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Bumblebee is a movie starring Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., and John Cena. On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. On the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her...

Other Titles
Da Huang Feng, バンブルビー, 大黃蜂, Brighton Falls, Kamene, Bamblbi, Űrdongó, Kamane
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
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Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Travis Knight
Christina Hodson
Jason Drucker, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Cena, Hailee Steinfeld
USA, China
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On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. On the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, Charlie Watson discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken.

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Brenda Little photo
Brenda Little

I am a huge fan of the Transformers franchise and I can tell you that I am more than happy to admit that I was completely blown away by the awesomeness that was Bumblebee. I can't remember the last time I have been so thoroughly entertained. The trailer was nothing spectacular. It didn't set the movie up that well. It wasn't setting up the plot that well. But I knew going in that I was going to love the movie. From the first second I saw the opening scene of Bumblebee and Optimus. The movie became better with each new scene. Bumblebee's spark was contagious. He was well written, directed, and acted. Bumblebee's character is the main focus of the movie. The other characters do not have much time to shine in the movie. In fact, I felt like they didn't really get much screen time. But Bumblebee's role was really huge. Bumblebee is, as I mentioned, the main focus of the movie. I felt like the movie focused too much on Bumblebee. He was just a catalyst for the story. I found Bumblebee to be the most adorable robot in the movie. There was a lot of character development in the movie. It was well written. Bumblebee is one of the characters that is well developed. I felt like I had a connection with Bumblebee. He was such an important part of the movie and I felt like I could really relate to him. I really had a great time watching the movie and I was absolutely thrilled. The plot was really well written. The concept was unique and thought-provoking. The movie is awesome. The action scenes are awesome. The plot is awesome. The characters are awesome. Bumblebee is awesome. It is a must see.

Anna O. photo
Anna O.

This movie was fantastic. My whole family enjoyed this film and felt like they were in a completely different world, I was expecting it to be a very dramatic and dramatic plot, but instead it was more like a comedy. When the female lead was acting like she was in the military she made it very realistic. There were a few instances where the movie could have used a little bit of a deeper story to explain the inner workings of the organization. However, all in all it was a very interesting plot, I highly recommend it for any fan of the Transformers series and action movies.

Brian Snyder photo
Brian Snyder

Now for the rest of the reviews: The more the merrier. This movie had action, humor, and heart. It was about the same as the other Transformers films, only it was better. There are more romance scenes in this film than in the previous three. I will admit that the plot in this film was predictable, but at least the sequels had a good plot. And the fights were amazing. If you liked Transformers 2 or Revenge of the Fallen, then this movie is for you. I did not like the first film as much, but this one is definitely better than the previous one.

Austin H. photo
Austin H.

I have a major problem with the critics here. Their review of Bumblebee I was a bit harsh as they didn't like the cartoon series or even the movie itself. But I've always been a big fan of the series, so I was very interested in the movie. And I was very pleased with the movie. I don't think there are any criticisms of the movie, but I do think the movie is similar to the cartoon. The characters are really well done, I think they've added a lot of color and emotions into the movie. I was very entertained and I liked the story, I enjoyed the ending, and I thought it was very good. The soundtrack is also great, and I love that they put in some more music in the movie. But what I really liked is that they really did a great job of setting up the story for the next movies. In the movie, I thought that they brought in the others as well, and made sure that they got the story and everything ready for them. Overall, I think the movie is really good and I'm really looking forward to the next movie, especially with all of the good things that I've said about it. I'm just disappointed that they didn't add any more color and emotions into the movie. But overall, the movie was very good.

Samuel photo

The film is probably the best adaptation of a comic book, for the most part. It has not one little flaw, which is why it has succeeded in being the most successful adaptation of a comic book ever. It's amazing how much of the plot lines are taken from the actual comic books. The characters are all so well written and played that it is hard to find a single flaw in the characters. The story in itself is really great and the dialogue is on point. There are a few things that I could have done with, but everything else in the movie is amazing. The action is realistic and intense. The CGI is not fake and has not a single bit of CGI in the entire movie. The action is great. The story is epic and the characters are interesting and fun to watch. The movie has a great plot and everything works. The best thing about this movie is that it really makes you believe in the characters. This movie is incredibly fun and fun to watch. It's a perfect movie. One of my favorite movies of all time.

