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Sex and the Future

Sex and the Future is a movie starring Ellie Patrikios, Naama Silver, and Janet Lopez. When misfits Barry and Evan design their ideal woman as a robot, they realize a fortune could be made if they had the money to mass produce their...

Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Ethan Zvi Kaplan, Luis Carlos Hueck
Ethan Zvi Kaplan
Lena Escandon, Naama Silver, Janet Lopez, Ellie Patrikios
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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When misfits Barry and Evan design their ideal woman as a robot, they realize a fortune could be made if they had the money to mass produce their prototype. A wealthy prince soon finds out about their invention and the three hatch a plan to rule the world and change sex and the future! If life were that simple.

Comments about comedy «Sex and the Future» (12)

Judith photo

I'm not a fan of the original film, but this one was a real treat. I saw it at the movie theater and was actually surprised to find that it was not so dark, but was actually quite good. This is one of those films that you can watch and not have to think too much about. It's a very entertaining film. The acting was great and the plot was great. The ending was the best part of the movie, as it was the only part I didn't like. The characters were good and the whole movie was very enjoyable. I highly recommend this film to anyone that wants a good comedy. I really don't think anyone should go into this film thinking that it's going to be a serious film. It's not, and I think it's a great film to watch with friends. It's not a comedy that you have to watch at home and laugh at, but it's a very entertaining film that is a lot of fun. If you are a fan of the original film, I recommend that you see this one, you won't regret it. It's a good film to watch with friends and have a good time.

Jerry photo

This is a movie I could watch over and over again. I think the title is a great clue. I've seen it many times. It's very funny. The only thing that's missing is the sound track. It's very good and I love it. I think it's a great film for anyone, and especially for those who are a little tired of seeing the same movie over and over again. It's a great movie, and I'm glad I got to see it. I'm sure you will too. I highly recommend it.

Raymond photo

This movie is definitely worth watching, but not for the faint of heart. I am not going to spoil anything, but this movie is about a couple of rich college kids who are going to a lavish party for one of their friends. However, something goes horribly wrong and they end up in a coma. When they wake up, they are so upset that they decide to go back to their hometown, where they are given the opportunity to have sex with a local woman. This will be a great opportunity for them to prove to their friends that they are indeed rich and can get away with anything. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, and it is definitely not for everyone. However, if you are a fan of the original movie, you will definitely enjoy this movie. I rate this movie 9/10.

Grace Ramirez photo
Grace Ramirez

I'm a huge fan of David Lynch, and this film is just another great example of his artistry. I have to admit that I'm a little biased since I've seen this film three times. This film is just one of those movies that I just can't get enough of. I like the surrealistic elements in this movie, the way the characters are treated, the feeling that you are just part of the movie, and I love how the film keeps you guessing about what is going to happen next. I think it's an extremely underrated film. I think that this is one of David Lynch's most underrated films. It's probably one of his most underrated films that I've seen, and it is one of my favorite films of all time.

Willie photo

What can I say? I love the film. The characters are very real and you can see that this is a family film. The actors are very good and the director did a great job. There are some things that make this film really stand out. I really enjoyed the opening scenes. It was very well done. There were a couple of things that I really liked. The first was the love story between the two parents. They really do love each other and they are not afraid to show it. The other thing that I really liked was the main character's love for his daughter. I found this very touching. I liked the ending too. The father's love for his daughter really shows that the father can do anything for his daughter. The director did a great job with the love story. The acting was good and the film was very entertaining. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys family films. It is very well done and I really enjoyed it. It is a good family film and I really recommend it.

Stephen O. photo
Stephen O.

I have to admit that I did not have high expectations about this movie. I've heard that it was a comedy with a dramatic story, and I thought that it would be a typical low budget movie with a predictable ending. I was wrong. I really enjoyed this movie. The movie has a good balance of comedy and drama. The script is very funny, and I really enjoyed the acting. It's a good movie, and I recommend it to everyone. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Patrick B. photo
Patrick B.

This movie is definitely one of my favorites. I can't wait for the DVD. It is a great way to end the year. Great cast, great acting, great story, great music, great direction. All in all it was a great movie. I would love to see the director's cut. It would be an amazing film.

Ethan photo

This is a movie that's actually interesting. There are a lot of great stories to tell, and I really enjoyed the way the filmmakers approached this story. It's a fascinating story, and it's interesting to see how the various characters interacted with each other. The actors all do a really good job, and the story is really interesting. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Paul photo

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the Toronto Film Festival. I had never heard of it, and never knew it was based on a book by a female author. I had a few laughs and the film is definitely a laugh-a-minute film. The film has a very modern feel to it. It is very much like the book. The dialogue is witty and funny, the characters are all interesting and the script is very well written. The acting is very good. You have to remember that this is a young adult film, so the main characters are not supposed to be the best actors in the world. The main character of the film, Jordan, plays a very strong character, and you will be very impressed with the performance he gives. The rest of the cast are all very good, as well. Overall, this is a very good film, and I recommend it to anyone. It is very much like the book, and I recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. The film is very funny, and definitely worth the watch.

Ruth photo

A great movie. The way it plays out is interesting and the story is great. It's just the way it's done that makes it so great. It is great to see a movie like this and have all of the laughs. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Robert photo

I watched this movie at the cinema and I was so happy. I was in the cinema for almost two hours and I couldn't stop laughing. It's a movie that's not about sex and relationships, but it's about how people deal with their problems. I was so glad to see that the director, Michelle Rodriguez, didn't try to make this movie about a bunch of men who love sex and are in a relationship. She made it about the people who are in the relationship, who are in love, and they are in love. That's what the movie is about. I hope she makes more movies like this.

Albert Peters photo
Albert Peters

I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of this movie at the Cannes Film Festival. I was particularly impressed by the performance of the two young actors playing the young men. The movie itself was very funny, with many clever lines, but also with an excellent cast. The director and writers did an excellent job of making the movie in a natural and comfortable way. This is a must-see movie. I hope it will be released on DVD.