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The F**k-It List

The F**k-It List is a movie starring Eli Brown, Madison Iseman, and Marcus Scribner. After a prank blows up on a high school senior's life, he shares a list of certain things he wishes he'd done differently.

Other Titles
La lista de al carajo, The F*ck It List, The F* It List, Lista priorytetów, The F**k-It List - La lista dei fanculo, The Fuck-It List, Zoznam priorít, Die LMAA Liste, The F**k It List, La lista dei Fanculo - The F**k-It List, La lista de a la mierda, The List, Plus rien à f***
Running Time
1 hours 43 minutes
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Michael Duggan
Michael Duggan, Dan McDermott
Marcus Scribner, Karan Brar, Madison Iseman, Eli Brown
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After a prank blows up on a high school senior's life, he shares a list of certain things he wishes he'd done differently.

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Michael F. photo
Michael F.

This is a very funny film, not just for geeks like me, but for everyone. The two main characters are brothers, Jesse (Matt Frewer) and Alec (Dylan Minnette). The brothers are both friends who have come together for the "F**k-It List" - a game of cultural appropriation (unintentionally) played by Alec. This is a great film for the rest of the world, if you know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean, watch the film. It's actually hilarious, and it's also very smart, and it's filled with awesome lines and great one-liners. The characters are very good, too, because their voices are actually very similar. They're actually a group of slightly older male geeks, except for one of them, the "bad boy" (Elijah Wood), who is actually a well-known professional actor. He has two lines, and his whole purpose is to bring it to the point. He also has a huge amount of character development. The story is also very good, and it's not just because the acting is great, it's because the dialogue is also very good. The humor is not too clever or unexpected, but it's also not too crass or annoying. It's actually quite good, considering how good the jokes are, and the dialogue is actually very well-written. There are a lot of well-written jokes, but they're also used really well, and the jokes are well-paced. Some of the lines are actually very funny. There are also a few sex jokes, but they're not too forced and are still funny. The sex jokes are actually some of the funniest jokes in the film, and they're actually pretty funny. There's also some very funny "bloopers", which I won't spoil, but it's actually very funny and it's really easy to watch. And the dialogue is funny, too, and the characters are well-written. This film is also very good because it's the first movie I've seen about geeks, and I really like it. I'm not some kind of "geek", but I like geeks. I really like geeks. I'm a "geek" myself. I'm also a fan of the band Nirvana, so I'm actually pretty familiar with them. I just love geeks. So if you like geeks, I think you'll like this film. It's very funny, it's very smart, and it's filled with great one-liners. I definitely recommend it. The rest of the people who have not seen this film yet will probably also like it. And if you're a fan of the band Nirvana, you'll probably also like this film. It's also full of good, funny, and

Rachel W. photo
Rachel W.

I just love this movie. I have seen it at least once a week since it was first released. It's very funny. Michael B. Jordan is also a very good actor. Not to be confused with Michael Bolton, a comedy actor. He plays a very funny character. That's why he gets the nominations. He's a good actor. It's also funny to see him as President and he's got a great voice. There's a lot of funny scenes. It's a very good movie. If you like to laugh, you'll love it.

Rebecca Sanchez photo
Rebecca Sanchez

I found the movie totally outrageous and ridiculous, and hilarious, but also a lot of fun. I can't find anything wrong with the movie. I have watched it many times, and I still think about it. No matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh and find the humor of it constantly. All the actors in the movie are very funny. The whole idea of this movie is to show what happens when you get screwed over at work, or any kind of job. So it's a whole bunch of ridiculous situations. Just like most movies. But it was really funny. Also you can't miss some great places in the movie. The whole park is just so hilarious. So if you want to see a great movie to laugh a lot, and make you want to laugh, then this is it. This is a 10/10.

Nancy S. photo
Nancy S.

I've seen the Worst of the Worst 2, and I still liked it better. The first movie was enjoyable, and at least it was in a way. The second was boring, and it was slow. And this movie? I wanted it to end. It felt like a missed opportunity. The first movie had it's moments. This movie had a lot of them. The biggest and the best was the ending. It was a great payoff. I really recommend it. I really don't recommend it. It's a waste of time. But if you're into "funny, but not funny" movies, then it's worth watching.

