Steam Tarde Para Morir Joven

Tarde Para Morir Joven

Tarde Para Morir Joven is a movie starring Demian Hernández, Antar Machado, and Magdalena Tótoro. During the summer of 1990 in Chile, people begin to feel a growing sense of freedom and three teenagers face their first loves and...

Other Titles
Too Late to Die Young, Godt nyttår, Chile, Za późno, by umrzeć młodo, Πολύ Αργά για να Πεθάνουν Νέοι, Per velu mirti jaunam, Tarde para morir joven, Tarde para Morrer Jovem
Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Dominga Sotomayor Castillo
Dominga Sotomayor Castillo
Magdalena Tótoro, Antar Machado, Matías Oviedo, Demian Hernández
Netherlands, Argentina, Qatar, Chile, Brazil
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Democracy comes back to Chile during the summer of 1990. In an isolated community, Sofía (16), Lucas (16) and Clara (10), face their first loves and fears, while preparing for New Year's Eve. They may live far from the dangers of the city, but not from those of nature.

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Walter photo

While this film is not for all tastes, it is a beautiful story about life. The protagonist is a young girl who has suffered through the divorce of her parents and her grandmother's death. She is a cheerful girl who seems to be well on her way to being a woman. She is pursued by an older woman who has a condition that makes her "girls". The young girl decides to find out more about her grandmother's condition and of course learns about love and life. The story is beautiful and the characters are excellent. I highly recommend this film.

Emily G. photo
Emily G.

This is a story about the story of a man who tells his story about his father and his struggle in his own life. The story is more than just a story of one man's story, it is a story of the struggles of a family, a family that has been destroyed by one man's selfishness. The father in this film is, with all the violence and death that is happening, a man who is trying to survive by building a house for his son. The story of this film is very moving. The acting is very good, the story is very good. There is a lot of acting in this film, that will make you feel as if you were there with the father. The one thing that I didn't like in this film was the director's style of shooting the film. I feel that the director could have made the film a little more realistic by adding a little bit of action. If you want to watch a good drama, watch the Magnificent Seven. I would suggest this film to anyone.

Gary photo

To start, the film has a lot of strengths. The script is well written, and the actors were excellent in their performances. In the beginning, the film feels like a different film. You never know who the main character is. When you first see him, you don't know what his name is, but the film is later revealed that he is this man who is carrying the burdens of his family. The film begins with a lot of violence and is very disturbing, and you have to put up with it. The film does not take place in a castle, but in a small town. The film is a beautiful story, and is well told. It is worth to see this film.

Benjamin Duncan photo
Benjamin Duncan

The film is a first attempt by director Ajay Agnihotri, who has worked in the first part of his career. The film is a homage to the original hero, Moro hero that has played a part in history and a wonderful tribute to the first King of the Philippines, Pampanga. I think this film is really well shot and well acted. The whole time I was waiting for the sequel to the movie. All the characters are well casted and the whole movie is extremely moving. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the film, and also to anybody who is a fan of the Philippines.

Katherine M. photo
Katherine M.

I wasn't expecting much when I sat down to watch this movie. I've never watched a Spanish movie before so I had no preconceptions. But I was pleasantly surprised. I found it to be a fascinating story, with great acting, great cinematography and great music. It's a sad tale of how the two main characters, a young couple on their way to a family reunion, end up being a couple, a mess of a marriage. And it is a story that will move you, and it will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. It's a movie I would recommend to anyone, for both sexes. The music is beautiful. The actors are excellent. The story is not predictable. It leaves you thinking about it for a while. And it's a movie you will want to see again and again.

Jonathan photo

My father works in a hospital and he gave me the choice to either get a job or to stay home and work at the hospital. So I chose to stay home and work. The movie is quite good. The story is different but I like it. The acting is good. I also like the music. It is nice. It is nice that the movie is realistic. If the movie was about someone who wanted to do something different, it would be better. I like the scene where Maria is looking for her daughter and she has been missing for over three years. I liked it a lot. It is nice to see how people are changing. I like the scene where Joven is on the roof of the hospital. I like how they did not put any actors in the hospital. The director did a good job. The director should try something new and not only doing the same thing.

