Steam Western Stars

Western Stars

Western Stars is a movie starring Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen. Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.

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1 hours 23 minutes
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Music, Documentary
Thom Zimny, Bruce Springsteen
Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen
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Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.

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Juan photo

I am very glad that this movie was made and I hope that it will be shown at every football stadium in the country. There are too many people who are out of shape and it is a national disgrace. This is not a sports movie. This is a film for people who love sports. The athletes are portrayed realistically as well as the fans. This is a must see for everyone who loves sports.

Tyler photo

This is a documentary about the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. It's about their first tour in 1968 and the road they had to travel to get there. It's pretty interesting, but I don't think it's the best documentary about the band. It doesn't cover their entire history, it just covers the first tour. The first two-thirds of the documentary is very interesting. They're talking about their first tour and the tour itself. It's very interesting to hear their story. It's very well done. But the last third of the documentary is more about the band. It's more about their performance on the road and the road itself. It's a very interesting documentary, but it's a bit short. It's only about an hour and a half long. It's not the best documentary about the band, but it's not the worst either.

Dorothy photo

I am a fan of Roberta Flack and her music, but she has never been a great story teller. I just watched this documentary for the first time. It was a very entertaining documentary, but there was a lot of information missing. The only time I felt like I got the whole story was when the director showed the story of the music video with the back and forth between Roberta Flack and her father. I felt like that was the only part of the film that really made sense. I don't think that they really showed the whole story, they just showed the back and forth between Roberta Flack and her father. I feel like the director should have gone into more detail about what really happened in the video and what really happened to Roberta Flack. I would have enjoyed this film more if they had gone into more detail about what happened to Roberta Flack and her family. Overall, I felt like the film was very good, but I would have liked to see more detail about what really happened. I would recommend this film to fans of Roberta Flack, but I wouldn't recommend it to fans of Roberta Flack that are fans of Bob Dylan.

Zachary Bell photo
Zachary Bell

With a title like "Celebrity" and an age that is not yet deceased this documentary about a pop group in 1974 could be compared to "American Idol". But when you actually get to the "Celebrity" segments the contrast is evident between the warmth and the reality of the people in the dressing room. No matter how much you go into a concert knowing that you are going to hear just that, you really can't get enough of it. I was really amazed with the sheer energy and energy of the band and the songs. I feel as if I understand the songs better than the fans did. I don't know what is it about "Walk the Line" but I think it's one of my favorite songs. The music was awesome, the pacing was excellent, and the film is great for new fans. As I said, I don't think you will enjoy this film if you haven't been around for 70s/80s.

Ashley Wallace photo
Ashley Wallace

This documentary tells the story of two bands, one from the UK and one from Australia, who were very successful in the late 80's, but have since gone their separate ways. The British band are in a sort of limbo, they haven't got the money or the connections to get their music out, and the Australian band are more successful, but don't have the money or the connections to get their music out. The film is a little slow in the beginning, but once the bands get on the road, the film picks up and the interviews are very interesting. The documentary shows the band's ups and downs, and shows how they cope with the pressures of fame, and the pressures of getting their music out. It also shows how they deal with the pressure of a commercial album, which they were probably going to make anyway, but it shows that they do have a very strong sense of musical integrity and the importance of making music that is 'their'. The interviews are very interesting and you get a real feel for the band, and you can see why the band is so successful. The film is very interesting and worth watching, but there is one thing that really annoys me about it. The interviews are done with a sort of 'professional' manner, and the band have been filmed in a very professional manner, but when the interviews are done with the band members themselves, the style changes. For example, when the Australian band are talking about their music, the interview is very very professional, but when the British band are talking about their music, the interviews are done in a very amateurish way. Overall, this is a good documentary, but it is a bit slow in the beginning, but once the bands get on the road, it picks up and it is very interesting. If you like music, or bands, I recommend this documentary.

Steven B. photo
Steven B.

This is the first documentary I have ever seen on the history of Elvis Presley. It was the first time I had ever heard about the real story of Elvis Presley and his music. I am a huge fan of Elvis and I have always admired his music. But I never really knew much about him. Now, I think I have a better understanding of him. I have heard all the stories about Elvis Presley and his life, but I never really got into it. But, after watching this documentary, I am definitely going to look up the real facts of Elvis Presley's life. This documentary is very entertaining and informative. I am very glad that I watched it. I highly recommend watching this documentary. I would also like to mention that the music that was featured in this documentary was from Elvis' most popular songs. I think it was great that they put that music on the documentary because it was great to see the music that was featured in the movie. I think that this is one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen. It was a great documentary and it was very informative. I recommend that you watch this documentary. It is very entertaining.

