Steam John Fogerty: 50 Year Trip - Live at Red Rocks

John Fogerty: 50 Year Trip - Live at Red Rocks

Celebrating 50 years since he played at Woodstock, Fathom Events, BMG and Northstar Media bring the legendary artist John Fogerty to the big screen for an exclusive one-night-only concert event.

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1 hours 50 minutes
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Jeff Richter
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Jonathan R. photo
Jonathan R.

This is a great tribute to the classic rock music of the 60's. It has everything you'd expect from a live concert. Great singing, great songs, great rhythm, great energy. It's a true rockumentary and should be seen by everyone. A must see.

Raymond photo

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I was not expecting to see this movie but I saw it and was blown away. The music is great and the characters are great. This is a movie for the whole family. It is very unique and very well done. I am a huge fan of the band and I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is a must see.

Harry photo

This is a great movie! It is a great way to start a new year. I am glad that this movie was able to get the support it had from the people who made it!

Jack photo

I just finished watching this DVD at a public screening of the movie. It was a very entertaining movie, but I don't know why people are saying it was "silly". It's not silly, it's actually very interesting and thought provoking. I am also a big fan of the band The Who, so I was very happy to see that they are in it. I also think that this movie has a lot of good points, like the story and the music. It is definitely worth seeing.

Christine photo

This is one of the most underrated movies I've seen. It's a great story of a man who tries to get back to his old life. It has great music and a great story. I would recommend this to anyone who has a love for music. The music is great and the story is great.

Brandon P. photo
Brandon P.

Fogerty: 50 Year Trip is a remarkable documentary. It's a real feast of music and music and music. It's a wonderful look at a legendary musical group and the musicians who work with them. It's the story of the band The Pogues, who are on their 50th anniversary. The story is told from the band's point of view, with the two lead singers (Paul Williams and Mick Jones) and their manager Dave Sardy, and they talk about the band's history, their music, their legacy, and their feelings about the end of their career. The Pogues are discussed at great length and it's fascinating to hear the history of their creation and the legend of their music. This documentary is one of the most complete I've seen. It covers everything from the band's beginnings to their end, and it's packed with great music and great music. It's also packed with great interviews with band members and musicians from the band. You'll also hear the story of the band's live performances, and they discuss it. The Pogues: 50 Years of Glorious Rock n Roll is one of the best documentaries I've seen, and it's well worth your time.

Katherine photo

The plot is a lot like the film Fargo, but with an American twist. I think the film is great, and the performances are perfect. The story is about a family from a small town who meet up with their estranged father and mother on the road. This is a very small town, so when they meet up with the "family", the family is made up of ex-convicts who are on the road to redemption. I really loved the way they were brought together, and I was sad to see the main characters die. The film was a great family film, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a good heart.

Alan G. photo
Alan G.

This film is a lot better than I expected it to be. It is actually quite a good movie. The acting is good, the story is quite good, and the music is great. I really liked this film, and I think it deserves more credit than it's been given. This is the first movie I have seen in years where I didn't find myself saying "I wish I had listened to the music". I'm not saying I'm a fan of rock music, but I have a lot of respect for the music and the artists who have been involved in the making of this film. It was quite good, and I recommend it to anyone who likes rock music.

Bobby photo

I would not have expected much from this movie, but it was quite a good one. I found it a bit strange, but it was entertaining. I think that the music is a bit out of place, but it fits the movie, and it was well done. The acting was not the best, but it was OK. The costumes were good, and the production values were good. It was not the most memorable movie, but it was not the worst either. I recommend it to fans of rock and roll.

Betty P. photo
Betty P.

I have seen this movie more than once and I am not a fan of any of the actors. I have to say I like the songs in the movie, but the story was a little bit too predictable. I do not like that the lead character is a little too nice and nice guy. It was a bit too much of a perfect life for him. I think he could have been a little more nasty, but I also think he could have been a little more interesting. He seemed to be a little too goody goody. I think the whole story could have been better if they had gone more in depth with the characters and had a little more drama. It was not the best movie, but it was still a good movie.

Richard Pearson photo
Richard Pearson

This is a fairly entertaining, entertaining movie. It has some of the best acting I've ever seen. The music is good too. It's a nice way to spend a couple of hours. It is definitely worth a look.

Howard F. photo
Howard F.

This is a great, honest, and engaging documentary. It's not perfect, but it's very close. The acting is very good, and the story is very engaging. I was not disappointed by the music, nor was I disappointed by the film. The only thing that bothered me was the "artsy" look of the film. I know it's supposed to be a documentary, but I don't think it should be so "artsy" looking. It's like watching a high-school play. You can't really tell how much it cost to make, but it's not supposed to be that "artsy". I don't want to say it was a "bad" film, because it was very well done. I just think it should have been more artsy. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone.

Jessica Graham photo
Jessica Graham

It's a fun movie, a fun movie with a lot of fun. If you like the classic rock band, you'll like this movie. The story is good, the characters are good, the music is good, and the direction is good. This is a great movie for fans of rock and country music. I recommend it.

Walter C. photo
Walter C.

Fogerty and his bandmates do a great job of playing in their own way, playing the same songs over and over. The music is great and the songs are just what you need in a movie. The actors all do a great job with their roles and the whole cast is great. It is a great movie to see with your family. I can't wait to see it again. It is one of those movies you will watch over and over and over again.

Donna Johnson photo
Donna Johnson

This is a bit of a strange movie, but it has some nice moments. The music is great, and it's always fun to hear the famous rockers. I think the story is a little weak. They go to a beach, get lost and end up in a room full of people. When they wake up, they are in a desert. The characters are not really interesting, and the story just doesn't go anywhere. It's just a bit of fun. I liked the acting, and the music was pretty good.