Steam Target Number One

Target Number One

Target Number One is a movie starring Josh Hartnett, Amanda Crew, and Jim Gaffigan. In 1989, a Canadian journalist investigates the circumstances surrounding the suspicious arrest of a heroin addict imprisoned in a Thai jail.

Other Titles
Suspect numéro un, Podozrivý číslo jedna, Most Wanted
Running Time
2 hours 15 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Crime, Thriller, Biography
Daniel Roby
Daniel Roby
Jim Gaffigan, Stephen McHattie, Josh Hartnett, Amanda Crew
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Ex heroin junkie, Daniel Léger, gets involved in a drug deal with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. When the deal goes sour, Daniel gets thrown into a Thai prison and slapped with a 100-year sentence. While he tries to survive his Bangkok incarceration, the news of his conviction captures the attention of Globe and Mail journalist Victor Malarek, who decides to go after the shady undercover cops responsible for wrongly accusing Daniel.

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Scott R. photo
Scott R.

Forget the remake of THE SIXTH SENSE, this is an excellent movie that could have been better. This film could have been a great film if it had a better script and a better director. The script was poor, and the director, Howard Shore, should have known better. The music was good, and the film had great visual effects. The film is not a masterpiece, but it is certainly an excellent film. I rate this film 8/10.

Peter Williamson photo
Peter Williamson

I've watched this movie many times, and I've watched it several times more, and still I keep asking myself how can I rate this movie higher than a 6. I guess that is the score I would like to give it. But I still like it and I still love it. But it's not really that good. But this is the perfect movie to watch if you are looking for a good and a interesting movie. The acting is really good and the story is very good. If you have a time to watch it, you should watch it. But if you have time to spend it, you should watch it.

Betty photo

I thought that this was a very well put together movie, although it was not too action-packed. The storyline of this movie was a little far-fetched and unbelievable but it was very entertaining to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies, or just a movie that doesn't require too much thinking.

Michelle Rivera photo
Michelle Rivera

I enjoyed this movie very much. I thought it was very well done. The script is very well written. It shows the young man's determination to get to the top of the game. The director was able to give the viewer a sense of danger and suspense. The movie does a great job of showing the police detectives "wrestling" with the reality of the situation. The detective characters are very interesting and believable. I thought the police officers were very believable. The movie was very suspenseful. I thought the movie was well directed. The movie is a great addition to the "Cops" series. I think this movie is worth seeing. The movie had an excellent cast and I think this will be a good movie to add to your collection.

Victoria C. photo
Victoria C.

This is a movie that keeps the audience guessing, and the ending was absolutely stunning! The movie was slow and it did leave some things unresolved, but for the most part it was great! The characters are very different, but I loved that it showed how they were in different situations and how they grew up. I really loved the scene in which they met in the bar, I loved the look of their relationship, and I loved the way they met each other. This is a great movie, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to see something different, and the ending was great. I loved the scenes in which they were all in the same room, and it was great to see how they were in different situations.

Brittany photo

It's quite obvious that they are using the same director for this movie. And he is indeed a very good director. I have never seen this movie before but I was surprised. The movie is about a guy who is a simple guy and he is looking for the wife of his former girlfriend. He has some problems in his life but he is looking for his ex. He is searching for her in the process. The movie is about the day to day life of the guy. I didn't really understand the story of the movie but I understand the point of view of the director. He shows the people in a very interesting way and I am sure that he wants to show the true face of the people in the world. He tries to show the real lives of people and it's very interesting. If you like movies like this, you should watch it. I am sure that this movie will be a hit in the end of the year. I hope that I will see it in the future.