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Bird Box

Bird Box is a movie starring Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malkovich. Five years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide, a mother and her two children make a desperate bid to reach safety.

Other Titles
Кутија за птице, バード・ボックス, Madarak a dobozban, Nie otwieraj oczu, Às Cegas, Bird Box: A ciegas, Bird Box: Orbeste, Caixa de Pássaros, A ciegas, 蒙上你的眼, Bird Box - Schließe deine Augen, Με τα Μάτια Κλειστά, Bird box: a ciegas, Lồng Chim
Running Time
2 hours 4 minutes
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Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama
Susanne Bier
Josh Malerman, Eric Heisserer
Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Sandra Bullock
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Amid a nightmarish new reality where an unseen malevolent force purges the global population, the single mother, Malorie, and her two children, embark on a life-threatening quest to find the last protected haven on Earth. However, in this dangerous quest, one's eyesight is the real enemy--and as the defenceless blindfolded protector summons up the courage to follow a faint shred of hope hidden deep in a refuge down the river--darkness may be the only thing that can save them. Now, the rules of survival have changed. Will Malorie and her kids live to see another day?

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Keith photo

This movie is beyond good, I'm so disappointed with the critics.I really loved this movie. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, ever. When the subject matter was about a person with a box that opens when a trigger is activated, I loved it. In this case, there was another survivor in the box, you don't know who it is until it's too late, but she's the one in the box. She's sent to a planet populated by box-like creatures and has a list of things she has to do. I love how there is no explanation of the origin of the box, just that it was a gift that was given to this woman. It really makes you care for these people, especially the woman with the box. The emotions that she felt when she realized that she was pregnant was genuine and very well-done. I really love the ending. The director did a fantastic job. I don't know how the critics and other reviews will react to this movie. If you are interested in the movie, I would recommend it. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is into psychological thriller films. I would give it a 9 out of 10. This movie deserves to be in the top 100 movies list, because it is simply amazing. 10/10.

Benjamin Mendez photo
Benjamin Mendez

I just loved the movie, but i think the director did a great job, and it is a very deep movie, that the very strong will to go deeper into this movie. Everyone should watch this movie.

Kenneth H. photo
Kenneth H.

No spoilers but this movie was so much more than any movie I could have predicted. Not sure if there is a spoiler. I haven't seen a movie like this in a while. The plot was new and exciting. The photography was amazing. I found myself kept watching, however, not wanting to see the end. There was so much more to see in the movie. This movie wasn't for the easily upset. The movie scared me and I'm sure every other person in the theater that I sat with. I'm not saying that movies need to have constant death and destruction, but the art to show horror on film needs to be the cause for it. This movie made me think hard. The movie scared me, I wasn't thinking about movies like "What The #$&%* is going on" because the characters in the movie were just so well crafted, the images portrayed were graphic and scary. This movie made me think about my personal beliefs and beliefs that I've had about different topics. The characters were so well developed and had realistic situations that will never happen in real life. The ending of the movie makes me think about the series of films we have just recently been forced to watch. We watch horror and we watch fun horror. These movies are not set in a dark universe. This movie is set in a different universe to the original "Halloween" because they are two different characters. What they represent is a different universe. In my opinion, "Halloween" is a great movie, but "Hostel" is an excellent movie. This movie has no idea about how to end. It is a movie that takes you in it's own world. There are scenes that will keep you in your seat the entire time. The director was able to bring you in to the horror show. This movie is something that will stay with you for a long time. I could tell the director put a lot of time into the picture and did his homework. I hope that others will give this movie a chance. If you like horror movies, you should see this movie. Please watch the movie as soon as possible because if you want a good scare you won't get it until you leave the theater. "Hostel: The Beginning" was a much better movie, but this movie takes you into the movie world and leaves you wanting more. This is a movie that I will be looking for the next one. I really loved the beginning and that is a story we have seen in movies like "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Saw". It just shows what happens if you let a bad situation go too far and push it to a point of never being able to stop it from happening. This movie is my favorite of the year. I was not disappointed in this movie. I highly recommend it. I hope you will find the time to watch this movie. The ending was a little confusing but I understand why it was like that. It was a little confusing that my boyfriend walked out on me to go watch "Hostel: The Beginning" instead of me. The end of the movie definitely had me thinking. I was still thinking about the movie the next day. It was such a great movie and I enjoyed it immensely.

