Steam Train to Busan 2

Train to Busan 2

Train to Busan 2 is a movie starring Dong-Won Gang, Jung-hyun Lee, and John D. Michaels. Sequel to the 2016 South Korean zombie film Busanhaeng (2016).

Other Titles
Invasão Zumbi 2, Train to Busan 2: Peninsula, Peninsula, Bando, 屍速列車:感染半島, Vlak do Pusanu 2: Poloostrov, Vlak do Pusanu 2: Polostrov, Estación Zombie 2: Península, Bán Đảo
Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Horror, Action, Thriller
Sang-ho Yeon
Sang-ho Yeon, Joo-Suk Park
John D. Michaels, Dong-Won Gang, Jung-hyun Lee, Re Lee
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Sequel to the 2016 South Korean zombie film Busanhaeng (2016).

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Zachary Hudson photo
Zachary Hudson

As a huge fan of all the films mentioned here I was delighted to see this remake of a film that was a little slow and not so much fun as the original. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was done. The movie has a very realistic feel to it, with the cast portraying their characters well. It had a good feel to it, with the songs used fitting to the scenes that they were in. It was not overly drawn out and the gore was very well done. I did feel that the pacing was a little slow in places, which I am sure some people did not like. I also thought that some scenes did drag a bit, but I will just say that I did not mind. I was very impressed by the action sequences and how well they were done. Overall, I think that this is a very good sequel and I think that the fans of the original should not be disappointed. I was very satisfied with this film, and I do hope that they will continue to make more films.

Roy photo

This movie was great, it had the perfect amount of gore, nudity, and blood and guts. I don't know why they have to keep doing the same exact movies, I guess it's just because it is the same. I thought the acting was good, I don't think anyone was a real drag in this movie. This is my first movie review, I'm a huge horror movie fan and I'm giving this movie a 9/10. It was good, if you're a horror fan, this is a good movie to watch. It was good, I hope they make another movie, I don't think it's a good idea to make a new movie every year.

Harry Obrien photo
Harry Obrien

I saw the trailer for this movie and my friend, a big fan of horror films, said "This is what we've been waiting for." We both went to see it, and were both so impressed with the movie. The story is interesting, the acting is amazing, the characters are completely different and the overall movie is so much more. The acting is amazing, because we really get to know the characters. When they first meet they do not know each other at all. The story is intriguing, the characters are different, and the overall story is so much more. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good thriller. It is not just a "tear jerker", it is a great movie, and a true horror movie, not a horror movie because it has a great plot, it is a great horror movie because it is a great horror movie. This movie is really amazing, and I can't wait to see it again!

Jessica H. photo
Jessica H.

I was so blown away by the first one, I wanted to see it again and again. I am also a big fan of Korean cinema and this film has the greatest amount of suspense and action. I think this is a great movie to go and see. I am very happy with the sequel and hope to see more of them.

Daniel photo

When I saw the previews for this movie I was expecting a typical horror movie, and not what I got. I was wrong. This movie was so well put together that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was a really good story, great acting, and the cast was great. The story line is really unique, and this movie has so many different ways to take it. It has some really great gore effects, and there is a lot of nudity. There are also a lot of plot twists, and it keeps you guessing until the end. This is definitely not a horror movie, it is a movie about love, friendship, and finding your self again. I think this is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen, and it definitely deserves more recognition. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Anna Hansen photo
Anna Hansen

This movie is a mix of the latest Hollywood blockbuster action movie with a few old school slasher/horror movie elements. It also has a very clever twist ending that I will not spoil here. The movie begins with a very small group of prisoners (including the former guards of the prison) traveling to a remote island to escape. After getting there, the group is put into a jail cell with a psychotic killer named 'Tom' who is being held for two years for his brutal murders. Tom is very intelligent and has a great grasp on what he is doing and how to accomplish it. He also has a massive arsenal of weapons that he uses to kill his victims. However, he does not have a way to kill all of his victims. One of his hostages gives him a map to the island where the gang will hide. Tom uses his map to track the group down and eliminate them. However, he finds one of the hostages who is very important to the plan. He is the only one who knows where they are hidden and knows exactly how to get there. The plan is now to wait for Tom to find them and kill them. This movie is very well made and I think it is worth watching. The movie also has a good story and good action. It is a very entertaining movie that is definitely worth watching.

Willie B. photo
Willie B.

This is a great movie. The movie is not for kids, or even adults. It is for people who love movies and can not take any kind of fake crap in movies. The story is good, the movie is not, but it is worth watching. It was one of those that was not expected, and I was surprised. There is a lot of violence and the movie is not for kids. But it is worth it, because this is the best Korean movie ever made, and I give it a 10. My favorite scene is when they are inside the house, and they are just laughing, but the explosion comes and kills everyone. This is also the scene where the movie starts, because it is the first one that does not have a music. This is the best Korean movie ever made, and I give it a 10.

