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Last Moment of Clarity

Last Moment of Clarity is a movie starring Samara Weaving, Carly Chaikin, and Brian Cox. Three years after witnessing the murder of his fiancée, a man finds himself a fearful drifter, until one day at a Parisian cinema he sees an...

Other Titles
Bajo la misma piel, 雙面遊戲, W obronie miłości
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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James Krisel, Colin Krisel
Colin Krisel, James Krisel
Udo Kier, Brian Cox, Samara Weaving, Carly Chaikin
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Three years after witnessing the murder of his fiancée, a man finds himself a fearful drifter, until one day at a Parisian cinema he sees an actress who looks a lot like his dead love, and eventually he finds the truth about his fiancée.

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Mildred Clark photo
Mildred Clark

There's a scene early on in this movie where an old woman is being chased by a man in a horse-drawn carriage. He's got a gun and he's after her. The old woman tries to run away but the carriage takes off with her. She is caught in the car and is not allowed to leave until she is certain that she is safe. That's pretty much the movie. It's about as far from "The Exorcist" as it can get. It's not bad, just a bit slow. You may think it's boring, but it's not. It's a good movie to watch with your girlfriend or wife or boyfriend.

Julie photo

This is one of those movies where you think you know the ending. You have a feeling that everything is going to be all right. That is, until you get to the end and the whole thing is a complete mess. It is the kind of movie that makes you think about your own life. There are moments when you are watching this movie, and you think to yourself "Why didn't I do that? What if I had done that?" In the end, it is all right. But, in the end, it is all right.

Judy B. photo
Judy B.

I had read about this film in the media. I had seen the trailer and was intrigued to see what it would be like. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the film, the acting, the cinematography, the story, the music, the writing, and the pacing. I thought it was a very well-written film, and I liked it. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good film and wants to see a good film. This film is a good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good film and wants to see a good film.

Philip G. photo
Philip G.

I can't say I've ever been into Japanese films but this was a pretty cool film. It was very stylish, there was a lot of action and it was fun to see a few of the old actors in it. I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the genre.

Carolyn B. photo
Carolyn B.

I loved this movie, but I am not sure if the writer/director would be able to turn his own movie into a movie like this. It is too much. The script is very good, the characters are very good. But there is too much. You have to see it at least once. I hope he can make a movie like this. The acting is good, and the editing is also good. I will give it a 10, but only because it is so much.

Shirley photo

I am not sure why so many people have given this film such a bad rating. It's not a film for all tastes, but if you want a good story and a good character, then this is the film for you. I can't remember the last time I have watched a film which made me cry as much as I did watching this one. I have no idea why it is rated so low, perhaps it is because it is rated PG-13? It is a movie with a lot of violence, but it is never shown in the same way as the other films. You see the fight scenes in slow motion, and that's not the only difference. The only time it is shown in slow motion is when the main character is fighting the bad guy. The violence is not shown in a way which is typical of a film like this. This is a film which is very good, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Douglas C. photo
Douglas C.

The action of this film is very good and the director did a great job. The story is very good and you get to see a lot of the things that are happening in the movie. The actors did a very good job and the movie is very good.

Scott photo

I don't understand how people can give this a 0 rating. I think it's a very well made film with a lot of truth in it. It's got a lot of violence, but it's not gratuitous. The acting is good and the story is good. It's not about fighting, it's about the emotions. I recommend this to people who want to see a really good film. I would have liked to see more of the female characters in the film but I guess they weren't in it that much.

Rose S. photo
Rose S.

Wow. What a movie! This is one of my favorite movies. I like the story, the acting, the cinematography, the direction, the soundtrack. Everything about this movie is good. The characters are so well developed and the acting is superb. The movie has a good flow, and the ending was the best part. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, and I think it is one of the best movies of the year. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time and to the people who like to see a good movie.

Lauren G. photo
Lauren G.

I have always loved this movie. It has the best climax ever. It's one of my favorite movies. It's a bit sad but it's a good movie.

Helen photo

This is a great film. It's very different from the others. It has a great cast, great locations and a great plot. It's a great story, and the performances are amazing. I love this film. It's very well done. The cinematography is very good. The soundtrack is great. It's a great film. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good film.

Olivia Hudson photo
Olivia Hudson

This movie is a masterpiece. It is a great introduction to the industry, and an interesting look at the relationship between the two most powerful corporations of the world. It also shows how companies like Monsanto and the chemical industry influence the government and people around the world. The movie also shows how one small town in the United States is being poisoned by a chemical company. It is also interesting to see how the public is watching this and trying to fight the corporations, but what can one person do? The movie is also interesting to watch if you are interested in the world of Monsanto and how they are able to manipulate the world around them. It is also interesting to see how the public sees Monsanto and how they are able to help stop the contamination of the world. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, it is a must see.

George Hoffman photo
George Hoffman

I'm a big fan of A&E's "The Walking Dead", but this is by far the best, most intense and emotional movie I've ever seen. I don't know what happened, but it was great to see the crew of the 100th episode (the crew of the 100th episode, in this case) and the actors themselves. They were all excellent and convincing. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yet, because you won't regret it.

Mark photo

This is a great movie. It has been a while since I've seen this movie and I was expecting a movie about a girl who goes to a bar to meet her boyfriend. But this movie is much more. It has a good story line. It has a good cast. And the acting was good. The movie was a little slow but it was better than most movies. It was not boring. It was just a little slow but not too slow. And the best part of the movie was when she tells him that she is not going to go back to him and that she is going to go back to her boyfriend. That was one of the best parts of the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Scott Montgomery photo
Scott Montgomery

I have been a fan of Judy Collins ever since I saw "The Mummy" when I was about five years old. She has since been a true American icon. She was able to be one of the greatest comic actresses of all time and still have a career. I am very proud of her and I hope that she continues to have the success that she has enjoyed. I also loved the movie "The Proposal." It was very similar to the movie "The Mummy" in a way. "The Proposal" was a wonderful movie. I am not familiar with the book, but I think that it was a great movie. I am still watching it and I am glad that I have it on DVD. I hope that Judy Collins continues to have success in the future.

Jean photo

This is an excellent movie. The acting is amazing. The photography is breathtaking. The score is haunting. It's the perfect mix of drama and suspense. It's one of those movies that you don't want to miss. The ending is brilliant and will have you in tears. It's not easy to follow but once you do you will never look at the time the same way again. It's a great movie that I will watch again and again. I give it a 10.