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The New Mutants

The New Mutants is a movie starring Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Heaton. Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and...

Other Titles
Naujieji mutantai, ザ・ニュー・ミュータンツ, Noii Mutanţi, 新異變人, Noví mutanti, Les nouveaux mutants, Los nuevos mutantes, Growing Pains, New Mutants, Dị Nhân Thế Hệ Mới, Los Nuevos Mutantes, Yeni Mutantlar, X-Men: The New Mutants, Novi Mutanti, Οι νέοι μεταλλαγμένοι, Nowi mutanci, Os Novos Mutantes, Az új mutánsok
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Josh Boone
Len Wein, Chris Claremont, Josh Boone, Knate Lee, Bob McLeod, Dave Cockrum
Blu Hunt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Maisie Williams
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

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Rose B. photo
Rose B.

There are two reasons why this movie is so good: 1. The premise. It is a great sci-fi movie. 2. The cast. They are all awesome. While the actors that appear in the movie are not the best in the world, they are all able to do the character well. I love the way the characters act in the movie, and there is enough comic relief for the whole movie. I could go on and on about the movie, but I won't. This is a great movie for sci-fi fans. I suggest you go see it. I will also be putting this on my must see list.

Michelle T. photo
Michelle T.

This is a very fast paced movie with an original story line. The action scenes are fantastic and the characters are well developed. The story is about 4 people and one guy who are trying to save the world. The mutants have a new one in it called Pyro who is a zombie type creature that is like a giant dino like monster. The movie is about the four mutants trying to save the world and the race between them and the other mutants to get the power to fight the enemy. The movie has a very fast pace and you never get bored. I loved it and if you haven't seen it you should give it a try.

Kathleen photo

This movie is pure fun! When you go to the movies, you expect to see some big and bad monster. But this movie is a far cry from those big and bad monsters! This movie has a very good script and some action. It is a story that makes you laugh, wonder and to be entertained. It is not a good movie for people who like the regular big monster movies, but it is a great movie for the mature audience!

Jean Taylor photo
Jean Taylor

I have to admit, when I first heard about this movie, I was not very excited. However, I was so impressed with the cast and the storyline, that I decided to give it a shot. I was not disappointed. I thought the acting was good, the storyline was good, and the action was great. I think the director did a great job of creating a suspenseful movie. I think it is important to make the audience think about what they are about to see, so that they will not be bored. I really enjoyed this movie. I would recommend it to anyone.

Austin Kim photo
Austin Kim

New Mutants is a great reboot of the classic X-Men movies. It is also an excellent movie in it's own right. The acting is superb, the special effects are top notch, the plot is good, and the acting is great. There are no bad actors in the film. Although Hugh Jackman does not have the presence of his previous roles, he still delivers an excellent performance. Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, and Ian McKellen all do a great job with their characters. While the plot of the film is predictable, it still does not matter because it is not the main focus of the film. The movie focuses on Xavier's past, and on his powers and how he is becoming more powerful. In the end, the film was a great movie with great characters. It is an action packed movie that is also a great movie. My only criticism of the movie is that there are some parts that could have been more intense and violent. However, this was an upgrade from the previous X-Men movies and it was definitely worth the watch. I rate this film 8/10.

Dylan photo

I don't normally like these kinds of movies but I thought this was pretty good. A lot of the scenes where the main characters get into trouble are pretty good, and there are some good action scenes in the middle. The characters are very well developed and the plot is solid. There is also a lot of humor, and it was also well written and the acting was good. The special effects were also pretty good. I recommend this movie for people who want a good superhero movie.

Joe C. photo
Joe C.

I thought this movie was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of the X-Men, but this was entertaining. The actors were good, the story was good, and the action scenes were good. It wasn't that gory or bad. There were some cool gags. It didn't feel like a "fantasy" movie, but it was entertaining. My biggest problem was with the movie was the ending. If I had to give this movie a minus, I would. It could have been better, but I was still entertained. The first three movies were good, and they were a little better than this one. They were a little different, and had more action. The only reason I give this movie a 8 is because the movie was good. The ending could have been better. I gave this movie an 8 because I thought the acting was good, the story was good, the action was good, and the ending was good. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Tammy Martin photo
Tammy Martin

This is the first time I've seen this movie, so it will probably be the last time I do. I'm not going to give away any plot points, so you'll just have to see it for yourself. My wife and I sat through the whole movie without missing a thing. And even though it was hard to take our minds off of it, it was all worth it. This movie is a great combination of action, drama, and suspense. The special effects are incredible and they don't rely on CGI for a lot of it. The plot is a little bit complicated, but the action is well worth the trouble. I don't know if it's a spoiler or what, but the mutants are a little bit better than the humans, but not by much. Overall, a great action movie that I think everyone should see.

