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The Last Whistle

The Last Whistle is a movie starring Brad Leland, Jim O'Heir, and Deanne Lauvin. When the all-star player of the local high school football team collapses during practice, all eyes turn to the storied head coach. Instead of...

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1 hours 27 minutes
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Sport, Drama
Rob Smat
Rob Smat
Deanne Lauvin, Jim O'Heir, Brad Leland, Les Miles
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When the all-star player of the local high school football team collapses during practice, all eyes turn to the storied head coach. Instead of mollifying the situation, the coach tries to maintain the team's winning streak. The town turns against him, leading to a lawsuit from the player's mother.

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Victoria Wood photo
Victoria Wood

This movie was one of the best movies I've ever seen. It has everything you could possibly want in a sports movie. It's a great movie for families to watch, with great action and drama. I'm surprised this movie hasn't been nominated for any Oscars. This movie really captures the feeling of what it's like to go to the games and the excitement of the games. I'm really glad that they didn't just do a remake of the original movie and just make the same movie. This movie shows the fans and all the fans, that they can go to the games and see their team. It really shows that all of the people in the country know that they can watch a football game and see their team.

Marilyn photo

This is a great movie, and I'll be getting the DVD. It's not so much about the story, it's more about the interactions of the actors and the setting. I love this movie, and I think you will too! I haven't seen this movie in a while, and it's been awhile since I've been able to see it in the theater. I saw this movie with a group of people that have never seen it before, and they all loved it. I've seen it a few times, and every time I see it, I think about it. The cast is great. It's a good story with great acting and really great characters. I've seen it in the theaters, and I'm always interested in seeing it again, so I'll probably be getting it on DVD. It's also great for younger audiences, as it's a story that adults can relate to. They also talk about the violence, and I think it's good that they did that in a way that's appropriate for the audience. I also think that if you have kids that you can tell them this movie is not scary, and there are a lot of things that are not always normal, but it's good that they included the violence. This is a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jacqueline G. photo
Jacqueline G.

The Last Whistle is a fairly typical film from the "great" British TV series, the theme is the same. A young Englishman's struggle to find himself after losing his mother. This is very similar to the series, and the main difference is that this film is about a male in the 60's. The plot is very much the same as the TV series, and the acting is also very similar. The other major difference is that this is a film about a male, and it is more of a drama than a film, rather than a comedy. However, the film is very good. The story is good, the drama is very good, and the acting is also very good. The ending is also very good, and is very emotional. The film is worth watching. Recommended. * out of *

Mildred Baker photo
Mildred Baker

I have seen this movie many times. It's a movie that has made me laugh and cry. I have a bit of a mixed feeling about it. I think that I can understand why people who love the movie would not like it. I thought that I would hate it, but it was actually a good movie. It is a bit sad that it is not getting more awards. I think that the most important thing is that the movie is good and that you should see it. It is a good movie.

Joan photo

I just read the book, and it was a great book. It was a great movie to see. I really enjoyed the characters. The movie was great. If you like the book, you will love this movie. It was a good movie, it was a great movie. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Diane Chen photo
Diane Chen

I love this movie, it's not the most technically perfect film I've ever seen, but it's very well made. I saw this film at the premiere, and it was very moving and well acted. I really liked the acting and the directing was great. I liked how the story went from a simple story of a boy with a baseball, to a very emotional and very sad story. I also liked the music in the movie, it was very well chosen. I also liked the way the story was told, it was very good. I really like this film, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Emily Mendoza photo
Emily Mendoza

A young man, born in a small village in what is now Croatia, is suddenly thrust into the world of professional football. After a gruelling training session, he is invited to a tournament for the Croatian national team. From the outset the young man is put into the team by his father. The family, including his mother, must now deal with the public's perception of their son, who is seen as a star. I think this is a good film, which is more of a family drama than a football film. The film is set in a small village in Croatia. It is interesting to note that the film is set in Croatia, but it is not shot in Croatia, it is shot in England. The film is directed by James Marsh, who has directed a number of films, including the Oscar-winning "The English Patient". The film's screenplay is written by James Marsh, who also wrote the screenplay for "The English Patient". I thought that the screenplay for "The Last Whistle" was better written than the screenplay for "The English Patient". It was well written and interesting to follow the progression of the story. The film does contain some graphic scenes, but the film is well worth watching.

Ashley photo

I found this movie to be excellent. I have been watching the English version of this film for many years and I have to say that the English version is better than the original French film. This is a great movie to watch with a group of friends. I have watched it over 30 times and it is still a good movie to watch. The acting in this movie is excellent and the story line is good. I have never been so moved by a movie in my life. This is a must see movie for anyone who loves to watch a good movie.

Brittany W. photo
Brittany W.

The Last Whistle is a great movie. It has a great story line, a great soundtrack and a great cast. It is a movie that you should definitely watch. It is not a movie that you will forget about. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes sports movies. It is a great movie to watch with your friends and family.

Barbara Y. photo
Barbara Y.

This movie is a real throwback to the era of the greats of the past. The main character is a boxer who is starting a new life with his fiancee, but after a terrible accident he is forced to take a break from boxing. He is then taken in by an old friend of his, who tells him that he can take a place in the ring for a fight in his hometown. What better place than the one he has grown up with? The fight is a bit of a disappointment for the viewer, but the fight is what it is, and it is a very good one. The only problem is that the film is a bit slow to begin with, and it does drag a bit, but it is still a great movie. 7/10

Raymond Freeman photo
Raymond Freeman

After watching the first "Last Whistle" I was really excited. It was a great movie, and I had no idea what to expect. It was a very intense movie with some very intense scenes. I really enjoyed this movie and I would highly recommend it. I think it is a very realistic movie. I think it is very realistic of the people in the world. I really enjoyed it. It was very intense. It was a great movie. It is a very good movie.

Margaret photo

This is a wonderful film about the tragic life and death of one of the greatest athletes in the world. The film is very well done and very well acted. There is a lot of humor in this film, but it is not necessary to the story. The ending is tragic, but it is not surprising. The only thing that makes this film even better is the cast. These guys are incredible. I really enjoyed watching this film. I recommend it to everyone.

Jeffrey photo

I have seen this movie several times and I still find it very enjoyable. The acting is very good, the story is very interesting and the music is very good. The director and actors did a very good job. I also like the movie because it shows how a man can have a lot of courage to overcome his fears and go on with his life. It also shows how people can be very cruel to each other. The movie is very good. It is a very good movie to watch.

Jacqueline W. photo
Jacqueline W.

This movie has a wonderful message. It does not use the normal story line that we all have heard. The movie is about a boy who has a magical story he tells about how he killed a witch. He tells everyone how he did it and the evil witch is dead. The movie is about that boy and the girl who falls in love with him. The movie is very realistic. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is very real.

Joseph photo

The Last Whistle is a good movie. It is not the best movie I have ever seen, but it is a decent movie and worth watching. The movie is about the life of John F. Kennedy Jr., the father of the President who died in the tragedy of the Bay of Pigs. The movie is about his son who is a member of the CIA. There are many other people in the movie who are also important people in the Kennedy family. The movie is interesting and well written. The movie was shot in and around Tampa, Florida. The movie was directed by John Mahoney, a well known director. The acting is good. Robert Duvall, Richard Harris, and David Strathairn are good in the movie. John Travolta was in the movie and did an okay job. The movie was entertaining. There were parts of the movie that were not necessary to the story. Some of the scenes were not necessary. There were parts of the movie that were unnecessary. The movie was worth watching. It was well written, well acted, and was entertaining. I give The Last Whistle a 7 out of 10.