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350 Days

350 Days is a movie starring Bret Hart, Billy Graham, and Greg Valentine. 350 Days peels back the curtain on the severe toll pro wrestlers endured on the road 350 days a year, a toll on their bodies, families, and psyches.

Other Titles
350 Days - Legends. Champions. Survivors
Running Time
1 hours 48 minutes
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Sport, Documentary
Fulvio Cecere
Billy Graham, Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka, Bret Hart
Canada, USA
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

350 Days peels back the curtain on the severe toll pro wrestlers endured on the road 350 days a year, a toll on their bodies, families, and psyches.

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Douglas photo

I have been following this topic for a long time. My father's experience with the war, from the very beginning, is what I first saw on the Internet about this. In my opinion, the people who think that it's not important to be honest about your life, are the ones who are responsible for the issues. That's why I believe the film is so important. The problem I have with the film is that it is too quick, too quick. When I heard that this film was about the war, I was expecting a documentary. But it didn't end there. It just went on and on and on. The part I found most disturbing was the part when he talked about his son. I felt the feeling of the mother's pain. When she was saying that the only thing she was doing was letting him die. I could see the mother feeling that it was too much and that her son was already dead. But she felt that he was dying anyway. I couldn't help but feel that she was too strong for him. I just feel that the film was too quick and I didn't understand the whole situation.

Joe Morrison photo
Joe Morrison

My mom is not a big fan of science fiction. She thinks it's all a bunch of crap. So when I saw a review that mentioned this movie, I decided to watch it. I must say that I was very impressed. Not only is this movie great, but it's also a real life story. If you want to know more about the actual events that occurred in the Philippines in 2001, you should definitely watch this movie. The things that happened during the invasion and how the people reacted was very interesting and I think that people who are new to this kind of movie should definitely watch it.

Daniel photo

I was thrilled to see this documentary, it was one of those documentaries I found myself in awe of. In this documentary we are introduced to the main characters, the ladies and their journey to achieve their dream of winning the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The film is narrated by Nuria and Nanny. The film does a good job at showing the different things that made this team tick. The documentary does a great job of showing the emotions that these women have gone through during their journey. One thing that the documentary does really well is showing the pain and suffering they went through to achieve their dream. There is a very good mix of emotions shown throughout the film, in fact, the film is a mix of emotions that the viewer will feel. There are a lot of emotions shown in this documentary and it really shows the human side of this journey. One of the most amazing things is the fact that this documentary is able to do so many things without a single commercial break. I found myself in awe of how much the people involved in this project put in. The documentary is so much more than just a documentary. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone, I believe it will touch everyone. 9/10

Nancy H. photo
Nancy H.

I first watched this film at a preview screening. I had no idea what to expect, I had heard nothing about it. The film is narrated by Paul Bettany, the world's greatest tennis player. The film consists of interviews with the tennis stars and people associated with the sport. I believe this was a great way to put the sports world into perspective, the stories of the great tennis players, and of the people who live in the world of tennis. There are some wonderful personal stories. It is a great documentary and I recommend it to anyone.

Steven photo

I will say that I was not a fan of Richard Crenna in the first two films and he had the most unappealing voice in the whole film. But I was drawn to this film. It is a great movie. It tells the story of an African-American boy growing up in the segregated south and the civil rights movement. It shows that many of the problems that African-Americans faced were social, political and economic. It also shows that the civil rights movement was not just a fight for equality, but a fight for freedom. This film is great. I recommend it to anyone.

Jessica S. photo
Jessica S.

A love story, with a bit of the military background thrown in. Well done. Well told. The trailer does not show enough of the country where this film is shot. Most of the scenes were shot in the South of Mexico, but the filmmakers did not show that. Well worth watching.

Joan Turner photo
Joan Turner

I first saw this movie in 2009 at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX. I was blown away by it. It was a truly magical, inspiring, inspirational movie. I have now seen it again on DVD and I am still blown away by it. I was able to see it on two separate occasions in 2014 and 2015. I really don't know how to rate this movie. It is so beautiful, moving, inspirational, and entertaining. It is definitely one of my all-time favorites. The music is magical and beautiful, the characters are realistic, the settings are beautiful, the story is amazing, the acting is incredible, and the script is great. This movie is a must see. I strongly recommend seeing this movie.