Emma photo

I've always been a huge fan of the X-Men, but after seeing the trailers for the movie, I was pretty skeptical about this film. But after seeing the movie, I am so glad that I went to see it. It was great! It had a good story, the characters were really likable, and the special effects were great. I also really enjoyed how this movie was done, especially in the action scenes. The movie was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. The action was really good, and you felt like you were in the middle of it. There was some really intense action scenes in this movie that you will definitely remember. The movie had some good villains, but they were just ok. They weren't bad, but not really memorable villains. All in all, this movie was awesome, and definitely deserves to be a classic. It was a good movie, but not the best movie of the year.

Mark photo

I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I loved this movie. It's a lot better than the others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'm not going to say that it's better than the X-Men because I'm not a fan of the X-Men movies. I'm not even a fan of the X-Men books. I really enjoyed the movie because it was a really great action movie. It was a really different movie than what I was expecting. It was fun. There was action. The action scenes were well done. The characters were fun to watch. The special effects were well done. The acting was good. The character development was good. I think that the actors did an excellent job. The actors were good because they were really funny. They had a great chemistry between them. The characters were well developed. The story was great. The script was great. The movie was really fun. The movie was great. I hope that the movie gets some kind of DVD release because I really liked this movie.

Helen Tucker photo
Helen Tucker

I really liked this movie. I have seen it a few times and it always gets better each time. The plot was pretty simple, but it was very clever. The effects were pretty good. The acting was pretty good. I was impressed with the action and the story line. The whole movie was like a cartoon. It was great. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I think they should have had the mutants fight the Sentinels and that would have been awesome. I really liked the movie. It was very entertaining and I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves action movies. I give it a 10/10.

Laura photo

I was really looking forward to this movie. After all the previous X-Men films, they were kind of boring and, if anything, I thought they were overly dramatic. I was hoping to see a return to the "classic" X-Men, but I was wrong. I saw it twice, and still do not understand why they did not make the movie the way it should have been. It is a little bit more dark and gritty than I was expecting, and I was not expecting the amount of bloodshed. The plot, while not great, is what really matters, and this movie is better than most of the other X-Men films. The acting is good and the action is excellent. I just wish they made it into a proper comic book movie and not a mediocre action film. As I was walking out of the theater, I was looking at my watch and wondering how long I had to wait for it to be over.

William Cook photo
William Cook

If you are going to see this movie, you better see it. The acting is great. The action is great. The plot is awesome. I am not going to tell you the story of this movie, because it will ruin the movie for you. The main problem with this movie is the same problem that any movie has. It is a bit confusing at times. You are left wondering what is going on. The effects are awesome. I wish this movie would have had a more action or a more villain. But overall, the movie is worth the watch. This movie should be watched by a lot of people.

Victoria photo

All the mutants have been captured. Will they all survive? Will the world be saved? The first two movies were great, but they never really lived up to the hype. This movie lives up to the hype. It's like the better versions of X-Men and Spiderman were released at the same time. Everything is better than it's last one, and it does have some flaws. The villain is too weak and there's a lot of stuff going on in the movie that should have been left out. However, there are some really great scenes in this movie, like when the villains are escaping and they are hiding from the X-Men and Cyclops. There's a scene with Wolverine and Cyclops in the plane, that is pretty cool. Another scene is in the motel where the villains are trying to escape, and they fight with Wolverine, but Cyclops stops them. Then, there's a big battle in the hotel where they are trapped in a building and they have to kill each other to stay alive. In the movie, we get to see more of Emma Frost, the mutant leader of the group, and even see her in action in this movie. The first two movies were great and they should have been the best. This movie is really worth seeing. I recommend this movie.

John V. photo
John V.

I'm not sure what to say about this film, it is by far the best I've seen in the franchise. Not a single thing about it is bad. The cast, the direction, the humor, everything is perfect. The acting is superb, there is no way in hell I would have picked anyone other than Hugh Jackman, and he was perfect. Everyone else was great. I really hope that the studio makes a new movie in the franchise, because the current one is just boring. It's not as funny as the first film, and as good as the second. But, if they ever make a new movie, I think they should pick the actors and directors from the first film, because that's the only way I could describe it.

