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The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth is a movie starring Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney. A high school student is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth.

Other Titles
El stand de los besos, Kiss me, A Barraca do Beijo, Mi primer beso, A Banca dos Beijos, Φίλα με
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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Comedy, Romance
Vince Marcello
Vince Marcello, Beth Reekles
Joel Courtney, Megan du Plessis, Jacob Elordi, Joey King
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Born on the same day and time in the same hospital in Los Angeles, California, Elle Evans (Joey King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) have been best friends all their lives. To keep their special friendship, the pair created a set of friendship rules they promise to follow including rule #9: relatives totally off limits, especially Lee's older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi). On the first day of school due to unforeseen circumstances Elle is forced to go to school wearing a skirt that is too small. Another student touches her butt which almost gets Lee into a fight but Noah instead jumps into the fight. Elle, violates the dress code so she has to serve detention. Tuppen, the student who touched Elle inappropriately later apologizes. Lee and Elle chat and he approves of her going on a date with Tuppen however Elle is stood up. He goes to see her later that night to let her know that he was threatened by Noah not to go out with her. And finds out that, Noah has told other guys besides Tuppen not to date Elle. Elle and Lee decide to create a kissing booth for the school carnival. The two have difficulty finding people to participate but get a group of popular girls called the OMG's to participate by lying to them about Noahs participation. The kissing booth is a success. However, girls become angry when they discover that Noah is not actually working the kissing booth. Therefore Elle is set up to kiss a nerdy kid while blindfolded however Noah interferes causing him to kiss Elle and when she takes off her blindfold he does it again. After cleaning up Elle sees Noah flirting with another girl so she runs home while Noah looks at her. While on her way home it starts to rain and Noah offers her a ride on his motorcycle. However, the rain gets too heavy and they have to stop. They shelter in a nearby glass 'bandstand' in a park. Elle kisses Noah again and he pulls away. After staring at each other Noah goes in for another kiss..

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Aaron G. photo
Aaron G.

I found this movie on HBO, and it was a nice change from the typical romance films. I was surprised that it was actually funny. It's like the writers were having fun writing the movie, and they also did a good job casting the actors. The characters are likable, and it's an interesting, quirky look at how the opposite sex views a guy. I enjoyed the movie, and I look forward to watching it again.

Gloria J. photo
Gloria J.

I'll keep this simple, this movie was a great movie, I loved it. The story was very cute, and the acting was good, the actors did a great job. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies, and I would like to say that this movie is for everyone, if you liked this movie, you'll definitely like the movie, I give this movie an 8 out of 10. I really liked the story and the actors, I recommend this movie to everyone, and I say to all the people out there, "Watch this movie, you'll love it."

Beverly Washington photo
Beverly Washington

Although I enjoyed this film, I am not a big fan of the book. This film is very much in keeping with the book's style of storytelling, while still delivering the message that love is a beautiful thing that is worth fighting for. Overall, this film is enjoyable, but the book does not have as much humor and charm as the book has. I recommend this film to fans of the book and to those who have not read the book. The film is very well acted, and I look forward to the next movie.

Teresa Contreras photo
Teresa Contreras

I thought the plot was pretty good, especially considering it's an independent film, and the performances were excellent. The supporting cast was very strong, as well, with the main female character being the standout. It was sweet and witty without being sappy or cheesy. It was smart, funny and original. If you want to watch a film with a little bit of romance, this is the one. The script was smart and funny and the cinematography was beautiful. The music was good too, but could have been better. All in all, a great film and a good time to watch with your friends.

Shirley photo

The Kissing Booth is an independent film directed by David Frankel and starring Margo Martindale and Channing Tatum. The plot is about a guy named Tim (Margo Martindale) who goes to an exclusive resort to meet with an old college friend named Sam (Channing Tatum) and to have a drink with Sam's wife (Tanya Roberts). Sam is a pretty rich rich guy who is kind of a jerk but Tim is nice. So they go to the hotel for a drink and of course they have a little bit of trouble. The guy who was dating Sam, I'm not going to give that name, doesn't like Tim and he ends up following them to their room and they start making out. And I'm not going to spoil anything but you know that there is going to be a little bit of sex and stuff. So the movie is kind of the movie of the week. It has some funny parts but overall it's just kind of boring and nothing really happens. It's kind of like a typical teen movie that's kind of cheesy and dumb but nothing bad. The movie also has some stupid characters in it like the rich guy that is all like a jerk and the girl that is like a total wimp. The movie is definitely not that good but I guess it's better than the majority of teen movies. It's not really a great movie but it's okay. It's not that good and I probably won't ever watch it again but I wouldn't say it's a terrible movie.

Crystal Ferguson photo
Crystal Ferguson

I have been a huge fan of Adam Sandler since I was a little kid. I still am. He is a really funny guy. And I also like Dustin Hoffman in other roles. So I was really looking forward to this movie. I really enjoyed it. The plot was good. The jokes were great. And Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors. So that was a plus. I also liked the characters. I liked Dustin Hoffman's character, I liked the two main characters in this movie. And I really liked the supporting characters. So it was great. The only thing I didn't like was Adam Sandler's character. I don't know what it was. I just didn't like it. And I hope they do a movie with Dustin Hoffman's character. I loved this movie. It was a lot of fun. I would give it a 9 or 10 out of 10. But I am not giving it a 10. I am giving it a 8 or 9. It is worth watching. And I will watch it again.

