Steam Playmobil: The Movie

Playmobil: The Movie

Playmobil: The Movie is a movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Jim Gaffigan, and Gabriel Bateman. Animated feature film inspired by the Playmobil brand toys.

Other Titles
Playmobil: La Película, Playmobil: The Missing Piece, Playmobil, Playmobil - Der Film, Playmobil: La película, Playmobil: la película, Playmobil: Le film, Playmobil: Filmen, Playmobil, de Film, Playmobil elokuva, Playmobil: Η Ταινία, Untitled Playmobil Movie, Playmobil, le Film, Playmobil: Filmas, Playmobil: Film, Playmobil - O Filme, Playmobil The Movie, Playmobil: A film, Playmobil: Ha'Seret, Playmobil: O Filme, Playmobil. Filma
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Musical, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Family, Comedy
Lino DiSalvo
Lino DiSalvo, Greg Erb, Jason Oremland, Blaise Hemingway, Michael LaBash, Hans Beck
Jim Gaffigan, Gabriel Bateman, Adam Lambert, Anya Taylor-Joy
Germany, France, China, Canada
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

When her younger brother Charlie unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL®, unprepared Marla must go on a quest of a lifetime to bring him home. As she sets off on a fantastic journey across stunning new worlds, Marla teams up with some unlikely and heroic new friends - the smooth-talking food truck driver Del, the dashing and charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher, a wholehearted misfit robot, an extravagant fairy-godmother and many more. Through their vibrant adventure, Marla and Charlie realize that no matter how life plays out, you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself.

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Gregory Ruiz photo
Gregory Ruiz

I have watched this movie several times since it came out on DVD and I love it. It is a funny and entertaining movie. I haven't laughed this hard at a movie in a long time. I loved the songs that were played. The "3D" that was used in this movie was excellent. I think that there is a lot of good things in this movie that are very surprising to me. I would recommend this movie to all of my friends. This movie is a must see.

Barbara P. photo
Barbara P.

There are many things to like about this movie. It is full of Disney characters, is funny, has great characters and a few villains. There are also some things to dislike. This is probably the first animated movie with a dark plot. The villain is the same as the bad guy from the first Aladdin movie. There are two things that make this movie much better than most. One, it's a good story. It's not a simple Disney movie. The story is very good. The art and the design of the characters are also great. There are also things that are not bad about this movie. It has great music and it's also a musical. If you like the first two Disney movies, you'll like this one. It's worth the money.

Lawrence Gray photo
Lawrence Gray

This film is set in an alternate universe where the old world and new world meet in a ship called the Zephyr. It has a lot of action and a lot of humor. The story is very good and the animation is spectacular. The film is more a "cute" version of the old "Toy Story" films, but with more action and fun.

Donna D. photo
Donna D.

I absolutely loved this movie, it had all the elements that you need for a great movie: love, adventure, fantasy, and of course, a great story. If you haven't seen it yet, go rent it, you'll enjoy it even more. I wish there was a little more of the story, but this is still a great movie.

Willie G. photo
Willie G.

I am a big fan of the film. I don't understand why it is not a bigger hit. If you like the film, you are probably the same kind of people I am. I didn't really like the film, and I wasn't sure if it would make it big. I loved it. The characters were well written, and the plot was great. I can't wait to see it again!

Brandon Meyer photo
Brandon Meyer

This film is an interesting, entertaining and thought provoking adaptation of the popular cartoon. The animated sequences are well done and contain a great deal of creative animation. The characters are well defined and the overall story is entertaining. The characters are also well developed. The animation is wonderful and the music is perfect. The film is very well-written and well-acted. The voice actors do a great job. The film has a great message about the importance of family and is fun to watch.

Sean Owens photo
Sean Owens

I just got home from seeing this film and I can honestly say that it was a great movie. It was very entertaining and it had a nice message to it. I liked the story and the characters in the film. The music was great, I liked the songs, and I really liked the actors. I thought the story was good and I liked the message the film gave. It was a good movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who liked the film "Pocahontas."

Lisa King photo
Lisa King

I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago, and I can't stop watching it! It's so cute, and it has some really great songs! It's a great movie for kids and adults. I really liked it! It has some really cute songs, and the story is really good. The animation is very good too. The characters are very good. The music is very good, too! I recommend this movie to everyone!

Russell photo

It's a very Disney-esque movie and I love that, but it's also a wonderful movie. I'm from Canada and I can relate to this movie in a way I can't really say for my native country. I was like five or six when it was released and it's still fresh in my mind. I really like this movie because it's really made me appreciate life a lot more. I think that's what's so good about this movie is that it's a pretty simple story, but it's also so clever and it makes me think about things that I didn't think about before. It's a really nice movie and I would definitely recommend it.

Mary Fields photo
Mary Fields

The story is silly, the animation is more like a cartoon. It's a typical Hasbro animated movie, but that's it. The plot and the whole plot is nothing more than "humans and the evil, evil, evil-people", and nothing else. I don't think anyone who liked this movie will have any clue what I'm talking about. However, the characters are good and have good expressions. The backgrounds are colorful and beautiful. I think they are pretty good and they look good, because Hasbro is known for that. The voices are really good, especially for the "good" characters. All in all, it's a fun movie for kids and it's worth it to see it. I'm not sure I will watch it again.

