Steam Ghosts of War

Ghosts of War

Ghosts of War is a movie starring Brenton Thwaites, Theo Rossi, and Kyle Gallner. Five American soldiers assigned to hold a French Chateau near the end of World War II. This unexpected respite quickly descends into madness when they...

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戰爭中的鬼故事, Karo smeklos, Dinh Thự Oan Khuất, Duchovia vojny
Running Time
1 hours 34 minutes
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Horror, War, Thriller
Eric Bress
Eric Bress
Skylar Astin, Kyle Gallner, Theo Rossi, Brenton Thwaites
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Five American soldiers assigned to hold a French Chateau near the end of World War II. This unexpected respite quickly descends into madness when they encounter a supernatural enemy more terrifying than anything seen on the battlefield.

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Phillip photo

I went into this film not expecting much, because I was unfamiliar with the original book. I did enjoy it though. The movie was well made, the actors were great, and the plot was actually very interesting. The last fifteen minutes of the movie were rather boring though, but this movie is definitely worth watching. The first half of the movie is what I would consider the weakest part of the film, but the second half is much more engaging. The ending is a bit of a let down, but the last five minutes of the movie are just so intense, I wouldn't mind seeing it again. The acting is great, I love how every character is played, and I really liked the way the director managed to get some of the great actors into the same scene, which was a great idea. Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie. It's definitely one of my top 10 movies of all time. 8/10

Virginia H. photo
Virginia H.

I don't know what it is about the horror genre but there are always these films that are so good that you can't stop watching them. And then there are the ones that are so bad that you can't help but love them. The film "The Wicker Man" is one of those films. It is an amazing film. And I don't think that I've ever seen a film that is as good as this one. The film is about a man named Robert Wicker who is a British soldier and has been in the war for many years. And one day he finds himself in a strange place called "The Wicker Man" and his life changes forever. The film is shot in a way that it feels like you're right there in the middle of the war. You can almost feel the pain and fear that is on the soldiers faces. The film is very violent and you never see a person getting killed. The film is very powerful and shows a lot about the war and the people that are in it. The film is very good and I would recommend it to anyone. The film is a must see and I highly recommend it. I rate this film 10/10.

Julie Elliott photo
Julie Elliott

This is one of my all time favorite movies. I think it's a great example of a director who never allows the story to get in the way of his vision. The cinematography, the writing, the directing, the sound effects. All amazing. I am a huge fan of Wes Craven's work but I think this movie surpasses all of his movies I have seen. I think people will be surprised by the way this movie presents itself to them. It is very gripping from start to finish. It is a very strong movie that delivers great characters. The actors are perfect for their roles. Michael Biehn gives us an excellent performance in the lead. It's a very good performance. Eric Bana and Scott Speedman are very good in their roles as well. I believe this movie is one of the best horror movies of the last 15 years. I am very happy to have seen it and I think you will be too. I have seen this movie twice and it was awesome!

Billy photo

I'm not going to waste too much time here, but I have to admit that I was very surprised at the quality of the film. Not only was it much better than I expected, but it was a completely different experience. I was able to get a much better grasp of the characters and their motivations, and that's all I wanted. I think the reason why people are giving this film such a poor rating is because they are not used to the way the story is put together. It seems that most people are using the same techniques as the director. They are trying to cram as much information as possible into the film, and they don't want to be overly specific. The movie's main point is that the war is not over. The movie is very close to a documentary, and that's why I liked it so much. I think it's a very important part of the film, and it shows the way the war is still going on. The story itself is very interesting and is still fresh, and I hope to see more films like this in the future. I hope the director can make more films like this one.

Mildred W. photo
Mildred W.

I was very much surprised to see that there were quite a few negative reviews posted for this movie. The fact that a lot of people hated this movie because of the realism of the story and the lack of sexual content was a bit surprising. Personally, I thought the story was very interesting and definitely kept me entertained. I think a lot of people did not like that they had to follow the story line to get to the end. This film really wasn't for everyone, but I think that people who liked this film will also like the movie 'Sin City' for its depiction of the craziness of the world. The only negative thing I have to say about this film is that it is a little too long. I know that this movie is about 2 hours and I really wanted to see the movie to the end, but it was still a great film. If you are looking for a great movie with great plot and great acting, then I suggest you check this movie out. You will not be disappointed.