Bobby Morales photo
Bobby Morales

This is the first time I have rated a movie on IMDb. I am usually not a fan of the rating system but I felt that I needed to give this movie a fair rating. I think the movie has a great plot and the acting was superb. There are two female leads, but the men were not bad either. I am really glad to see that a movie is being made about a guy and a girl getting together. The movie is based on a book by the same name and the book is wonderful. It is a great read and the movie is good for you to watch. I am glad that the movie has been made and I hope they keep making more movies like this.

Phillip photo

I've always been a big fan of Barbra Streisand and I've seen most of her movies. This movie was a nice addition to my movie collection. I was surprised to find this movie rated so high on the IMDb. I thought it was an amazing movie and loved every minute of it. Barbra and George were amazing together. They made a great couple. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Christian photo

I was on the edge of my seat all the way through this movie, it was so good! This movie was really funny. It had great acting, great story, great music. I like how the characters were built up, how they had a great rivalry. I would have to say that this is definitely one of the best movies of the year. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy.

Katherine Gilbert photo
Katherine Gilbert

This is one of those movies you watch and then you realize you have never seen it. I wish I could find it in the video store. It's pretty good! The premise is pretty good. A guy who is a failed writer and doesn't really like women. He's married to the sweetest girl and he has a 3 year old son. He's depressed. When he meets a girl he has a crush on she tries to win him over but it doesn't work out. This movie has a great premise and it works very well. This movie is fun and it keeps you guessing what will happen. The acting is great. The characters are likable and interesting. I think this movie is a great date movie. If you want to see a good romance movie I would recommend this one. It's worth it!

Margaret Douglas photo
Margaret Douglas

This movie is fantastic. It is a "love it or hate it" movie, but it is definitely worth it. I'm a big fan of Kate Bosworth and I think she is perfect for the part of Alyssa. I was surprised at how well she played the part. She is sexy, confident, and totally lovable. I was thrilled when the movie was over. I have to say, the script was great. It was witty and entertaining. I also thought it was very real. I was in tears at the end of this movie. I don't even know why I am saying this, but this movie is a must see. I highly recommend it. I give this movie an A+

Arthur photo

I watched this film a while ago on TV. I really enjoyed it, it is a great comedy about a man and his ex girlfriend who are in love with each other. He is a writer and she is a waitress and all three of them are having a great time. She has a boyfriend and he is single. He likes her, she likes him and they make up. He is a big and handsome man, she is not. He's a really good writer, she is not. She has a very great relationship with her best friend who likes her. He is not really good at writing. He is a little bit boring at the beginning of the film but then he shows his personality and really starts to love her. The last part of the film is very funny. It's a really great movie, highly recommended.

Carolyn F. photo
Carolyn F.

A young girl (Anna Camp) has an affair with her boyfriend (Josh Harnett), which turns out to be an arranged marriage. She is then forced to leave her family and move to a small town. Anna discovers a woman's diary and is able to communicate with the dead woman in which she finds out she has a son. She then takes the boy, who is an unusual boy, with her. After moving in with her new friends, Anna becomes a drunk and soon the whole town is in danger. So the story takes an interesting turn. The cast is great. We have the likes of Joshua Jackson and Anna Camp, who are great at acting. And I liked the chemistry between Josh Harnett and Anna Camp. And this is one of the best movies I've seen lately. I highly recommend it. It is one of the best movies of the year.

Rachel Richardson photo
Rachel Richardson

I have no idea how to begin to explain this movie. I am still trying to figure out what exactly I liked and what I didn't. It was funny, and I laughed several times. The music was also good. It was nice to see the movie's creators, Kevin Smith and Judd Apatow, having fun with the material they were given. I enjoyed it as well. But, I still have no idea. There were some parts that I thought were quite funny, but most of the rest were not. I give it a 9/10. That is a very generous rating. I think it is very well-done, but still, I don't know what I thought. I don't know if it was a good movie or not. But, I can tell you one thing: it is entertaining. I can't say it was perfect, but it was good. I think it is a great movie. It was great entertainment. I can't think of anything bad to say about it. It is definitely one of my favorites. I'm giving it a 9/10.

Melissa Jackson photo
Melissa Jackson

I can honestly say that I have never seen a movie as good as this one. I felt like I was watching a beautiful story unfold. I am in love with the characters and the story. I can't wait to see this movie again! I can't wait to see the sequel!

