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Cocote is a movie starring Vicente Santos, Yuberbi de la Rosa, and José Miguel Fernández. An Evangelical Christian man attends the funeral services of his father in his hometown, where he has to participate in religious rites that...

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1 hours 46 minutes
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Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
Yuberbi de la Rosa, Kalyane Linares, José Miguel Fernández, Vicente Santos
Argentina, Qatar, Germany, Dominican Republic
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Cocote is the story of Alberto, a garden worker who returns to his native town to attend the funeral of his father, murdered by a police. He finds himself attending religious services against his will. The story takes viewers to experience AfroAntillean spirituality and Dominican religious syncretism, bringing about reflects of intrinsic aspects of Dominican culture. In the film, the starring roles are by: Vicente Santos, Judith Rodríguez, Yuberbi de la Rosa, Pepe Sierra, José Miguel Fernández, Ricardo Ariel Toribio, Isabel Spencer and Enerolisa Núñez (Salve singer).

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Edward photo

I was greatly looking forward to this movie. The previews seemed to be promising, and I had heard some great things about the film. I'm a fan of a couple of Anderson's other films, and I like his weird, warped, brilliant style of film-making. I expected great things from this film. However, I was very disappointed. There is so much talk about the structure of the film, and I felt as if the structure was never elaborated upon. The dialog was very boring, and the film started off slow. As the film progressed, the dialog seemed to become more and more repetitive and slow, and it seemed to lose some of the wild nature of the first half. The characters in the film seemed very underwritten. Even the most random character seemed to have some depth to them. The first half of the film was great, but the second half seemed to drag on and on. It was very hard to keep my interest in the film. I have to say that I was very disappointed with the ending of the film. It was not a satisfactory conclusion, and left a lot of questions open for the future. All in all, this film was a lot of fun, but it seemed like the filmmakers could have gone further than they did. If you are a fan of the director's previous work, and you are looking for a decent film to pass the time, check this one out.

Heather photo

I caught this movie at a special screening in NYC, and was pleasantly surprised. Based on an off-the-beaten-path novel by Dan Brown, this was very well done, and had a few surprises. While it isn't the biggest winner in terms of film-making, it has a great deal of heart and will leave you with a smile on your face. Daniel Day Lewis is fine in this film, and Colin Farrell is also good as the lead character. This is a very well written film, and I look forward to the future work of Mr. Brown.

Kyle M. photo
Kyle M.

This is not a story of a convict, it's a story about a man who is not a criminal, but a human being. This man is the anti-hero, the anti-heroine of the film. The story is told as a documentary, about a woman who is a radical feminist, but in reality she is a little too free and hippyish, too much in love with her creativity and sensuality, too human and open to the world. I think that this is one of the most important lessons that a feminist film can teach, the first being that the world is not a place for men to run around in the mud. The second, is that women can be feminists, too. The film is well made and beautifully shot, but in the end, the message is pretty flat. The man in the film is a human being. A good film, but it would be a lot better if it had a better message.

Carl Barrett photo
Carl Barrett

I first saw this movie about ten years ago and I didn't even remember it. So, I rented it again last night and remembered that I had seen it when I was about thirteen. So I watched it again last night and realized that this movie really speaks to me. I'm so glad that I did! This movie is very controversial. I think that I am the only one who thinks so! It's so funny. It's very clever. I give this movie a 7/10. And that's why I give this movie a 10/10. That's why I'm giving this movie a 10/10!

Christopher photo

I was never a great fan of Gillian Anderson. Her approach to the role of Cocote was far too subtle for me. The one time I really loved her in the role was when she was in a silly movie about a girl who was captured and forced to play a happy game. It was very funny and she was excellent. This is her best performance to date. I actually think she does a good job at playing the brooding character. She is too quiet but it's her acting and it works for this movie. The other actors are good, especially Dreyfus who is great in the part. The story is a little corny but I understand it because we see so many different kinds of police officers. I still really liked the movie and would recommend it to people who enjoy a good crime movie. I give this a 7 out of 10.

John C. photo
John C.