Roger W. photo
Roger W.

I have to say this is the best zombie movie I have ever seen. A lot of zombie movies have been terrible and this is no exception. I thought the acting was great and the special effects were outstanding. I have seen the movie twice and have not been bored and so have the rest of the audience. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys zombie movies. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Brittany Patel photo
Brittany Patel

I finally got to see this movie and I must say it was an awesome movie. I enjoyed it more than most horror movies I've seen in the past. I love how this movie didn't take itself seriously. This movie was a must see and I really think you should check it out!

Linda Gordon photo
Linda Gordon

I haven't seen the original Busan but this movie is a lot better than the original. It's a lot more believable, more exciting, and has a lot more action. It's much better, and I recommend this movie. The story is not so stupid, and there are no stupid lines. I don't think the acting was that bad, the director used a lot of great actors in this movie, and it was very entertaining. It is also different from the original movie. The busan train is not so big. It's more like a small busan. The original movie is not as good as this one. I think this is a better movie, and I think the director made this movie better. I think it's worth watching. This movie was better than the original Busan. This is a much better movie, and I recommend it.

Margaret R. photo
Margaret R.

My favorite films of all time are any of the films in this category, this is my favorite film of all time, I can't wait for the next one. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. I love the story, the acting, and the special effects, the film itself was made in Korea, so if you like Korean films, you should watch this film, otherwise, you can watch "American Beauty" or "Cars" and skip this film. It has a decent story, some scary scenes, and a good story line, but it does have some slow points in the story, but the story is worth it. This is one of my favorite films, if you are a fan of the genre, you should watch this film.

Victoria photo

I am one of the few who saw the first one and loved it, so was very excited to see this one. But this one didn't live up to my expectations, and to be honest I was disappointed. The story was ok, not great. The plot was very predictable. Some of the deaths were not needed. But the acting was pretty good, the death scenes were interesting. I think the best part of the movie is the beginning. It was a good introduction to the story. If you're a fan of the first one and enjoyed it, you should definitely see this one.

Olivia A. photo
Olivia A.

I have never written a review before, but this one is so important, it will stand the test of time. No matter how many times I say the same thing, no matter how many other reviewers I have seen and heard say the same thing, I have to write something, something that makes you say this movie is the best of the year, the best movie of the year. It is not. It is just good, and that is what it is. I have seen a lot of reviews that compare this movie to "Seven", "The Blair Witch Project", "No Country for Old Men" and so on. It is true, but it is also true that no one has ever seen "Seven", so it is fair to compare it to other movies. "Seven" was a great movie. It was scary, it was exciting, it was entertaining, it was powerful. "Busan" was a great movie. It was entertaining, it was terrifying, it was emotional, it was thrilling. "Busan" is the best movie of the year, and it is a great movie. The characters were well developed, the story was great, the plot was good. I will not spoil the ending for those who have not seen the movie, but it is a good ending. The acting was great, especially by the lead. The direction was perfect, and it was scary. It is an excellent movie, and if you see it, you will love it. It is a great movie, and I highly recommend it.

Zachary Knight photo
Zachary Knight

I can't believe that I'm still watching the movie. I was convinced that it would never come out on DVD or VHS and finally I got to see it. It was absolutely amazing. I had never seen a movie like this before. I went to see it with my friend and his girlfriend. They both really enjoyed the movie. It was very suspenseful and the acting was great. The script was perfect. I love the ending of the movie. I thought that it was perfect. There were a lot of twists and turns in the movie. It was great to see some new actors. They all did a great job. It was definitely a movie that you will not forget. I recommend this movie to anyone. It is worth every penny of your money.

Harry photo

I went into this film with low expectations, I know how bad a lot of remakes can be, but this one was far from bad. I have seen the original, and was pleasantly surprised. The first half of the film was slow and methodical, but that was more than made up for by the fast pace of the second half. The story is actually quite original, the acting was solid, and the film didn't feel like an hour and a half. It was fast paced and never dragged. The acting was better than I was expecting, and the plot was actually pretty good. I have to admit, this film surprised me. I haven't seen a zombie film with this many problems, so I was expecting it to be a complete disaster. But it turned out to be pretty good, and definitely better than many zombie films out there. I think it's worth watching, and definitely worth watching again. 10/10

Anthony M. photo
Anthony M.

This movie was better than the first one and is a better thriller than the first one.I would say if you have seen the first one you will not like this one, if you have not seen the first one.I recommend this movie to all horror lovers.

