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John Henry

John Henry is a movie starring Terry Crews, Jamila Velazquez, and Maestro Harrell. When two immigrant kids on the run from his former South Los Angeles gang leader stumble into his life, John is forced to reconcile with his past in...

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1 hours 31 minutes
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Drama, Thriller
Will Forbes
Doug Skinner, Will Forbes
Maestro Harrell, Terry Crews, Ludacris, Jamila Velazquez
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Ex-gang member John Henry (Terry Crews) is a quiet man with a violent past. When two immigrant kids on the run from his former South Los Angeles gang leader (Chris "Ludacris" Bridges) stumble into his life, John is forced to reconcile with his past in order to try and give them a future.

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Ryan photo

This movie is a great movie. It's a movie that makes you think about the future. The main character is very likable. He has a good sense of humor. He doesn't take everything too serious. He is very good at making jokes and making fun of people. The movie is also very realistic. It doesn't have any crazy things that happens, like a car accident or a plane crash. It's very realistic. The movie is very entertaining. I really liked this movie. The acting is great. I think that they did a very good job. The direction is great. I think that this movie is very good. I also think that it's a very good movie. I like the movie. I like the movie very much. I really like the movie.

Maria photo

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in this movie. The movie was a little slow in parts and I didn't like the ending. However, I did like the acting and the cinematography. I really like the movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a good movie. I don't think it is a "must see" movie. However, if you like movies with a good story, good acting, and you like some action, then this is a movie you should see.

Kevin Russell photo
Kevin Russell

There's nothing wrong with a film that takes itself too seriously, and when you can do that with a film that deals with a topic such as this, you can't go wrong. This film is a must see for anyone who is into the horror genre, and if you're not, you should definitely see it.

Ruth photo

I've heard a lot of bad things about this movie, but I still like it a lot. I just saw it today and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm a big fan of Steven Soderbergh, so I was excited to see this film, but it really wasn't what I was expecting. The movie is set in the 1980s, and follows the story of John Henry, a successful Wall Street CEO who's going through a rough patch. He's having trouble with his wife, and his son, who's been diagnosed with a heart condition. At the same time, he's dealing with the death of his brother, and his wife's new boyfriend. When his son gets sick, he sees his chance to get out of the rut that his life has become. At the same time, he's having to deal with the son's problems. This is where the movie really starts to pick up. Soderbergh does a good job of focusing on the character of John Henry, and how he's dealing with the turmoil that he's experiencing. I think this is the first time that I've ever seen Soderbergh use the stock market as a main character. The movie is definitely not perfect, but it's still a good movie. There are some plot holes, but they're really not that big. This movie really does have some great scenes, and I think that's what makes the movie work. There are a lot of cool things that happen in the movie, and they are really exciting. The scenes that are set in the stock market are really amazing. I've seen this movie three times, and I still like it every time. I'm glad that this movie is still out there, because it's really good. It's really hard to find a good movie out there that's actually good, and I think this is one of the better movies that we have.

Nathan D. photo
Nathan D.

I am a huge fan of Hitchcock and have always wanted to see his movies. I am a big fan of Gilliam's work as well. The film is well acted, well-directed, and well-directed. However, the plot and overall direction of the film were a little disjointed. The film was very disjointed in that it did not have a solid plot. The beginning of the film was just so disjointed and I had no idea what was going to happen next. Gilliam and Hitchcock could not have had a better collaboration and it would have been a shame if they did not work together. All in all, I would say this film is worth seeing. However, I would have liked to have seen more plot, and a better direction. It is worth seeing. If you are a fan of Gilliam and Hitchcock, you should definitely see this film. I am not a big fan of most of his work, but I still enjoyed it. This is a very good film.

Janet G. photo
Janet G.

Just watched this movie for the first time and have to say I was very impressed. The movie was good and I was still surprised at how good it was. The acting was great and the story kept me interested throughout the whole film. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves to see a good movie.

Virginia photo

It's a good movie, but I do have to say that the story is not very original. There are many movies that have a similar story, but are done better. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes suspense or thriller movies. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Ruth Hudson photo
Ruth Hudson

A film that keeps you in suspense. It's a good idea. I'm a big fan of Tom Hanks, and I liked the idea of using his real life tragedy to bring to life the story. It's also a good story. The story is told in a clever way. If you like this film, you should check out The Big Short. I liked this film, and it's worth a look.