Jason B. photo
Jason B.

There's no better way to introduce a movie to the masses than with this one. Watching the talents of a succession of Dutches descend from R&B, Pop and R&B to more mainstream pop music, then discovering the life of a 'savior' in the music industry, and even the rise of the Soul brothers. It's hard to put your finger on the exact moment when this movie made me think 'wow, that's cool!' I guess I was struck by the sheer talent of the actors and that's the best way to describe this movie. Seriously, the only real complain that I can come up with is that the acting wasn't that great. BUT that's a very minor thing compared to the quality of this movie. You'd be hard pressed to find a movie that has had so much impact on the culture of youth and you'd be hard pressed to find a movie that is so original and has the same impact. 'Being There' has done just that. It's a movie that was sent out to the world and all I can say is WOW! And this is not just talking about the music. It's about the life of a successful artist. A human who's a hero, and people have to learn to accept him for what he is. After all, this is who we all wish we could be. This is what makes this movie so special and so important. And that's just the beginning.

Michelle photo

There are no people in this movie. As one of the musicians on the album says in the end, 'we are the stars of this movie' - and this is the message of the film, as well as the soundtrack. It tells the story of three men who lived their lives in relative isolation and came together in the end, in a tiny Hollywood studio, and how they made a record together in the last months of their lives, with a title like that. It is the sound of isolation. Without the music, the film would be boring. Without the film, these artists would have been forgotten. It was not their talent that made this film so special - they were all playing with the best of their talent, and it was their talent that made them special. I saw this film many years ago, and I haven't forgotten it. I have listened to the soundtrack on tape, and on CD. I have also read the book, and it is one of my favorite books. Some of the songs on this movie sound familiar - most of the musicians played with the best of their talent, and they were more than the sum of their parts. But, in my opinion, this is the greatest film about musicians. It shows you what life is like on the road, and it shows you what it is like to have your life controlled by your own family - especially the family of the man who is the main character in this film. And it shows the actual path to get there - for some, it is easy, for others, it is hard. And it shows the frustrations and the joy of the search for one's own voice, in the face of family, and friends, and fate. And that is something that no film ever really can do, it cannot do. If you haven't seen this film - see it.

Amy P. photo
Amy P.

This movie is fantastic. Absolutely hilarious, wonderful performances by all the kids. I saw this movie on October 31st in Toronto. I had a great time at the movie. The only reason I did not give it a 10 was because I felt it was slightly over-the-top with the nudity, and that the ending was a bit abrupt. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially people who are not familiar with the movie or the actual story, as the ending is so beautifully done, you are left with a feeling of excitement and wonder and relief that you did not get at the movie theater. I would recommend this movie to anybody.

Kevin photo

James McAvoy as a teen who starts to make friends, ends up smoking crack, of an inspirational talking head, and in many other (and more telling) scenes. In one scene, he says, "This is the moment. This is the moment when you realise that you are not the monster you thought you were". That was one of the most powerful scenes I've ever seen. He went on to talk about how this movie gave him insight into his life. James played a leading role for The Boys in the Band. A group of boys with low self esteem and no confidence in themselves start to grow. They succeed in reaching their ultimate goal of winning a national competition. One of the older boys, Dylan, (Kevin Bacon) is the show stopper. He is very likable and has a great story line. James gave an excellent performance, it really was like you were watching a real guy do his thing, with lots of humour and heart. It also was great to see him and his buddy, Bobby, (Kevin Bacon) as the losers, be a group of role models in the movies. The worst part of the movie for me was the ending, where he says, "Let's break up. You're better at being together than I am". Overall, I'd recommend this movie to people that want to see a good movie, you should also check out Drive, the dark comedy that James did. The Boys in the Band: A Filmmaker's Story is a very interesting movie, that will touch your heart.

Harry G. photo
Harry G.

