Steam Metallica & San Francisco Symphony - S&M2

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony - S&M2

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony - S&M2 is a movie starring Edgar Barradas, Kirk Hammett, and James Hetfield. Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony perform a live concert together at Chase Center in San Francisco.

Other Titles
Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M2, Metallica & San Francisco Symphony S&M2, Metallica: S&M 2, Metallica S&M2, Metallica & San Francisco Symphony Present S&M2: 20th Anniversary Concert 2019, メタリカ&サンフランシスコ交響楽団:S&M2, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony - S&M2, Metallica and San Francisco Symphony S&M2, Metallica & the San Francisco Symphony, Metallica y San Francisco Symphony: S&M2, Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M 2, Metallica & San Francisco Symphony, Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M²
Running Time
2 hours 30 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Wayne Isham
Metallica, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Edgar Barradas
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony perform a live concert together at Chase Center in San Francisco.

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Jean Holmes photo
Jean Holmes

I'd say this is a very interesting movie, which had me guessing till the end. I think that it might be a bit too mainstream, as you could easily identify it as a movie with high-school girls. Anyway, it was well-acted, and it was nice to see such a film with a happy ending. My favorite part was when all of the girls were trying to guess who the killer was - with the answers coming from their boyfriends' friends. Even with the exception of Brian, I think everyone had an opinion. I must say, I'm not surprised at all at the well-known people in the movie - only a few were identified in the previews and trailers. To the person who said this was another teen-horror flick, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Richard M. photo
Richard M.

This film is no doubt, a masterpiece. It's got everything: acting, production, script, music. What more could you ask for in a rock opera? One of the best films i've seen in a long time. Well done Mr. Smith. As for this film being a rock opera. Now, i've seen "Ouija: Origin of Evil" and it wasn't a great film, but it did have a bit of it's roots in rock operas, so it was alright. It was a great film, however, this film has all the elements of an opera, except the music. I do love opera music, and i've heard it's like the "American Idol of music" - the songs and the singing are brilliant, but the music itself is great too, even if the "performances" are not, but i still love it. So for me, the best opera I've ever seen was "Romeo and Juliet". I've heard some other songs in the films, but i don't really want to talk about that. The way they sang it was amazing, and i've heard the score on the record, but i don't want to say too much about that. Anyway, so all i can say is, watch this movie, it's amazing, and i'm not just talking about the music. Just watch it, it's worth it. :)

Vincent C. photo
Vincent C.

This was a very good movie. I watched it on TV last night and really enjoyed it. I'm very picky and find music very important in movies. I wasn't disappointed at all. It had a very good story line with a solid execution. The music was really beautiful and suited the movie well. I really enjoyed the rock-n-roll score and the nice guitar solo by Joe Satriani. It was a great movie, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in to music or who likes a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Rachel photo

This is one of the best metal films I have ever seen. I'm a metal fan, and I just saw this film in the theater. I was blown away. I think the reason I am so enthralled is because I saw it at a low budget independent film festival. At the end of the day, the art of the film is how you get the most out of it. The first half is really good, but the second half has some funny moments and a little comedy. I think it is also the most realistic. The death of a woman is really scary and so realistic it made me cry. Overall, it is one of the best films I have ever seen, and I recommend it to anyone who loves metal.

Gloria Stanley photo
Gloria Stanley

I watched this movie when it first came out. I just got a DVD for it and I am just gonna rate it a 9 because it is an excellent movie. The story is based on a true story of an old flame that got married to a dude and then later on got married to a girl who is a star. The movie starts with this old flame that they met in a bar and then you meet some people in the movie and that leads to an epic battle. This movie has some great actors and the music is excellent. The soundtrack is also excellent. The movie is really a very sad story but it is also a very nice movie.

Carol Thompson photo
Carol Thompson

Yes, I agree with the other reviews. It is a great movie, but it's not for everyone. It is far from a documentary. It is more of a musical documentary. The music is great, and the "art" is also great, especially the "dance" by the kids. They do some really cool stuff, and the movie is extremely entertaining. It's definitely worth the price of admission. But I think the problems people have with the movie are either misunderstanding it or being really harsh about it. If you understand it, you'll enjoy it a lot.

Madison C. photo
Madison C.

I saw this in my physics class in high school. I have always loved the movie because it showed how simple it is to change one thing. One thing for the best. I think this movie was a nice reminder of why I love watching movies. It is one of the few that I think has been forgotten by the public. I have seen this movie once and it was almost a month ago. I just watched the new edition and it is still the same. I think everyone should watch this movie.

Thomas R. photo
Thomas R.

The movie follows the story of 2 brothers, who are sent to prison for murder and their two friend(s) stay with them in prison. After a while, the 2 friends will start to be lovers and, the two brothers will become father and son. This movie is one of the best true movies of all time, it is well directed, well written, it is beautifully directed, and it is even very well acted. It is an absolutely must see movie, and it will give you all the best things you could ever want.

Ralph R. photo
Ralph R.

This film was great. The music is fantastic, the acting is great. Just a great film. If you haven't seen it, see it. You'll like it.

William G. photo
William G.