Jacqueline Dixon photo
Jacqueline Dixon

I can not find anything wrong with this movie. The story was good and it was interesting. The action was very good. The ending was better than any ending you've ever seen. This movie was better than the first. In my opinion, it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Amy K. photo
Amy K.

I was looking forward to seeing this movie after reading the other reviews. I have to say, the critics were right. This movie is great! The first half is absolutely terrifying and I love how the characters are so realistic. I was afraid that it would be a rehash of the first movie but it wasn't. I would recommend this movie to anyone. The second half was just as great, with a little twist. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. This movie had me on the edge of my seat, from start to finish. The acting is good, but it's the characters that make it great. I wouldn't say that this movie was perfect, but it was pretty good. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. The second half was really great!

Jonathan B. photo
Jonathan B.

I'm in love with The Hunger Games series, it's always interesting to see how these books turn out in the movie adaptation. This one is a very different kind of film, the whole idea of the game has been done before, but the tone is very different and it's a lot more intense. This movie isn't like the other two in the series, it's more serious and darker, there's no fanservice, but it's more a psychological drama than the previous movies, I think it's very underrated and I think that's what's great about it. The Hunger Games is a very well written movie, the directing is fantastic, it's the only reason why I think the movie is so good, it's very well shot, and the characters are very well written. It's more like an adventure movie than a horror movie, and I think that's why it's so well made, it has the kind of tense action and suspense that makes you want to see what happens next. I think this is the best movie out of the Hunger Games series and I hope it will be seen by many people. This movie is a really good one, it's very good in my opinion, I highly recommend you to see it. I hope you like it, and please go and see it.

Ruth Black photo
Ruth Black

I just love the first one, but I think this is a little better. It is a little more realistic, and more about the characters. It also has some new twists to it, which I really enjoyed. It is more of a thriller, but it has some zombie action and a little bit of suspense in it. It's just a little different, but I really liked it.

Jonathan Guerrero photo
Jonathan Guerrero

This is my first review. I was hoping for a much better film, and this is just a movie. I went to see the movie with my boyfriend and we both liked it. The movie is about a group of Marines who were called to train a group of school children in a war zone in South Korea. The training was going well and they were going to leave for the war zone. The warzone was going to be the city of Busan in South Korea. But the city of Busan was about to be bombed and the warzone was going to be attacked by the South Korean Army. The Marines were going to go in the warzone to protect the children and protect the warzone. The story of this movie is a bit different than the movie "The Perfect Weapon" in which the children were fighting against the government. This movie is the story of a group of children that are fighting for the warzone. The kids in this movie are not being oppressed by the government. They are fighting for their country. The adults in this movie are not fighting for their country. They are fighting for their children. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10. It is a good film and I would recommend it to everyone. I hope you enjoy this movie. Thank you.

Crystal photo

I just got home from the first showing of "Bosnian Wars 2" in Japan, and it was great. It's a good sequel to the first movie and I think that the Japanese audience would enjoy it. The plot of this movie is a little bit different. It has some darker parts, but overall it's a fun movie to watch. I think that the message of this movie is one that everyone can get behind. I'm not religious but I think that it's very important for every one to have a strong belief in God. It's a movie that everyone can enjoy, and I think that it's one that everyone can relate to.

Keith P. photo
Keith P.

If you're a fan of the first movie then this movie is for you. It's more of a sequel than a remake. The plot is the same. When a woman goes missing in Busan a special team is sent in to find her. They don't find her but they do find a man who's been sent to the island to recover a video and in order to recover it the team must go through a series of traps set by the islanders. It is a movie that's hard to watch. It's a very hard movie to watch. I can't recommend this movie enough. It's a great movie that's a must see. You'll be glad you watched it.

Dorothy G. photo
Dorothy G.

After the critically-acclaimed Last of the Mohicans, Paul Thomas Anderson, a director who always seems to be making more films than he can finish, returns with his second film, the semi-autobiographical sequel to Busan. This is his third project, and I believe he's had more opportunities to do this type of film than anyone. Busan 2, however, is not only a film with a deeper meaning than Busan, but also a film that is more fun than Busan, although Busan is still the best of the three. Busan 2 was a lot of fun to watch. While not as thrilling as Last of the Mohicans, it was still extremely entertaining. The first half of Busan 2, where we see some of the characters from Busan, is much more entertaining. It's more humorous and fun, and we see a lot of characters from Busan. For the second half, the film takes a little bit of a darker tone. It starts out at a very dramatic, emotional point, and then the film turns into more of a comedy, which is also very enjoyable. Busan 2 is a lot of fun, and I would recommend it to anyone. It's the perfect film for the summer. 10/10