Margaret photo

First I would like to say that I am not a movie critic, but I have to say that this movie is really good. I think this movie is really interesting. The whole story is about a man who is in a relationship with another woman and his parents. The man is very committed to the relationship. He loves his mother and is not against her. He is very open-minded. He is a very caring person. I like the main character in this movie, the main actor, and I think it is a good film. I think the director did a really good job. This movie is a good movie, it is good for everyone to watch, but it is not good for people who is not mature enough to watch it. I think this movie has a good message about being committed to someone, about being open-minded, and being very devoted to the person you are with. I think this movie is really good. I really liked it.

Betty R. photo
Betty R.

I really liked this film. It was more realistic and its worth watching. I don't usually like bollywood films, but I liked this one. Its interesting to see a film with a female lead who doesn't drink and has no problems with her body. It is also interesting to see her relationship with the man in the film. Its an important film for women to see. If you like realistic films, you'll like this film.

Kevin Lane photo
Kevin Lane

There is not much to be said about this film. It's basically a 3 hour piece of cinema. The characters are not the only ones, but it's also about the audience. The film is mostly shot from the viewpoint of the characters, so it's like you are sitting there watching them. It's a very difficult job, especially because the story is not always straight forward. The story is based on the real life of a young boy, and we are not always privy to what goes on inside the boy's head. This is the reason that the film has a "real" feel. It's very realistic. I didn't feel that the film was contrived at all. The story has a certain amount of truth to it, and that's what makes it real. I thought that the film was very well done. The music was nice too. Overall, I thought the film was well worth watching. It was definitely worth my time.

Steven W. photo
Steven W.

Amarjeet has delivered his best movie ever. He has succeeded in making a movie which is very true to its story, but still, there are elements which are not right. The plot of the movie is about a street kid, Maitreya who is bored, and dreams of being a journalist. At that time, his father commits suicide. His mother then moves him to a foster home, and he finds himself at the same school, but with different teachers. One day, he meets a girl named Poppy who is a journalist, and a few days later, they become friends. This movie is about the journey of the boy and his friends. The movie is very emotional, and tells the story of love, loss and growing up. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good movie about friendship, loss and growing up.

Eugene Harvey photo
Eugene Harvey

The film tells the story of two lives that are interconnected, but it's not clear which one of them is more real and which one is imaginary. Both are separated by only a few years. And as they grow older, the story shows how they interact, and the story slowly shows us that the real life is not the life of a child, but the life of an adult, and in this case it's the life of a woman. This is one of the best films I have seen in my life. I just love the film and I can't wait to see more films from the directors of the movie. They have a lot of talents. They are truly wonderful filmmakers. A must-see film.

Bobby Estrada photo
Bobby Estrada

A movie to watch in cinema. The script is so beautiful. The characters are so well developed. And the one that is the most important, the father is so important. I am not a fan of Bengali cinema. I think Bengali cinema is better in drama. But I think this movie is so powerful and moving that I am sure it will touch your heart.

Patrick E. photo
Patrick E.

I have seen this movie for the first time on TV. I like the movie very much. I have to tell you that the screenplay is very good and the film is very well acted. The actors are very good, especially Idris Elba, who is very good in the role of Lulu. The movie is full of great symbolism and a great message. The music is wonderful, and I recommend it to everyone.

Craig P. photo
Craig P.

The movie is about a young woman who is preparing to marry a man who is older than her. It is interesting to see how she and her parents react to the situation. The movie is really touching. It is not your typical romantic movie. I really enjoyed it.

Tammy M. photo
Tammy M.

I love this movie. It's really good, the characters are great, the story is really good. The thing I love about this movie is the way they express themselves. They are able to show the pain of their loss and the love of their child. Their life is full of joy and they love life. The story has an amazing way of expressing what life is like. The movie is well written and the story is well told. I have seen this movie over 20 times and I still love it. It's a movie that I recommend everyone to watch.

Lawrence photo

I was skeptical about this movie because I don't think the movie is very well written or acted. But I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is a film about the concept of "civilization" in the context of a family that is struggling with its values and beliefs. It is also a film about a man who has lost his faith in his religion. This is very unusual for me. I have a history of not being a big fan of the Catholic church. But this film showed me that faith in the church is a necessity and a gift. I think the movie shows that without it, a person would have to rely on his own efforts and strength to be in a better place than the one he lives in. The movie is a very personal one. I saw it with a group of friends who did not know each other and they all loved it. I would highly recommend this movie. It is a good look at the Catholic church and a good look at a relationship between a man and his faith.

