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Chemical Hearts

Chemical Hearts is a movie starring Lili Reinhart, Austin Abrams, and Sarah Jones. A high school transfer student finds a new passion when she begins to work on the school's newspaper.

Other Titles
Srdcu nerozkážeš, Unsere verlorenen Herzen, A Química que Há Entre Nós, Efectos colaterales del amor, I nostri cuori chimici, ケミカル・ハーツ
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Romance, Drama
Richard Tanne
Krystal Sutherland, Richard Tanne
Sarah Jones, Adhir Kalyan, Austin Abrams, Lili Reinhart
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Seventeen-year-old Henry Page (Austin Abrams) has never been in love. He fancies himself a romantic, but the kind of once-in-a-lifetime love he's been hoping for just hasn't happened yet. Then, on the first day of senior year, he meets transfer student Grace Town (Lili Reinhart) and it seems all that is about to change. When Grace and Henry are chosen to co-edit the school paper, he is immediately drawn to the mysterious newcomer. As he learns the heartbreaking secret that has changed her life, he finds himself falling in love with her - or at least the person he thinks she is.

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Willie photo

I knew a few days before watching the movie that it was made in and about Quebec, and I expected it to be as described in the other reviews. I have to say, it was a nice surprise. I can't wait to see it again, especially since I saw it on Netflix! I must admit that I've never been interested in the Dixie Chicks, and I think it's kind of sad that so many people don't know who they are or what they do. Their singing, and especially their dancing, is excellent and really enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of their music! They just keep getting better and better.

Sara Hill photo
Sara Hill

In my first reading of this piece, I thought that all I really wanted to know was the status of the doomed relationship between Pauline and Edie; I didn't even know their names, and I didn't even know their relationship status. Well, I'm glad I decided to go back and see this story through, because I was surprised to find out that it was a really big deal for the time. The theme of "What Is Love?" is very topical, and in my opinion, an important one. As the title suggests, this film is about two women whose relationship ends and the one who stays. The story tells the story of an abusive ex-husband and wife. I am not sure how accurate the film is, but I don't know how much it is based on real life events. The women are Frank Booth and Evelyn Foley. They're both widowed, and although Frank was married to Evelyn, he has never forgiven her for breaking up with him; and he's only got around to wanting to get a divorce from her. He goes to court, but the judge makes the husband a saint because he understands that the reason he has never forgiven his ex-wife is because she never asked him to do so. Evelyn says that her boyfriend will never understand, and that's why she never asked him to forgive her. Frank agrees, but the problem is that he's never forgiven her either, and that's the problem. The next day, when they return from their honeymoon, Evelyn says that they've met, and that the honeymoon is over, but Frank is ready to start over, and they will stay together. Frank comes home and says, "I'm sorry, but you're not ready for it yet, and it doesn't feel right." Evelyn insists, and Frank says, "That's not true, and I think I can handle it." So they get married, and the film starts to unfold. Frank, as the new husband, is very involved in the lifestyle of the groom-to-be. He wants to make sure that his wife is comfortable, and he comes to work in a restaurant and works out in the morning, and he talks to his wife about her problems with the other men, and their feelings for each other. And so on. The film, though dated, is very good, and I like how it gives the viewer an idea about what love is, and why it is such a big deal. I also liked the fact that there was no real villain. There was a couple of bad guys, but none of them were the villain. Although Frank is the villain, his wife isn't. The movie deals with the situation of women who are trapped in abusive relationships, and how to break free from them. It's a great subject, and I recommend this film to all who are interested in the theme of love. I give this film a rating of 7 out of 10 stars.

Donald K. photo
Donald K.

This is not the type of movie I usually watch, but I have been enjoying it for the past few weeks. It was in the movies this week at a family gathering and everyone agreed that it was the best movie they'd seen in a long time. Everyone loved it. I loved it, too. This movie is really about the relationship between a young man and a young woman who both love sports and are actually wrestling. It starts off in the locker room where he tells her how much he loves her, but she doesn't believe him. But he brings her into the house, where she is forced to wrestle, and it is her turn to tell him. They both get along so well, and their rivalry has developed throughout the year. They both play a lot of both basketball and football and become close friends. They start the process of divorcing, and he has started his own business. I was pleasantly surprised with how it played out, because it was very different from most movies. The ending is great. It wasn't all glitz and glamor, it's still very sweet. You really see the two characters grow and develop throughout the course of the movie, which is why I think it is so much fun. It's not the usual happy ending for a movie, because it's the type of movie you really root for. It's very funny, but at the same time, it's very sad. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a very sweet romantic comedy.

