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The Church

The Church is a movie starring Clint Howard, Bill Moseley, and Lisa Wilcox. The pastor of a landmark church is the sole hold-out in a Philadelphia neighborhood earmarked for gentrification. But soon, the spirits of congregational...

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1 hours 21 minutes
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Thriller, Horror
Dom Frank
Dom Frank, Dom Frank
Ashley C. Williams, Bill Moseley, Lisa Wilcox, Clint Howard
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The pastor of a landmark church is the sole hold-out in a Philadelphia neighborhood earmarked for gentrification. But soon, the spirits of congregational members past begin to make their displeasure known. Who are the righteous among them?

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Marilyn H. photo
Marilyn H.

The Church is a horror film that is set in the small town of Airmont, New Jersey. It stars James Woods as John, a man who is a minister of the Church of the Last Advent, who is teaching the people of Airmont how to be saved from the end of the world. John is married to a woman named Sarah, who is a local preacher who has a lot of secrets about her past. The film is about a group of people who are members of the Church of the Last Advent, and they decide to go on a camping trip to the small town of Airmont. When they arrive at the town, they find a strange town and the town's inhabitants are extremely strange. They soon discover that there is something evil going on in Airmont, and they are determined to find out what is happening. The film is very well made, and the acting is very good. The story is very good, and the film is very scary. The film is very well done and is one of the best horror films of the last 10 years. The film is very good and is a very good horror film. I give this film an 8/10.

Michelle Turner photo
Michelle Turner

I was really impressed with this movie, it's definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's very dark, very creepy, and very intense. The characters are well developed and the plot is very well thought out. I think it was a great movie to watch, because it's very intense and the whole movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. The plot is very well thought out and the characters are well developed. The only thing that I didn't like about this movie is that it's a little bit slow, but it's still a very good movie. Overall, this is a great movie and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to watch a great movie.

Emily B. photo
Emily B.

This movie is simply one of the best movies i've ever seen. It's really scary and not to be missed. It has a really good story and i really enjoyed it. It also has a really good soundtrack. I really recommend it. You will not regret it.

Joyce photo

This movie has some great moments. The best is when "The Elder" tells the stories of the angels who help them to win their battles. There is also a scene where "The Elder" is practicing for the duel, when he is shown the same picture that he sees in his dream. This is one of the most exciting scenes in the movie. The story is good, the acting is good and the special effects are great. There are also some scenes that you will not forget for a long time. The ending is pretty good, and it will leave you with a smile. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Bryan photo

I had a very high expectation for this movie, as I had been waiting for it for months, and I was not disappointed. I was expecting a movie that would not be scary, but it was. I am not a big fan of horror movies, but I found this movie to be a good movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good scary movie. I would definitely give this movie a rating of 7 or 8 out of 10.

Megan photo

I was very surprised to see how much I enjoyed this film. I have always been a fan of "House" and "The Shining" (not to mention "Poltergeist"), but this film did not disappoint. I was expecting a typical horror movie with jump scares and gore, but I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was superb, the story was unique, and the suspense was very well done. I thought that the ending was a bit predictable, but I did not mind that, as it made it seem like the film was much longer than it actually was. I did not expect this film to be as good as it was, and I am glad that I went to see it. I would recommend this film to anyone, and it is definitely one that I will be purchasing for my collection. I give this film an 8 out of 10. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Joe T. photo
Joe T.

This film is a solid, well-made horror/thriller. I think that the cast did a good job with the material they were given. The film is very atmospheric and the camera work was very good. The acting is solid, and the characters are very believable. The script is decent, and the story is very well-written. The pacing of the film is good. I thought that the film was very tense and suspenseful, and I thought that the film was a lot better than I expected. The ending is a little weird, but that's what I expected. Overall, I thought that this was a solid, well-made horror/thriller.

Robert Robinson photo
Robert Robinson

I'm a huge fan of horror and I'm not a fan of remakes, especially when they're so bad they're funny. This movie was so bad I actually laughed at it. I saw it at the theaters when it first came out and I was so excited to see it again. I was so disappointed when I saw it on video. I think the movie is a great example of a remake. It was so bad it was funny. I'm glad I rented it. I thought it was a great movie, but I would never watch it again.

Matthew W. photo
Matthew W.

I'm a bit surprised at the high rating for this film. I don't understand why people don't like it. It's a well made film with good acting and a good story. It's a bit scary at times but it's not a film for the faint of heart. It's a film for the mature. The film is a bit slow in parts and I'm not sure why people are rating it so low. It's not the best film but it's not the worst either. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good film and a good story.

Gloria photo

This movie is not for the faint of heart. It is very violent, very gory, and very disturbing. It also has a very strong Christian message, and the acting is very good. I thought it was very good, and I would recommend it to anyone. The acting is excellent, the story is good, and the characters are interesting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good horror movie. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good horror movie.

Kimberly photo

I think I can't believe how many people are complaining about this movie. I just saw it and I have to say it was one of the most fun I've had at the movies. It's a movie that is really fun to watch. The acting was great, the story was great, and it was definitely worth the money. I think that if you go into this movie expecting to see a lot of gore, you'll be disappointed. It's not going to be a gore fest, but it will be a fun movie to watch. I think this movie is better than the original. I think the only reason people are complaining about this movie is because they want to see gore. I think they should just go see the original and not complain about it. I think this movie was great, I really enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good movie to watch. 8/10

Maria photo

I just saw this film on the big screen in Hollywood. It was an absolute blast. The film is based on a true story and it was very exciting to see the events unfold. It was really cool to see all the different locations from the real story. I really enjoyed the film. It was very dark and had a lot of suspense. The acting was good, the special effects were very good and the story was very good. It was a very good movie and I really recommend it.

Kathleen Cruz photo
Kathleen Cruz

This is a great movie, i'm not sure if the comments are from people who have seen the movie or people who have not, but i have seen it and i was amazed. I really enjoyed it. I have to admit that i was a bit skeptical of the film because of the trailers, but they were very good and the acting was very good. I found myself laughing out loud a lot and I found myself enjoying it a lot. It had a good plot, and it had a very good ending. I was very surprised at how good it was. I think it's a great movie and i recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes movies.

Kyle R. photo
Kyle R.

I recently saw this movie and thought it was a very good film. I really liked the film and I think it's a must see. I'm not a huge fan of horror movies but I think it's a very good film. I think it's very good in the fact that it keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you think. It's also very well acted and has a very good story line. I really like the film and I hope you do too.

Ethan W. photo
Ethan W.

A few years ago I watched a documentary about a movie called The Church, which is the movie that started me on my obsession with the horror genre. I've watched this movie several times, and I've watched it a few times more. This movie is the best movie I've ever seen in my life. It's one of those movies that you can watch a thousand times and still enjoy it. The movie has a great plot, and it has a great ending. The acting in this movie is great. The movie has a good story line, and the ending is great. I can't wait to see it again!