This is not a documentary, nor an objective of any kind. It's a hard-hitting portrait of a group of gay men who spent their entire lives in the closet, and their relationships with one another, and with society. It's got everything. It's got an outstanding soundtrack, not a single track that sounds out of place, and it's got a great cast, especially Dede Scott as the leader of the group. He is extremely charismatic and poignant, as well as a very good poet. The group members talk about what it was like being gay, who they were and what they did and how they had all of their lives seen as a reaction to a larger human struggle, rather than an abomination. It's really like they are on their own journey, not guided by anybody, and they all end up having a pretty good time. All in all, it's a very entertaining and intimate look at the way that one man's life ended up in the hands of his son. As one of the director, Christian Blau, said, it's like a case study, and it's always entertaining. It's not for the squeamish, it's pretty brutal, but it has a point, and it's not about the gay community as a whole. It's just about being gay, and no one's safe.

Craig photo

The number one problem with kids today is they don't think to read, and are too busy on their gadgets and electronic toys. But we can use that for education, and a better life, which is what happens at Disneyland, because we're not watching real life, but they're doing it. And there are two points that all the kids should know. First, that everything is magic, that you can go there and experience the worlds of fantasy, where dreams become reality and go on a journey that is true to us all. And second, that if you think you don't have anything to do, think again. The writer/director of this film is Danny Elfman, and I know that he also knows about the number one problem, kids today, and is using the number one thing to help kids achieve their dream, that is, to live in a Disney world. This film is a dreamer's dream, because it is one of the best Disney films ever made. So is Finding Nemo, and Cinderella, and many others, and it's not surprising. When you look at some of the greatest films ever made, this film can't be in the top ten. But it's no more than 6 or 7, and only because of the super special effects. I'm looking forward to a movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas, where there will be no digital, just old-fashioned effects. If you want to get really interested, watch Finding Nemo, and then see this film. When you see that it has the number one piece of advice for a young adult in today's culture, you will understand what I'm talking about. "No, you are not supposed to go to a young adult's film!"

Benjamin Delgado photo
Benjamin Delgado

This documentary, only in German, attempts to present "Germany's youth" in all its social-scientific awkwardness. Some 50,000 people attend an exhibition of filmed reflections on this important "thesis." The result is disjointed, but mostly amusing and educational. The "underground" music was probably intentionally left out. This would have been a better experience. Apart from that, some of the film is pretty sensationalist, with pictures of naked women. However, the final part of the documentary is a mixture of anti-war sentiments, against the Nazis, against capitalism, and about how the country is "blending in" to the rest of the world. You can see some socialist appeals here and there, the socialist party often being compared to Hitler's Third Reich. These little tricks are mostly meant to win the audience's sympathy. In the end, though, I was glad that this film wasn't really filled with the usual anti-American propaganda, it didn't make me go crazy. In fact, the film seems to express a positive attitude toward the US. That is the reason why it won so many awards. All in all, the film is good. It's not the best I have seen, but it is still more than I have expected.

Anna O. photo
Anna O.

A fascinating look at the life of Rock and Roll (rock and roll) icon David Bowie. The documentary tells the story of how Bowie met - and later fell in love with - his life long crush, model/actress Georgie Nightingale (he was a director and a producer, he made her a look, and the two went on to be two of the first mainstream pop stars in the history of the music business - very sort of, actually.) and how Bowie became a music icon, as well as a rock star. What it doesn't say is that Bowie was a drug addict, who took acid, and was married to a former prostitute (one of his favorite models) whom he had a sexual relationship with (though he was a huge alcoholic and a drug addict at the time, he was a popular and very successful man at the time, and was one of the first of the music icon's in the early 60s). What it doesn't say is how Bowie got hooked on drugs, and that he had a horrible drug habit for the rest of his life (though he did get sober, and have a life-long drug-free life, in the 80s). I haven't even gotten to the interesting but rather small part of Bowie's life he was a bully (he was married to a bully and took him out on his ass all the time). I don't know why this wasn't included in the movie, but it's a shame that Bowie's legend isn't more complete. Bowie was a great singer, but a terrible actor, and could never pull off a classic performance. What makes Bowie famous was his hits, his popularity, his success, and his explosive personality (he was a bisexual, and was a fierce party animal, and his outbursts of rage were usually good for laughs and amusement, although his drugs often got him in trouble). The film shows Bowie as a very talented, very popular man, with a lot of friends (including future Bond, Pierce Brosnan) and many fans, who was also a great entertainer (though he was far from a successful entertainer), and who had a heart that was always in the right place. I think that David Bowie was a very good guy, who deserved a much better afterlife than he got.

