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Overcomer is a movie starring Shari Rigby, Aryn Wright-Thompson, and Alex Kendrick. A high-school basketball coach volunteers to coach a troubled teen in long-distance running.

Other Titles
Mais Que Vencedores, Vencedores, Biegnij i zwyciężaj, 赦しのちから, Nincs akadály, Correre per ricominciare, Vencedor
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Sport, Drama, Family
Alex Kendrick
Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick
Alex Kendrick, Cameron Arnett, Shari Rigby, Aryn Wright-Thompson
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team and state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant shuts down and hundreds of families leave their town, John questions how he and his family will face an uncertain future. After reluctantly agreeing to coach cross-country, John and his wife, Amy, meet an aspiring athlete who's pushing her limits on a journey toward discovery. Inspired by the words and prayers of a new-found friend, John becomes the least likely coach helping the least likely runner attempt the impossible in the biggest race of the year.

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Deborah P. photo
Deborah P.

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It had everything a family could need. Great story, good music, great actors, great plot, and a great ending. It's like a child's story about growing up. There were many people in the audience who were crying at the end. The scene where I got a look at my younger self and my sister in my 20's was so touching. It made me feel like I had a second chance. I don't know why it is so hard to find these kinds of movies. This movie was made in the mid 80's and that's why it's so special. It is the perfect time capsule. It's full of great music and great actors. The movie really made me cry.

Henry photo

This movie was so great. I was never a football fan, but I loved this movie. It was a heartwarming story about the time that football was so popular in the country. It was a lesson of sportsmanship, and respect for the game. I really enjoyed this movie. The best part was the football scenes, the game scenes were great. My husband and I just loved it. This is a movie we will always remember. I loved it and my husband loved it. This is a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone. The only problem I had with it was the color. The colors were too bright. This is a great movie for people of all ages. The cast was great. It was very well acted. My husband was very impressed with the actors. I have to say that the movie was very exciting. I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to everyone.

Kyle photo

The story of this movie was well told. I liked the way the actors portrayed their characters and their thoughts. The character of Joseph has been left out of other movies in the future. He's a character who doesn't go away until the end of the movie. I hope he does make another movie. He's a great actor.

Marie Holmes photo
Marie Holmes

This movie was absolutely amazing! I'm a long-time reader of IMDb and this is the first time I've ever written a review. The story was absolutely brilliant, the acting was brilliant, the directing was brilliant, and everything was great! I just don't get why people have such a hard time giving this movie a bad review. I'm not going to try to explain how the movie was, because I'm sure you already know. But the movie was just that good. I can't believe how many people were disappointed. They had such high hopes for this movie and I think they should have given it a chance. The story is great, the acting is brilliant, and everything is great!

Randy Graham photo
Randy Graham

I am not a football fan and I have not seen the game, but I do have a strong love for it. I loved the movie because it showed us the true meaning of sports. The movie was very emotional and showed us the true meaning of being a sports fan. It showed us the passion, the drive, and the pain that we all have to go through in order to be able to follow our favorite team. I also liked that they did not show all the games, they only showed a small fraction of the games. It also showed us the passion of the fans, the dedication, and the dedication that we must show in order to be able to watch our team. I would recommend this movie to everyone who likes sports. If you have a strong love for sports, then I believe this movie will be very enjoyable to you.

Sandra M. photo
Sandra M.

I saw this film at the Edinburgh Film Festival and was very surprised to see that it was so well received. I really enjoyed this film, it had a very natural feel to it, it was very real, and the acting was very good. The direction was very good, the story line was well told, and the characters were all very well developed. It was very moving and heart-wrenching, it showed us that life is just not all that it's cracked up to be, and that if you can overcome the obstacles that life puts in your way, you can make it through. The film was very realistic and the message of the film was very real. I thought the characters were very believable, and I think that there were a few very funny parts. The message was very clear, and I think that if you go to see this film you will find yourself saying, "I would do the same". The cast was all very good and very well chosen, I would definitely recommend this film to people, and I am sure that everyone will enjoy it.

Tyler T. photo
Tyler T.

An outstanding piece of filmmaking by some of the most talented people in the industry today. It's amazing to see a film that shows a man growing in his work and in his life, but also a true reflection of how we can grow and find the greatness in our selves. It's a must see for anyone who enjoys quality film. A great film for all. 10 out of 10.

Howard Owens photo
Howard Owens

I was reading the comments on this film and one thing stuck out in my mind. The comment from the Dutch (main country of this movie)man. He said: "Why is it that we all hate the Germans?" The thing is that the Germans are not that bad in this film. The Germans are a good people, and they're just not that good in this movie. And in real life, this is a very good reason for that. We all hate the Germans because they're the ones that did the worst. The film does not glorify or glorify the Germans. The Germans were bad, but they are not as bad as the Germans in this film. I don't think that I've ever seen the Germans in a movie that was so beautiful. The German people were just as I think the Germans are in real life. The film is not just a nice love story, it's also a great film about friendship, teamwork and respect. It's very powerful. And I recommend it to everyone. 10/10

George Rogers photo
George Rogers

I just watched this movie. I think that everyone can learn a lot from this movie. First of all it is an action movie. But it is also a family movie. We have the action, but also the love, and the thoughts. In my opinion it is a 10 out of 10. And it's the first time that I've seen a movie that I would recommend to my friends. I hope that everyone can watch this movie, and learn from it.