Janice Sanders photo
Janice Sanders

Don't expect much of this movie. This is a big budget movie but it does not have the mass appeal of a Star Wars movie. What it does have is a very real story. This movie really is based on the horrors of war. The story is really moving and should not be missed.

Brenda Wade photo
Brenda Wade

The story starts with a photo of a man with a monocle. A bit of trivia I didn't know. It turns out the man was a Nazi sniper. The first war story. It's a lot of action. You'll have the whole day to kill some Nazis. A lot of extras are used for extra viewing. It's a fun movie to watch. The movie has an odd ending. It could have been better. Don't expect a masterpiece. Just a fun, fun movie. 10 out of 10.

Beverly A. photo
Beverly A.

I really enjoyed this movie. It's a very well done film with a good story. I think that the movie could have been a little more polished and it could have had more of a plot. But overall, it was a very good movie. It's definitely a movie to watch with your family. I think that this is a good movie for all ages, it's scary, it's emotional, it's funny, and it's a good movie.

Adam A. photo
Adam A.

I'm not really a fan of the zombie genre, but I enjoyed this one. The story is very engaging and has a lot of suspense, and the performances are very good. I especially enjoyed the acting of Ryan Reynolds and the beautiful Jessica Chastain. I also thought that the cinematography was very good, and I thought the film was very well shot, and very well edited. This film is not for the faint of heart, but I think it's well worth the watch.

Elizabeth Carroll photo
Elizabeth Carroll

I liked this movie. I found the film to be visually very well-done, with some interesting angles and camera work. It's also much more realistic than most war films that I've seen, and I also liked the acting. It's worth seeing.

Kathy Sanchez photo
Kathy Sanchez

I think that this movie is going to be great. It's definitely different than the other "horror" movies. It's not scary at all, but it's good. It's a little bit scary at the beginning, but it's not scary at all. The thing that makes it good is that it's not boring. It's very interesting and it's full of surprises. It's not just a horror movie, it's a story. I like it a lot, I give it 8/10.

Mildred photo

It's a pity that I can't recall exactly what I thought of the movie prior to seeing it. The first time I saw it I was pretty bored and was a little confused by what I had seen. After the second viewing I was still a little confused but still entertained. The storyline is kind of confusing and takes you through a lot of stuff that you would never really get to see, but if you can get through that then you'll enjoy the movie. The special effects were also good. They were the only thing that kept me interested throughout the movie. The thing I liked the most was the atmosphere. The movie did a great job of portraying the desolate war in Iraq. The way the atmosphere was portrayed was so realistic and disturbing that you could almost feel the sand or the sandstorm that was blowing in. The ending was a little disappointing but in a good way. I also liked the fact that it wasn't the usual Hollywood ending. I know that people hate that sort of thing and I know that they get upset when something is ruined in a movie, but if you can manage to accept it you'll have a great time watching the movie. There are also a few moments that made me laugh. If you like horror movies then this movie is for you. My rating: 7/10 Rated PG-13 for violence and language, no sex or nudity

Brian photo

I've never seen this movie and I really don't care. It was a good movie but I don't want to see it again. I like the way the movie was put together. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but when it came to the end, I felt like I had to see it. There were some things that were funny and some that were very bad, but overall it was a good movie. And don't get me wrong, I love a good war movie. But this is what you get when you put all the good parts into one movie. The movie is very very good, but I hate the ending. But that's my opinion. It was like they killed some people and now they're back in business. That's the end of the story. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. I don't like that they killed off a character in the middle of the movie. It made me mad, because they left me hanging. It was like they killed a character and they couldn't come back and make it better. I hate that. So I can't give this movie a 7, but it's worth watching. It's a good movie, but not great.

Craig F. photo
Craig F.

I liked this film a lot, and I found it surprisingly good. The movie is a very good mix of horror and war, the war scenes are good, and the horror scenes are not too gory. The film is very well made, the acting is very good, and the script is very good. This movie is an excellent example of how to make a movie. It is very different from other movies, and it is very well made. I recommend this movie to all those who like war movies. It is good for everyone who likes good movies.

Jessica D. photo
Jessica D.