Gerald Kennedy photo
Gerald Kennedy

I never write reviews, I only write reviews that make sense and tell people to watch the movie. This is not a movie, this is a comedy. It is a testament to the absurd. It is a perfect example of a Comedy film. I don't know how to describe it, but I will tell you. It is extremely stupid, and almost completely insane. The humor is actually very extreme, and I don't think you will get that with most other comedies. This is the kind of movie that makes you laugh your ass off. You can't stop laughing, and that is the only good thing about it. It is also a movie that you can watch over and over again. It makes you laugh, and then laugh again, and then again, and then again, and you will probably get sick of it after a while. If you are a fan of comedies, then you will like this movie. It is the most extreme comedy I have ever seen. It is funny, it is stupid, it is disgusting, it is hysterical, it is absurd. It is the most outrageous comedy I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of comedies. I recommend it to everyone. I hope this review helps some people.

Brenda Duncan photo
Brenda Duncan

Finally a movie that contains a plot but still makes you laugh as hard as possible. How the heck does Mr. Rush do that? I have to give him the nod for his hilarity. This movie is a must-see for any fan of the bad/funny movies of old. Every few years a movie comes along that is a lot like this one, but unlike Mr. Rush, it is a movie that you can easily stand and watch without even being a fan of the genre. This is the third Mr. Rush movie. You know what I mean. I still have no idea how Mr. Rush does what he does, but I will tell you I hope he makes more movies like this one.

Robert photo

I laughed and screamed at this film, I mean it was great. You've got to be a real fan of the hilarious movie series like Arrested Development to like this movie but it is worth it. I'm not sure who this movie is for people who love Arrested Development but it is for anyone who can get a good laugh out of something. This movie is a classic. It's the funniest movie I have ever seen in my life. If you can get past the comedy aspect of this movie, you are going to love it. I did and so did the people I was with. This movie is a ten for me. I loved it. I loved it so much I bought the DVD.

Rose Sullivan photo
Rose Sullivan

I am a very big fan of Ricky Gervais, but this was the best thing he has ever done. It is a unique film that will keep you laughing the whole way through. I recommend that everyone goes out and see this movie!

Bobby H. photo
Bobby H.

I don't think there's really a point in saying anything about this movie. It is a good one, I think. It is in many ways a satire. At the beginning, I think you'd think it was a spoof. But then you'd realize that is actually a satire of itself. I think people should see it. I didn't like it as much as I did when I first saw it, but it's a good film, I think.

Timothy R. photo
Timothy R.

Laugh out loud funny, the last few years there have been a lot of films with a lot of laughs but I can't think of one that has surpassed this movie. The only thing about it that I didn't like is that the original cast was given more screen time. Even though I had a few of the original cast on the DVD I didn't get a chance to watch them and just watch the movie and not much more than that. It just seems like if the original cast was given more screen time then they would have all been in this movie. The movies were more the same then anything else, I just enjoy them for what they are, a laugh out loud movie. I don't think I'll ever go back to watch the original cast, even if I did I'd probably skip watching them because it was all the same. I loved the whole movie, the script, the jokes and the characters were great. I've been a big fan of all the original cast since I was a kid and to see them all in the same movie together was great and they all fit in nicely. I really enjoyed this movie and it's funny as hell. I recommend this movie to everyone and I hope everyone loves it as much as I did!

Craig photo

Shaun Anning has given us a nice little gem. It's funny, it's a bit gross and a bit disgusting, and it's genuinely hysterical. A lot of films don't need these elements, but Shaun does. He is clearly a very, very clever, witty guy. I don't think you can have a film this dark without it becoming a bit too dark. This is the only film I've seen that I feel has succeeded in keeping its dark humor and gory nature up-to-date. If you like Shaun, I highly recommend you see this film.

Frank photo

I loved this film, I got the DVD for Christmas. Everyone knows the f-word in the UK, but I'm sure everyone knows the f-word in Australia. It's not about it's uppercase or lowercase. It's just the word it's pronounced. The film is amazing, it is not at all predictable. It is so much more than a sex comedy. The storyline is great, there are many interesting characters and situations. The characters are all so different and yet they all have one thing in common. They are all very likable. I also loved the fact that it was a British film and the actors were all British. All in all a great film and definitely not to be missed. Watch it and enjoy the film.