Jordan photo

This movie is excellent. It is an uplifting, inspiring movie with great characters. If you don't have the heart to see it, it doesn't matter. All the performances are amazing and the plot is interesting. If you haven't seen it, it's worth seeing. If you have, it's still worth seeing. This is a movie that you should definitely see. It will change your life. It will inspire you to get out there and make a difference. I really believe that if you don't do something, you won't know how to do it. This movie is about having hope and believing in yourself. It's about being true to yourself and not letting anyone tell you that you can't. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

Rose Duncan photo
Rose Duncan

One of the best movies I have seen all year. I love the way the movie is made. The way they portray the game, the way they show the emotions of the players and of the fans. The ending is perfect and it will make you cry. It's a great movie.

Shirley photo

I didn't know what to expect from this movie, and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the movie, and I think that it has a message that's relevant to our times. The movie was fantastic, and it was a little bit sad, but I think that it was an effective way of bringing up the subject of sports. I hope that the movie will do well, because I think that it is a good film that I will definitely watch again. I also enjoyed the movie because it was about people, and not just about sports. I really enjoyed the movie, and I think that it was a good movie. It was entertaining, and it was a good movie to watch with friends. I think that it is a movie that everyone should watch.

Diana L. photo
Diana L.

I liked this movie. It was a great family movie. I liked the boys. The movie was really funny. I thought that the movie was really good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie that makes you laugh and also makes you feel good.

Douglas photo

My favorite movie. I saw this movie twice, and I still can't get enough of it. The movie is about a former swimmer who has made it as an adult, but he never made it as a swimmer. He's never swam. He's just a regular guy. But, in the summer of 1999, he meets a girl, and he falls in love with her. The movie is great, and the acting is great. The story is also great. The movie is a great love story. I really recommend this movie to anyone. I think you will love this movie, even if you haven't seen the original.

Mark photo

I really enjoyed this movie and hope that it gets made into a movie. I was disappointed with the editing and the fact that the fights in the movie were cut short and the rest was over-dramatic and unrealistic. That said, this is a very well made movie. The fight choreography was outstanding and very realistic. I think the fights were done better than the fights in 'Spider-Man 2'. I think that was the only problem with the editing and over-dramatic fight scenes. I think that was a very good idea, and that is why this movie will be a hit. I hope that they make it into a feature film. I was disappointed with the editing, but overall, this movie was great. I hope that there is a sequel.

Philip Carter photo
Philip Carter

i am a soccer fan. and i have to say, this movie is more true to the sport than any other. the plot is well done, the actors play their parts well, the soccer scenes are excellent, and the scene when the mother is the mother of the team is excellent. i am so happy to see this movie on DVD. its a movie you can watch over and over again. a must see for any soccer fan. it is not just soccer, but life in general. the best sports movies i have ever seen. ten stars

Frank Burns photo
Frank Burns

I will not describe the plot in the least, because you must watch the movie to find out what I mean. But you should know that it is a movie about a baseball player who is being taken under the wing of a great coach who is trying to change his life and the way he is living. The movie is a story about two people, a struggling star who is being sold out by the major leagues, and a struggling professional who is trying to make a living for his family, by becoming a coach. I think that you must watch the movie to understand the true meaning of life. It will make you appreciate life more. And it will also make you appreciate the beautiful things that life has to offer.

Gary photo

I really enjoyed watching this movie and will be watching it again. The actors were great and the story was great. I can't believe the quality of movies are being made in the USA. The movie was very different from the normal American movies and I thought it was really funny. I really like the fact that it was a different movie and not like the usual movies made. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to have a good time and a great time. Great movie, I really like it.

Janet Morrison photo
Janet Morrison

I think that this movie is a real highlight for a kid, I thought that it was so much better than the first one. This movie has a lot of great messages for kids, and is great for kids. The story is very good and interesting, it's great that they did a little bit of comedy, and make it fun, it's a real good message for kids to go on a field trip with their dad to the place where they live and learn a little about the area. I think that this movie is great, and I think that it's really worth seeing.

Sandra Boyd photo
Sandra Boyd

I watched this movie today and i really enjoyed it. It was a story of a young man who was unable to stand up to his father and his father was sent to jail and that was the beginning of his decline in life. I loved it. It was a movie about something that people do everyday and in some cases even daily. It was a very powerful movie that i would recommend to everyone.

Kathy photo

This movie is one of my favorite movies. I had never heard of this movie before, and now I am going to get a copy to show my friends. I recommend everyone to see this movie. It is a great movie, with a great message. I have read some reviews that said that this movie was not like other movies. I can't believe that. This movie is like no other movie I have ever seen before. I don't think that any other movie is even close to the greatness of this one. I hope that everyone sees this movie, and I hope that everyone gets to see this movie, and learns to love life and enjoy it.

Donald Castro photo
Donald Castro

I love this movie! It has some good acting, it is very sad, and it is a little scary. The movie is very interesting, and it has some funny parts. It has some parts that will make you laugh, and some parts that will make you cry. The movie is a little different from other movies, because it has a lot of good acting, and it has some good story. The movie is a little scary, and the story is good. I loved this movie!