This movie has a lot of different stories and if you want to see the story of the army in the War in Iraq and the most amazing thing is that you do not need to have an American accent to understand the story. It has a lot of action and some of the action scenes are extremely scary. It is a good movie and I recommend it to everyone. My favorite part is when the soldiers are digging tunnels and there is a noise and a bunch of zombies are coming out of the tunnel. That was a really scary moment.

Andrew Watkins photo
Andrew Watkins

I really don't know why all the hate for this movie. I mean, it's not perfect, but it's very enjoyable. It's not like the original (which was just about the whole "hate" thing), it's not a great movie, but it's very enjoyable. If you like the original, I think this is an entertaining way to kill some time.

Russell Daniels photo
Russell Daniels

I enjoyed the movie, the cast was great and the movie is not boring. The only thing i would change is the ending. This movie is not about saving the world, it's about the little things in life that can make you smile. It's about the small things that you do that can make a huge difference. In this movie you see the main character, a little girl named Annie, she has a brother named Bradley, and a sister named Sam. Annie's friend, called Lucy, is a little girl who is trying to go to college, and to her father, she has two plans. One of them is to go to a good high school, but the other one is to get a scholarship, which will allow her to go to college. After that she will go to college, but then she will go to a special school, which she is not interested in. In the end Annie will go to the special school, but then she will go to a high school that she is not interested in. This movie is about the little things in life that you do that can make a big difference. All in all i enjoyed the movie, and i think that it is worth the watch, i don't understand why people didn't like the movie, it was good. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it. Just be sure to watch it before you get married. 7/10

Tyler photo

I thought this film was really well done, although I did enjoy the idea of the "Other Side" rather than the way it was executed. I was more interested in how the film would end than what would happen with the characters in the end, which makes sense as that is what a lot of the acting revolves around. Not to mention, the film has a real emotional pull to it, which made me feel very emotional towards the end. I also thought the story was well told and had a pretty good story arc. Also, the acting was good throughout the entire film. I would have liked to see more from the lead role and that the film would have lasted longer, but overall it was a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good horror film. Enjoy!

Sarah photo

I really liked the way this movie is made. The fact that the movie was made in a way that you could really feel the time and the feelings. The movie also did a good job of explaining the story and the history of the war. The movie was very well made. I really enjoyed it and I can see why it is a very well known movie. The story of the movie is very good and I think that it was a good idea to make a movie about the war and the emotions of the people in the war. I think that this movie was very well done and I am looking forward to see the next one in the series. I am really looking forward to see this movie because I really like the story and the movie is very well made.

Christian photo

As a horror fan, I can't stress enough how impressed I was with this movie. I never really saw the first movie in the theater, so I had no idea what to expect when it came out on DVD. I think that the biggest thing I like about this movie is the non-linear storytelling. The movie seems to be slowly building towards the end, and I thought it was almost like a 'twist' when the movie ends. I didn't see any obvious plot holes or things that I didn't see coming. I really liked the fact that it's really different from the rest of the movies I've seen so far. It's like a roller coaster of tension, adrenaline, and excitement. I also really liked the fact that the whole movie is over-dramatic. Some people will not like this, but it really sets the mood for the movie and it's a pretty refreshing change. I think the acting was pretty good. The movie was great in all aspects, it's definitely worth seeing. If you have time to kill, and you're a horror fan, then go out and see this movie.

Dorothy Riley photo
Dorothy Riley

As a fan of the original film I was excited to see this film. I found it entertaining and to me it was a good adaptation. The only problem with it was the fact that it was very, very slow in the first half. The film is set in WWII and the majority of the first half is set in the opening scenes of the film. The rest of the film is set in the middle of the war, and with the whole idea of the Allies being the good guys, I was expecting a fast-paced, action-packed film. However, the film actually had a slow pace, but it was a great slow-paced pace, which made the film very entertaining and intriguing. The first half of the film is very slow and the second half is very, very, slow. It was extremely entertaining and thrilling to watch, and the film kept me glued to my seat for the entire film. I highly recommend this film. I'm giving it an 8 out of 10.