Robert Martin photo
Robert Martin

Bumblebee has been one of the biggest surprises for me over the past couple of weeks, and I am thrilled to say it has proven to be one of my favorite films of the year. It was one of the most unique films that I have seen in a while, and it deserves a spot alongside The Dark Knight and The Avengers. I was so impressed with the way that the story flowed, and the action was so satisfying. While I have heard many reviews of people complaining about the movie being a bit slow, I really don't feel that it is a major fault. Bumblebee is a very emotional, fast-paced movie with a really great villain. The way that Bumblebee is created is absolutely phenomenal, and it makes you feel like the hero of the movie. The way that the story is told, with a lot of information coming out at once, and the way that the characters are drawn out so well, really makes the movie one of the best I've seen this year. The dialogues between Bumblebee and Hotshot are so realistic, and make me feel like I am watching the original Bumblebee cartoon series, but with more action, and a much more serious tone. The way that the character of Bumblebee is drawn out so well, really makes the movie for me. The animation is great, with the animation quality really being something that you can feel and see the emotion from it, and the designs of the Bumblebee is just absolutely stunning. The voices of the characters really have brought me into their world, and really make me feel like I am watching the animated series, and it really makes the movie for me. The music in the movie really adds to the emotion and atmosphere of the movie, and it really gives you that sense of freedom to be able to explore the characters and the action in a different way. The soundtrack also really helps in creating the mood of the movie. The way that the music really connects the movie and the emotion is great. There is a lot of things that Bumblebee has done to be a hero, and it really does feel like that every time you see Bumblebee in action, you are actually feeling like Bumblebee is your hero. The voice acting is also very good. Michael Jonas really makes you feel like Bumblebee is your friend. Nathan Fillion really fits in so well with Bumblebee, and his voice is definitely the perfect fit for Bumblebee. The characters really have a really great chemistry between them, and it really brings you into the world of Bumblebee. Bumblebee really has the same personality as his cartoon series counterpart, which is really interesting to see. Overall, Bumblebee is one of the best films of the year, and one of the best movies that I have seen this year. It's really something that I can't stop talking about. It is so unique and it's just so unique that it's hard to tell if there will be a sequel, or if there will be a feature film. This is truly one of the most unique films of the year, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD, and I can't wait for the feature film to come out on DVD as well. This is truly one of the best films of the

Randy photo

Not only is this movie good, it is fantastic! I was a little skeptical at first, but as I started to get into it, I was hooked. This is a great film for any fan of the characters and the story. I love it, and I can't wait to see the second part. I loved the soundtrack! I wish I could be part of the music video process. In the end, the movie has amazing characters, great action, and great, funny humor. If you are looking for a fun, action, and a great story, you have found the perfect movie. A must see!

Carol Perez photo
Carol Perez

Yes, I know there are a lot of kids who will say they hate the film, but if you're not one of those kids then you have to see it to the end to understand what the heck is going on. I loved this movie for all its "non-sequel-ability", since it is so unique. For some reason I can't really explain, I thought the director did a really good job on this. I found the art direction to be very good and the acting to be very realistic. Most of the film takes place in the city. The CG is very well done, the music score was excellent, and the sound was fantastic. The only problem I had with the film was that it did not seem to end very much. For a film of this caliber, it had to end at least twice, and I am glad it did. It would have been easy to have skipped the last twenty minutes, but I think it was the only way to tell the film's story without any spoilers. Overall, the acting is good, and the CG is amazing. This is a movie that kids of all ages should see. I have recommended it to many people, and they loved it. I can't say I would recommend this to anyone, but if you have a child who likes movies like this, then you should rent it and let them watch it. * out of *

Edward photo

A good movie. It's an absolute must watch!

Barbara photo

Went to see this movie with my best friend and I was not disappointed. The action was cool, the characters were cool and the fight scenes were great. Great mix of humor and action. This movie was about a trio of eccentric people that somehow end up going to an extreme (like some of the characters in the movie), but this is not so much to do with it's characters or effects. We're talking about a lot of explosions and explosions of things blowing up. So, overall, this was a really good movie, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, which is important when you are watching a movie for a good time. Just don't expect too much. I'd rate this movie a 8.5/10. It's a good movie to watch with your best friend. He'll probably enjoy it too!