One of my favorite soundtrack albums in the 80s. I recently bought it and have been listening to it every day, it's so good. The first song on the CD is 'Under Pressure'. I bought the soundtrack, and it's about two dudes going to Brazil. I bought the CD after I watched this movie on cable. I loved it. Great movie. Great soundtrack.

Jacqueline photo

It's what they say about epic movies. Sometimes, they are great, and sometimes, they are a stinker. It's pretty much the same story for me. There are many elements that make it a great movie, but some of them are missing. What I like to do is watch two movies side by side, and compare them. That way, I can tell which one is a bit better. The first movie I watched was Lord of the Rings. I just saw it on the big screen with some friends, and I was impressed by the power of the movie. It's one of those movies where, from the very first scene, I knew I had to see it again. So, I did. And now, I've seen it again. The first hour is one of the best of the last decade. The first 20 minutes of "Swinging With the Fishes" are the best of the last 10 years. Then, it just continues to get better and better. This movie is a great classic, and I give it a 9 out of 10.

Randy D. photo
Randy D.

This film is not just a big metal fan's dream. It's also the soundtrack for a whole generation of metal fans. It's what I've always wanted to hear, but never really had. To put it bluntly, this is the best soundtrack that any of us have ever heard. It's the perfect fit for any genre of music, and for anyone of any age. This soundtrack is the perfect soundtrack. I think I'm now a little scared to ask my friends to go to the movies with me because this is what they've been waiting for all these years.

Carolyn R. photo
Carolyn R.

You know how some movies are more about 'the story' and some are more about 'the visuals' (Vue, Se7en, The Blair Witch Project) and this is the movie that was more about the story and less about the visuals. What I liked about the movie was the "explaining" it wasn't about the 'story' but what was important to us. The characters were real and the director tried to keep the tension for the two hours. It was beautiful to watch and understood more of the plot with every second. This movie can give you a deep look into the human nature and I will never forget it.

Katherine G. photo
Katherine G.

This film was released on VHS with the additional commentary of Leonard Maltin, which contained information on the background of the film, the cast, their performances, and a few other points. At the end of the film, it is stated that this movie was co-produced by Leonard Maltin and his brother, George. Leonard Maltin's and George Maltin's contributions to this film were not acknowledged. As Leonard Maltin has stated, there is no commercial reason for this film to be released on VHS as it is not commercial material. However, if you would like to hear Leonard Maltin's commentary on the film, you can find it at his website. His comments are fascinating and enlightening. Leonard Maltin's commentary on S&M2 is truly a gem.

Brian B. photo
Brian B.

This is the best concert film I've ever seen. This is a movie and a documentary. I was absolutely amazed by this. I was surprised at the quality of the film. In the first ten minutes, I knew I was in for a treat. It starts out as a normal concert film and moves quickly into the backstage environment of the band. It is a very realistic film. If you want to see a good concert film, I suggest this one.

Sharon B. photo
Sharon B.

I didn't know what to expect, I thought this would be another lame horror movie with lots of violence and gore. Well, I was wrong! This was a very good movie. It was good to see some musicians in a movie, especially Metallica. I thought that the movie was going to be very boring, but it kept my attention, and that's what I like. The plot was not that complicated, it's simple, and there's lots of action and gore. I would give this movie a 9/10. I hope to see more movies like this one. I have already watched it three times, and it gets better every time I see it. If you have not seen it, go see it!

Kathleen photo

I just saw the video of this one tonight and, for a long time, I'd been hoping for it to be released on DVD, but I was not so lucky. When I saw it, it was a huge let-down. It's not a bad film at all. It's just that it doesn't quite reach the potential that it did at the time of its theatrical release. It's very, very good. Just not quite what I expected at the time. If you want to see it, go see it, it's not as bad as I thought it was.

Laura photo

I know of many people who consider themselves metal fans but usually not metalheads or fans of metal bands. In fact I thought I would have to be a metalhead to appreciate this movie. This film is a must see for all metalheads, not only because it is well made but it is well written. It shows the true people, the songs, the heavy metal and the music as it was meant to be seen, from the 80's, through the 90's. If you are a metalhead you will be amazed. This movie is not about the music, it's about the people and their lives and the events that happen in their lives. I would suggest this film to everyone, including people who like rock music. I think if you liked this film you will like it too.

Juan photo

I was looking forward to this movie and it did not disappoint. This movie is a modern day modern rock and roll movie. I don't know if it is the soundtrack that sets it apart from other movies but I felt like the story was an original take. My wife said it was the first time she saw her son dressed in black and white in a movie. The actors did an excellent job. The music is a little bit too cheesy but I still enjoyed it.

Tammy photo

This is the sort of movie you can watch over and over again. The first time you watch it, it is like a new memory. The second time you watch it, you will find new nuances that make the film stand out above the rest. Don't expect to see new imagery or sound effects. This is a film that simply moves forward and leads you on an emotional journey. That is what movies are all about. It will make you think, it will make you cry, and it will make you laugh. There is nothing that will make you look at your watch more than this movie. I would have to give this film 9 out of 10. Highly recommended.