Dylan photo

The movie is as great as its title. I've been a big fan of the series for a long time, but this movie is really good. It has everything, the good, the bad, the romance, the action, the suspense and the drama. And in a great way. The scene of the bridge is very moving and the scene of the train is very impressive. And the director did a great job to create a story which is about a little girl, but also about the war and about what's going on in the world. The story is really good and you'll see everything. This movie has a lot of action and a good story. I think it's the best movie of the year.

Julie photo

Horror fans are bound to love this film. I haven't seen a film with so much atmosphere and conflict. This film is full of suspense, and how it affects the protagonist is just incredible. This film has so many themes and themes, it is not easy to categorize it. When watching this film you will feel like you are on the edge of your seat. The characters in this film are all great, and each character is not just an "evil" character, there are no stereotypes in this film. Overall I think this film will be remembered as one of the best films of the year, I rate it 9/10

Kelly Wheeler photo
Kelly Wheeler

All the best scenes from this film are in this review. This is the best horror movie i have ever seen. Anybody who doesn't like this movie is just stupid. These are the scenes you should be looking at when you see this movie. I've seen the scene where the car was "popping" over the cliff, or the scene where the car was "blowing up" in the woods. Don't you see that? These are the scenes that made the movie. Don't you see how the movie is based off of the special effects in this movie? It looks like a horror movie for kids. The special effects are nothing special. It is more like a horror movie for adults. I can't wait for the third part!

Rebecca A. photo
Rebecca A.

This is a decent movie, but doesn't make much sense. It's kind of like seeing a ghost, but instead of seeing a ghost, you see an army of ghosts. There are some really nice sequences of the battle scenes and how they play out. But then it ends. So, yeah. you get to see the ghost kill the ghost. I guess the movie tries to tell us that when you're fighting a ghost, you fight like a ghost, so you can't lose, right? It is a good movie and i recommend it, but it is a bit of a stretch to me. But it is a good movie and it does have a good ending.

Virginia Willis photo
Virginia Willis

A must see for a Horror fan. I've seen this movie and i was really surprised about the movie. I've heard some of the critics criticise the movie and i've seen the movie a couple of times. This movie is a great mix of action and horror. The film is full of suspense and is full of gore. The movie has some nice characters in it. The acting is good and the acting is great in the movie. The story is very well made and is full of suspense. The movie is full of action and gore. It is very well made and looks great in all the ways. The movie has a very well done story line. I'm sure people who watch this movie will find something else in the movie and will find something else in the movie. I've seen this movie three times and it is still interesting to me. I'm still trying to find something about the movie but i'm still looking for something in the movie. I've read some critics complaints about this movie and i have seen the movie twice. The people who criticise the movie are not fans of the movie. They should be fans of the movie and of the movie not critics. I love this movie and i recommend you to watch it. My rate is 7/10

Patricia L. photo
Patricia L.

I just watched the trailer for this movie and all I can say is, wow! I had no idea what this movie would be like. I saw it on TV, and thought it looked cool. I was right! I liked it, and I can't wait to see it again. I thought it was great! It had a great story and all the characters were great. I loved how the story took place in Afghanistan, and how it looked. I think it was really cool. It also had a great ending. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good horror movie. 8/10

Anthony photo

What's not to like? I can see why some people think this film is not for them. To me it is all about the characters. There is a complex, intricate plot that allows you to take away all the rules of a plot and be immersed in the world of war. The story is told in a very modern way, with clever techniques that I found really effective. I think this film has been a real crowd pleaser for me. It has been a big hit at film festivals and as far as I can see it has won many awards, so it must be good!

Amber photo

I didn't know what to expect when I started this movie, but it turned out to be a classic. It's dark, it's violent, and it's very grim. The acting was excellent. The plot was amazing. The soundtrack was great. The special effects were amazing. The script was very well written. All of the actors played their roles very well. I have no idea why the critics didn't like it, but it has a very good track record, so I guess they should like it. My rating 10 out of 10.

Cynthia O. photo
Cynthia O.