Kimberly H. photo
Kimberly H.

When I went to see it, I was expecting something light hearted. But it was nothing like that. I laughed, I cried, and I was so happy for the rest of the movie. It was just a fun movie. A movie with a good message about how we should be dealing with our problems. The movie was so funny. If you want to see a movie with a good message, you should definitely see this movie. You won't regret it. I'm giving this movie a 10 because I think it is the best movie I have seen in a long time. A perfect family movie. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Tammy R. photo
Tammy R.

This movie was a lot of fun to watch. I highly recommend it. Also, it was probably the most good acting I have ever seen in a comedy film. But, I highly recommend reading the book before watching it, or it would be a complete waste of time.

Nicholas Thomas photo
Nicholas Thomas

Well, it's finally here, the ultimate cult classic and it's my favorite movie, I still watch it when it's on. Well, there are just a couple of things that I don't like about this movie and I was surprised that it was a cult classic. You see, I just thought that it was weird that a woman would feel so comfortable and be so fucking irrational and evil. The way she is there, you think, is she really good and you are in the same club and she puts her hat on the table. I don't know if that's her not wearing a shirt. The way she walks and her smile, it's just too much. But I still think that if I would've felt that way, I wouldn't have been so afraid to go to her. I would've just gone and I never would've told that she was a pig. But, I still think that is a really good movie and it's funny and kind of creepy. I like it.

Daniel Meyer photo
Daniel Meyer

I really like this movie! The Comedy was really good! And the actress was really hot! I hope to see more of them in the future! It's a must see!

Ronald Schneider photo
Ronald Schneider

I am glad I saw this movie. There were a lot of people saying it sucked because it was "cheap" but I really like how well the plot line was put together. It was funny. I really enjoyed the idea that they put in the story about that director of the "International Incident" (the movie they were watching) that the professor gave the spooky tape. There are tons of people who might not know this was made in 1996, but it was a great twist to the story and the most memorable scene in the movie. Plus they added a twist in the end that made me so happy. It was more mature than the movie I've been watching recently, and I would recommend it to anyone. My partner told me I should have watched it with her but I enjoyed it so much I didn't mind.

Lauren W. photo
Lauren W.

The F**k-It List is hilarious and very funny. I like the fact that in my opinion we're going to get to watch the most hilarious movie of all time. So, if you like movies that make you laugh and laugh, watch The F**k-It List.

Austin photo

This film is great, a must see for all "amateurs" and film fanatics. The Caddy Fever is still alive and kicking today, as more and more film goes to theatres. This film is so awesome and I loved it so much I want to watch it again. This film had me laughing, crying and feeling so good. The Caddy Fever will never die. I think anyone with a passion for film should watch this, film lovers and students, they should watch this and watch it again and again and again. You will get a real laugh out of this film. The action in the film is great, you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll get a real kick out of it. I give it a 10 out of 10, from all of us in the Caddy Fever family.

Amy photo

This is the best film I have seen in a very long time! My family and I loved it. It was so fun to see the actors from other comedies, playing in the movie. The story line is great, and the acting is fantastic. It is a very good movie, and I will be buying the DVD when it comes out. It is a really good film, and we would all be excited to see it on the big screen! My favorite part of the film was when they were all looking for the kiss. They all came out with a kiss. I loved that part. The best part of the film was when they found out what is in the box! What a great scene! This movie is a must see for any fan of comedy, or just a guy who likes a good laugh.

Willie D. photo
Willie D.

Wow. What can I say. It was a great movie and is something that every movie goer will find funny. From my point of view this movie will make a great rental or at the very least a great watch. Great acting, great plot, great characters, great wit, great humor, great plot twists and turns, great story line, great camera shots. I have to start by saying that this movie is a true gem. This movie had so much in it and it was a great movie to watch. I'm not going to say more but to those who read this and want to go watch this movie you need to go see it, don't hesitate. Watch this movie and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. This is the perfect comedy to watch at the end of a long day at work, it's a good escape from reality, a great date movie, and a great date movie to take your friends to. The fact that the movie is a comedy but still funny is part of the reason this movie is a great one.

Lisa J. photo
Lisa J.

A must see for anyone who thinks the world is ending. Truly one of the best comedies of all time.