Brenda photo

Horror is the cheapest way to make a movie. I think I'm gonna throw in the horror for the love of movies. The way to tell a good horror movie is the same way to tell a good love story. You have to make a viewer believe they have seen something and they think they have. You have to make them feel something. Horror movies have to have something to get people in a certain mindset. You can't make a good horror movie and make it a good love story because it doesn't happen that way. Just like you couldn't make a great play and make it a great play and made it a great play, you can't make a great horror movie and make it a great love story. You have to have something to get the viewer in the mindset of how they feel. We all know that Hollywood is using horror and science fiction to make more money. If they were to stop thinking about science fiction and start thinking about horror and having a heart, horror movies would become more frequent. And, Hollywood would have a heart. This movie is amazing. It has heart, and it is good. The acting was also amazing. Jennifer Lawrence really did a great job and Robert Downey Jr. was an excellent choice for Iron Man. As for Milla Jovovich and James Franco, they did a good job as well. You don't need actors to write a good movie. You need a good director. You can write a good screenplay and put your best acting on it, but you have to be able to write a good movie. This movie was great. I loved it. It was the best movie I have seen in a while. It had heart, it had good acting, it had suspense, it had great plot, and it had great directing. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a while. I have seen bad movies in my time, but this movie is even better than some of the worse movies I have seen. It is amazing.

Joseph D. photo
Joseph D.

I watched this movie for the first time with my wife (30)and it was a revelation. We had both seen the trailers and they promised a great movie. In actuality, we had all the expectations totally demolished by how it turned out. The fact that this movie is filmed almost like a documentary, only they have cameras and recorded what they see, creates a perfect sense of reality and immersion for the audience. In fact, there is no plot, just a series of events, and that is exactly the way that happens in the story. The fact that they are filmed in such a detached manner from the time is not a flaw, it is the way that they have to be. There is no CGI or any other artificiality that would detract from the movie. The movie is a brilliant piece of work. The best movies are the ones that make you think and relate to a character, the ones that make you question what you are seeing and having some sort of intelligent conversation about it with your friends or family. And if that is what you like, then this is your movie.

Gregory Rodriguez photo
Gregory Rodriguez

I've been wondering why there has been such a lack of discussion on the book. I thought the novel was a dark one but the movie could be described as "post-apocalyptic". I thought the movie was well-constructed and directed. I've always felt the book was more intriguing and original. There were some changes in the book but nothing so drastic as to render the book meaningless. I found the movie to be very true to the novel. It was a pleasure to see these characters in the flesh, in the lush, green, lush landscape of the post-apocalyptic United States. My only complaint is the ending. It made me question whether or not the characters were going to be saved. But it did tie up some loose ends. A must see film.

Maria C. photo
Maria C.

I've seen many horror movies in my life. I've seen this many times. The thing that makes this movie so scary and so realistic is the actors. After watching this movie you can't help but laugh because you know that's what the killer is going to do. I have never seen a movie that scared me so much. If you have seen this movie then you can't help but feel scared and hope that there are a lot of humans alive. If you haven't seen it and are thinking about watching this movie don't. It will make you think for a few days. It may even change your life.

Hannah Hamilton photo
Hannah Hamilton

The story of a father/son relationship is one that is all too often explored in horror films. But while there are numerous examples of horror films that have been rooted in their own special brand of family bonds, the kind that you can actually identify with, there's always the sense that we are looking at an entirely different film from our own experiences and we're so far away from these creatures that the film becomes just another beast for them to dominate. And yet. It's in this kind of film that this film works like a miracle. As a whole it feels like an average horror film. The story is pretty predictable. As is typical for many low budget horror films, the acting is mostly forgettable. It's only a few of the performances that are really amazing. The movie is set in a hospital where the staff are coping with the death of a patient that had taken part in a medical experiment gone awry. The two main characters are older siblings who are estranged from one another and try to find comfort in each other's company but the two are unable to communicate. They are content with their environments and each other. This makes it easier to watch and at times it feels like the two are just out to protect each other. The two characters are separated by walls and with no other outlet for their feelings or needs. The film does manage to tell a story and the character of Karen, who appears at the beginning, manages to be a real character, even if her impact on the main characters is very limited. The rest of the cast has some pretty impressive and haunting performances. Yet, it's also the two leads who manage to really come through. It's their performance that carries the film. There's not a lot of character development. However, the tension that grows between them is enough to keep you guessing how they will react. The score does play a big part in the mood and the overall atmosphere of the film. It's sometimes creepy, sometimes downright scary and sometimes very gently haunting. All the pieces fit perfectly and the movie never ceases to stay exciting for any moment. If you're not scared by the constant roaring and wailing sounds, you should be. There's a strong element of the supernatural that comes into play in this film that's a pleasant surprise. The film is also effective with its characters. There are no frills and no cheap scares. It is most definitely a film that will have you wondering about what you just witnessed for days and days after you've seen it. It's an effective film, but one that's not your typical horror film. It's unique, but not something that would be popular for any audience.

Jeffrey G. photo
Jeffrey G.

i don't want to spoil the film but it is one of my favourite films of all time. really great performances all around. i don't really like remakes of movies but i was so happy that they kept it faithful to the book. hopefully the other ones will do it too. i highly recommend this film. watch it for yourself and decide for yourself.

