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The Day Shall Come

The Day Shall Come is a movie starring Andrel McPherson, Miles Robbins, and Marchánt Davis. An impoverished preacher who brings hope to the Miami projects is offered cash to save his family from eviction. He has no idea his sponsor...

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Untitled Chris Morris Project
Running Time
1 hours 27 minutes
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Comedy, Crime
Christopher Morris
Sean Gray, Tony Roche, Christopher Morris, Jesse Armstrong
Marchánt Davis, Andrel McPherson, Miles Robbins, Anna Kendrick
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The Day Shall Come is a satirical comedy about an impoverished African American preacher who is targeted by the FBI. Moses Shabaz runs a mission in the Miami projects with his wife Venus. He bans guns and enlightens the local youth through education martial arts and the dreams of overthrowing the injustice of history. When a stranger offers him cash for his "revolution" Moses tries to hustle him - calling his congregation an "army" and despite his misgivings, agrees to take guns. He has no idea the sponsor is an FBI informant sent in by local Station chief Andy Mudd and his most ambitious agent Kendra Glack who is ready to ride Moses' case to a promotion. In an escalating game of cat and mouse where the mouse has no idea the cat exists, Kendra tries to pin the guns on Moses, Moses reports the FBI's own informant as a threat, then falls for Kendra's next set up to supply him with fake nukes. The local police have no idea the nukes are fake or come from the FBI and trigger a national emergency. In a whirlwind of escalation, the authorities chase their own nightmares and Moses and his family find themselves besieged by an inland army. Based on a hundred true stories, the film's jokes and humor reveal how power, ineptitude and paranoia fuel American injustice.

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Gregory Richardson photo
Gregory Richardson

I watched this movie with my parents and they were bored, and I didn't have any expectations. But when I saw this movie, I was laughing like crazy. I mean, there were some funny parts, and some funny scenes, but the movie is really funny. And it's one of the funniest movies I have seen. The only thing that is a bit weak is the acting of the actors, but it's not that big a problem. If you like movies with lots of comedy, and you like this movie, you will like this movie. I really like this movie, I think it's a great movie, it's a good comedy. It's a good movie.

Johnny R. photo
Johnny R.

I'll give this movie a 7/10. It's a good film that should be enjoyed, not a great movie that should be seen. The reason this movie isn't rated higher is because it is a comedy that isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's not supposed to be an action packed movie or a horror movie. It's a comedy that is meant to be funny. It's funny that this film was made. That's why it's a 7/10.

James photo

This movie was great! It's great for people that like action movies. It's also great for people that like comedy. This movie has a lot of great comedy. There are many funny moments throughout the movie. If you like the movie "Dodgeball", then you'll like this movie. This movie is rated PG-13 for some strong language and brief nudity.

Rebecca photo

I'm a huge fan of film noir, so I was looking forward to this movie, but after seeing it I can honestly say it was one of the best films I've ever seen. It's got everything a film noir fan would want, great cinematography, good acting, and some really well written dialogue. It's not the best film of all time, but it is one of the most enjoyable. It's got great plot, great writing, and a good pace. This is one of the best films of the decade, and it's not going to be a film that everyone loves, but it's definitely worth checking out. 8/10

Kathryn photo

What I found in this movie was a well rounded, well made and well written comedy. The actors did a very good job with what they had to work with and the story was very well thought out. It had a good flow to it and the ending was good. It was a good movie to watch and I think the cast did a great job. This is a must see for all comedy fans and I would recommend it to anyone.

Lauren Wallace photo
Lauren Wallace

I was a little skeptical when I saw the trailer for this film. I had heard about the movie and had seen the trailer but I had a feeling it would not be as good as I expected. I was wrong. The Day Shall Come is a very funny and engaging film that will make you laugh a lot. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes the comedic genre and is looking for a great movie. This film is a very unique story about a man who is a jock but has an inner life. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the comedy genre. 8/10

Linda S. photo
Linda S.

I enjoyed this movie, it is not as good as the others but it is still good. The movie is about a lawyer who is involved with the murder of his wife. The movie starts out with a great story line but it then goes down hill. The movie starts out with great cinematography, it has a very realistic feel to it. It has some of the best scenes in the movie. The movie is very well made. The acting in the movie is great. I really enjoyed the acting of Ryan Reynolds, he does a good job as the lawyer. I also liked the character of Jesse Eisenberg, he is very funny and he is very likable. The movie is very entertaining and it is a good watch. I recommend this movie.

Robert photo

I love the first two movies, and the third one is okay, but this one just felt like a waste of time. It's the same story, but it's not as funny. The thing that bothers me the most about this movie is that it's so predictable. It's a story that has been done so many times that I don't feel like watching it again. And that's the only reason I'm giving this movie a 7 instead of a 4. It's not a bad movie, it's just not very good either.

Henry photo

This movie is a very funny movie. I was surprised at how much it has in common with other movies. The first time I saw this movie, I was very disappointed. I was confused. I thought I was watching a bunch of "Look what I did last year" movies. I was wrong. It is a very funny movie and I will recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedies. I would like to know who the director is. I think he is a very good director. I will have to see his other movies.

Evelyn M. photo
Evelyn M.

This is the first film I've ever seen from the wonderful Terry Gilliam, and I'm very pleased to say that it's the best film I've seen. Terry's other films have been very much like the books, and I think that he's a genius. This film is an adaptation of the first two books of the Peanuts comic strip. It's a pretty good adaptation, but the book is much better. The film is also more clever than the book. I recommend this film to anyone who hasn't seen the Peanuts books. The movie is also more exciting than the books, and I really liked that about the film. The acting is very good, and the directing is very good. The film has a very well-done, romantic and funny plot, with a very interesting plot, and it's also very exciting and exciting. It's a very good film. 8/10

Ralph photo

I'm not sure how many people know this film. It's been a while since I've seen it, and I'm curious to know how many of you know of it. The plot: A hard-boiled detective (Martin Henderson) is assigned to a case involving a serial killer. He is to investigate the murder of a woman who was killed in the same area where she was raped. The detective finds the killer in the victim's house. She had been murdered by a serial killer. The detective is able to track the killer to a local bus depot. This is a rather fast paced film. I really like the characters. It's not as if they are all likable, but they are all interesting. The killer is a fascinating character. He's both mysterious and vicious. He does a lot of killing. He's the most interesting character in the film. I would recommend this film to anyone. It's an enjoyable film. It's not a great film, but it's a good film.

Michael A. photo
Michael A.

The Day Shall Come is a movie about a man who is always running away from a man who is always chasing him. He thinks that this is the most important thing in the world. In the end, it turns out that he is right and the chase is the least important thing in the world. This is a good movie. It is a little slow and at times boring, but I liked it. The characters were interesting, the plot was pretty good, and the acting was good. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Ashley H. photo
Ashley H.

This movie is about a cop who is trying to crack a drug ring in New York. The acting is great and the story is very entertaining. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a movie that keeps you interested the entire time. If you like action movies and are looking for a movie to watch with your friends, then this is the movie for you.

Bobby photo

I have never seen a film with so much action and so little dialogue, and it is just perfect. There are so many scenes that are absolutely hilarious, and you can't help but laugh at all the situations and characters. There are many references to the hit TV show and movies like "The Hangover", "Borat", and "Fahrenheit 9/11", but the best part of this movie is the cast. Everyone is just so good, it's impossible to pick a favorite. You can't take your eyes off of these actors. I really hope that there is a sequel, because this is definitely one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time.