Steam La chute de l'empire américain

La chute de l'empire américain

La chute de l'empire américain is a movie starring Maxim Roy, Maripier Morin, and Rémy Girard. A shy and insecure delivery truck driver accidentally arrives on the scene of a major crime and picks up two bags of cash and hide them....

Other Titles
Η Πτώση της Αμερικανικής Αυτοκρατορίας, The Fall of the American Empire, Triomphe de l'argent, Der unverhoffte Charme des Geldes, A Queda do Império Americano, The Triumph of Money, La caduta dell'impero americano, La caída del imperio americano, Upadek amerykanskiego imperium, Nefilat Imperiat Ha'Kesef, Az amerikai birodalom bukása, Pad Američkog carstva
Running Time
2 hours 7 minutes
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Crime, Comedy
Denys Arcand
Denys Arcand
Juliette Gosselin, Maripier Morin, Rémy Girard, Maxim Roy
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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With a Ph.D. in Philosophy in hand, Montréaler Pierre-Paul Daoust, from a working class background, is an intellectual who believes that being one only gets in the way of happiness, whether that be emotionally and/or financially. That's why he feels he's stuck in a dead end courier delivery job, and that's why he feels he couldn't make a go of a relationship with his last girlfriend, Linda Demers, or any woman in not knowing how to relate to them in a humanistic manner as opposed to intellectual manner. But that's also why he volunteers for a charity for the homeless. When making his usual deliveries, he stumbles onto a robbery gone wrong. Sensing an opportunity with one of the robbers and the security guard shot dead and the other robber having escaped to tend to his serious injuries before getting caught, Pierre-Paul, on impulse, decides to grab and abscond with the two large sports bags filled with what ends up being millions in cash before the police or anyone else arrives on the scene. The business robbed was acting as a front for money laundering by the Irish-Jewish West End Gang by Vladimir François, the head of his own gang. Not knowing what to do with the cash having only that mentality of an intellectual with some human needs, Pierre-Paul ends up making associations with two people who themselves fall on what would be the illegal side of the law. One is Sylvain Bigras - nicknamed the Brain - just released from prison as a money launderer for a biker gang. And two is a woman who goes by the professional name Aspasie, one of the most expensive and high end prostitutes in Montréal, she who he initially contacted in needing his sexual needs fulfilled by spending some of that cash, and who he only chose from her online profile with her professional name associated to the world of philosophy. Especially in falling for Aspasie, who leads a life of professionalism in her business, Pierre-Paul has no choice within his nature but to believe in human trust in dealing with his new new associates. But as the three of them try to figure out how best to deal with the money, they have to contend with the police - Detectives Pete La Bauve and Carla McDuff leading the investigation - who suspect what Pierre-Paul has done with La Bauve in particular needing to show his own superiority in the matter in feeling let down in his own position in life, and the West End Gang and Vladimir, who will do whatever it takes to get their money back as can be witnessed by what they do to young Jacmel Rosabert, the robber who was able to get away and who was only hired to do the job in the first place.

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Megan Nguyen photo
Megan Nguyen

One of the best political thrillers ever made. Imaginative, intelligent, and definitely worth a watch. The film brilliantly illustrates how superficial democratic principles, nationalisms, and habits, can lead to the gradual degeneration of a nation's identity, a reality that is made to appear normal by many politicians who are so caught up in their own flawed ideologies, they don't realise that what they are doing to their countries can have an almost irreversible effect. A bit overlong, at over 100 minutes but very much worth the watch. Some (or most) of the cast's performances can be a bit dry, but overall it's worth it. A must see for anyone who enjoys social commentaries.

Julie Morrison photo
Julie Morrison

The movie is definitely unique. Especially when you watch the first time you will feel strange about it. The second time you will understand what I mean. This is probably a great movie, although the story and screenplay is very unoriginal. But I think the dialogues are beautiful, funny, sometimes, melancholic. The scriptwriters have done a great job! Especially if you have a super smart cat, or a super smart cat that loves cats. This is a must for all cat lovers, especially cat lovers of all ages. A must-watch, especially for cat lovers!