Melissa Cooper photo
Melissa Cooper

We have a well-known villain who's in the same league as Jack the Ripper, but somehow he's never done much for me. To me he just seemed like a creepy guy with no real motivation other than to get the maximum amount of dirty money out of his victims. He's not at all a bad guy. He's just a very unpredictable guy who never really seems to have much of a plan, and ends up with all kinds of crazy things to do. The film is based on a true story, and for the most part it's pretty accurate. The film is set in Chicago, and was shot in that city. The story was basically told in a series of flashbacks. The first sequence shows Jack's father who's in a mental hospital. Jack then goes to his father's old home, where he meets a woman named Helen Keller. She introduces Jack to her son, and Jack becomes attracted to her, which is the point of the whole story. Helen and Jack are introduced to each other by Helen's daughter, and Jack soon falls in love with Helen. He gives her his wallet, which contains some of his money, and they part ways. That's the rest of the story, and the rest of the film is Jack in prison. He's kind of a psycho, and a very unstable guy. The film really has no point. There's no character development, and the end is a little confusing. The film has some great imagery, and it's very intense at times, but the ending is kind of disappointing. It just doesn't make much sense, and it just sort of ends up a little bit weird. It's a good film to see if you want to watch a well-made psychological thriller, but it's definitely not a great film. I'd give it a 6.5/10.

Christopher photo

This film is a different kind of thriller. It has been described as a "twist" but I wouldn't say that is exactly the case. There is a twist but it's not a really bad one. The movie isn't really about a bunch of killers (the killer) as much as it is about a man who was murdered by the same killer. In the beginning, we are introduced to all of the murderers and we are introduced to a man who is now known as the "John Henry" of the film. The movie has an interesting storyline but I wouldn't say it is great. It does have a good premise but it seems to be missing a lot. It doesn't really explain why the John Henry is the way he is and it's really hard to get into his character. But that's not really the point of the movie. The point is to see how the John Henry feels about his death and it's about how he deals with his grief. The characters in the movie all do a good job at that. It's not really a great movie but it's an interesting one. It's not something you'll be rushing to buy on DVD but it's worth seeing.

Brenda S. photo
Brenda S.

I watched this movie in the cinema with my brother. It was one of the most boring movies I ever saw. I would have preferred watching the film at home. The film is about a man who killed his wife and then went on a killing spree. The film is about what goes on in his head. You will find yourself wondering if he is sane. The film is good but the story is not interesting and I would not watch it again. There are two things that I think are good about the film: 1) The last scene is a good one. 2) The whole film is a work of art. The film was made in the 70's and the music is of the 80's. The film is not for everyone. I do not understand why it is so popular.

Gloria photo

I watched this movie without any expectations at all, just because I was bored and in the mood for something different. This movie did what it set out to do: to entertain. The movie was funny and a lot of the jokes were well executed. The characters were likable and I really felt for them. This movie was about as close to perfect as a movie can get. I did not mind the lack of originality or creative ideas, because it was there. I did not like the characters being able to make up their own reasons for doing what they did. It made the movie feel so forced, and I really wanted the characters to just do what they wanted to do. However, it was a very well-executed movie and I did enjoy it. I recommend it to anyone who wants a movie that will not disappoint.

Kevin photo

I was expecting this movie to be a "Hollywood-like" movie and I was disappointed. I thought that the movie would be about the Columbine massacre. Well, no, this is a true story about a couple who were tried for their involvement in the Columbine massacre, and the two of them were acquitted of the charges. This is a very sad story, and I think that the movie is very realistic. It's a must-see. I think that the ending was very realistic, and I think that it was a very touching ending. The director did a good job in depicting the emotion of the victims and the mood of the town, and the fact that it was a true story also adds to the realism of the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good story. 7/10

Danielle photo

With the right actors, and a few decent story lines, I believe it can work. In this case, there were a few inconsistencies that made the movie lose it's believability. I would've given it a 7, but I am giving it an extra point because I enjoyed it so much. The acting was top notch, with only a couple of minor lapses. The story line was interesting and kept you guessing. I would definitely recommend this movie, it's one I would watch again. If you have not seen it yet, go see it, you won't regret it.

Walter photo

You know, I did find the story a bit too long. And the pace was pretty slow. But I have to admit, I did enjoy the scenes where the story takes a turn for the worse. It is a good movie, but it is not as good as "The Silence of the Lambs". It is more of a character piece and a psychological thriller. Overall, it is a good movie to watch. It is very well acted, well directed, and well directed. It is a well made movie and I have to admit, I really like it.