Stephanie photo

A good documentary, which is about the relationship between the coach and the players. There is a lot of truth in this, because I was also in the same situation. I was a team coach and I was also the assistant coach of the football team, but I was always a person who was respected by the players, and that's why I always have this image of them. I don't have that image anymore, because I was a really successful coach. I didn't always do things the way they were told, and that's why I had this image of the players. Now I am just a simple manager, but I still have this image of the players. The coach's image is really important. This is a very good film. I'm not sure that I'm going to watch it again, because it's just a little bit boring. But I will give it a chance.

Billy photo

The film, "Days," is an excellent piece of documentary work from the 70's. The film is about a man who came to live in the snow-covered streets of New York City and stayed there for a year. The documentary takes you on a roller-coaster ride from the man's arrival in New York to the last day in New York. It tells the story of this man and his family as they try to survive in a harsh climate. We are shown the culture of the New York's homeless, and they tell their stories. We see a look at how the homeless in New York cope with the cold, but they tell us about how they manage to do so. We are also shown the people who care for them and give them food, clothing and help. I think that this film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the subject of homelessness and how it affects people.

Willie Smith photo
Willie Smith

This documentary follows the attempts of the Jamaican government to bring back the ban on sports, and how the Jamaicans have done it. There is a good deal of analysis on the sports ban, and the Jamaicans have tried to show the Jamaicans are not racist, but they also have to be able to explain how they could ban sports so quickly. The film covers some of the important Jamaican personalities who have a lot of influence on the Jamaicans, like Felix and T.J. And then it also covers the Jamaican athletes, like the Jamaicans have had a great history of sports. There is a lot of different viewpoints in this documentary, so I suggest you see it. The film is very well done, and it is informative. I think it is a great way to learn about the Jamaicans, and I would definitely recommend this documentary.

Patricia photo

In the second and last of the trilogy, the young Richard Nixon is now in his eighties and struggling to deal with his impending Alzheimer's. His family is now at a crossroads, and his health is deteriorating. As a way to manage his decline, he seeks out his former advisor and advisor's wife, Edith. Edith has a different perspective on the events of his life. Edith has only recently recovered from her husband's assassination. She has decided that her husband's death was a political assassination. She wants to see him come back to life, and has started a research project to resurrect him. She is also a conservative, and she wants to see him return to his position of power. Nixon is not entirely convinced that Edith's research is a good idea. Edith is also being offered a job at a major company. Edith is still very much in love with Nixon, but she is willing to accept a new role as a consultant for the company. Edith is a very interesting character, and I enjoyed this film very much. This film has a very similar structure to the first two films, and it is very well done. There are some interesting plot twists in the film, and it is very well acted. It is a good film that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in history.

Nathan photo

I'm not a big fan of this type of documentary but it's the only one I've seen so far that is not a soft-core porn. I had heard of the movie but never had seen it. I was pleasantly surprised to see it because it's so well done. It's an excellent documentary, and I'm glad that it's being made now because it's only being shown in places where it can be shown. I'm very glad that they're trying to spread awareness of the problems that plague the drug war, which is a very important subject, because it's not going to get better any time soon. I'm glad that the movie is being made and that it's being shown to people that need to hear about it. The director of the film, Adam Curtis, is also a former soldier and he's speaking from experience. I think that the film is very well done and I look forward to seeing it again. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the drug war.

Gregory photo

This movie is not an attempt at a documentary. It is not a movie about the Olympic Games. It is a story about a year in the life of a young gay man who struggled with his sexuality and was trying to overcome his isolation. In doing so, he became a symbol of hope and inspiration for many other gay men, as well as the straight people he encountered in his journey. I think this film is about something else. It is about the power of hope and the dangers of isolation. The film is beautifully shot, and the music is great. The performances are great, especially the actors playing the athletes. The director did a great job of making this film seem like it was shot by an actual Olympic athlete. This is one of those films that you can watch and not feel that you are watching a documentary. It is not a documentary about the Olympics, it is about a year in the life of a gay man in the 1980s. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie about the 1980s.

