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Myung-dang is a movie starring Chae-won Moon, Seong Ji, and Seung-woo Cho. Set in Joseon, the story depicts a battle to gain the propitious site for a grave.

Other Titles
風水師 王の運命を決めた男, Fengshui, Feng Shui, 風水師 王の運命を決めた男
Running Time
2 hours 13 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, History
Hee-kon Park
Jung Ja-Young
Seong-gyoon Kim, Chae-won Moon, Seung-woo Cho, Seong Ji
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Set in Joseon, the story depicts a battle to gain the propitious site for a grave.

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Frank Bradley photo
Frank Bradley

I was very much interested in seeing this movie, and when I was finally able to see it, I was very impressed. I am a fan of Korean cinema, and I was very glad to see a Korean movie that was not the usual Hollywood junk that Hollywood dumps on us. This movie was directed by a Korean and the story is very real. There are many Korean dramas that are much more serious than this one, but this is the first movie that I have seen that was able to keep my interest and the audience did not leave the theater. I believe this movie is a must-see.

Christian photo

I love Korean dramas. I don't understand why they are considered so difficult. I don't think I could ever understand them. This film is a beautiful, beautiful film. It's about a young woman, who is married with her first husband. She is having an affair with a guy, but she doesn't know he is her husband. Her husband tries to find out who her lover is, but she doesn't want to know. I think that's the main theme of the film. She can't tell him, because she has feelings for him. And he is married to a woman who wants to see him. This film is very beautiful. I don't know how to explain it. I loved this film. It's a very beautiful film. I don't know why people don't like it, but I love it.

Julie G. photo
Julie G.

It is a fascinating study of a little known and short lived Korean war of the early 1950s, a time when a lot of people were scared and out of their minds. It is not a great war movie, but it is fascinating to watch the young people from the start of the war, and the older ones, and the children and teenagers. It is a fascinating study of the Korean mentality, of the human heart. It is a very human movie, with no religious overtones, no powerful symbols, no special effects. It is a very simple movie, that is powerful and honest. It is a very hard movie to watch, but it is also very rewarding. It is an amazing movie.

Stephanie B. photo
Stephanie B.

This movie was a triumph of world cinema. It's hard to find a better character-driven historical drama of the moment. It feels like history just has to be made. If you have a six-pack of beer and you have a film class, watch this one and ask for the reels back.

Amanda photo

A little movie about the life of the Korean War, and the lives of the soldiers who lived through it. The movie has a lot of historical inaccuracies, and it's really hard to watch this movie without feeling like you're watching a history lesson. But I'm sure that if you are an American, you will be able to enjoy this movie. It is very well done, and the acting is great. The cinematography is amazing, and it's a great movie to watch on a rainy day. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the Korean War. I think it's a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Nicole photo

It's a simple story. A gang of four renegade French soldiers that were forced to fight for freedom in the Spanish Civil War end up fighting for their own freedom in North Korea. They recruit a famous Korean composer to write music for their theme, and it's quite a catchy tune. But they become so immersed in their music that they can't see the truth. The score is also a fantasy, and the score that's written for the movie is more important than what the movie was made for. The movie is a very well-done and great story. It's not about the war itself but the struggle and the battles that were faced by the four renegade soldiers. It's not a perfect story. The film has flaws. For example, the central character makes a mistake, and he ends up being punished. But in the end, he and the other two are just the same as before. The rest of the movie is not so good. It doesn't have the powerful element that's found in the book. There are some scenes that are unnecessary. The film does have some good points. It's not perfect, but it's good. I recommend it. I give it an 8/10.