Anna Graham photo
Anna Graham

This movie was awesome. I've seen it about 5 times now and I've seen it in theaters twice, and it still gives me a good feeling every time. The fight scenes were very well done and realistic. I can't wait to see the next one, and I hope they don't change it up. It was a great story, great special effects, and a very good plot. This is the best movie I've seen in a while.

Heather Harrison photo
Heather Harrison

This movie was very entertaining. It is a very simple story, but it is well done. It is a great movie that should be seen by anyone who has seen the X-Men movies. It is a good movie for the whole family.

Wayne photo

Fang makes a lot of good points about the villains and about the abilities of the villains. He makes the "exotic" and "diverse" villains like the Gifted and Magneto seem like little kids and "professional" villains like the Lizard seem like big kids. But this movie is flawed in that the "professional" villains seem like little kids when the "exotic" villains seem like little kids. Magneto seems like he's been around for centuries. He doesn't seem like the lovable guy he is in the comics and the comics are "serious" enough to make the comic-book movie seem like a kids movie. All of the villains seem to be "professionals" except for the Lizard. The scenes where the people in the city get a taste of the "real world" (like when Magneto's team is at the police station) are all pretty much lifted from the comics. The movie doesn't have any comic-book-like action or humor and it also doesn't have much of a plot. And while I appreciate the idea of having the "heroes" as little kids, I think that the adults would have had a harder time getting through a movie that was less about the "kids" and more about the "exotic" and "diverse" villains. I think the people in the audience that wanted to see more of the "kids" were probably the ones that were bored with the movie. But the movie was a success, it's not a great movie, but it's an enjoyable movie. I recommend it for people who want a "kids" movie. I think that this movie would have been a failure had the people that were bored with the movie wanted to see more of the "kids". If you don't want to see the "kids", then don't see it. But if you want to see a movie about "kids", then I suggest you go see it.

Beverly photo

The movie was very entertaining and the ending was a surprise. I liked how they had a plan that actually worked. I like the way they introduced the new mutants, I think they looked very good. And I liked the way that the humans still treated mutants as humans. I didn't like how they had the "robot" character, but it worked in the end. But, all in all, it was a very good movie. I recommend it.

Craig photo

I was really surprised by this movie. I thought it was going to be terrible and terrible. But I was wrong. I think this movie is better than any movie I've seen in the last year. The acting was very good. The movie was well paced. It's a very good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who likes superhero movies. This is one of the best superhero movies I've seen in a long time. I think it's better than all the X-Men movies. I don't understand why it was rated PG-13. I think it's a little too violent for a PG-13 movie. I think the rating should be R. It's a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes superhero movies.

Catherine H. photo
Catherine H.

This movie is great. It is perfect for anyone who loves comic book movies. The story is great. It is the perfect movie to watch with your girlfriend or to watch with your girlfriends brother or to watch with your friends. It is a great movie that you will enjoy. If you have seen it and you haven't yet then please go and see it. It will be a great movie.

Ethan W. photo
Ethan W.

I really liked this movie. I have seen the first one and I really liked the first one but I was not that excited for the second one. But I was wrong. This movie is so good that I think I should rate it a 10/10. The acting is good, the action is good and the story is good. The movie is not like the first one. It is more of a comic book movie. But I think that the first one is better. So if you liked the first one then you should like this movie. I will definitely see it again.

Michael J. photo
Michael J.

I love the New Mutants. The movie was great and kept me entertained the entire time. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I think they could have done better than the ending. I think they should have included some flashbacks or something to help explain the fact that the Nova Corps is missing. This could have been an awesome movie. Overall the movie was great and a must see.

Benjamin M. photo
Benjamin M.

I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of the film at a local art-house theatre last night. I really liked it. It was one of the best movies I've seen this year, and if you've read the comic, you know it's going to be a good movie. As you can tell, I didn't go in with high expectations. But I'm happy I did, because it was a great movie. The acting was great. It's definitely a good family movie. The special effects are great. I didn't even notice they were computer-generated. The story was very well-written. I think that the director and writers really went into this movie with a lot of passion. They put a lot of thought into the storyline, and it really paid off. I really like the way the movie was shot. It's very stylized. It feels very "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" as I've said. I've always liked the cinematography. I think the cinematography is something that really stands out in my mind. I also liked the story. It was a great story. I think the characters were very well-developed and believable. I was very invested in the story, and I think that's why it really worked. The characters are very believable. They're likable. I didn't really get to know the characters that much, but they really made you care about them. I really like how the movie had a good message. It was very well-done. I don't know if it was intentional, but it felt like it was being very intentional. The whole movie really felt like it was trying to show that humanity is capable of being good. If I could go back in time and do it again, I would. I definitely recommend this movie. I think it's one of the best movies of the year. If you haven't seen it yet, see it, and I promise you'll like it.