Jerry photo

The first 20 minutes of this film were a bit uneven, but the pacing and acting worked in favor of the film. By the end, I was totally satisfied with the experience, because the film flowed nicely. The production was decent and very tasteful. The scenes had a very realistic feel to them, which works great with the theme of the film. It was also good that I didn't see a lot of hand held cameras. Also, the plot is easy to follow and makes sense. In my opinion, the film was excellent, and a great way to spend an evening. Recommended.

Christopher Morrison photo
Christopher Morrison

This is one of the best films I've seen this year. My immediate impression is that this is the first film by original cast members that I've seen this year. It is good, I'd say, and I think the supporting cast also contributes. The film is also well-shot and well-produced, with an appropriate music score. The acting is generally good, and the plot is pretty straightforward, with a good resolution and happy ending. The characters are all well-drawn, and the emotion of the story and the human relations between them are genuine and realistic. The film is also funny, as well as being an insight into the choices and anxieties of modern urbanites. I think this film is worth watching, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys films about life in New York. Well done to all involved. It's the kind of film that will leave you thinking a little after you've watched it.

Howard photo

I'm not a big fan of the Hitchcock movies, and this one is a good one. I don't know why, since this is a typical film from Hitchcock. The story is about a man, Willard, who gets into an accident, and his friends and family try to save him. I don't know why this is a story. It's about a guy who's dead. The only thing about this movie that was really interesting, was the symbolism and the symbolic things. It's really interesting, and if you like Hitchcock movies, it's worth watching. I like this one a lot.

Philip photo

I have been waiting for this film for a long time, so I was expecting more than I got. The movie is very "done" with the music and the graphics. If I ever get around to watching it, I will probably just rent it or wait until it is on TV. There is a reason that it is a "seen" film rather than a "heard" film. It is not a movie that is purely "for the people", as they have claimed. It is a very emotional film that will hit close to home with the majority of people.

Steven B. photo
Steven B.

i have been a fan of Jonze's work for a long time, so it was a little surprising to see him be able to direct such a delicate and sophisticated story. in that way he succeeded. as for the storyline, it's not so simple and straightforward as it may seem, but there's so much space in between the lines, that's what made it really interesting. i really liked the way the characters met and then tried to make them work together and achieve their goals. they were really convincing and the scenes they did work perfectly together were what made the movie really well-made. the score was great, too. the cinematography was very nice too. although i was also impressed with the staging, for me, it was more or less mediocre. i don't really think it was needed, but maybe Jonze wanted to make it as subtle and abstract as possible. this may not be a great movie, but if you don't mind that, you'll probably love it. (especially since he is a very good director for movies that don't take much time to explain or explain very little, in which case his movies often succeed by that)

Randy H. photo
Randy H.

I was hesitant to see this film because it was taken out of the official Oscars movie, but i am glad i did. It was definitely a different and unexpected movie, and i loved the actors performances. All the characters were great and I never thought a movie would turn into something like this. It was wonderful. i think a lot of people are missing out on a great movie and should watch it.

Justin photo

I can't tell you how long I had been waiting for a movie like this to come out. After watching this, I think I can. It's a story about a woman and her experiences of childbirth, and it's a story about a relationship between two people. The main character (I won't say her name) is clearly a decent woman, but I would have called her a woman of the wrong sort if she hadn't met the mother of the child. That mother obviously did what she could to bring the woman down. The mother and her daughter were very nice to the young woman and the mother, but all in all, she was a bad influence on the young woman. There is the death of the mother and a terrible thing about her death that the young woman didn't even understand. I think she saw that coming and wanted the daughter to go to college, but the young woman couldn't cope with her mother's death. She had been given up to her husband by her mother and the mother's death seemed to bring her down. The movie is very light-hearted, although not on the scale of Life Is Beautiful or something like that. It's not too harsh. But it's very realistic and realistic in a very romantic sort of way. I thought the movie was good and it was a good way to start off the summer. I would say, "Watch this, it's worth the ticket price."

