Steam The Personal History of David Copperfield

The Personal History of David Copperfield

The Personal History of David Copperfield is a movie starring Dev Patel, Hugh Laurie, and Tilda Swinton. A modern take on Charles Dickens's classic tale of a young orphan who is able to triumph over many obstacles.

Other Titles
David Copperfieldi isiklik elulugu, Lična Istorija Davida Koperfilda, Ο Διαφορετικός Κύριος Κόπερφιλντ, David Copperfield - Einmal Reichtum und zurück, A Vida Extraordinária de David Copperfield, David Copperfields äventyr och iakttagelser, La vita straordinaria di David Copperfield, Deivido Koperfildo istorija, David Copperfields personlige historie, ザ・パーソナル・ヒストリー・オブ・デイビッド・コパーフィールド
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Armando Iannucci
Charles Dickens, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci
Peter Capaldi, Dev Patel, Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A fresh and distinctive take on Charles Dickens' semi-autobiographical masterpiece, The Personal History of David Copperfield, set in the 1840s, chronicles the life of its iconic title character as he navigates a chaotic world to find his elusive place within it. From his unhappy childhood to the discovery of his gift as a storyteller and writer, David's journey is by turns hilarious and tragic, but always full of life, color and humanity.

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Jesse Gonzales photo
Jesse Gonzales

Well, this movie had an impact on me when I was in high school. It was great to see the movie again, and I would recommend it to anyone. The whole story and everything was great. I highly recommend this movie. It is an unforgettable story. I would recommend this movie to anyone who would like to know about the life of David Copperfield. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know about a great life.

Emily R. photo
Emily R.

I was most surprised to see how good this movie was. If I had to choose a favorite film of all time, this would be it. This is an independent film and I don't think it was done that well at all. However, I think it was a good watch. I think most of the characters have been done before, and some of the acting was a bit over the top. That aside, the movie is a good, light-hearted film. It has some very funny and touching moments that make you feel good. If you like movies that are light and fun, then you should like this film. I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Margaret James photo
Margaret James

This is an amazing film. It is quite simply brilliant, as are the performances of Ben Affleck and Mia Wasikowska. This film is a journey of a young man, but also a reflection on the loneliness and angst of the American dream. There are plenty of laughs in this film, but the most important part of this film is the love of the man himself. Matthew Macfayden plays David Copperfield. This is the first film I have ever seen Matthew Macfayden in, and he is excellent in this film. His performance is almost like a cross between Woody Allen's wry wit and Jim Carrey's wicked sense of humor. Matthew Macfayden is a great actor, and I am looking forward to seeing him in more roles in the future. His performance is amazing, and I am sure that I will see more of him in the future. You will also find the performances of Aaron Eckhart, who plays his father, and Jennifer Ehle, who plays his mother. These two performances are excellent. The supporting cast, however, is excellent, as well. Some of the performances are downright amazing. One of my favorite performances is of Ryan Reynolds, who plays the young David Copperfield. Ryan Reynolds is not just one of the best actors in Hollywood, but he is one of the best actors in the world. I do not know how he gets this role, but he does. His performance is amazing. Ryan Reynolds is a terrific actor. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is an amazing film, and I highly recommend it. I highly recommend this film.

Danielle photo

I found the movie quite enjoyable. There are quite a few funny parts throughout the movie, and most of them involve Julia Roberts. Some of the jokes are a bit odd, but the fact that Julia Roberts is in this movie just made it more enjoyable to me. I think the film is definitely worth seeing, if you're a fan of Julia Roberts. As for me, I think it's the best romantic comedy I've ever seen. Although I don't consider myself a fan of Julia Roberts, I think that this movie would be just as good if she wasn't in it. I hope that she does get some more roles in the future, because this movie definitely deserved a little more recognition.