Mary M. photo
Mary M.

I thought this movie was fantastic! It was full of humor, tension, action, and most of all, a great story. The acting was great and everyone did a great job. This is definitely a movie I would watch again!

Betty K. photo
Betty K.

This movie is not for everyone. It is not a normal horror movie. It is not a typical action movie. It is a well-written and well-acted movie. The acting is great. I can't say more without giving away any spoilers. It is a movie that you should watch on a rainy day. You will not regret it.

Walter Aguilar photo
Walter Aguilar

The New Mutants is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen this year. The action was great, the story was solid, the acting was great, and the special effects were amazing. The story was excellent and very well done. I'm glad to see a movie that is not only entertaining but also has a great story. The movie also has a great cast. They all did a great job. The performances were really good. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves action movies, or anyone who wants to see a movie that is entertaining. This movie is definitely worth your money.

Carolyn H. photo
Carolyn H.

The most annoying aspect of this film was that most of the mutants were too young and attractive. Most of the characters were too young and attractive. They would have looked better as adults. The film was enjoyable and had a decent storyline. I liked the look of the mutants and there was some action scenes in the film. The music was awesome, it was awesome. I enjoyed this movie, I think it is worth watching. I hope the next one is good. I was disappointed in this film, but I hope they make another one.

Harold photo

I'm not going to say much about this movie, but i'm not going to say that it is terrible. I love movies with a balance between seriousness and humor. i think that a balance between seriousness and humor is the best. It is not the best movie of all time, but it is good. It's definitely a movie you will enjoy. It is a really funny movie, and you will laugh a lot. The cast was great. Most of them did a great job, but if you are the kind of person who likes to have a dark mood to your movies, then you probably wont like it. The whole cast is pretty well-known actors, and they are all pretty good. the special effects were awesome. The story is the same as the other movies, and it is a good story. I did not think that it was as good as the first one, but i did like it. It's a really good movie, and i hope that people enjoy it as much as i did. I think that you should see it, it is a good movie, and i hope that you will enjoy it as much as i did.

Kenneth photo

This film was actually really good. As the film progresses it becomes more and more insane. The whole story was quite interesting and the ending was great. This film had a lot of gore and action and there were also some interesting characters. It was a good film and I would recommend watching it. The characters were well done. The acting was good. The story was very good. This film was a lot better than I expected. If you are looking for a fun film to watch and don't have much to do than watch this film.

Carl photo

I really don't understand why people are saying that this movie is bad. It was very well done and I really enjoyed it. It was not as good as the first, but it was still good. The beginning was really good and the acting was great. The plot was good and had lots of action. It was not as good as the first, but still good. This was a great movie, and it was a great sequel.

Howard E. photo
Howard E.

I loved the movie. The New Mutants definitely has everything a comic book fan could ask for. It has humor, action, and a lot of action. This is the movie I wanted to see. The first movie I ever saw was when I was about 11 years old. I was always a fan of the characters from that one. So when I heard about the New Mutants, I had to go see it. When I saw it I was not disappointed. There was plenty of action, there was humor, and it was great. This is what I have been waiting for. I hope there will be more movies like this. I also think the actors were great, especially the new actors. It really gave me hope that there would be more movies like this. I will definitely be buying the DVD and the blu ray. And of course I will be seeing it in the theaters!

Ashley Guzman photo
Ashley Guzman

I enjoyed the first movie and was really excited to see the second one, but my expectations were definitely not met. The story is a little weak. The characters are cliche and the dialog is very cheesy. But it's still a good action flick. The mutant characters have grown. They're still not very unique, but they've become a little more believable. The action sequences are very impressive and the FX are awesome. This is the only Marvel movie I really liked. The only thing that bothered me was the ending. The ending is so weak and kind of disappointing. But if you don't mind a little cliche and don't mind a weak ending, this is a good flick. 8/10.

Joshua photo

The New Mutants is a very good movie. It has action, humor, romance, and a good story. I can't wait to see it again. I hope to see the sequel soon. I highly recommend this movie.

Bruce W. photo
Bruce W.