Kathy photo

I did not watch this movie as a romantic comedy. I watched it because of a title. "Barely Legal", of course. That was not what I was expecting. But it turned out to be a good movie, and I am glad I watched it. I'm a 20-something male, and I thought the movie was very well written, very well acted, and very well put together. And the plot is interesting. I actually like the idea of this movie. It was quite different from the usual movie, and was quite interesting. The characters are very well-written and acted. And I found that the dialogue was very well done. The main character, Ethan, is a nice, romantic guy. He is an attractive, athletic guy who is not really that happy with his life. He's been with a girl for a while, but they broke up, and they are not seeing each other anymore. The problem is that she is not really a good person, and doesn't have a good job. He wants to make up for it, but he is not really sure he can do that. So he decides to pretend that he is in love with her, and he goes to a bar to meet her, which she accepts. But, she isn't really in love with him, and doesn't want to end up like that. So he finds the perfect woman to make up for what he really didn't want, and he goes on to meet her. That's how the movie goes, and the movie is very well-written. The dialogues are very well-done. But the character of Ethan is the main character. He's a good guy who is not really satisfied with his life, and so he has to take steps to make things better, and so he decides to pretend that he is in love with her, and she accepts. That is how the movie goes, and the movie is very well-written. The plot is interesting. I like it because it is different from the usual romantic movie, and is interesting in the sense that it is different from most of the movies I have seen lately. And the characters are interesting, and they are pretty well-acted. So, I liked the movie. It is not really what I expected, but it turned out to be a good movie.

Jeffrey W. photo
Jeffrey W.

This is a great movie. I don't know why people are raving about this film. It's a chick-flick. It's not meant to be taken seriously. The main character is cute and cute and cute. It's a chick-flick and the actors and actresses are great. I'm so glad I watched it. It's a sweet, sweet movie. It's a little corny and the ending is a little predictable but it's still a good movie.

Virginia photo

I was intrigued by the title because I was actually expecting something along the lines of "The Wedding Banquet". I was pleasantly surprised. While the script is a little long at times, it is still fun. There are some jokes that will make you laugh, especially the one where the guy is trying to impress a girl with his guitar playing. It is actually funny. The film does not focus on the romantic aspects, but it does focus on the comedic aspects. The actors do a great job and it is a pleasant surprise to see them in a film like this. There is also some great humour in the film. The film does have a lot of nudity and violence, but it is in a good way. It is a good example of a "romantic comedy" and I enjoyed it very much.

Nicholas photo

In most films, romance is the only thing that can save a movie. When I saw the trailer for "The Kissing Booth" I thought it was going to be another rom-com with the same romantic moments and scenarios. But it is more than that. This is a movie about two guys, one being a single guy in a relationship, the other being a guy in a relationship, but he is dating a girl. Both of them are in love with each other, but are also trying to control what they want. They are playing a game called "The Kissing Booth". The two of them are playing this game to try and make their relationship work. To do that they must meet one another and have sex. This is something that I think all guys in relationships should try to do at least once in their lives. The main characters in this film are smart, funny, and in a way, they are real. This is a movie that shows the average guy in a relationship, and how he must try to find love and make it work. The guy that has a girlfriend and wants to meet the girl to try and make his relationship work. The guy that is in a relationship and has not been able to make it work and he is looking to meet a girl to make it work. This is a movie that shows how to make it work, but also shows the different problems that can come in this situation. I think the two actors in the film did a very good job. They were so real and I was very interested in their lives. The story line is different and interesting. I thought this movie was very interesting and that I would like to see it again. I am glad I did and will definitely buy it on DVD. I give this movie a 9/10.

Benjamin Fernandez photo
Benjamin Fernandez

Yes, you read that right. A romantic comedy for ladies with all the traditional cliches. This movie is so funny, you can't help but laugh, or even cry. I know I did. I almost lost it from the opening. The whole movie was a series of random ideas and situations that you could think of, and then they made it all fit together. It was so funny. I thought about going to see it again on Saturday night, but I decided to see it at home and I had a few beers with my friend. That was a good idea, because I would have been sitting in the theater. The one thing that I liked about this movie was the casting. Julianne Moore and Jim Carrey are perfect for the parts they were playing. They both did a really good job at putting the characters on screen. I especially like Julianne Moore's character. She was such a nice girl, and when she was on screen, you could really feel her character growing and becoming something special. Jim Carrey did an amazing job at playing the part of Charlie. He was really funny, and at the same time, you could see that he was a great actor. I really liked the way that he played his character. He definitely made the movie a memorable one. Overall, I would recommend this movie to any movie buff. I know I am. I can't wait to see it again!

Helen G. photo
Helen G.

I watched this movie at a friend's house and we were all laughing the whole time. I thought it was really funny and I'm a big fan of comedy movies. I've watched this movie about 4 times and I'm not bored of it. It's a really good movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes comedy movies.

Deborah M. photo
Deborah M.

I really enjoyed this movie. I saw it with my boyfriend and he was laughing the entire time. It's a movie that I think all couples should see. The characters are so real and the plot is really good. It's not just a romantic comedy, it's a story that makes you think about life and love. It's a movie that I would recommend to anyone who likes a good romantic comedy. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It was a little predictable, but it wasn't bad at all. Overall, I think this movie is a great movie to watch with your friends. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good romantic comedy.