It is as though every aspect of this film was improvised, and the result is a visual masterpiece, the best of its kind I have ever seen. The film is set in the fictional land of Cocote, a world where magic can be bought, the environment is "green" and everyone, regardless of age, creed or class, can afford a high-end luxury home. When Laertes (played by Jean Reno) and his brother Ruy (played by Jack Nicholson) move into the new home, they immediately notice the great upkeep to the home, and when they find out that their car is broken, they immediately start to make their way up to the estate, to check it out for themselves. But when they find out that there is something very wrong with the car, they find that they have to leave the car, and they start to make their way back to the estate, and even when they return, things start to get weird. The acting in this film is by far, the best I have ever seen in a feature film. I don't know if it was that all of the characters were known to the actors, or if it was that they had all done some other film, but they all pulled off a brilliant performance, all the while being portrayed as serious, but they were still very comedic. But I must say, I can't believe I never heard of the original film before watching this, because it has so much to do with the film. Everything from the opening scene, to the closing shot, is the very image of Cocote, and it is everything I could have hoped for, and more. Everything in this film is an homage to the original film, and it is amazing, and the score, well it is a marvel of a soundtrack. I would recommend this film to anyone, but if you have not seen it, and you must see it, you may be surprised. It is a masterpiece, and if you haven't seen it, please do so immediately, because you will not regret it.

Timothy photo

This is the type of film that the film critic on TV talk show "The Young Turks" is raving about. "Why, oh why, isn't this film being released in the theater? Why isn't this film going to theaters? I can't wait to see it. It's so great! It's so exciting! I can't wait to see it!" I agree, it's exciting. But the movie itself is a little slow. And there is no action in the movie. I think it's a bit of a disappointment. But I think I'll go see it again sometime. It's just a shame that it wasn't released in the theaters.

Frank photo

I was so interested to watch this film, and was so thrilled when I saw it was already nominated for a film academy award. I'm so glad I watched it. I don't want to say anything about it, other than it's really really good. It's not a Hollywood movie like "The Shawshank Redemption" but it's not bad either. It has a great story line, good acting, great direction, and good photography. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good movie to watch, and to anyone who enjoys a good, enjoyable story. I hope this helps!

Brenda photo

I had no idea what to expect when I decided to watch this movie. I have no idea how to describe it. It is a movie about a man who has lived and died in the past. He is the reincarnation of his father. He has not yet died and so he is in a perpetual state of sadness. When his mother dies, he gets the chance to return to his original life. The story is really simple and straightforward. The director made a great job of getting the audience involved with the story. It is really simple, but you know it will end in a beautiful way. The last shot of the movie is just perfect. It is one of the most beautiful and beautiful endings I have ever seen in a movie. The cinematography is very important to this movie, because it helps the story to be more realistic. It is a romantic movie, but it has a more romantic ending than I would like to think. I really love this movie and I would recommend it to any movie lover. It is a movie that you will never forget.

Tammy H. photo
Tammy H.

This film is the story of a young woman named Cocote (Michelle Williams). She is a child prodigy and, although she is good at sports, she has a poor social life. A friend, Simon (Rory Culkin) tells her of the possibility of her becoming a world-class pianist. She accepts his offer, but has to deal with the fact that Simon is now married. While she is in England, she meets Max (Owen Wilson), a musician who knows her father's secret. He tells her that the father of the pianist, who is her father's friend, is now the president of the world. Cocote decides to move to Germany, where she will have a chance to excel at something she loves. I thought the acting in this movie was quite good. Owen Wilson was good in his role. Michelle Williams was very good in the part. The movie was very well made. The production values were also very good. There were some very nice camera work. The music was also very good, but some of the songs are a little bit cheesy and weird. The acting was also quite good. I found the ending to be a little bit depressing, because I didn't like the character of Max. But overall, the movie was a very good film. It was a bit confusing at first, but it was a good film. The story of Cocote was good, but the plot was a little confusing at times. It was also a bit unrealistic, but the ending was really sad. The movie was good, but I don't like the character of Max, because it wasn't very realistic. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. I give this movie 7 out of 10.

Elizabeth G. photo
Elizabeth G.

A documentary focusing on the life of a retired journalist, as well as the life of his wife, who is the subject of this movie. It is not only the family life that is important, but the life of the journalist himself. The film does not present the life of the journalist as a whole, but rather, it shows just the life of a single man. There are more than two different stories in this film, and some of them are pretty incredible, as well as others are very depressing. The fact that it was filmed in the same place and that the main character of the story is a local guy who lives in the same town with his wife and children, makes it very interesting. The second story is also very good, but is not as good as the first one. The overall idea of the film is really good, and is well done. The movie is a bit too long, but the last half-hour or so is very good. If you liked the first one, you should definitely see this one. The conclusion is good, as well, and some of the information on the other two stories is good. The main thing is that this is a very interesting movie, which can really be appreciated for what it is.