Matthew photo

I don't know if this is for kids or not, but it is for grown ups. First of all, there is no doubt that this movie is the most action packed, best action movie in a long time. The way you can see everything happening is just mind blowing. It is what action fans like me need. What I do not understand is why this movie is on the bottom 100 at IMDb? The entire cast is really good and they have all done well. I loved the way the script was written and the dialog. They have done a fantastic job. The sound effect where in this movie just perfect. The music was just also amazing and, at some parts, really moved me. The only thing I could ask for is for the movie to end on a really good note. If they do, it would be awesome. The car chase scene is one of the best I have ever seen. And, there is a lot of crazy stuff and a lot of action. If you haven't seen it, go out and watch it now! You will love it!

Donald Hamilton photo
Donald Hamilton

I really like this movie, it has a good story and story-telling skills. It has a good plot, a good twist, and a good outcome. It was entertaining. It has a little humor in it, but not too much. I really like how this movie is structured, it's a lot of fun, I like how the story evolves and I like how the story-telling skills are displayed. I think this is one of the best movies I have seen. I really enjoyed this movie. I'm giving it an 8/10, because it's a little boring in the middle, and there is one or two scenes that are not that great. It has a good plot, it's fun and I like it.

Patrick photo

While I enjoyed the film, it is a little bit hard for me to judge it after seeing a lot of other movies with the same plot. While the "original" Bumblebee comic was released in 1985 and there is a lot of similarities between the original and the film, this is not the Bumblebee comic. So the original movie is a different Bumblebee comic. If you haven't seen the film, you really have no idea what the original movie is like. For those who like the movie, they will probably find the movies a little bit of a letdown, but for those who are familiar with the comics, I think they will get a kick out of it. You know, this movie was supposed to be the movie in which the Autobots would take down the Decepticons. I've seen a lot of people say the same thing, "They could've done it, the movie could've been great." That's an opinion, but that's what I thought when I saw the film. For me, this movie was a great adaptation. It's not a film about how the Decepticons need to be taken down, but it's not a film about how the Autobots must take down the Decepticons. This is a movie about a big city that can't cope with losing everything. It's about a little city trying to take the big city on their own, and the Autobots are going to need to do everything in their power to save their own little city. The movie is a superhero flick. It is also a sci-fi movie. It has a lot of action. I liked the action scenes. Some of the shots are beautiful and creative. Some of the action is fun, and I loved the Optimus Prime character in the movie. His scene is spectacular. Some of the scenes are funny and hilarious. For some people, the film is a little bit slow. The movie is slow. I don't think that I would complain if I saw the movie in its entirety. I think that the film will appeal to people who like action movies, and to people who like Transformers. I think that people who don't like action movies will find the film enjoyable. So, I would say that this movie is a great adaptation. I'm not a big fan of Transformers, but I think the film is worth watching.

Edward Schultz photo
Edward Schultz

Went into this movie not knowing anything about it other than what was on the trailers and I'm glad I didn't. I never was a big Transformers fan and was looking forward to the film based on how good the trailers were, but even the trailers had me thinking, "I'm not really sure what I'm seeing in this movie." The film starts out slowly but quickly gets into action and is very fun to watch. The actors play their roles very well, and the film is full of different stories, just as in the show. The special effects are amazing, but I found that the movie never looked like an animated movie, rather it looked like it was a live action film. The story is quite original and not what you would expect, I liked it and would watch it again. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys live action films and are looking for something that is different. * out of *