I really enjoyed this movie. The fight scenes were spectacular, the special effects were great, and the storyline was interesting. I really like the female characters in this movie. Both Kitty Pryde and Cyclops were very attractive and I really liked the fact that they are going to have to work together to survive. I thought that they did a very good job portraying the dark, gritty, and strange world of New York City. Also, they are going to have to work together to survive. I think that the acting in this movie was great. The actors all did a great job with their characters. Overall, I think that this movie is a very good movie. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Jason D. photo
Jason D.

I went into the movie with very low expectations. As I watched it I realized that this was the first time I have ever seen an action movie in the theater. I have been a fan of the X-men for years and I've been waiting for this movie to come out. I love the movie and will watch it again and again. There is no question that this is one of the best movies of the year. The plot of this movie is great. It is a good mix of plot twists and action. There are many action scenes in this movie and they are quite unique and fun to watch. This movie does not hold back and lets you go on a wild ride with the characters. The only thing that I didn't like is the way the movie went. The villains were extremely stupid and the way the movie went was very cliche. I am a fan of the X-men and this movie does not disappoint me. I hope to see a sequel to this movie because I want to see what is in store for the future of the X-men.

Andrea Price photo
Andrea Price

It is not the first movie to use mutants, but it is the first to use them as a main theme. The first movie was awesome and had an original idea, but the second one was just a remake of the first movie. In this movie, the mutants are more of a background to the story, but still they are a part of the movie. The actors did a good job, and the effects were great. The plot was good, and it kept me interested. The characters were all well developed, and I really liked the movie. The only thing I would change would be the ending, it seemed like they were trying to make it a different ending, but it just didn't work. It was just kind of weird. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Frank photo

I liked this movie. It had the same "Thing" formula, and although it was a bit predictable, it was still a good movie. I think the writing was good, and the characters were good, although the characters are not the only things you should pay attention to. If you like action/sci-fi, you will enjoy this movie. The director did a good job. Some of the action sequences were very cool. Some of the fights were a little cheesy, but it worked for this movie. The action sequences were very well done, and that is the only good thing I can say about this movie. The ending was also good, although I think it could have been better. I give it an 8/10.

Douglas photo

I went into this movie with some reservations. I'm not a huge fan of Marvel movies and I was wary of this one. However, I really liked it. This is the first movie of the year where I actually fell asleep, the last was Black Panther. It has a great cast and it was just a great movie. I really like the way the movie is set up. The movie starts off with the school and how they are trying to be super heroes, we then get into the main characters and how they came into the world. The characters all have their own special powers. And the story is also really good. I liked how this movie kept it simple and it was also funny at times. I like how the movie kept to the original comic book. The only thing I did not like is the fact that the villain had some flaws that made me feel that he wasn't the best. He could have been a little better. But the movie does well. I would definitely recommend this movie. I give this movie a 8/10

Grace Allen photo
Grace Allen

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I had some expectations before seeing it because of all the negative reviews, but this movie surpassed them. The characters were a little annoying at first, but they eventually grew on you and you cared about them. The action was great. I loved the helicopter scenes and the battle between Magneto and the X-Men. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a great action movie with a great plot and a lot of humor. I'd give this movie an 8/10, but it was really just a 9/10 because of the bad reviews.

Howard Hicks photo
Howard Hicks

This is one of the best movie I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of the X-Men series but this movie was awesome. The plot was great and the characters were great. The special effects were amazing. It had a good storyline and the actors were very good. The only reason why I didn't give it 10 stars is because of the ending. I'm not a fan of the ending but I know that it's a comic book so I don't know how they can do it but I just can't. I think the movie was very good and I'm going to see it again soon.

Alice P. photo
Alice P.

This movie was a fun one. I loved the way it was shot, the special effects were great, and the story was really good. I loved the romance between Cyclops and Rogue and the way it was shot. The cast was great, with beautiful actors like Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, and John Malkovich. The story was great, with great action and the story was really good. I think this movie would be a good way to spend a good family night. I would definitely buy this movie on DVD or VHS.

Bryan photo

This movie was a huge surprise. I knew it would be good but I didn't know it would be this good. This movie is a little bit more action-packed than X2 but not much more. I think this movie is very close to being a great movie, except for the CGI. The action is awesome and the characters are awesome. The character of Pyro was great, and I don't think there's a bad actor in this movie. The actors are also very good. The only bad part of this movie is the CGI. It was very good, but the effects weren't up to par with the best of the X-Men. I thought the CGI in this movie was excellent. I also think this movie will be an action movie fans will enjoy. I recommend this movie to fans of the X-Men and action fans. I rate this movie 8/10.