Phillip photo

Watched this movie in our local cinema in Prague and it's worth a watch. It's not a 'perfect' film, because it's a bit slow and the dialogs are not as easy as in many movies. But it's a good film. I'm not a fan of the characters in this movie. I mean they are so simple and boring. It's just a story about life and about the American Dream.

Arthur Weber photo
Arthur Weber

I was able to catch this movie at a time when it was being promoted by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) as an example of a movie that was based on a true story. I think the SPLC is a group that just likes to spread lies and make people nervous. The movie is simply about two guys from Houston who get caught up in the Texas militia movement. It's no longer the Texas militia movement, but it's still relevant. The two of them find themselves getting involved in the events surrounding the South by the way and they both get arrested. They are taken to the border where they are tortured by the militia. One of them ends up killed and the other gets a serious injury. After they are done, they get released. They go to find out what happened to the other. The rest of the movie is about that. I don't want to say too much about the movie because it's just another hate-filled movie. If you are looking for a movie that will make you angry, look somewhere else. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think, look somewhere else. This movie is basically about two guys who end up doing the wrong thing and have to deal with it. It's not a very good movie, but it's very good for the very, very short time it is on TV. It's not a movie that you will remember for a long time. It's very good for what it is. It's not great, but it's not terrible. Just don't look for something great. Just look for something you can get enjoyment out of.

Ralph S. photo
Ralph S.

I am not going to comment on the plot as it has been made public in some other review. What I would like to say is that this movie is not just a documentary about a single person who is a caretaker. In this case, the caretaker was also a prisoner who was not given a chance to escape. I don't know if it is possible to be an independent caretaker without being a prisoner. The story of this caretaker, that does not want to become a prisoner, who is not interested in the profession of caretaker, but rather is more interested in his wife and child. This is why he is the subject of the story. It is a very moving movie with an outstanding performance by Ronda Rousey. If you want to know more about the story of the caretaker, I recommend this film.

Barbara Fernandez photo
Barbara Fernandez

I came across this film on the Sundance Channel and I loved it. It was good, but I think it could have been better. As a little girl I was obsessed with a female karate karate fighter named Coco whose fight scene with a bully was so intense I didn't want to stop it. So I never saw it but it inspired me to see the movie. I was disappointed to find out the little girl had been "sold" by her mother, but then the boy on the porch said that he was "just like Coco", and so I guess I can understand why Coco's mother sold her to the Man in White. But still, the movie is really good. The story is good. The acting is good. The characters are well developed. And the cinematography and lighting are great. I will recommend it to anyone I know who likes movies like the ones I have mentioned. This is one of those movies that you should watch because you want to see some great movies, not because it is a family film. You can definitely see the family movie and I think you will like it.

Patrick Jones photo
Patrick Jones

I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie. It was very good. The actors were great. The story was good and the characters were believable. If you want to see a movie that's fast paced and fun then this is the movie for you. Don't get me wrong, it is nothing like my other favorite movies like Walkabout or Up in the Air, but it's a very enjoyable movie and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Helen Miller photo
Helen Miller

I first saw this movie as a child when it was first broadcast. I watched it often as a child and loved it. I have never seen it since then, and even today, I have never watched it. This is a movie that everyone should see. It is a story about a young woman who comes out of the closet and lives as a man, until she meets a young man. He is on the other side of her life, so to speak. I think it is a very well-done movie, and I am surprised that it was not shown more frequently. I would definitely recommend this movie for those who want to see a movie about a gay man coming to terms with his sexuality. I think this is a very realistic movie. I don't want to give anything away, but the acting in this movie is very good.

Amber Stewart photo
Amber Stewart

I'm a big fan of Michel Ancel. He's one of the few directors I really like. His films, especially The Counsel and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, are usually intelligent, stylish, and at times surprisingly profound. They're all in the same genre, and the man is an expert at manipulating his actors into telling his story. This is what he does best. I have to say, I was a little hesitant to watch this film, but it was very well done and I can't wait to see it again. The plot revolves around a man who, when he is old enough, plans to commit suicide. This is the beginning of a series of vignettes where he is interrogated by his therapist. These vignettes have him talking about his life, his feelings, and his hopes for the future. This film, and Ancel's others, are more than just a visual spectacle. They're actually very intelligent. They're more thoughtful and have a lot more meaning than your average Hollywood flick. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that I was totally taken by the ending. I thought it was quite touching and that's why I liked it so much. I really felt for this character. He's very lonely and it makes you want to help him. I thought he deserved it. I really can't say much about the acting, but it was great. I've never really liked Patrick Swayze, but I really liked him in this. I loved his acting. Overall, I was very impressed with this film. It's very intelligent and thought-provoking. It's definitely worth seeing.