Alan photo

For those who thought the musical might have been just a bit too silly, think again. The songs are catchy and the story line is engrossing. The actors do an excellent job at portraying the characters. The entire cast, including the supporting cast, did a superb job. The movie will appeal to many people, even those who are not religious. It's a very entertaining film, and a good way to spend your time. My Grade: A

Sarah Fox photo
Sarah Fox

I have seen many movies in my life. Most of them were cheesy, but I had a lot of fun watching them. I think this is a great movie, and it's so easy to watch. You can just focus on the actors, and forget about the movie. This movie has a great message, and is very funny. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Michael Sims photo
Michael Sims

I was never quite sure what to expect when I picked up this movie. A Tom Stoppard adaptation? In my mind it seemed like a bit of a stretch. The only Tom Stoppard I know is the book adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, which I quite enjoyed. Well I was wrong, and I didn't even know this version of David Copperfield was going to be made until I had purchased the DVD. I was a little bit skeptical about this movie since it had the Tom Stoppard name attached. But the movie was pretty good, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good comedy. I wouldn't say it was as good as the book, but it was better than I thought it would be. A young Henry Fonda gives an outstanding performance as the young David Copperfield. He is the heart and soul of the film. His characters are also developed well. He really shows his character growth throughout the movie, and the film doesn't lose any of it. This is one of my favorite performances I've seen, and I feel I can see why he's such a big star in Hollywood. The supporting cast is also good, especially Maggie Smith as David's Mother. She is just as good as Emma Thompson as Emma. I really enjoyed the fact that the writers and the director were able to leave all of the actors on their own in order to tell their own stories. Even the child actors are given their own story. They all play their roles, and they have their own individual personality. I'm really looking forward to this film being released on DVD. I'd be interested in seeing it again.

Andrew Harrison photo
Andrew Harrison

i loved this movie! this movie is very funny, and very tragic. i also thought that the actors did a great job! they did a very good job. i think that this movie has a great message. it was a great movie and very sad. it was very very sad! i give it a 10 out of 10.

Kevin Stephens photo
Kevin Stephens

It's been a few years since I watched this movie. But it's the perfect choice for a rainy Saturday afternoon. In fact, I still find it a delight. I first saw this film when I was an adult in college. I could never find the film for sale or the soundtrack because I was always ashamed of my consumption. Now, I have it on DVD and it's even more enjoyable. It's not really a "feel-good" movie and it isn't a comedy. But it's an engaging, smart, funny movie about two people who are mostly alone and who fall in love with one another. I believe it's a very personal film about a character that doesn't really fit well into any group. It's a very strong-willed film that has great character development and outstanding acting. I think it's safe to say that if you haven't seen this movie, you are missing out on a fine film.

Margaret H. photo
Margaret H.

This movie was the most entertaining movie I have seen in a long time. It was not made for people who are easily offended. If you can put up with some of the adult situations, you'll enjoy this movie. It's not a "gay" movie. There are no sexual references, but it's not meant to be. I like this movie because it's not a "gay" movie. I've seen "Flirting with Disaster" with another gay actor, but it is NOT like this movie. The acting is great, especially Bill Murray and Dustin Hoffman. It's funny. There are no cheap jokes. There are no gross out moments. I can't wait to see it again! I think it's a great movie and I give it a 10 out of 10.