In the end, the only way you can understand the power of a movie like The Storm is to have seen it. This film has been compared to The Bourne Identity but that film is superior in every way. I have seen a lot of reviews that compare The Storm to Total Recall and I have to disagree. The Storm is more realistic. It has a greater depth and we can truly feel what the characters are going through. We can see the emotions of the characters as they experience the horror of war and the inevitable defeat that comes with it. There is no heroism in this movie. No hero. But you do feel as if you are in the shoes of the people who are fighting and you cannot help but feel for them. When the trailer for this movie came out I was really excited because I was so excited for a movie to come out that was a true epic and a great war film and I was so excited for it to come out and it finally did. I was so glad that this movie was made and I cannot wait to see it again. The only reason I am giving it a 10 out of 10 is because this movie is really freaking great. You should definitely go see it.

Vincent L. photo
Vincent L.

I read all of the reviews for this movie and I just have to say that the critics are wrong. This movie is a total gem of a movie. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because I have seen so many reviews that are too negative, but I think this movie is the best movie I have seen all year. It is definitely a must see for any horror fan. I was impressed by the first half of the movie, I really enjoyed it, the story was great, it had a really good ending, and the acting was great. The only reason I didn't give this movie a 10 is because I thought the movie was a little slow. I do think that people should be more patient, but that is my opinion. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it!

Robert P. photo
Robert P.

The first time i watched this movie i didnt like it that much but after watching it several times i found the horror of it much more intense and the story that is actually played out is a great experience. The thing is that the movie does not use so many jump scares like most of the zombie flicks do in order to scare the audience so I think this movie was actually meant for those who enjoy horror movies. The acting was good all around in this movie especially of the actors who played the characters. I can't wait to watch this movie again and again and again!

Ethan McCoy photo
Ethan McCoy

I've always been a fan of Aliens. I've seen all of them and I'm a bit biased. But what about Aliens vs. Predator? I know it's just another sequel, but the style is quite different. Aliens vs. Predator doesn't have the slickness of Alien, the humor of Aliens, the moodiness of Aliens or the charm of Aliens. It's actually quite unimpressive in that department. But it's a great addition to the Alien franchise. It's funny, it's thrilling, it's fast paced, it's exciting and it's set in space. This one is a really good movie. You know that certain scenes are going to make you laugh and that certain scenes are going to make you jump. It's like Aliens, but better. Aliens vs. Predator doesn't waste time with cheesy dialogues. It keeps to the pace and gives you enough time to react. It has a lot of plot twists and surprises. It's just a great action movie and I recommend it to anyone that likes Alien movies. Rating 10/10

Benjamin Black photo
Benjamin Black

From the moment I heard about this film, I knew it would be awesome. I wanted to see this film, because I'm a fan of both these actors. I've been waiting for this film for a long time, and now I'm finally able to watch it. I'm glad I finally saw this movie. It was a lot of fun and suspenseful. I don't know how they pulled this off, but they did it. Both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did a good job of making you believe that they were actually there. They also did a great job of making you think they were really going to die in the film, but then they turn out to be alive. The only part that was a little ridiculous was when they were in that bridge, and the bullets could never penetrate the walls. I found that bit to be stupid, but in a good way. I liked the fact that they didn't try to make this movie look like a movie, they made it look like a war film. I think that this movie is going to be a big hit, because it does a great job at making you scared of the monsters, but at the same time, it has a little bit of humor to make it more enjoyable to watch. It's a great film to watch, and it does a good job at keeping you scared. I really hope they make a sequel, because I really would love to see these two characters in a sequel.

Joseph photo

Having watched the original film, I have to say this is a well done remake. I'm not a big fan of the original but I found this movie to be more than decent. The premise is simple, a small group of soldiers are in the midst of a war and are being escorted by a squadron of army planes. They are supposed to be escorting a mission in a secret location but some things get out of hand and the plane that they are escorting is shot down. The group must find a way to get to safety and soon discover that this was just one mission and there is no secret location. Some of the characters are still relevant and the story is very tense and it kept me interested for the most part. I was very impressed with the makeup and special effects, which were very good. I loved the way the camera was positioned in the movie. It was very unique and I found it very good. The acting was great and the film was well acted. I really like the fact that it was filmed in black and white. It was very clean and I liked that aspect. The only thing that bothered me was the beginning, which was very rushed and didn't really go into the setting of the film. I was hoping for a bit more background on the plane's pilot. I recommend this film to people who like action films. It's not the most thought out story but it is very well made and I think that is what you want from a film. I'm giving this a 8 out of 10.

