Steam 14 jours, 12 nuits

14 jours, 12 nuits

14 jours, 12 nuits is a movie starring Anne Dorval, François Papineau, and Leanna Chea. Isabelle Brodeur embarks on a journey to Vietnam, her adopted daughter's birthplace. Her path leads her to the woman who was once her daughter's...

Other Titles
14 Days, 12 Nights, 14 días y 12 noches
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
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Jean-Philippe Duval
Marie Vien
François Papineau, Leanna Chea, Hiep Tran Nghia, Anne Dorval
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Isabelle Brodeur embarks on a journey to Vietnam, her adopted daughter's birthplace. Her path leads her to the woman who was once her daughter's nanny. Doing so, Isabelle learns the existence and whereabouts of her daughter's biological mother. Throughout this stunningly beautiful journey, Isabelle discovers her daughter's country through the eyes of the woman who brought her into this world. This pilgrimage of sorts, leads the two women to unveil their innermost secrets.

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Zachary Jordan photo
Zachary Jordan

This film tells the story of a young boy, Sam, who has grown up in a home in the middle of nowhere. He lives in a desert with a few other kids and is basically bored to death. When his parents get divorced, he goes on a journey to the nearest town and meets a girl he loves, before he decides to make his way to a distant city to see her. However, he is a bit more interested in a ghost than in the people he meets, and is soon drawn to the area where she lives. While most of the story is told through Sam's eyes, the film is much more in the realm of the imagination. The director (Francois Ozon) does a good job of creating a world that is both fascinating and frightening. The story has its ups and downs, and I don't know if the film is great or not, but I liked it. I have seen this film several times and find it a bit different each time, but the story is still quite interesting. It's worth seeing, even if it is a bit out of your usual genre.

Virginia C. photo
Virginia C.

An interesting film with great performances. The dialogue is all well-written, the acting is good, and the script is strong. The plot is interesting, and the film moves along at a steady pace. However, the ending is a bit abrupt. It feels as though it could have been a bit better. The ending is a bit anticlimactic, but it is still good.

Russell photo

After being on the wrong side of a major life-changing event, three young people decide to take an extraordinary trip to the Netherlands in order to spend a little time with their mother, but they soon find out that the trip is a nightmare that will change their lives forever. The three young people are Julia (Barbara Streisand), Sophie (Alden Henson) and Annie (Juliette Lewis) and they are travelling with their mother in the hopes of spending a little time with her. But when they arrive in Amsterdam, they realise that the trip is not as they had planned and that they have become completely lost. The trip has become a nightmare that will have them put through hell. I think that this is a wonderful movie that captures the mood and feel of the 70's era. The themes of the trip are interesting, yet the movie is done so well that you don't really care about who lives and who dies. The performances are fantastic and they all really bring the characters to life. It's also very well written. The movie is a true adventure and it shows the trials and tribulations of a young person travelling with their mother. The movie also shows that although you might want to spend some time with your mother, it's not going to be a normal trip and it's not going to be a perfect trip. The main problem with this movie is that it's not an ordinary trip and it's not a perfect trip. You won't have a normal mother and you won't have a perfect trip, but you will have a trip that is both strange and interesting. The ending is also very unusual, but I think that's the whole point. I recommend this movie to anyone that loves a good adventure and a good movie.

Matthew photo

The film is a nice story of a young woman who is very stubborn and her dreams of being an actress and a singer are not met but in the end she meets a different person who helps her in this journey of life. And she discovers a new possibility of her dreams. It is an interesting film with a very great sense of what it wants to be. Very strong emotions and beautiful images. It's not a typical movie but a very good and interesting film.

Janet Castillo photo
Janet Castillo

I have just seen this film and found it very good, very impressive, and very touching. This is not just another story of a person going through a dark time in his life, but one that really gets to the heart of life and what it is like to be human. The acting was superb, with the exception of Paul Giamatti, who seemed to be trying too hard to show what was really going on in his head. If you're a Christian, you should definitely see this film. It is not a film to be taken lightly. This is a film to be seen, and should be seen on a very large screen, preferably in a large room, as the sound can be overpowering, as it is the director's voice. There are some parts that are slow, and some parts that are a little bit slow. But, overall, it is a very emotional film, that will make you laugh, cry, and will leave you feeling that you have been changed, and that you are in a much better place. It will make you think about your life, and make you feel better.