Amy photo

This is the film that got me into animatronics. I got the DVD of it and got it in the mail the next day. I never got the movie as I was expecting. I wasn't expecting the story, which was so old-fashioned. I expected the film to have a more contemporary, animated feel. This film is what animated films should be. The story is about a village that has been lost to the ravages of time. When a young girl named Kimyata comes to live with her father, she learns the story of the village and discovers the animatronics that will live in her new home. The story was very interesting and entertaining. There were many memorable parts. I loved the first one and loved this one. This movie was good for my younger friends to see. My oldest son said he liked it, but my oldest daughter, who has never seen an animated film, liked it too. This is a movie that is good for a family to see. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend it. It is a good movie to see and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jean Baker photo
Jean Baker

When I first saw this movie I wasn't too impressed. The film looked like it was made in the 70s and had awful special effects. I eventually watched the movie and really liked it. It had a few funny parts, but I still didn't think it was very good. I was looking for something more recent. I was surprised to find that it is the sequel to this movie. I also liked it, but it wasn't as good. The plot of this movie is a little strange, but it was a good plot. This is the third animated movie I've seen, but I think the best one. It was funny, and the acting was good. I also like how the main character is an alien, but he's human. He's not like the other aliens in the movie, they are always on fire, or just completely stupid. This movie has a good story and it was good, but I think the third movie is better. I still recommend it, but it isn't my favorite.

Johnny Patterson photo
Johnny Patterson

I remember as a kid watching this movie with my family and even though I was a little young for the cartoons, I loved it. I'm a little older now and I can't help but notice the influence that this movie had on me. I love this movie. It is one of the best animated movies I've ever seen. I love the characters and the animation. It's so beautiful and perfect. I just wish they could make more movies like this. It's one of the best animated movies I've ever seen and I love it so much.

Anthony Munoz photo
Anthony Munoz

This film is a sequel to the beloved original movie, that was filmed in 1981 and was successful worldwide. The film follows the events of the original movie as well as other similar events that happened during the original film. The film is pretty dark, but at the same time it has a happy tone to it, as well as some silly humor. This is one of those films that you can watch with your friends, without being bored or sick of the jokes. It has a very interesting plot, and it is an animated film so the animation is really good. This film has a good cast and it is funny, just like the original film, and this film is really good at some parts. I give this film an 8/10.

Anna photo

This film is simply fantastic! It's amazing that the studio gave this film to young kids. It is a children's film and you can't take it too seriously. This film is a great family film that the whole family will enjoy. The animation is great and I think that the voice talent is really great too. The soundtrack is also really good. There are some scary scenes but it is also really funny. This film is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Nicole Munoz photo
Nicole Munoz

My favorite childhood movie of all time, and I'm just about to watch it again! This movie is so heartwarming and just like all the other Disney movies it has a lot of heart. The songs are catchy and catchy, and the animation is beautiful. My favorite character is Princess Bubblegum, she's the main character of this movie and she is so beautiful. She is so kind and funny, and she is very strong and has a lot of heart. The songs are also catchy and fun. There are some great songs in this movie. My favorite scenes are when Princess Bubblegum is singing "Let It Go" and when she is singing "I'll be there for you" in the cake shop. The last scene is also very cute. I think this movie is just perfect for all ages. It's one of the best Disney movies, and it is my favorite Disney movie. It is also one of the best Disney movies that I've ever seen. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Jason Payne photo
Jason Payne

This movie was just great. I was looking forward to this movie but the thing is, I had already seen it so I was expecting it to be the same. I was pleasantly surprised. I have always been a fan of the show and I'm sure the movie will be just as good, if not better. The story was very good, and the animation was great. I thought the characters were just perfect for the characters. I also thought the music was great. I also thought the movie was very entertaining. I thought the actors did a great job in their roles. I also thought the movie was very entertaining and I thought it was really good. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes the show. It was really great. The movie is really great and I think you will really enjoy it. I give this movie an 8/10.

Albert photo

When the movie starts, the first thing you notice is that it's not a movie, it's an animated series. The animation is extremely well done, and the voice actors are fantastic. It's definitely a story that's worth watching, and it's a lot of fun. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are animated, or to anyone who likes the older Disney movies. My favorite characters are: Lil' Witherspoon (my favorite character), Red (my favorite character), and Bill (my favorite character). I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch animated movies.

Aaron photo

My daughter and I have a thing about the animated films that have been released in the past few years. So, we bought the DVD and watched it together. This film is about a boy named Roo, who has a quest to find a magical stone that can change him into a cat. The film is fairly animated, but the story is quite interesting. I thought the music was wonderful. The story is a little complicated, but I think that the story will keep you interested. My favorite part of the film was the music. I especially liked the songs "Gumby" and "Eternal Flame". The animation is great, but there is a lot of plot in this film. I think that this is a great film for children. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys animation. 8/10

Henry photo

For a cartoon, this is a pretty good one. The animation is pretty good, and the voice acting is pretty good. This is a nice family film, that kids will like. It is not the best film of the year, but it is a decent movie. I gave it an 8. The story is simple. The characters are very cute and the voices are good. It is definitely worth watching.

Jordan Obrien photo
Jordan Obrien

I saw this movie the other day on the big screen. It was a great movie. I love the music, the animation and the characters. The story is interesting and it was fun to watch. The songs are amazing and the characters are so cute. I love the story and I am glad that Disney has decided to make a movie about a SeaWorld Theme Park. I hope that this movie will be good enough to get a lot of people to go to SeaWorld. I really want to go to SeaWorld. I would recommend this movie to all my friends and family. This movie is for everyone. I hope that Disney will make a good movie about SeaWorld.

Alan Bowman photo
Alan Bowman

This is a great animated film for kids and adults alike. It has some funny jokes, and is not as violent as other films of its genre. The voice acting is great, and the animation is very good. It is also the first animated film to be shot in 3D. It is a great film to show to kids. It is also a great film to show to adults. This is a great film for everyone. This is a great film for kids and adults alike.