Virginia photo

I love this film. I think it's one of the best examples of the latest "make-your-own-auteur" trends. It's a story that could easily be told in the traditional Hollywood fashion, but it's told with the subtlety of a vaudeville show, and the style of an art film. The humour is very deliberate and the characters are believable. I don't see why anyone would dislike this film. The only real issue I have with it is the story. It's too simple and it's too predictable. It's a bit long for its own good and I didn't feel it was a great deal of fun to watch. I also feel it lacks the subtlety of the other examples I've mentioned. I think some of the choices made by the film makers could have been better. For example, I think the story should have been told in a different way. The story should have been told from the viewpoint of the characters rather than the viewpoint of the audience. The audience is familiar with the story. It's not clear enough for us to be able to take it in. It makes it easier for the audience to be emotionally invested in the story, but at the same time, it makes the story harder to watch because the audience's sympathies are already mapped out. The problem is that it's not difficult to tell the story of the Gold Rush, and I don't think the audience would be much more interested in it if we didn't already know what it was about. So we feel a bit cheated. There's a bit too much information in the film and some of it is just too distant from the characters. This might be acceptable if the film was 100% real and we didn't need to be informed about what's going on, but the film feels too much like a dream. If I were to describe the story I would say that it's a combination of a fairy tale, a love story, a Victorian comedy, a musical and a movie about a gold prospector. It's an interesting idea, but it just doesn't work for me. I don't think the story would have been better if the characters had been completely fictional. If you could go back and tell a completely different story, which would you choose? I think the most interesting part of the story is the discovery of the Gold Rush. I think that was the most exciting part of the story. As I mentioned before, I think the best parts of the film are the characters. I would have been a bit more annoyed if I wasn't in the film, but it was a good film for me. It was very well made, and I really enjoyed it. I don't think I'll ever forget this film.

Phillip Martin photo
Phillip Martin

This is a funny, very funny film. I love the way that the Coen Brothers have captured the weirdness of his life so well. That's where I wanted to go for a second viewing. It's really a funny film about a weird man who is at the same time sad, confused and full of life. A good role for Danny DeVito and Bill Murray. The funniest scene is when he's in bed with Gilda and he keeps getting up and waking her up. The shot is so unique and funny. It is a great movie.

Benjamin M. photo
Benjamin M.

One of the best films I have seen this year. I watched it 2 times in 1 week. The script is excellent, the acting is amazing, the camera work is amazing. Everything is just so very perfect. The whole film is just amazing. The characters are wonderfully written, the direction is amazing, the editing is amazing, the costumes are amazing, the locations are amazing, the photography is amazing. I love this film. It's the best movie I have seen in 2014, and I've seen a lot of films. I just hope that people will like it more because it deserves more. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Arthur B. photo
Arthur B.

Having just seen the film I have to say that I was very much pleased with it. The performances were brilliant, the story was both touching and entertaining and the cinematography was beautiful. The cast is perfect, with excellent performances from Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong and, of course, Hugh Jackman. The supporting cast are all great. The story is quite exciting and manages to keep you hooked throughout. I found myself laughing throughout, although I did have a few small tears in my eyes. I think that this film is going to be a huge hit and I will be going back to see it again! I hope that this review was helpful to anyone considering watching this film.

Rebecca G. photo
Rebecca G.

I really liked this movie, I think it's a good movie to watch with your family. The acting is great. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a huge Peter Ustinov fan, and I liked this movie. I also think the actress who plays Annie was perfect for the part. The acting is good, the story is very good, and it's very funny, with a lot of funny jokes. You'll enjoy it. I think you'll enjoy it. It's a great movie, and I'd definitely watch it again. I gave it a 10 out of 10.

Margaret photo

I can't believe it has taken me this long to see this. I went to the video store and picked this movie up for my friends. I am amazed at how much I enjoyed this movie. It has a great cast and the story is one that you just can't help but love. The actors are very talented and really bring the characters to life. It has a wonderful sense of humor that will bring a smile to your face. It has great music and it has some great humor. This movie is definitely a must see. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good comedy.