Diane Griffin photo
Diane Griffin

I wanted to like this film but I was deeply disappointed. The script was so-so, the cinematography was amateurish, and the acting was what you'd expect of an above-average indie film. I actually found myself somewhat distracted from the story and wondering how the director or editor was going to deliver it. I suppose it's a film that's best appreciated from the director's perspective. The story is about a cross-generational relationship in which one of the main characters (Nika) dies before her 30th birthday. She is left to a passing cat and she sees her two grown-up children (Zhang and Bobby) on TV, and after a brief reunion she decides to give them her old phone number. This sets in motion a chain of events that ends in a bizarre event that is as unexpected as it is disturbing. This is a story about a loss of innocence, and the destruction of innocence that can result from a childhood love. The film's cinematography is fine, the music is almost eerie and the acting is quite good. The characters themselves are odd. Nika is a quiet, sometimes withdrawn person who is either a child or an adult, or both. Bobby is the sharp-tongued, cultured outsider who is only ever seen in a few scenes, and Zhang is a loving father who never appears except to comfort and look after his daughter. The film is shot in a very restrained way, as if it's working to subliminally tell us that Zhang and Zhang's daughter are both (child or adult) adults who are just losing their childhood innocence. I think the story would have worked much better had it followed the life of a real family that was less disjointed and more coherent. Instead, we get to spend most of the film with a group of characters who are a bit too unlikeable and whose interactions are a bit too cliched. In particular, we're never allowed to understand the secret lives of Bobby and Zhang's daughter, or the inner workings of a cat. The film is great for a rainy evening when you want something light, but if you want a little more depth and intelligence you may want to pass. I'm not sure I'd recommend this to a friend or a romantic partner, but if you want a chance to be reminded of how unromantic and shallow human relationships can be, give it a try.

Emma Davidson photo
Emma Davidson

This film is unique in that it focuses more on the music and the relationships between characters than the actual storyline. You just know that something is going to happen at some point but you're not quite sure what or when. This is a great example of that. This is a story that just doesn't give you the answers, instead it asks you to think. It's a very interesting story that's well told and has some great acting. I'm really glad that they did this and hope that they continue to do more like this. It was very much the start of the 'golden age' of film making. That said, it's not for everyone.

Sean W. photo
Sean W.

I had never heard of "A Thousand Acres" before, and a friend of mine told me it was so good she was going to buy it and watch it all the time. I was really excited, but I was worried about it being another soap opera with a famous "star" trying to get a contract and be in something. The first scene of "A Thousand Acres" had me hooked. By the time we got to the first story, I was begging the director to give us more. I was expecting a time when the movie would take a minute to explain the reason the main character did something and then show him getting it done. "A Thousand Acres" starts with a young boy named Evan, and the next story is his father, Richard (Michael Douglas), being sent to a mental institution after his father dies in an automobile accident. The doctor who gives Richard his diagnosis, Dr. Randall, talks about how good Randall is. She tells Richard that he's cured, and she sends him to live with his father. Richard gets to know his father, but still thinks that Evan is his son, and he still has a crush on her. "A Thousand Acres" keeps the pace moving and keeps the audience's interest. Douglas does a great job as the boy who is often under the influence of the doctor. I think he fits the part of a sick child perfectly, and he never gets to show off his acting skills like he usually does. It's probably because the actor is so young and it took some time for him to learn how to make good movies. Sally Hawkins is also a great character actress. It's nice to see her in a movie again, and she's in the movie for a good part of it. The soundtrack is excellent, with songs like "A Thousand Acres," "Who You Love" and "Lost Highway." If you like a movie with drama and romance, "A Thousand Acres" is a movie you can watch over and over again. I gave this movie an 8 out of 10.

Sarah Romero photo
Sarah Romero

I have not read any of the books, but for a movie based on these books, I feel like the movie is great. I think the book is better than the movie. I like the movie and I like the book. I really enjoyed it. I do not recommend the movie to the type of person who loves the book. I think you have to be a good reader to appreciate the book. The movie is good, but the book is better. It is a good movie, but I do not recommend the movie to the type of person who does not like the book.