Steam The Test & The Art of Thinking

The Test & The Art of Thinking

For decades, the SAT & ACT have loomed colossal as a teenage rite of passage for those aspiring to college in the U.S. The experience, and the score, remain indelible for many. Students, academics, and test-taking professionals expose the bias and influence, both cultural and psychological, in this surprising documentary.

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The Test and The Art of Thinking
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Michael Arlen Davis
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Megan Ray photo
Megan Ray

As a parent of two teenagers, I cannot believe how many things in this film were true! I know that kids can be dumb, but I was convinced that most kids are intelligent. And I'm not an idiot. We all know that when we are kids, we are generally more honest than adults. If we have a problem with the world, we try to find the answers, and then we put the whole world into perspective. I guess this film explains that. I also thought that the people interviewed were real people. I guess this film helps them realize that they are not stupid. As parents, we don't always tell our kids what to do, but this film is a very good tool for teaching them the truth. I think the people interviewed are real. It's true that the parents may have been offended by some of the things that the kids said. But if we all had a better parent, it would be a lot better. But it's still good for the kids to have a voice. I also think that the parents are smart enough to know what the kids are doing wrong. It's really hard to get a straight answer from someone like that. I thought that it was a good movie, and I think that parents need to have it.

Christina W. photo
Christina W.

I just finished watching The test and the Art of Thinking. And in the past I have been able to break away from my own preconceptions and draw some conclusions from my own experiences, and from my own knowledge. As the title states, it is the movie of the time. However, if you were to look back at the movie of the 20th century, you would notice the evolution of movies and technology that we now have. In The test and the Art of Thinking, the science of evolution was explained to the audience in a way that is both realistic and entertaining. The Evolution of Life is a visually pleasing and entertaining film. The result is an interesting movie that I hope will not only make people think about the reality of evolution, but will also make them question what they have been taught in school.

Deborah Berry photo
Deborah Berry

I was really excited to see this documentary because I loved the book and I love the characters in the book. However, I was extremely disappointed with this documentary. First, the book was more of a collection of ideas and character traits, not a whole book. I would have preferred to see the book in its entirety. Second, the documentary did not give any details of how the book came to be and I didn't really understand why they made it so long. I am assuming that this is because they didn't want to waste time editing the book and just had to make it longer to fit in the time. Third, I didn't really understand why they didn't show the book as it was written. I didn't understand why they didn't show the people who were in the book. The movie didn't show the people who were in the book and I don't know why they would. If they didn't show the people, it would have been more interesting and would have made the book much more interesting. Lastly, the book is about a lot of other things besides the book itself, like politics and religion. It would have been nice to show these other aspects of the book. I would have been much more interested if they showed the book as it was written instead of a bunch of different interviews that are not related to the book.

Samantha W. photo
Samantha W.

This documentary is a good introduction to the life of Richard Dawkins. I really enjoyed the interviews with Dawkins, which ranged from his childhood, to his professional career, to his current position as the director of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Oxford University. The questions and the answers were quite interesting and the questions were quite intelligent. This documentary is a good introduction to the life of Richard Dawkins, and it's a good idea to get the questions and the answers from Dawkins. I would have liked to see more interviews with people who were not part of the documentary, but it's a good documentary nonetheless. I think the documentary is good, but I think it could have been better. I would have liked to see more questions from people who were not part of the documentary, but it's a good documentary nonetheless.

Catherine Barnett photo
Catherine Barnett

It is a rare event that a documentary on a topic that touches a lot of people will be well-received by all, but this documentary is one of those rare occasions. The Documentary is a well-written, well-made, and very well-directed piece. It does a very good job of portraying the complexities of our society's social divisions. It does a great job of showing the prejudices, stereotypes, and prejudices that many people hold, and that we, as Americans, must have to survive. It also does a great job of showing how the world's problems and our society's problems have become intertwined. The Documentary is a good movie for anyone interested in social science or history. It is a good movie for anyone who wants to know more about the world's problems and how they relate to the United States.