Zachary photo

In the same vein as "Metropia" (a.k.a. "Portrait of a Lady") (1965), Korean film director Shin-hyeok Jeong did a superb job of translating "The Country that I Love" into a movie. The result is "Park Myeong-bong, Myeong-bong", the best movie I have seen to date that is not too long or too short. "Park Myeong-bong, Myeong-bong" (2013 release date, US and Hong Kong/Chinese theaters) is an experimental film about a political dissident who has one foot in the past and one foot in the future. I have seen the original Korean version of the film and it is far superior to the American-originated version. "Park Myeong-bong, Myeong-bong" also won the Best Foreign Film at the Palm D'Or (2005). "Park Myeong-bong, Myeong-bong" is a very important Korean movie for a few reasons. First of all, the protagonist, Song-woo, was not your typical rebel in the traditional sense. He didn't really fight for his country. He fought for love and peace. The freedom of the nation was the very bottom line in his mind, the source of his support. Furthermore, "Park Myeong-bong, Myeong-bong" is a very big step for Korean cinema. It is the first time that Korean cinema has made a movie that clearly explores the changing world and the rise of the Korean nation in a revolutionary way. It is a revolutionary film that is so different from other Korean movies that are popular today. A very good movie, definitely not to miss.

Jennifer photo

Having seen a lot of the best foreign films in the past few years (The Act of Killing, Siwiecki's Irreversible, Taare Zameen Par, etc) I really expected to enjoy this movie as much as the other films. I actually enjoyed it as much as the other films. I think this is the most interesting Korean film I've ever seen. The film is a dramatic love story, set in the 1940s Korea. The film is definitely slow, but it never felt too slow. The cast was great, with Chae-young Kim being very good, and Ji-woon Jeong doing his best performance as a young boy who's job is to work at a cattle farm. The film isn't as good as the other films, but I think this is what most Korean films should be like. I really enjoyed it, and I think that this is one of the best Korean films I've seen. (By the way, I think "Ah Ah" is one of the best Korean film I've seen, and I think it's because the film is so unique.)

Joan photo

It has been a while since I have watched this movie and I think that the reason why it has lasted for so long is because it has managed to tackle the issue of gender identity, a very sensitive subject and that is something I never see made in films. In a world where we have so much diversity in genders and in sexualities, and it seems that not everyone has the freedom to express their gender, there is a need for a movie that can show the differences in a neutral fashion without sensationalizing anything. The movie is set in 16th century Korea. As we learn about the importance of family and its importance, we see the oppression of women. It is not uncommon for a woman to be punished for crimes that were committed against her family. The king of the time orders the execution of his daughter as punishment for getting involved with a man. What ensues is a legal battle between the king and the wife and the family members that have been forced to live with their repressed identities. It is a hard time for all of the family members in this time period. In the end, the family of the executed daughter asks for forgiveness for the king. I would like to say that this is a movie that needs to be watched and thoughtfully analyzed by anyone interested in gender identity and the legal process that goes on in countries where there is a male majority. It is interesting to watch the story unfold and see how the relationship between a man and a woman are put together to realize the roots of the conflict. This movie gives us a glimpse into the lives of a couple living in a house with their 13 year old daughter. This is a very sensitive subject and I believe that we all need to be treated with dignity and respect. I believe that the only way to achieve that is to stop being so shallow and point out the faults in our society as well as the joys. This movie is a bit different in its approach. It uses the movie format to explain the history of this family and the reasons why the relationship between the father and the mother became so strained. It also shows how the husband and the wife both cared about their children. I believe that the time period is a little bit wrong for the rest of the movie. The royal court in Korea was more modern than the time period, and there are many foreign companies involved in the construction of the house. However, the moments where I found myself laughing were very funny.

Margaret L. photo
Margaret L.

This is my favorite Korean movie. It is definitely worth seeing.

Christine Weber photo
Christine Weber

If you liked the original but not the "Tower of Love", then I have to warn you that the original is far superior to this version of the story. It is very hard to separate the actors from the characters. You could tell they were on the same set in the movie. They are all giving the same dialogue. And, of course, they were all reprising their characters for the first time in a movie. I just didn't feel as if I was watching a different movie, in fact I felt that I was watching the same movie. If you have seen the original, I recommend watching the original first. If you are expecting a totally different movie, I recommend seeing the original first. The actors are, of course, far better than in the original. However, it seems that the director felt the need to make up something for the characters, and did it so quickly that it seemed awkward. But I don't think this was intentional. All in all, I think the new version is worth watching. I feel like this movie was a step in the right direction. I know it isn't the first Korean movie to be rated as "R" for "no sex, profanity, or violence" (although it is rated as a PG-13 for "some violence"), but I don't think it is a bad thing. I think that this movie is more for the mature audience than the younger audience, and I hope that this is because the movie was made in Korea, which has a history of over-sensitized sex, violence, and profanity. I also hope that the director takes some more risks in future movies, and that he doesn't repeat his mistakes. If he does, then I fear that there may be another Korean movie which has the same problems and is even worse.

