is back. He is in a new, young, and slightly fatter wife. He is uncomfortable in her presence and unable to keep his mind away from her. All this to say, the first few scenes are quite touching. And, as a young man, I can relate to a lot of the drama and emotion that is going on in this film. However, all of this comes crashing down as the years go on and Marjorie is now an overbearing, snobbish, befuddled, psychologically volatile, bitter, cruel, greedy, callous, controlling, financially demanding, little bitch. This is clearly to portray the lifestyle Marjorie is living and if it's one that is unbearable, it is one that will hold Ben to his own hard and narrow definition of true love. The Lemon Affair is not quite what it should be. It's a beautifully filmed film, but, it's not as fleshed out as it should be. It could have been a three hour movie. The writers try to make a drama about the relationship of three people in a society that is rigid and rigid. While this sounds like a good premise for a film, it is more of a drama about a married couple than a drama about family values and the effect of family dynamics on people. But, the direction, camera-work, editing, and acting are all outstanding. Tom Courtenay gives a supreme performance as the sullen, forbidding, more passive and grounded Ben. The daughter Emily Watson makes the best of her small role, giving us a moment to admire her small, shy, and intense character. Her talent as a comedian is also admirable. For all her tenderness and caring towards her mother, she still proves to be a strong, resilient woman. Marjorie Chamberlain's performance is also superb, proving that her mother should have been so much more than just a bit player in the films. So, the performances here are commendable. The performances of Ben and Marjorie are also commendable, especially her. But, the film is not complete without Ben's mother, played by Rachel Griffiths, a good actress who delivers a great performance. But, the film is not quite complete without the three lead actors. A fine ensemble for such a long film. "The Lemon Affair" is a fine film, but it is not as good as I expected it to be. Still, it is a charming film and worth a watch. I think it will get the

Samuel Fields photo
Samuel Fields

Cameron Crowe is not someone to please a lot of people. After his Oscar winning movie Whiplash (2014) with J.K. Simmons, Cameron has been very busy. Here is the fourth installment in the Enichel family, brother that Jake plays on a skateboard. Together with his best friend 'Benji' and his best friend 'Lee' he is going on a vacation. There he finds himself a woman who is really a tomboy and a little different. Also on the beach he meets, at first, a blonde he really wants to like. However, he doesn't really like her because of a misunderstanding. Later, while trying to solve the problem, they fall in love, and she goes on a journey to find out what really is going on with him. The story is a little bit less predictable, but some parts are still predictable. Cameron doesn't have a lot of fun making his movie. He prefers to make a drama and he did a good job here. Also the music is excellent. So his movie is a little bit better than average. But, most of his movies seem like they are written by the same writer, so I do hope the next Cameron Crowe movie is better than this one. He is still far from being a great director, but he should do a better job. I can't help myself from saying that. 8/10

Donald Little photo
Donald Little

If you are interested in melding multiple genres together, then this film may be a treat for you. The playfulness of the setting of the novel (which was actually filmed in the later years) coupled with the screenplay of the actor-writer of the movie (a fantastic piece of work by Molly and Russell) will make it very enjoyable. What is quite unique about this film is the production design and all the various camera angles, as well as the fine work of the cinematographer. The dialogue of the screen play is laced with complex symbolism, and the story itself is not exactly clear in its meaning. However, the viewer is drawn into the moment and experience. Do yourself a favor and see this film. You will find it worthwhile.

Scott Nichols photo
Scott Nichols

An often dark and bleak film. A story of struggle and family secrets, of love and hate, of redemption and the consequences of course the return to the family home. Three sisters are very different. Their father is a tyrant and is continuously having rowdy parties. The youngest sister is completely non-conformist and the oldest sister, in all honesty, is much more liberal and loves to party as she does so in the movie. Both sisters are on the brink of breaking down, and both seek an antidote to their once shining lives. Yes, I'm being dramatic. The ending is a real 'punch-up' but that's the kind of thing that happens when you're dealing with low-brow material. It is refreshing to see a film that isn't afraid to show the negative effects of bad parenting, of bad upbringing and the terrors of a dad that is basically a monster. Films like this are more than getting by with a little bit of comedy and a bit of whimsy. That's why I'm such a fan of comedies.