Keith Mitchell photo
Keith Mitchell

On the face of it, 'Bumblebee' seems like a new-fangled reimagining of 'Pilot's' 'Robot Monster' as a buddy cop action flick. But then you come across this blurb and think 'but, I'm glad the makers of 'Pilot' didn't want to do that. So I'll guess that's why 'Bumblebee' is a lot of fun: it doesn't try to be anything else. It just wants to be a fun, energetic, energetic movie with some solid action scenes and interesting twists. Like the original 'Pilot' movie, 'Bumblebee' has a fairly loose plot and it just wants to entertain the audience. The film, although has a high body count, is very light on action and it relies on the action scenes to carry the film. It's a great balance of fast, frantic action and cleverly-scripted dialogue. 'Bumblebee' is a visually spectacular film. It was a visual treat to look at the Technicolor world of 'Pilot' and the beautiful, bright colours of 'Bumblebee'. The bright, vibrant colours of 'Bumblebee' work well on the big screen. It helps you understand the world that 'Bumblebee' has and the gritty, dirty, dystopian settings of 'Pilot' are a beautiful contrast. It's a well-paced and entertaining film that will appeal to action fans. 8/10

Timothy photo

When I was going to see this film in 3D it was pretty tough to sit through the entire thing. I had to actually go to the bathroom so that I could go to sleep. But I am happy to say that I was so impressed with the movie that I had to go and see it in 2D. It wasn't as much of a chore to sit through the whole movie in 2D, but I still felt like I was going to vomit because I was so confused. This is a really good movie and I definitely recommend seeing it. Just know that you're not going to have a lot of time to just soak up all the visual splendor. There is a lot of action and a lot of special effects that are really well done. Overall, this is a good movie and it's not nearly as bad as people are saying it is. I really hope that if it comes out in 3D I will go see it. I'll definitely be purchasing this movie. 8/10

Randy Griffin photo
Randy Griffin

On the one hand, Bumblebee is a fun action movie with great animation and a great story. On the other hand, it's a video game and not a film. In short, I didn't expect a film as good as the one in the video game, and I'm not disappointed. The story has a very clever plot, which I didn't expect, and the animation is just great. It's pretty much a perfect blend of both styles. The best thing about the movie is the voice cast, they give the characters a whole new personality, which is not easily explained in the story, but it's well done and fits the characters. Overall, the voice cast in this movie is better than any in the past, and the voice actors gave great performances. They're not just generic voice actors like in previous Star Wars movies, and they're very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone, even if you have seen the previous Star Wars movies, because this movie is a great sequel to them and will not disappoint you.

Emily P. photo
Emily P.

Bumblebee is a decent movie, but it's more of a work of art than a blockbuster. Its plot isn't original, but the animation and the action sequences make it a fantastic watch. The acting is a bit of a letdown, but that's to be expected for a B-movie. The animation is just stunning, the voice acting was decent and the voice acting was adequate for this film. Bumblebee is one of the best animated movies I've seen. Its one of the best films of 2014. I would recommend it to all fans of sci-fi, action and animated movies. It's definitely worth a watch.

Christine D. photo
Christine D.

So my dad and I rented this on DVD at my mom's house. This movie was the first we've seen of the new reboots and I was already pre-warned, but after watching it I could actually see why the film has been so talked about, and now I've seen the first movie I can see why. From a technical standpoint the movie was a true piece of work, the animation, the characters, the character designs, the writing, the humor, the action. It's all done with such skill that it really makes the experience that much more enjoyable. So if you haven't seen this yet, see it now!

Tiffany F. photo
Tiffany F.

I'm a big fan of the Transformers franchise and especially of the Generation 1 toys. I also have a big love of the "Age of Extinction" comics. This movie was a wonderful combination of the two. I really liked the movies that came out of that decade (except for the Transformers TV show, which has never been very good), and I also liked the Generation 2 toys. So when I found out that there was going to be a film based on the Generation 1 toys, I was quite excited. I mean, we got our first look at these toys in the preview movie for the new movie. The movie was really fun to watch. It was both funny and sweet and had lots of action. I didn't find it at all boring, and I liked the plot twists. The acting was quite good, too. Michael Bay directed the movie, and he did a great job. The animation was very well done. I thought it looked really nice and it was very colorful and stylish. There were some awesome action scenes, and the fight scenes were very good. The music was also very good. I also thought that the voices for the characters were really good. Shia LaBeouf did a great job of portraying a human and doing what the character needed to do. Bay also did a very good job with the character and the plot. The only problem I had with the movie was that it seemed to drag at a few points. The plot was really intriguing, but it just took a while to get there. Also, the action scenes seemed to end a bit abruptly. All in all, I loved this movie. I think you'll really like it, too. It was funny and sweet and had lots of action. I give it 8/10 stars. It's definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I hope that the movie comes out on DVD soon, too. See it!