Donna C. photo
Donna C.

No, it's not an Oscar-nominated documentary. And not even a "superstar" movie. It's not about all the great musicians who've gone before. It's about how all the different types of musicians, including the ones who were with Led Zeppelin, started their careers. It's a look at how they got the bands, how they got started, and how it all worked. For every great musician who is told they are a genius, it's about how they had to reinvent themselves, especially in the '60s. And how it can go both ways. "In Their Own Words" gives us some insight into what really goes into writing the music. This movie is not trying to make you a good person. It's not trying to tell you how to live your life. It's not trying to tell you what to think or what not to think. The music itself is just part of who these musicians are, and it's fun to listen to it and be inspired. They were ahead of their time, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Raymond photo

The movie is about the Beatles' early days, and their band "The Beatles." Now, I was never a big fan of any of the Beatles' music, but this documentary follows the band throughout their early years, including their misadventures and lots of on-stage antics. The acting is superb, and you get a sense of the intense rivalry between John, Paul, George and Ringo. The director is actually very professional, and shows his artistic side by using his camera to focus on each individual musician. The music is also very well done, and you can really feel the magical atmosphere. Overall, I really enjoyed this film, as it allows you to truly feel what these guys must have felt in their early years, and give you a glimpse of how they were at the time of the filming. The only thing I did not like, was the ending of the film, and it's probably because the ending of the film has some one-liners that don't belong in a music documentary. However, the film was actually really great, and I recommend it to anybody who likes rock music.

Keith W. photo
Keith W.

One of the great things about watching this film is that it uses no tricks, cheap tricks, or gimmicks that would hide the truth of the matter. It clearly shows the complex and extremely controversial subject matter that was debated by so many people in the 80's. By comparison, I believe that "the Other Side" did a pretty good job on this movie, but "Paul" leaves some huge "immoral" holes in the plot. The "P" ticket factor, for instance, was a bit much, for me at least. However, there are some areas that were somewhat more professional and thus "revered" by the producers, who probably have much more experience with gay/biosexual issues. The fact that the movie is a documentary and not a Hollywood movie is also a plus, though it does not stop me from criticizing the documentary format. The fact that the director chose the subjects to interview in a non-traditional format adds to the realism of the film. The music is also a very unique touch, especially the electronic instrumentation. I particularly liked the instrumentation that was used in "The Other Side". On the other hand, I think that the story would have been better served without any mention of the roles of X or X-Rays, which are irrelevant to the "Paul" story. Overall, a well-made, dramatic film that is not meant to be taken too seriously, but only to be a thorough exploration of an important topic.

Jerry C. photo
Jerry C.

With its unapologetically revolutionary camera-work, highly creative use of music and soundtrack to create a mood and a vision, and an eye for those details, '90s wave have the look of a high-budget Hollywood movie, and when you want to see that without a catchy score, you'll certainly want to get your hands on '90s wave. '90s wave has a quirky soundtrack, a cool soundtrack and a serious look at the music industry and its complicated relationship with electronic music and technology. If you're not a fan of the music of the '90s wave, you probably won't like this. If you are, you'll see all the details that this music has come to stand for. It's an impressive and moving film. I thought it would be more about the music and the artists, but it actually has much more to offer. The story is an example of how the music became about more than the artists. The interviews are some of the best interviews of any film I've ever seen. It's interesting to see how even the real lives of people connected to music are filtered through the subject of music. I thought it was really cool how the music became a tool of the interviewees. It is such an important part of who they are, especially the women. The movie also does a great job of exposing the world of the music industry. The power of the music itself is not only used to give power, but to manipulate. It's very powerful. The interviews are definitely worth watching. The music is the icing on the cake. If you like the music of the '90s wave, you'll definitely like this.

Hannah B. photo
Hannah B.

This is a documentary about the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones. The story goes from the start of the band to the end of their career. The rock music is very important for the American society. There is a lot of pressure from the rock fans to be in the rock band. There are many problems in the band like the manager, the singer, the singer's girlfriend and the singer's brother. The band is just like any other rock band. The documentary is about their life and about the rock music. There are many things that you have to see in the documentary. I recommend this documentary to people who like rock music. The documentary is about the band's life and about the rock music.