Sean photo

The movie is about a young man who, at the age of 14, met a woman who, like him, had been dumped by his beloved family. He's a smart, yet arrogant young man. He has no friends and no reason to be where he's at. He doesn't even want to be a laborer like his mother was. She just wants him to be better than his father. Now, she's pregnant. So, he's extremely lonely, and it's not a good thing for a lonely person to get to be the one he loves. The father tries to talk him out of leaving his girlfriend, but he won't budge. As the movie goes on, he learns that his mother's best friend, Melisa (Juliette Lewis), is in a relationship with a man who's been with her before. So, there's a lot of conflict in the relationship between the two young men. Eventually, he gets over his mother's unwillingness to have an affair with him, and they're able to have a relationship with each other. The ending is a wonderful end. The only problem with this movie is the beginning. As it progresses, it just gets much more difficult to keep up with. The first half is just too slow. The second half, though, is great. The third, fourth, and fifth parts all are great, too. I really recommend this movie.

Phillip O. photo
Phillip O.

I had seen all of Mr. Lemon's movies, from the wacky Chinese/Spanish TV series to the more successful Hollywood release. The general gist of this film is an engaging mix of surrealism and cultural analysis. Mr. Lemon's allure is that he is the type of person that I am most interested in hearing about and so I was interested in his work. I understand that his films are pretty obscure so I hope that this will make it easier for someone to find his work. On a more personal note, I have been a writer for a little while now and with this film I was able to put my feet up and relax. I was more than a little wowed by the way Mr. Lemon presents his stories and this is true of many of his movies. The images are powerful and meaningful. The actors are memorable. The costumes are beautiful. I am definitely looking forward to what Mr. Lemon has in store for me. Go see it if you haven't already. I would certainly recommend it.

Carl photo

Faced with a tragedy of two members of his family, an alcoholic Mark is forced to become a guardian of a young man who is now a total mess. The movie is told by the way Mark treats the boy, that is not a matter of right or wrong. As he tells it, it's mostly the lack of money and the hardships that cause Mark to show affection to the boy. No matter how hard it is to be in one's youth, the present is only a reminder of the past. The director, John Francis Daley, uses a different method of the past and present to explain and carry out the scene, and I think he has done a wonderful job. The score is also good. In the end, I think this is one of the best movies I've seen in the last couple of years.

Tammy photo

I would like to begin by saying that I'm a big fan of Jon Gries, who directed the original, and I would love to have him direct a remake of this film. I wish he had the opportunity to do so. I saw this movie in theater and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I would like to see it again. What I liked most was the chemistry between Ryan (Simon Pegg) and Patrick (Frazier Crude). They create a bond that really works with some good banter and good old fashioned big feelings. I felt that the two of them had great chemistry and I was impressed with the way they interacted together and the way they treated each other, such as the guy who just keeps getting it for free and Patrick's ex-girlfriend, played by Laura Fraser. It was great to see these two characters being so believable and in a sense, quite real. Now, for the film's faults. I felt that it wasn't as fun as I would have liked it to be. It felt a little dated, especially as the script was lacking. The set designs were beautiful and that's the biggest complaint I have with the film. The acting was great and the way the script went along with the film was very good. But I did feel that it did lack the spark and the fun that this film should have had. The ending for this film is great, but the story leaves you feeling unsatisfied, as if it was a little disappointing. If you are a fan of Pegg and Crude, I would definitely recommend this film. It's worth a watch and it was a lot of fun to see the two of them together.