Aaron photo

Les heures du pont: The French Connection is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. When you think of the incredible and unique plot, the characters, the beautiful locations and the breathtaking soundtrack, you don't realize that it's an excellent movie. It takes place in Paris, and it has several twists and turns. However, it's the characters that pull you in. Chiron and Victor are two good-hearted but less than caring friends who want to be successful, but have less then two minutes to convince the employers of a factory they're trying to find for them. To do that they'll have to follow their hearts and break every rule the French government has. It takes time for each character to overcome the obstacles they have to overcome in order to be successful. Even for an American viewer, it may seem a bit silly and incomprehensible to people from the western world, but to those of us who were born and raised in France, this movie is a must see. If you haven't seen this movie yet, watch it before you watch any other French movies. Or, if you want to watch something that is extremely unique and different than other movies out there, then this movie is for you.

Ruth Hopkins photo
Ruth Hopkins

Okay. I saw this movie at the AMC theater in Chicago. I love Argento. This movie was so funny. The plot was ridiculous. It started out with a kidnapping and a murder, then it became a murder mystery. I felt a lot of bad about the ending. The movie was so good. There was no need for a second movie. This was a great movie. I'm glad I rented this one. If you haven't seen this movie, go rent it.

Matthew photo

I don't know about the French, but I'd rather see a movie than read a book about the French Revolution. Well, if that makes any sense. But in case it doesn't, you might want to see it anyway. I really loved this movie. It's a great story. It's not full of silly things, but is interesting. I really loved it. I'd give it an eight. I think it's pretty good, especially the French. I guess you can call it "the French Revolution". I think they should be recognized as a political nation.

Gary Garrett photo
Gary Garrett

Watching this movie was a memorable experience for me, the way I was able to connect to the characters, to the sense of humour, to the music, and to the feeling of a complete feeling of being and being in that city. It is a very good movie, which isn't to be taken seriously, but if you want to be moved by the experience, then you must see this movie. It has a certain intellectual meaning. It is great to watch it again and again, it is so well made.

Linda photo

The film is not as confusing as many have said. The film makes a connection between two characters, that we find out, once the audience is introduced to them. The film is worth the watching, I give it a 9. The film is entertaining, it is not so serious that the audience would be frustrated. The film is very entertaining.

Janice photo

After so much attention (not just critical but also anecdotal) being paid to his last film The Nine, Jean-Pierre Jeunet (again) gives a classic gangster film (in my opinion) like The Fleur-de-lis. After all, the plot is simple, and even simple seems to be the case with this film, it's just a gangster film, and a gangster film that is so complicated, and also it is a film that relies so much on its characters, and actors. The plot is basically set in France in the 1930's, we have a few months before the infamous National Front had their last stand in a village called Fleur-de-lis, the party finally fell after a while, and many people are asking themselves what is the purpose of being a National Front? I'm not going to give away the plot, but it's quite simple, and in order to understand this film, you have to understand the way of being a gangster. The film is a masterpiece of an ensemble, it has no one character, no one role, just a few gangsters trying to make money. Their rivalry and constantly killing each other, in a way, in the film's climax, it's one of the most violent scenes I have ever seen. To be able to compare The Fleur-de-lis to the famous Ingmar Bergman masterpiece, Trier is a very little bit over doing it. But in terms of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's directing and technical achievement, it's very impressive. The Fleur-de-lis is a brilliant film, and it was very intense, but it is also very serious, and very, very personal. I would like to give this film a 9, but it has a 7,5, but I have to give it a 9, because the film is very very impressive.

Ruth photo

Vincent Cassel as Benvenuto Cassel (Eddie Redmayne), a free-spirited, free-love-worshiping but not in love, young man, and Oliver Reed (Bill Nighy) as the unfortunate Sean (Louis Garrel), a dark, aristocratic widow, who want to make their will legally binding, with an awkward reluctant attitude toward Cassel and Reed, who was used to having a nice life in the past. They secretly work for a newspaper and have a man of the house, Lucien (Hugh Jackman), who is a dirty mouth. The story was clever, it was a little bit difficult to make sense of, it was sad, it was shocking, it was funnier. I really loved this movie.

Johnny W. photo
Johnny W.

A funny movie from the Dreyfus movie series. This film is more of a comedy than a thriller. A thriller, of course, is also something else, and this is a good movie about a thriller. It is very difficult to decide what this film is about. On the one hand, the film is about the music world in France, which is dominated by an empire that has been around for ages. On the other hand, the film is about the private lives of two artists. One, who lives in a rather boring apartment, which is inhabited by the emperor's lover. Her name is Faye Dunaway. The other is Sean Penn. This is another movie that pays homage to Dreyfus movies. It also pays homage to Dreyfus movies, which it thinks are great. This film is also very funny. Even though the film is about a thriller, it is also about two movies that are worth watching. One is a musical from the 40's, called 'Deux moyens fou', which was written by a French writer. The other is the famous film 'The Seventh Seal', in which is played by the very famous actor Sean Penn. I am not an expert on French film, but I can say that this is the most entertaining film from the French film genre. It is very well acted and directed. The way it is told is good, but it is not really a suspense movie. It is a movie that you will not want to miss. If you do not like the French film genre, you will not like this film. If you do like the French film genre, you will definitely like this film.