Virginia M. photo
Virginia M.

I really enjoyed this documentary. It was amazing to see what it was like to live in a place like that. It was interesting to hear the people who lived in the area talk about the many challenges that they faced. It was also interesting to see the effects of the isolation that the Japanese had on the people of their community. The people who were living in the area were mostly farmers, and the Japanese were taking away their crops and taking their women and children. There was a lot of violence, and the Japanese were generally pretty abusive towards the farmers. I think the documentary did a good job of showing the isolation that people went through during the war and how it affected them. It was very interesting to see the relationship between the Japanese and the farmers.

Cynthia Delgado photo
Cynthia Delgado

I was fortunate to be invited to the premiere of the documentary on my home turf, my home town, my home state, and my home town. This film, while not a particularly gripping story, is very well done, and it makes a very good point. The documentary is a good starting point for those who may have not been exposed to the history of the 1960's. I did not know much about this period, so this film was a good start. I enjoyed the film, and I was glad to have been introduced to a few interesting facts about this time period. I was not surprised that the film was somewhat biased toward the liberal side, but it was not an awful thing. I enjoyed the film, and I recommend it to anyone who has not yet been exposed to the 1960's, or has not been exposed to the 60's. The film does not try to tell a complete story, but it does tell a good part of it. It also makes a good point, and it is important to remember.

Brian photo

I think the movie is awesome. I am the only person in my family that likes it. I think it is a great documentary. I am glad that I watched it and I am going to watch it again. I am going to keep watching it till I find out who was the one that killed him. I hope he is found. I think that this is a great documentary and I love it.

Mary G. photo
Mary G.

I think this is an excellent documentary about the Cuban Missile Crisis. I think it's also an excellent documentary about how America's foreign policy went awry. While the documentary doesn't portray the Cuban Missile Crisis as a perfect crisis, it does show the failures of the Cold War. This film is a good history lesson about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War.

Kathy F. photo
Kathy F.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. I didn't see it in a theater, I saw it on TV. I think the movie was a good idea, it is a great idea to use the Olympics as a platform to talk about the problems in the world. The movie is not a documentary, it is not a movie, it is a really good movie about the problems in the world. It is interesting to see the problems that are not even talked about in the movie, it is a good way to show the problems that are not even talked about in the movie, and it is a good way to get a good idea of what the problems are in the world. I think it is a good movie, it is a great movie, it is a great movie.

Roger photo

A documentary about the life and times of the legendary "Jackie Chan" and the many actors he has been in. We see many clips from his films and he talks about his inspirations and the personal problems he had with his family. It's a great insight into the man and his life. This documentary is great and I think it's worth watching.

Judy photo

The movie is truly an experience. It touches your heart and your soul. It's a great lesson to be learned. It shows you the struggles that can happen in life, and the importance of staying focused on the positives. It also teaches you that life is what you make it, and you need to make your life the best that it can be. I really enjoyed watching the movie, and I think it is a very inspirational movie. It really shows you that you can be successful in any kind of field, and I hope you learn something from this movie as well.

Lauren photo

This documentary follows the life and times of Nelly, a woman who fought for her right to compete in the Olympics. Nelly was a born fighter, and her motivation to run for the Olympics is shown in the documentary, through interviews with her friends, family, and coaches. The film also shows how the IOC, the Olympic committee, and the sports governing bodies tried to squash Nelly's candidacy, but eventually changed their minds, and Nelly finally got to run for the Olympic team. The documentary also shows how the Olympics became a propaganda machine, and how the IOC and the sports governing bodies were very interested in the success of Nelly's candidacy, which was actually a victory for them. The documentary also shows how Nelly's personal life was a mess, and how she and her family struggled to survive financially, and how she had to do everything herself, and how she was often in debt to people who were involved in her career, and how she did not always have enough money to pay them back. Nelly's story is told through the words of her friends and family, and the interviews are very interesting. This is a very interesting documentary, and it is well worth watching.

Brandon Watson photo
Brandon Watson

This movie is a good one, with great footage and a great story, but it is really hard to follow. So I recommend you to watch this on a large screen. I found it difficult to follow. This is not a bad thing, it is just the way the story is told, that it is hard to follow.