Howard photo

I don't think it's possible to make a film about class struggle without making it a tragedy. That is why the "Happy Together" is so important in this context. I won't give away the plot. But this is a comedy drama and the comedy drama is in the first half. The setting is the estate of the late, great schoolteacher, Mr. Green. His son, Heston Green, has a happy life with a girl (played by the late, great Emily Watson) in London. It seems like Mr. Green just doesn't care about the situation he created in his youth. When he's dying, the son chooses the role of a philistine rich boy, and even tries to commit suicide. He is the only one who can understand his situation. Heston is always moved by his father's words about having a good life. The latter gives him his beautiful house. But he was a spoiled brat. His mother was a drunk and his father a politician. It was clear that his father never really loved him. The second half of the film makes up the difference. The father's death is dramatic and shows the life of this wealthy family, without the sadness that always surrounds them. This situation doesn't change the position of Mr. Green's son. It shows how he is trying to escape his circumstances. He is very manipulative and so is the young mistress. The film isn't about life and death. It's about what goes on inside the family. The son shows that he can't live as a spoiled brat and he doesn't know how to handle a girl that's quite young. He doesn't know what to do when his mother dies, or when he gets angry at his father. He doesn't know how to make things better. It is a tragic film. The most important scene is when the son is holding Emily and she wants to leave the house. The son isn't in a good mood and Emily was too impatient. We know that Mr. Green didn't love her and he knew that she wouldn't go to London, so the scene is very sad. It was the film about the difficulty of the family, that for me, was more tragic than the death of Mr. Green himself. When I think about this film I think of the final scene. This is also about the struggle of the family. The son doesn't know how to make a situation better. He has to show his father the reasons why he is unhappy. He has to show him that he needs him. But, of course, the father doesn't want to listen to anything he has to say. The son in this film has some great moments. But it's the last scene. There are two beautiful moments in this film. One is when Mr. Green says goodbye to Emily. It's an act that he chooses, that he doesn't regret. He doesn't know what to say, but he still chooses it. The other is when Heston is telling his mother that he's sorry for what he has done. I love the part when he says to his mother that he is sorry for what he has done. The mother in this film is very angry with Heston, but she's also mad at him for not doing things correctly. The other way she shows this is when she says to him that he needs to be disciplined when he says something that's not in his manners. The film is very sad. It's the story of a very spoiled

Jennifer J. photo
Jennifer J.

Fresh off the success of the blockbuster "The Love Letter", Jean-Pierre Jeunet has produced another fine film in the ensemble action genre: "Lemon" and in my view this is his best film to date. He has been making the best and most exciting films of the 90's and I am personally a fan of "Lemon" but not the film-hungry crowd. "Lemon" is not as exciting as his other films, but it is a must-see for any Jean-Pierre Jeunet fan, or even for those who are just fans of the action genre. As the film's title hints, the film centers on a 'tragedy' that occurs in the course of the film, but it is not the subject matter of the film. The subject of the film is a relationship between two men (one an aspiring writer and the other an aspiring French actor) who work as night-guards in a luxury hotel. However, the men are rivals for the female advances of the hotel's manager, who has an illegitimate daughter (played by Pia Carre) and a bipolar mother (played by Rita Moreno). When the two men, confronted by the manager, are unable to resist their attraction to each other, it triggers the change in both men's attitudes towards women. I thought the film was very well made and I thought the direction was very well done. The film is very tense at times and it works well as a drama, as well as a film about relationships, as well as a film about a man's anger and anger management. The film's performance from the actors is very good, but I found the actors to be very believable, which helps the film in the long run. Overall, "Lemon" is a fine film and a great achievement for Jean-Pierre Jeunet and to see him put together another great film in the action genre is a great achievement.

Sarah W. photo
Sarah W.

Good production value, decent acting. for all of you who are fans of Lemon: the movie can teach you a lot, and even make you laugh some more.

Emily S. photo
Emily S.

This is a great movie. I had a great time seeing it. The story is very funny and soapy. The acting was great from every actor. They're all wonderful actors. I love their work. I also loved this movie. It made me cry several times. But it was very entertaining. So many little jokes that I was laughing at. But you have to know what to expect in a funny movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the comedy genre. I love this movie.

Emma T. photo
Emma T.