Evelyn photo

I must confess that the first time I saw this movie I was a little disappointed. When I heard about it being a war movie, I was looking forward to seeing it. I went to the theater with some friends and we all thought it would be just another war movie. Well, my friends were wrong, this movie actually had a little bit of everything. While some people may complain that this is a very political movie, it is not. I thought it was a very good movie with a good story and acting. While this movie is a little bit more violent than other war movies, I thought it was very well done. It is also the first war movie to have an Indian in it. I thought that was very cool and the actor who played that character was very good. I was also glad that they had the actor play the role of the Indian. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a good war movie and I hope that it does well. I give it an A.

Craig photo

This movie is so much fun. I really liked the idea of the movie, that it's about a war that's going on, and the soldiers, the survivors, are trying to find their way home. It's all about the soldiers, who have to go through hell and back, and they're just trying to get home. It's an interesting concept, and I really enjoyed the movie. The acting was pretty good, the story was interesting, and I really liked the movie. I would recommend this movie, it's really great, and I'm really glad I watched it. I really hope that this movie is successful, because it's a really good movie, and I hope that people enjoy it. 8/10.

Jane photo

In the last few years, the military has been trying to get better at home; they've been winning wars with robots and flying robots, but they can't stop the ghost from coming back to life and wreaking havoc on the people who get caught in the crossfire. We follow the war-hero lead of Matt Lauer (Bill Pullman) as he tries to stop the ghost from getting his hands on a potent little device that can permanently end the war and stop the ghosts from returning. Pullman is very good in the lead role, but the rest of the cast is very good. The sound and special effects are very good, as are the cinematography and direction. I have a couple of complaints; the movie is a little too long, and the ending is a little rushed. However, the film is also well made, and it does a good job of keeping the action and horror elements coming. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good horror film, and to people who want to see a good sci-fi action film. It's also a good date film. It has some great effects and a good story to go with it. 7/10.

Roy W. photo
Roy W.

I'm not a fan of horror films, I've only ever liked them in the sense of being creepy and scary. But this movie was so well done. It was a very well thought out plot. The acting was very well done. It's a movie that should be seen by everyone. The special effects were amazing. I can't wait for the DVD. I'm going to go and see it again. I highly recommend it.

Albert Campbell photo
Albert Campbell

This is an excellent example of a modern day war film. I have to agree that it is a little over the top at times but not by much. It is not your typical war film with a very interesting story. It is a bit of a slow burn type of movie and it does not rely on gore. It is very much about the conflict and the loss of life. The characters were well played and the story has a lot of suspense and mystery. The movie is very entertaining and has a lot of tension and intrigue.

Eugene A. photo
Eugene A.

I have never been a fan of John Woo but I do love movies. I really enjoyed "The Killer" but didn't think it was particularly good but this one is a whole different ball game. This movie was very well directed and beautifully shot. It is not your typical war movie, it is more of a psychological thriller. I have never seen a movie like this before. I liked the action sequences and the fighting scenes were well done. It has the right mix of suspense and action. I have to say the plot was very predictable but it was well done. I really liked the last scene. It was very sad and made me feel sad for the character. I also like how the movie took a long time to get to the point. It made it seem longer than it was. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It is not perfect but I did like it. I think it is worth a watch.

Dennis Fox photo
Dennis Fox

I have not seen the original movie but I have seen this one, and it is very similar. It is like a combination of The Blair Witch Project and The War of the Worlds. The first part is scary, the second part is very good, and the third part is very good. It is a very good movie, I think you should see it. The actors are very good. They are very good, especially the young actor. I think he is very good. The director is very good, I think he is very good. I think it is a very good movie, I think you should see it.

Ryan W. photo
Ryan W.

The trailer of this movie looked good, and I was excited to watch it. I really enjoyed it, it had a lot of suspense and horror. I thought it was a very well done movie. The movie is based on the book by the same name by Lawrence Block. It is a war film, and it is the story of two soldiers who are being sent to war, and they both do not want to go. The film has a lot of suspense and is very well done. I think that it is a very good movie, and it is very interesting to watch. I really recommend it.