Terry Welch photo
Terry Welch

The films plot and characters are all well thought out and well played by the cast. The way the actors move their mouths and their faces is simply beautiful. I can't believe that this film has not been released in my country yet. I hope that I can see it soon. I hope that they will make a second version of this film and I can buy it and watch it again and again.

Tiffany Fox photo
Tiffany Fox

If I have any advice to people who want to watch this movie, I would just recommend them to watch it, just to make sure you will not be disappointed. This movie is a masterpiece. The way the plot is put together is a masterpiece. The way the characters are put together is also a masterpiece. It is almost like they were really writing a screenplay for the movie, rather than writing it on the screen. I think the thing that I liked the most about this movie is that it is realistic. In a movie, there is always a point of the movie where it is not what we think it is going to be. That is also true in the movie, and in the way the story is written. The actors are all good, the story is good, and the screenplay is also good. If you want to watch a good movie, I suggest you to watch this one.

Melissa R. photo
Melissa R.

I had the pleasure of viewing this movie at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. It was a surprise to see a truly professional movie that's fun, engaging, and genuinely makes you feel for the characters. It's not the kind of movie you'd want to go see more than once. However, I think this is a movie that I'll be watching again and again. My wife and I both agreed that we would see it again!

Jacob Alvarado photo
Jacob Alvarado

A film about a girl who is a mute and is outcasts in her school. After her boyfriend is killed, she escapes from the school with her teacher. The teacher tells her she needs to attend a dance in a small town in order to get a scholarship. But she falls in love with the town teacher and ends up staying in the town. But when she has to find a new school, her life will change. A film that combines great acting with a great script and brilliant direction. The screenplay is very good. The actors are very good in their roles. The soundtrack is also good. And I must say that the color of the film is amazing. The film is very emotional. But I must say that it is a little bit bit slow in some parts. But it's an interesting film and a good film to watch.

Gloria photo

A brilliant movie. A must watch for the fans of Sci-Fi movies. Fantastic actors and great dialogs. I can't stop watching this movie. The director has done a great job of crafting a masterpiece. I'm a huge fan of Mariano, so it was really nice to see him in this movie. The way the movie started out was really exciting. I was really surprised by the ending of the movie. The movie is really inspiring and has lots of action and humor. A great movie for the fans of Sci-Fi movies.

Teresa S. photo
Teresa S.

Hailing from a village of Tatang in the district of Ladakh, this movie is of the highest quality.The director is the master of the world of cinematography and is doing his best with the backdrop of the Himalayan mountains and the beauty of the national park and its landscapes.The entire cast is excellent and the whole production is meticulously put together and well paced. This is one of the most serious dramas that could have been made in the history of India.The director has taken up the challenge of portraying the oppression of the British government and the malaise of the Raj, and he has done it brilliantly.The dialogues and character portrayals are very powerful and poignant. The cinematography is also superb. The use of the camera in the scenes, the long shots and the slow movement of the camera is genius. The cinematography is also very well balanced.The story is very strong and very well written and the direction is excellent. The script is good.The acting is also good and the music is good.The direction is also good. The movie has been edited very well and the music is very good.This movie is very good and I recommend it to everyone.I was watching it at the theater and I am now watching it again on DVD.The director has done a great job.If you are in the mood for a serious drama, then this is a must watch movie.

Helen Schultz photo
Helen Schultz

What a wonderful movie! And it is sad that it has been lost in translation. This movie is full of emotions. I cried and laughed a lot. Even if you are not a lover of romantic movies, this is a must-see!

Eugene photo

This is an excellent movie and i would say it is a must watch for everyone. There is no doubt that this movie is very true and very interesting to watch. It is very uplifting to see a movie like this. Even though this movie is very emotional and sometimes very sad, it is uplifting to see the relationship between a mother and her daughter. I would like to say that I have never seen a movie like this. It's really a must watch movie for all the family to watch. I can't wait for this movie to come out in DVD or VHS. It will be a great movie to watch for many people. I am very happy that they are making movies like this. This movie is great and i would say this is one of the best movies ever. I recommend everyone to watch this movie because it's a great movie. I really loved the way they played it and it really made a difference to the viewers. It is a must watch for everyone.