I watched this in class, and I was caught off guard by how much I enjoyed it. I'm not sure why I had a hard time coming to terms with this movie being given a bad review from others, but I really, really enjoyed it. First off, I love movies about dogs. So I was extremely eager to see this. I've heard nothing but good things about it, and I figured it would be another good dog movie, but I was wrong. This was a wonderfully and surprisingly sweet movie that was very true to its characters. I didn't know what I was getting into, but I found myself really really wanting to see it again. The acting was great, the plot was heart warming, and the music was absolutely amazing. I don't want to give anything away, but I thought the ending was absolutely brilliant. I felt like I had really been in a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would highly recommend it to anyone, even if you've never watched a movie before.

Ruth W. photo
Ruth W.

A sweet but bitter story of two people, one black and one white, who get married to the most ugly kind of ass. The story is told with a dark humor, more of a slight mock. The humor is taken in not so subtle way. I thought this movie could be made into a great funny comedy, but it wasn't. The real loser of this film is Lily Tomlin. She plays the 'dumb blonde' role. I guess she thinks that she is in a comedy now. So all she can do is act. This is the second time I have seen her in a film, but she looks so much better than her last two. Besides the slight acting flaw, I thought the story was interesting. The funniest parts of the film were when Tomlin and Celie are having sex. Well, that and when the two neighbors find out the reason why Tomlin's fiancee is a pig. The movie didn't leave me with anything but a smile. Some might say that I don't care what the 'c*p is,' but I do. The blacks are the ones who have the right to decide. That is the reason that the movie is set in Georgia. It is a freedom and a dignity, that people, especially people of color, should not have to suffer from.

Nathan F. photo
Nathan F.

I read all the negative reviews for this movie and I couldn't be happier that I went to see it. The premise is great, the movie is enjoyable, and the acting is superb. I'm actually surprised that its not as highly rated as it should be. I went in with low expectations and came out of the theater happy. Even if you aren't a fan of comedy, you'll love this movie.

Marie photo

This movie was not bad at all. It had some funny moments in it, however I thought the plot line was pretty weak. It was like it was put together without any structure. But the acting was pretty good, and it was pretty believable how they all lived their lives. I think it is worth a watch, but I'm not sure it is a good movie. I liked it a little bit. I give it an 8/10.

Howard W. photo
Howard W.

Based on the 2003 best-selling novel of the same name by Gary Groth, this is a funny, thought-provoking movie about a married couple who suffer from cancer, but for one thing. The cancer is not a medical problem. It is a metaphor for the difficulties a human being experiences when he or she loses a loved one. The movie starts off with a tragedy of a wife who is diagnosed with cancer and a mother who is having trouble raising her child. The mother chooses to endure her loss by going through a painful and difficult emotional process. The result is a mother who is deeply affected by the loss of her baby, but she has no control over her own life. She keeps losing her job, making decisions with no input from her family, and, when her son is diagnosed with cancer, she also has no control over her own life. The film ends with a woman going through the same loss of a baby and being reborn in a new and exciting world of love, loyalty, and experimentation. The movie is thought-provoking, funny, and thoughtful. It is so good that I have been wanting to see it again.

Robert Powell photo
Robert Powell

A very well made movie with a compelling story that is filled with personality, angst, and humor. Set in the middle of a very dramatic story, this is a real treat. Not a moment of this movie is dull, and it gets better and better as it goes on. I think we all can relate to it, so maybe we can understand the world they are in. I thought the acting was top-notch, even in a time when most of the acting in movies is cheesy, and at times just plain bad. Both the lead characters are in their 40s, but that makes the age difference even more obvious. Even the main female character is played very well and her character is a bit on the dark side. That is what makes this movie stand out from other movies. I think if you enjoy this kind of movie, you'll love this one.

Willie Johnston photo
Willie Johnston

A disturbing, but beautiful story of aging, of the cycle of life and death, of an unfinished person, of a woman's death, a painter's death, a man's death. This movie has that documentary quality and a great script. It's definitely worth seeing. It's hard to believe that this film was made in 1977. I'm really happy that it is!

Angela C. photo
Angela C.