John Sanders photo
John Sanders

At last someone comes out with a good movie, without being a slavish parody. It is not a slavish movie either, but rather a well-crafted one, one that would be well worth your time, even though you will not enjoy it as much as I did. I remember the last time I saw a movie like this was as a kid. I was under the impression that all movies were supposed to be this way. I was shocked at how much I liked this movie. It is very easy to see how this movie came into being. Everyone knows that one of the reasons the 20th century was so bad was because the richest and most influential people had all the power, and as a result, they used that power to force people to behave in ways that benefited them. In my case, I believe that the 20th century was the best in this regard. When I say rich, I do not mean the money; I mean the power. Unfortunately, there was a time when that power was not in the hands of the wealthiest or most powerful, but rather the poor and less powerful. Even though I did not like the way the 20th century was ending, I did not see the end coming. I did not see this movie as a movie about how history was changing. I saw it as a movie about the impact the power of money had on people. The movie has an amazing and at times heart-warming cast. It has a great director who is willing to allow the story to unfold in a manner that does not rely on cheap humor or silly humor. You may not find this movie to be the best movie in the world, but it will be worth your time. The entire cast does a great job, and the production value is excellent. My only complaints are that I believe the first half of the movie should have been a little longer. At the end of the first half, it was as if everything had been established. At the end of the second half, I felt the movie was lost. I felt that there was a lot more to the story, which was in need of more development. That would have been the perfect place for this movie to end. In summary, the first half of this movie was great, the second half was great, and this movie will be worth your time. The only downside is that you will not like the second half. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie about a historical event in American history.

Justin Nelson photo
Justin Nelson

The Personal History of David Copperfield is a delightful film. I think it was well worth my money to see it, but I'm not sure I will see it again.

Benjamin Butler photo
Benjamin Butler

I wasn't expecting much when I went to see this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was more of a drama than anything else, but the movie was well-made. I thought the two leading actors, Jason Bateman and John Turturro, were very believable. I felt they played their parts well. I liked the fact that the movie was a bit more thoughtful than some of the other movies I have seen recently. I was especially impressed with the last scene, which had a good amount of suspense and a strong ending. Overall, the movie was enjoyable and very enjoyable.

Daniel Patel photo
Daniel Patel

I'm so glad to see that the cinema is letting us know what is happening in their country. I'm really sorry to see that they are making so many movies about their other issues. The movies are really all about life of small country and the issues that exist. I am so proud of this movie and i hope that all people can watch this movie and share with us. It's so sad that all these movies about other countries are coming out. The movie has really many problems and issues like poverty, terrorism, corruption, military, corruption, poverty, etc. The country needs to come out of poverty, terrorism, corruption, poverty, etc. This movie really inspires us and I hope that the people of the country would have the opportunity to show their talent. I am so glad to see that the movies are showing the other countries problems, that's why they are giving us the opportunity to see the other problems. I really love the movies that they are doing, so glad that they are showing the other problems.

Ann G. photo
Ann G.

I can't believe that this is the worst movie I've ever seen. I mean, it's a wonderful movie, and I think that David Copperfield is one of the greatest characters that I've ever seen. He's such a talented actor, and he has a wonderful personality. I think he's perfect for this movie, and I really enjoyed this movie. I would love to see more movies with this great actor, because I think that he's an amazing actor. So I'm really sorry for all the people who disliked this movie, because they're very wrong.

Theresa Myers photo
Theresa Myers

I loved the movie. I thought it was really funny. I thought it was a great movie. If you are looking for a dark comedy, then you will not like this movie. I liked it because it was a really funny movie. It was funny, romantic, and told a really good story. I give it an 8/10. I am giving it a 9.5/10 because of the humor.

Christopher G. photo
Christopher G.

There is no single movie that has truly moved me as much as this one has. It's brilliant, witty and intelligent. It's no wonder that it was nominated for several Oscars. It was nominated for best adapted screenplay, best original screenplay, best original screenplay and best cinematography. The direction is excellent, the acting is top notch, and the script is in your face. It is about David Copperfield, a man who is obsessed with his father's death. He is fascinated by his father's deeds and dreams. His father was a wealthy man, and David is fascinated by the different things he owns. When his father dies, he starts to discover things about his father that he never knew before. The ending is tragic and so very beautiful. It is a true and tragic love story. You will not be able to watch this movie again for a very long time.

Sharon B. photo
Sharon B.

The Personal History of David Copperfield is a movie that is not really a movie. It's not really a comedy. It's not really a romance. It's not really a drama. It's a drama that plays out like a performance piece. And all of the performances in this movie are masterful. The actors are all great and they carry the movie, and they even put on some of their own music. This is an outstanding movie and I recommend it to anyone who loves great acting.