Steam Yoake tsugeru Rû no uta

Yoake tsugeru Rû no uta

Yoake tsugeru Rû no uta is a movie starring Kanon Tani, Shôta Shimoda, and Shin'ichi Shinohara. The story centers on Kai, a gloomy middle school student whose life changes after meeting Lu, a mermaid.

Other Titles
Rû, Xuangao liming de Lu zhi ge, Syungou laiming dik janjyu zi go, Saebyeog-eul allineun Luui nolae, The Song of Lu, the Dawn Announcer, Lu, Lu over the Wall, Yoaketsugeru Lu no uta, Yoaketsugeru Rû no uta, Lu está Livre, Lu Over the Wall, Lou et l'île aux sirènes, Xuangao liming de renyu zhi ge, Tiếng Hát Nhân Ngư, 宣告黎明的露之歌, 夜明け告げるルーのうた
Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Music, Comedy, Family
Masaaki Yuasa
Masaaki Yuasa, Amanda Céline Miller, Stephanie Sheh, Reiko Yoshida
Shôta Shimoda, Kanon Tani, Shin'ichi Shinohara, Akira Emoto
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

New kid Kai is talented but adrift, spending his days sulking and isolated in a small fishing village after his family moves from Tokyo. When he demonstrates a proficiency at making music on his synthesizer, his classmates invite him to join their nascent garage band, but their practice sessions soon bring an unexpected guest: Lu, a young mermaid whose fins turn to feet when she hears the beats and whose singing causes humans to compulsively dance - whether they want to or not.

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Tyler photo

I saw this movie in a theater and I think it was a great movie. It's a very original story and it's very different from all the other animated movies I've seen. I think the main reason why it's so different is because it's not a typical movie with characters, there are no characters and they don't talk to each other. The animation is amazing, the colors are amazing and the story is very different from other animated movies. It's very different and the characters are very different, like they're not normal and they're not normal people. It's a very original movie. It's a great movie.

Rachel Sanchez photo
Rachel Sanchez

This movie is one of the best animated movies I've seen. I mean, it's just so fun. The animation is so smooth and it looks so real. The voices are great and the characters are so cute. I also like the music. It has that great electronic music that I like. It's really fun to listen to and I love the songs. I'm a big fan of the music, but the voices are great too. The voice actors are really good. They fit the characters and they are really funny. This movie is really great and I recommend it to everyone. It's really good. I think that everyone should watch this movie. It's really fun and I recommend it to everyone.

Christina Lopez photo
Christina Lopez

The best animated movie I have ever seen. I have seen many movies and this one is one of the best. The story is very good and the animation is very good. I don't know if this movie is for everyone but if you like animation movies this is one of the best ones I have ever seen. The characters are very well drawn and the story is very good. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is very good.

Eric Hanson photo
Eric Hanson

I must admit I'm not very fond of the movie adaptation of the manga by Studio Ghibli. I didn't like the original movie at all, and I didn't like the movie version at all. The movie version is just a remake, and I must admit that it was a pretty good remake. The characters in the movie are a lot more interesting and have more depth than in the manga. The plot is also very different, and there are some things that were cut out of the movie version that I liked, such as the scene where Mika and Mei went to the bathroom, and the scene where the water came up in the basement. Overall, I think the movie version is a better movie, and I recommend it to people who have not read the manga.

Alan Foster photo
Alan Foster

What is it with Japanese animation studios today? This film was spectacular. The animation was stunning and the characters all were more than cute and cuddly. I'm glad that I bought this film at full price, and now I want to buy it at the next price I see at a shop. I never thought that a Japanese animated film would be so amazing. I would say that it is in the top ten of my favorite films of all time. I also saw this film at a festival where the audience was laughing at the only part where a character was running. It was amazing to see the American crowd giving the audience in the rest of the auditorium a thumbs up. I didn't know that I was going to like this film so much. It was so brilliant, I didn't want it to end. I also saw a lot of Japanese films, so I was expecting something else, but I have to say that the next time I go to see an animation film, I'm going to go to see the American film to compare. I would definitely recommend this film. A 10/10.

Jacqueline photo

This is the movie that all anime fans have been waiting for. The next generation of B-class (but really B-) anime movies are looking to out-do the legendary Eureka Seven. I've been waiting for this for a long time and I was truly happy to finally see it. The story of the movie is definitely more about the title than the story. However, it's also a children's movie and I think it's a brilliant idea to have the voice acting from children of the same age as the main characters. Also, there's a lot of great moments and great background music. I will definitely recommend this movie to any children and anime fans alike. However, don't expect a lot of action and action scenes as this is a children's movie. Also, this movie is only for those who like fantasy and fantasy-based movies, but I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It's definitely worth a look and I highly recommend it to everyone. 9/10

Gregory photo

I saw this movie last night and I really enjoyed it. The animation is amazing, the songs are great, the characters are great, and the story is just so good. It's definitely one of my favorite anime movies. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ann Gomez photo
Ann Gomez

This is a great film for children and adults alike. The film was shot on location in New Zealand, and the scenery is stunning. It has a great story and the animation is also good. It has a great message about what it means to be a person, and the message is very strong. This is a great film for all ages. I recommend it to anyone.

Judith C. photo
Judith C.

This is a film that I watched as a child, and I have never forgotten it. The story is about a young boy named Hachiman Hikigaya, who lives in the same house with his mother and older sister, and he doesn't really know what to do with himself. One day, his mother suddenly dies and his sister is adopted by a wealthy businessman. Hachiman decides to become a doctor, but he is not really interested in his studies. One day, he sees a mysterious figure in the streets, and he decides to follow him. Hachiman finds out that the mysterious figure is a ghost, and he begins to investigate the town's mysterious history. The story is not complicated, but it is interesting. It is full of fun and colorful characters. I especially liked the characters of the doctor, the woman who is supposed to be his mother, and the ghost. The story is not very original, but it is very fun. The story is very original, and the animation is beautiful. I also liked the music, which is very colorful and very appropriate for the film. I think this is a very enjoyable film, and I recommend it to everyone. I think it is a good film for the whole family. It is full of colorful characters, and it is full of fun.

Lisa P. photo
Lisa P.

The story is based on the manga series "Gintama" written and illustrated by Kenji Miyazato. The story follows a young boy named Gintoki Sakata, who is forced to take part in a tournament to find the one who is the strongest in the country. The story is well-written, with some interesting ideas. The characters are interesting, as well as the settings. The animation is very good, with beautiful backgrounds and great detail. The voice acting is good, and the voice actors fit the characters well. The music is also good, with some of the best songs in the anime. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes anime, or who loves to watch animated movies. I rate this movie 9/10.