I had the privilege of seeing this film at the Sundance Film Festival. I expected to be either bored or amused, but was NOT bored. The dialogue was superb, the acting, well, I'm not sure what to say, but it was spot on. When you go to a film that is trying to make you think, do you go in there with the intention to be entertained or to find a hidden meaning to your own life? The answer is, yes, and this film does that to you. The message is clear, but the manner in which it is conveyed is up to you. This is a film for those of us who have the gift to be critical thinkers, which includes all of us. I've been a film student and filmmaker for as long as I can remember, and I can say that this was one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking films I have ever seen. Just go see it!

Paul photo

I think there were a few misperceptions about this movie. The best one was the fact that it was not a horror movie. That's why the ratings were very low. The plot itself is the main aspect that makes this movie worth seeing. The plot in a nutshell is about an elderly woman (Gina Gershon) who has trouble staying in shape and decides to start a new life as a stripper. She meets up with Billy (Kelli Garner) a millionaire who buys her outfits and tries to help her achieve her goals. This is basically the basic plot and it is a little different from most other movies. Although there are some similarities to other movies that are just trying to get a rating here are some things that were different: The part where Billy tries to talk Gershon out of going into a strip club is quite original. The movie does a great job of showing how Gershon was treated by the people around her. And there were several scenes where she did not give a damn about any of the other characters in the movie. The fact that Gershon is a stripper is not new but this movie shows that even though she is a stripper she is also a lot of things that we take for granted in our everyday lives. These things are not the main characters of the movie but they help the main characters become bigger people. This movie is worth seeing because it is original and well-acted.

Kathleen B. photo
Kathleen B.

The film is certainly a work of artistic genius. It has an inimitable plot, it is a testament to visual gags, and it has a soundtrack that always keeps you in stitches. But it doesn't manage to work within a two hour running time, which is a pity. The story concerns a businessman named Lewis (Jurgen Prochnow) who visits a new type of family; his family is mysterious, with no obvious reason to be there, aside from being the object of his affection. All the family do is indulge in any and all sorts of questionable behavior, so you wonder why they are there. Most of the time, the story consists of Lewis and his sister (Thora Birch) drinking, and generally behaving in a way that will endear them to the viewer. Even during those scenes, we see a little bit of the other characters in the story (the waitress, the neighbor, the family's dog) and they seem to pass through Lewis' head as he sees them. This all works well, but there is also the problem of story. Lewis feels the need to establish a good relationship with each of the family members, but his relationship with his father (James Gandolfini) is rather strained. Lewis has been in the situation of taking care of an ill grandfather (Kevin Spacey) and he seems to have fallen into the same depression as he does his father, but despite that, he has learned to be considerate of his father's opinion and how he thinks. There is a lot of this in the film, but it doesn't translate into a coherent story. The characters that are in Lewis' life are extremely shallow. There is no depth to the characters that we see in Lewis' life. Most of the time, they just do whatever Lewis wants them to do. This is so the film doesn't have to give us a good sense of Lewis' emotional life, which is all he really cares about. All of this makes the film almost pointless. The film would have been much more interesting had they not gone through the story of the family and found the things they did wrong and ended up with the characters they had created. The film has a lot of moral problems that are thrown at you without any rhyme or reason. The moral that Lewis seems to believe is best is that good people should be treated well, but he is not just a benevolent man, he has personal and financial problems as well. He feels guilty for being dishonest, and he knows he should never lie to his friends. He is, in effect, an angry person, and his anger works against his own career. At the same time, he has problems and needs to get away from the current family. It would have been nice if the movie had left out that part, but since the script is by Simon Kinberg, it is fine. But when Lewis meets his brother-in-law (John Malkovich), he feels the need to break into his house and change his girlfriend's diaper. He has just bought her a brand new diaper that fits her perfectly and he wants to change it. He is a monster. He seems to be the worst person in the world and Lewis sees this. If Lewis has a good relationship with his brother-in-law, it would have made the film much more interesting. The film is worth watching, but it is lacking some depth and there is a lot of plot going on, and none of it is very good. In