Nancy Larson photo
Nancy Larson

The more I watch this movie the more it captures my heart. I have seen this movie a total of 5 times. I watch it on a regular basis and it keeps me watching. It's great to see the big name actors, and the name actors who can play roles like the ones they play are well known. I wish more of these actors would be doing more movies. I will be watching more of these movies. As a female I also found this movie great. It is sad to see that most women will not take up this movie. I do recommend this movie to women. I have read other comments and people found this movie boring or what not. I disagree with this, The movie was good. I think there is enough action in the movie, so if you need some action you should watch it. But I do feel that it was necessary to show the little girls that are afraid of the dark, that they can hear things that they shouldn't be hearing. I found this movie to be good. I would recommend it to anyone. You will love this movie.

Laura S. photo
Laura S.

I'm not a fan of the slasher genre, and I had never heard of this film until I saw it in the video store and it was on sale. I thought it would be another mindless horror flick, but I was wrong. I thought it was more of a thriller and it was really well done. I think this is the best slasher film I have ever seen. The acting was good, and the story was great. I love this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the genre. I think it's a great movie and I think everyone should see it.

Emma Bowman photo
Emma Bowman

I'm surprised to see a lot of negative comments about this film. As a horror film, it is a nice mix of a few elements that make it a great horror film. The story is interesting, and it is not bad for a horror film. The acting is good, although some characters are not well developed. The gore is not the best, but it is very well done. I enjoyed the effects, and some of the shots are well done. The story is very original, and the film has great atmosphere. I recommend it.

Margaret W. photo
Margaret W.

The first thing I want to say is that this is a great movie. I'm not sure why some people are saying it's too long. It's just that it feels like it could have been longer. The first half is slow and uneventful. There are a lot of things that should have been more important, but it was not. The second half is very interesting, and the third half is great. The acting is great, and the special effects are good, but it was the first half that was the most important. I don't really know why the critics are saying that the second half was not good. I think it was better than the first half, and it was just as good as the first half. It was just that the second half was more interesting. I really like the way the movie ended. I'm not sure why people are saying it was not good. I think it was very good. I have seen it several times, and I would watch it again. The movie had a lot of great acting, and the special effects were great. It was very exciting and exciting. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It's a great movie, and it's great to see something different. It's not a typical war movie, it's not a typical horror movie, it's not a typical action movie. It's something different. It's the best movie of the year. It's a movie that I would watch again and again.

Billy Hughes photo
Billy Hughes

I'm not a huge fan of the first movie, but this one I'm quite fond of. It's not as good as the first one, but it's better than the second one. I'm not going to compare the two, because I don't think there's anything to compare them with. But this one is better. I was a little disappointed with the last half hour, but the movie was still good. It was very tense, and I felt like I was in a war. The movie is pretty well done, and it has some great scenes. I recommend this one. It's not as good as the first one, but it's still good.

Mildred Garrett photo
Mildred Garrett

While this movie might not have the "wow" factor of a Christopher Nolan movie, it still delivered. I was intrigued at the beginning, but as it progressed, I became more and more excited. The way this movie shows the real-life battles of WWII is fascinating, and I can see why many people will appreciate it. I think the actors were just perfect, especially the young boys. They all did a wonderful job. I can't wait to see more from this team! I'm very excited to see what they'll do next.

Craig L. photo
Craig L.

While this movie is not as terrifying as the first one, it's still a good movie. There is not much going on in this movie, but it still works. The story is quite different from the original, but that's not a bad thing. It's an interesting movie, and one that is well worth watching. The acting is also quite good, and it also has a nice dark atmosphere to it. The best part of the movie, though, is that it has a great ending. It's not the best ending in the world, but it's definitely worth watching. One thing that I really liked about this movie, is that it's not boring. It's actually quite a fun movie. It's fun to watch, and it's really well-made. It's not a great movie, but it's certainly not a terrible movie. If you have not seen the first one, I definitely recommend it. But if you haven't seen the first one, I suggest you to just watch this movie, because it's definitely worth watching.

Maria W. photo
Maria W.

I just saw the movie in IMAX 3D, and I can't wait to go again! I was blown away by this movie. The cinematography was incredible, the score was outstanding, and the acting was absolutely perfect. I loved how the film was shot, and how the director was able to capture the reality of the war, the chaos, and the terror that it was. The cinematography was amazing, and the music was amazing. I loved the sound design, too. I'm going to see it again, and I'm sure I'll love it more the second time around. I love this movie! I hope you all see it too!