Gerald H. photo
Gerald H.

This film is one of the best Korean films of 2008. It's one of those films that the American audience can actually understand and enjoy. It is not a film that is aimed at Western audiences. I'm not even American and I know a lot of Korean films because they are very well known to me. So I don't mind if the film is based on a Korean novel. The film is a Korean film in an American setting. But that doesn't change the quality of the film. The film starts with the teacher who is a very good teacher, an engineer, and has the highest achievements. He lives in a small apartment in an area that is in an area with very little entertainment. He keeps having arguments with his wife and his daughter. He is a very quiet man. He keeps to himself and lives alone. He is the only person who thinks of his teachings. His daughter finds him unappreciated. The teacher, who is almost always late for his class, is not understanding of the situation in which he lives. He stays out late, comes home late, and doesn't know where he is going. He keeps thinking that his wife is cheating on him. He is not accepted by his son. And when he gets a visitor, the visitor leaves the room and does not return. The son becomes scared of his teacher, and the father is not understanding of the situation either. He finally realizes that his teacher is trying to reach out to him and stop his daughters from gossiping. The teacher, who has tried to have a normal life, realizes that he has to accept his teaching, and he has to allow the child to learn about himself. I do not think that this is a film that is for the US audience, but this film is extremely enjoyable to me. I do not think that the film is for the young or the old. This is not a film that is aimed at children. I think that it is for adults that understand Korean culture. This is a very well made film. It is based on a Japanese novel, but the film does not speak the Japanese language. I think that is one of the most important things. The film is beautiful and the acting is great. It is the film that can teach the American audience to understand Korean culture. Overall, I think that this is a film that everyone should see.

Jean H. photo
Jean H.

A decent but not very good movie about Japan. All is going well with their lives but the weather has turned so cold that they need to leave their "Earth-ship" and move to the "Next-Earth". The ship is used to take care of the far north where there is "No-matter-where-sun-rays" (no-matter-where) and so they build a very modern and efficient ship to take care of the far north. On the way they meet up with other strange people and they move north and meet people that they later meet up with in the far north, such as the "Dragons" and the "Anchored-ships". The far north is very cold and they only have half of the life they used to have. Some old memories that they have are gradually lost as they move north. A very unusual and good movie.

David H. photo
David H.

I am not a big fan of Korean cinema, but I was very impressed with the acting of Jang Jae-hoon and Seo-yeon Seo. Their performances were superb, and I thought the script was very well written. It was also very well written, as it was a film that I would recommend to all my friends. The cinematography was also very good. The director did a great job in making the film look very realistic, and the music was very good. I would definitely recommend this film to all my friends, and I would like to see it again.

Lauren Franklin photo
Lauren Franklin

I know people will dismiss this movie as a piece of crap, but trust me this movie is 100% worth it. I had a friend who tried to tell me that this film was "so bad, that it's good" and so I watched it anyways and I'm glad I did. Not only is it not a bad movie, it's actually a brilliant movie. It's a slow and dreary drama, about a group of Korean resistance fighters who are trying to get information on Japan during World War II. Basically the movie revolves around these resistance fighters. There are a few films that are like this, but none compare to this one. Every scene is extremely meaningful, as it slowly unravels and builds on the viewers emotions. It is an absolutely beautiful and sad film, with a nice use of colours and the absolute perfect acting from the cast. The story is extremely well-written and moving, you actually care for the characters and you feel for the struggle of all the characters. The script is very well-written and this makes it very enjoyable to watch. One thing that I will say, this film is not for kids, it contains a lot of strong violence. I personally do not like that kind of violence, but I would like to say that there is a scene where a character is being tortured and I could not stop myself from laughing. So yeah, the violence is not for children. But it's good. I hope that some people will like this film, because it is so different from most of the movies you will see, especially when compared to other Korean films. I believe that this film has a great message, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a really powerful film.