Ashley R. photo
Ashley R.

I was very surprised to see that this was the most successful film of 2009 in Spain, and I also was shocked to see the number of Spanish movies made. "Cocote" is the third Spanish movie in the "Cinema Española" series, and it is the best one. It is not really a drama, it's a character study of a young girl who is determined to find her lost father. The acting is outstanding, and the directing is impeccable. But I am really surprised to see that this movie was so popular in Spain, because in Spain there is really no serious drama about lost families or lost children. In "Cocote", the story is very intense, and I'm really convinced that the audience can feel what the actors are feeling. In this movie, the director shows the pain, the pain of a lost child and the pain of a father who is very close to his daughter. In "Cocote", I want to say that Spain should learn to do better with its movies. I think that Spanish cinema is a great contribution to the development of European cinema and that Spanish films can be much more than movies about lost families. I'm convinced that the directors of "Cocote" will be successful in making movies in the future. The movie will be a success in Spain and it will be a success in Europe. Thank you to the director, director, and the whole team of the movie. This is a must see. 9/10

Deborah F. photo
Deborah F.

Loved this film. I am curious to see it again, if it can be released in the USA. It was great to see such a diverse cast of actors. As the film opens, we are introduced to a small, ten-year-old boy who is constantly bullied. I liked the fact that this boy seems to be getting away from his parents, and that the main characters have some sympathy for him. This film is set in the early 1980's in the tiny, rural town of Cocote, Maine. (The town is tiny, and the camera angles are also good. It reminds me of the "Blue Collar" films of the 1970's.) We follow our characters as they get involved with local high school student Dustin, played by Drew Barrymore. Dustin and his friends have taken over the town. Dustin, who we see as a normal, loving kid, is getting involved with a girl, now a sophomore, now a senior. Dustin's friends decide to expose him to drugs, alcohol, and sex, which he is not comfortable with. As the film unfolds, the story goes from Dustin's new life to the arrest of his parents. We watch his friends and family try to bring him back to reality. And we watch Dustin struggle with his love life and how he is a bad influence on his friends. We see Dustin's new friend, Jordan, who appears to be a more mature teen than Dustin. Jordan is following Dustin into the drugs, sex, and drugs again. We see Dustin's parents, at one point, taking drugs, and then going to rehab. Dustin's mom goes to rehab for her husband's alcoholism, which we see as a mixture of addictions. The parents of Dustin, in the end, are really trying to recover from the problems they caused in the beginning. They realize that they are not ready to get back into the drug business. So, they decide to get counseling together. They also realize that they need to grow up, to accept their shortcomings, and to grow up and let their kids know that "not all kids are dumb". The characters are all good. They are believable. There are some very moving scenes. I like the scene where Dustin is lying in his bed, and his parents tell him to be honest with his brother, who is in jail. It is a true love story that is never hard to see. It is all about Dustin and his brother. We see Dustin have some pretty bad days. And it is obvious that he can't be around his brother. It is all about being honest and caring about your family. I do recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is also entertaining, and also interesting.

Deborah M. photo
Deborah M.

I can't tell if the movie was too slow or the story is just too contrived. That's all I can say. Even the characters are not very interesting. My thoughts: If you are looking for a fun and entertaining movie, see this movie. Otherwise, I'd wait for it to come out on DVD.

Jordan photo

I think that this is one of the best movies of the year. It's more than that, it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's a wonderful experience and it's amazing that a movie like this can be made. The cinematography, the acting, the music, everything was absolutely perfect. The cinematography was really good and the scene in the hospital was one of the best in the whole movie. The acting is superb. I can't wait for the DVD, I'm sure it will be a really great experience. This movie will become a classic and one of my favorites. I'm so glad that the movie did it's job. It deserves to be remembered. I give it 9/10

Sean P. photo
Sean P.

I loved this movie and it was a nice change from all the depressing things that have come out of Hollywood lately. Just a few weeks ago I saw a movie called "Titanic" and I just couldn't believe it. The scenery and cinematography were absolutely stunning and this movie was just as good. This movie will definitely give you that "feel good" feeling. It's not the typical Hollywood movie that brings out all the "fun" in the story. It's a realistic film about a family and how their lives were completely destroyed and changed by a horrible tragedy. It's a very realistic movie about a father and his son and their relationship and how they cope with the tragedy. I liked it because it was a realistic story about how it's done and the movie was very well done. It also gave me a sense of hope for the future. It's not a perfect movie but it was very well done. I give it a 9/10. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie that will have you "feeling good".