Craig photo

While i didn't go into this movie expecting a deep analysis of the human race or to try to explain it to others, I was glad to be involved in the experience. I have been a fan of the Transformers franchise since I was a child and I have enjoyed them as well as the old films. This movie shows how the villain Maximillian Vimes is a great leader and leader of a vast military force. He has a genius idea to force the earth into darkness so that he can control the day and prevent mankind from taking over. The movie is just full of action, great special effects, and wonderful acting by Optimus Prime, The Autobots, and the Decepticons. The characters are great, and if you are a fan of the old films, you will enjoy the new generation. The best part is the special effects, and the set design for the earth. Even if you don't like the movies, you will like this movie. If you liked the old Transformers movies, you will love this one.

Danielle photo

First off, I do not think that this movie is in the same league as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. However, this movie is not without its merits. I am a fan of the original Transformers movie, and this movie captures that spirit. However, there were some flaws in the plot of the movie. The film basically follows the story of Galvatron as he comes to Earth to investigate a factory's disappearance. As the story progresses, we find out that the Autobots have been taken over by Galvatron. This movie shows that the Transformers were not always the robot fighting machines that they are today. The movie does a good job in taking us into the human emotions of the Autobots. I think this movie is one of the best Transformers movies out there. The acting is excellent, and the story and script are superb. I think this movie is a great way to pass time while at the movies.

Ralph photo

How can a film with such a great premise fail to engage the viewer? I did not enjoy "Bumblebee", but I could see why it is a hit with people who are familiar with the comics. I still feel it could have been better. First of all, the filmmakers should have taken more time to explain the storyline. There are plenty of references to the comics, but it should have been explained better. I do not remember the first two issues of the comic at all, but I do know the comic is far from perfect, and some of the jokes are off. "Bumblebee" has a great tone, but if the jokes are off, the tone is off. I cannot say that "Bumblebee" had any weak points. I do not think I have seen such a great comic adaptation until now. My biggest complaint is that the film could have been better. The "Bumblebee" movie should have been as long as the comics, but that was not enough time to explain the story. I do not recommend the movie, but I still think it is worth seeing. "Bumblebee" will do very well at the box office.

George May photo
George May

I liked this film very much. I think it is a brilliant film. I found it so refreshing to see a Transformers film that doesn't rely on all the same things like some of the others. It also doesn't show Optimus Prime in the same light as the others. This is the first Transformers film I have watched that wasn't completely crap. I also like the fact that it doesn't show Bumblebee getting so excited and the Autobots in this film always seem to have their own agenda. It also doesn't take itself too seriously and it's a good laugh to see. As much as I liked the film, there is one thing that has bugged me, and that is the fact that it's a great concept, but the writers and director have lost sight of the details. The whole point of the movie is to show the humans who are being affected by the effects of the Transformer, and the humans are the main villains, not the other way around. Also, what's with the whole talking to himself and talking like an idiot? I would have liked to see more of that. Also, when Bumblebee is being chased, he can't get out of the way of cars in time, and when he does get out of the way, he has to get in the way of a truck and a car, which is ridiculous. Now, aside from that, this is a really good film. I'm not going to spoil anything but if you like Transformers and you like action, I recommend this film. If you like movies that aren't as good as the others, and you like a good laugh, I recommend this film.

Edward photo

There's no words to describe how awesome this movie was. I have not seen a film like this since it's original release. The special effects, cinematography, score, etc. are all at the top of their game. I was expecting a cheesy movie with a lot of computer generated effects and some jokes. But no, this was one of the greatest animated films I have ever seen. It's unlike anything I have ever seen before and a movie that will stay with me for years to come. I give this a 10/10. Not only did this movie win Best Picture, but also Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Art Direction, Best Sound, Best Sound Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup, Best Makeup, Best Production Design, Best Production Design, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Writing, Best Screenplay, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Production Design, Best Special Effects, Best Screenplay and Best Makeup. This movie will be recognized for years to come. I highly recommend it. I hope this helps, cheers.