Johnny photo

Went into the cinema expecting a horror film, but I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It is very ambitious and from my perspective this is the first film that has made me say to myself "That was quite good". The concept of a movie where everything you see has an underlying meaning and also the moral of the story is also strong. I would recommend this movie to all the movie enthusiasts. This is definitely worth the money and time that you would save by not going to the cinema.

Karen Cooper photo
Karen Cooper

I remember watching this film on television as a kid and being blown away by it. I have since found it on Netflix streaming, and so has my mom. I have to say that I'm very glad that I did. The story revolves around a family. One family, that was part of the meteor shower of 1919, ends up being destroyed by it. The other family, the ones left in the cloud, live a normal life until it's time to leave. The original family also lives in the cloud, but become separated from the meteor shower, and are torn apart from the outside. The movie basically follows the family from the outside, and the family from the inside. The great thing about the movie is that there are multiple characters, and many different stories happening. I've seen this film a number of times and I still love it. It takes me back to my childhood and how I loved it. My favorite scene is probably the one with the fish pond, or the scene with the stick being used as a weapon, or the "word of the day" from a shotgun to a shotgun. All of these are special moments that I remember all having been huge parts of my childhood. I like to think that this movie will be a cult classic, and probably have one of my favorites ever on it, but if I had to pick one, it'd be the scene with the family from the meteor shower trying to be detached from the meteor shower. I feel that the time frame of the meteor shower is important. This film is set during the time of the comet that is destroying the planet, and makes it that the meteor shower started and ended with the meteor shower. The one thing I would change is that the family that stayed in the cloud, instead of being a part of the meteor shower, was the ones that were killed. I don't know why they didn't just leave the meteor shower on. There are a couple other things that I would change, but I love it. I have two other favorite scenes, one in which the family is playing music in their house, and they notice a figure in their bedroom, but have no idea what it is. The music started playing, and when they turned around, it was a door. I also like the scene where the woman is holding the dog, and is hearing something outside her window, but is unable to see. The dog eventually stops at the window, and the woman turns around and sees the figure inside the window. The "water" thing is also a great thing, as it made me want to go out and go swimming again. I love it. 10/10 stars!

Jeremy photo

A film that makes you think, and go "Oh well." A movie that makes you think so hard that you will fall asleep. I personally have not seen such a masterpiece in a long time, it's unreal and so utterly frightening it makes you feel sick. I really cannot say enough about how this film made me feel. The Director, the actors, everything, everything. The movie itself is really damn good, and if it's not for you i really suggest you to watch it, the theory behind it is really well done, the whole story is really cool, and the ending makes you say "WOW!" Like a surreal and excellent. I say 5 stars out of 10, just for this reason, which i will explain to you when you watch it. if you're a guy you might want to watch it. If you like horror, or a film that makes you feel really uncomfortable, watch this film, and make sure you don't lose your sanity.

Kathryn A. photo
Kathryn A.

I didn't read the reviews, and I can't say for sure whether or not I thought this movie was awful, but I feel I am right. I think this is a story that really can't be told, and perhaps should not be told. It's essentially a story about a couple who are in a relationship and find themselves together and suddenly realizing that they cannot have children. They try to make something happen but nothing happens. There is no point to this. The movie is somewhat flawed but has some interesting scenes. The first scene is very disturbing and real. The couple watching the world go by is very realistic and effective. I was shocked. I think the 2nd scene is very similar to the scene where the couple are watching the world pass by from a plane. The third scene is a bit more subtle and realistic and effective. The whole movie is horrifying, disturbing and highly effective. I wouldn't say this is a horror film, but it does offer some really strong scenes of trauma and gore. There is a lot of disturbing and powerful scenes. The use of slow-mo is really effective. The music, acting, and acting in general is very strong. The characters are well developed. It's not the best movie I've seen, but I believe it is an important one. There are a few drawbacks in the movie. The characters themselves are very controlled and quite static. I am a strong believer that sometimes the characters have to be more independent. And also the movie was slow in many parts. Some scenes were rather long and boring. The movie could have been shorter. And the movie seems to have lots of holes in it, such as the ending. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this movie to a teen or a mature adult, but it is definitely worth the watch.

Catherine Schneider photo
Catherine Schneider

This film is one of the best horror films ever made. If you're interested in reading more about the movie, check out the IMDb site. This movie has a classic science fiction/horror plot, believable characters, an outstanding, beautiful and imaginative story, and beautiful imagery. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions and ideas. This film is truly an experience. If you don't see the visual and visceral effects in the film, you should check them out. I really can't say enough about this film. I recommend this movie for any and all who want to see a truly beautiful film with a complex plot and superb visuals.