Louis photo

I went into the theater thinking that I'd be the one who would end up watching a movie I hadn't seen since the '70s. But I was wrong! I watched "Emmanuelle", and the director's attempt to make the film funny was surprisingly successful. He knows that it's not important to make fun of Parisian life or have a slapstick movie about it, it's important to be a hilarious movie about the fact that Parisian life is dominated by its Jews. The most hilarious scene is when the character dressed as a Jew does the Nazi salute and shouts "Fuhrer!" during the Hitler speeches. He says "Fuhrer" five times, and that's only one of the many humorous parts. You may be disappointed to see the movie cut in half so that you don't see the sex scenes, but I was. The action of the movie is taken from the book by the same name, and they are perfectly put together. And the cast does a great job, from the colorful characters like the sexy Italian widow and the Italian Nazi-hunter to the typical French "everyman". The movie takes itself seriously, but it's really the jokes that make it funny, and they're very funny. I didn't even notice the mistake that the movie made with the time, it's a "hit" movie, and it's very funny that the movie has a simple French story about a crazy Frenchman who moves to Paris, changes the language, and becomes a Jew. It makes you think that maybe Parisian life is still not all that serious after all.

Marie King photo
Marie King

I don't really think that people that are familiar with this movie really get what it is about. It's a combination of the movie that it's based on and the movie that it's based on. So you really have to be a fan of both films to get the most out of this movie. I think it's best to see this movie in the original language and to listen to the dialog and sub dialogue in French. You have to really watch the movie as it was meant to be seen and it really is a nice movie that anyone would enjoy.

Anna photo

Emmanuelle is a film that demands more than one viewing. No two views are necessarily the same. It is not a pretty film to see. This is a film that requires a high level of acting and a fine cast to overcome the limitations of the medium. It is not an easy film to see because it is very difficult to make out the meaning. Nevertheless, Emmanuelle is an honest film. As this is not the language of the films director, he chooses to speak in a very strong way in order to convey a message of life and death, the importance of motherhood, the meaning of people and the importance of love. Emmanuelle is a fantastic film. It is based on a play by Jean Cocteau. A brilliant performance by Gerard Depardieu is deserved in this film.

Patrick photo

This is a real classic comedy. I have no idea why it has been rated so low and why they rated it such a low but it is real class. Despite the period, it is well-acted, well-directed and I enjoyed the plot quite a bit. That being said, I have to say that I didn't quite get the real sense of the country's history and of the atmosphere in it. It doesn't feel like a real movie. However, this is a very classy movie and I recommend it to any moviegoer, especially to those who like a light-hearted comedy.

Grace photo

If you've ever watched a French film, you'd know what I'm talking about. When we hear people speak, we don't always need subtitles. We can just look at what they're saying. That's how you know this is a French film. But if you watch the same film with subtitles, you see different things. The people you're supposed to be watching are so much more mysterious. The acting is good, but not great. There's no John Turturro in this film. I do have a very high opinion of Guy Berard, who plays in the film as a gay French journalist. What he says, or does, is very important to understand the meaning of the story. One of the best films I've seen in a while, this is a unique film that will be a classic. It's one of those films that keeps you guessing, and if you pay close attention, you'll come away with a real appreciation for the best French films.

Michelle P. photo
Michelle P.

This film is an absolutely perfect example of how films should be made. Some people might complain about the poor acting, the script, the fact that this film is based on real events. I know it is based on history, but it is a true story. I think that this film is an important film that should be used in schools. It is one of the best films I have seen in my life.

Heather photo

I have to confess that I have not seen this movie in a long time. I think that its a masterpiece. I would give it a 10, but I am scared to give it a 10 because its such a surprise and different. The movie was like a cinematic science fiction. It was so true to life that it scared me. The characters were so real. The music was so amazing. I will tell you why I liked it: I liked how the characters were as simple as they could be, how the story kept me guessing. The ending was so poetic and strange. But as a fan of American cinema, I would recommend it to everybody.