Aaron photo

I have been a fan of the first film since I was a child. I loved the story, the characters, and the acting. I was a bit disappointed that the sequel didn't live up to the original. But I have to say that this is a very good film. The acting is excellent, the story is compelling, and the direction is great. It is a very good film that I would recommend to anyone. It is not for the weak hearted. I highly recommend this film to anyone.

Howard Tran photo
Howard Tran

I saw this movie in a theater with only 3 other people, and they were the only ones who left. This movie is one of the best movies I have seen this year, and if I see another movie I will go see it again. In my opinion, the whole concept of the movie is great, and it is amazing how they are able to make a movie out of a book that is only 5 or 6 chapters long. The movie is great, and it will get you scared, if you have the patience to see it.

David Oliver photo
David Oliver

This is a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The way it is made is very, very well done. It has been very underrated by critics and the people who actually saw it. It is a very well made film with excellent acting. When I first heard about this film I thought that I'd have to wait until I was older to see it. I was absolutely amazed when I found out it was being released. I can't wait to see it again. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes to think.

Rachel O. photo
Rachel O.

This film is great! It is the best film I have seen since "The Thing." It is awesome! It has an awesome cast, including the wonderful Mark Whalberg, who is just brilliant! I could not think of a single flaw in the film. It is great! The film starts with one of the best scenes I have ever seen in a film. It is so incredibly intense and stunning. The acting is fantastic, especially from David Oyelowo. It is so great to see him in a great film. Also, Sam Jackson is brilliant as well. I think he is one of the best actors of this decade. One of my favorite scenes is where they are going into a bunker, with an hour-long battle going on inside. It is really great and powerful. It really shows how good of a director John Woo was. It is also so good that I could relate with the movie. I actually felt like I was part of the war, which is something that I would never have experienced if I was in the military. It is also really well made. It has a really great director and all of the special effects are really great. The effects are amazing, and they are really good. It is awesome. All of the characters are fantastic. They all have their own personalities, and their own reasons for going on this mission. It is amazing! All of them are great. The characters are great. The story is great. It is just all around a great film. It is a really good film, and I love it!

Robert Stephens photo
Robert Stephens

Saw this movie at the Tribeca Film Festival and I was a little skeptical, seeing as I didn't want to see another remake. Well, I was wrong! I think the thing that has made this movie so great is that it keeps things fresh. While there's the typical cliche of people being out to get the "bad guys," there's plenty of character development and a true journey for both Jake and Christian. The fact that both actors played a lot of different characters throughout the movie is the big draw for me. The movie isn't afraid to switch between characters, and vice versa. You get to see what they're like, and it's clear that both actors have great chemistry, and it makes the movie all the more real. I liked how they also introduced a new character in the movie, and that was just great! The movie definitely had a bit of an edge to it. You can definitely tell that the movie is a bit 'real.' The film is definitely worth seeing, and I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel!

Matthew photo

I have been reading reviews of this movie for the last couple of weeks and it's pretty much unanimous, I hated it. I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after watching it. I wanted to like it so badly and I do like a good zombie movie, I just think that the pacing was off, the characters were weak and the ending was a huge let down. I could only guess that the director or writer or whoever made the movie was having a bad day or something. The fact that the movie was so boring, it really got to me. I was really hoping for a good zombie movie and I got a crappy zombie movie. The zombies were not very well done either, the ones that were there were really bad looking, they looked like they were from the early 90's. I was really disappointed with this movie and I hope that it does better next time. I would only recommend this movie to people who like zombie movies or just like a good movie that makes you think. I have no idea why it has such a bad rating on here but I will say that I would not recommend this movie to people who are not into movies that are creative, interesting or have a good story line.

Christina B. photo
Christina B.

I'm not a fan of war movies, but this one is by far the best one I've ever seen. It's very dark, but the action is intense. The movie starts with the Germans in the middle of the desert. They are being hunted by the Japanese. Then the movie shifts to the American forces who are trying to find the Japanese base. This movie is great. It's not a war movie, but it has a lot of action and the story is very good. The acting is good, and the story is great. I highly recommend this movie. It's definitely worth watching.