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The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time is a movie starring Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, and Haley Bennett. Sinister characters converge around a young man devoted to protecting those he loves in a postwar backwoods town teeming with corruption...

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Running Time
2 hours 18 minutes
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Drama, Thriller, Crime
Antonio Campos
Antonio Campos, Paulo Campos, Donald Ray Pollock
Harry Melling, Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Haley Bennett
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Sinister characters converge around a young man devoted to protecting those he loves in a postwar backwoods town teeming with corruption and brutality.

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Alan photo

If you enjoy the older Harry Potter movies, then you will enjoy this film. It is not the same as the books, but it is a good movie. And yes, it does follow the book in a few places, but not to the point of breaking it, it just follows the book's plot lines, the acting was not great, but I thought it was okay. I also think it was a good movie to see with the family. The movie was good enough to give it a 7/10.

Frances photo

The Devil All The Time is a movie with no big names, it's a movie with a story that will grab you. It is based on a true story and has a great message. I was so drawn in by the story, the characters, and the atmosphere that I was able to forget the fact that it was based on a true story. It was a great film and I hope that more people will see it. The Devil All The Time is a great film. I highly recommend it.

Katherine Thompson photo
Katherine Thompson

I really don't know how to write this. This movie was one of the most beautiful and scary movies I have ever seen. The beginning of the movie was slow, but then it quickly picked up. This movie had a really good message and was good for the whole family. If you are a fan of the Blair Witch Project, you will like this movie. It is not the same as the Blair Witch Project, but it still has some similarities. This movie is like the perfect movie for a family night. It is full of action, it is scary, and it has a very good message. It is a must see for all horror fans.

Kimberly J. photo
Kimberly J.

This movie is well directed, well acted and well written. But the story is very simple and easy to understand. It is not a thriller. It is a good story of human nature and the lives of a group of friends who meet at the end of their youth. This movie is not about a serial killer or a father-daughter relationship. It is about a group of friends, their lives and their lives in the present and the lives of their families. The way they cope with their new lives is very different. It is not the usual movie where one of the characters is the typical hero. It is more about the way they cope with their new lives. There is not a lot of action in this movie. I felt that the movie was very slow in the beginning. But once the characters start to get out of the group, the movie becomes much more interesting. I enjoyed the characters very much and the movie was very well made. I hope that you can enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Jessica photo

Director Jonathan Glazer returns with another in his directorial horror-comedy series, following last year's "The Devil's Advocate." The story is the same as the previous film: several friends and family members go to a beach resort in the Bahamas, where they find themselves trapped in a ghostly maze and their memories wiped clean. The adults come to realize the long-awaited return of the ghost that terrorized them, the gruesome torture, and the over-dramatization of events that make this movie so hard to watch. I'm sure there are worse movies in Glazer's filmography, but I don't think any of his films have been as satisfying to me. "The Devil All the Time" is a strange and almost "campy" film. It's definitely a different kind of comedy, but I'm not sure it's done in a way that is entertaining to viewers. It's not particularly funny, but it's not really meant to be. The plot is not all that original, but I don't know if I really cared too much. The film is a little disjointed. I'm not sure what the main theme was, but I suppose it was something to do with the whole family trying to keep their memories. It was a bit cliche, but I suppose that's just my personal feeling. The acting is fairly good. Jodie Foster gives a good performance as the lead. She definitely gives the best performance, but there are a few parts where her acting is so bad that I almost stopped watching the movie. However, the supporting characters are okay. Colin Farrell was great, as always, and was a great foil to Foster's acting. Elisabeth Moss is also good in a small but supporting role. Michael Stuhlbarg is also good as Foster's son. He doesn't really have a huge part, but he does a great job. Christopher Plummer is very good as the director. This isn't really a performance-driven film, but he does a good job with his role. The film is definitely not a masterpiece, but it's enjoyable and worth watching. I'll probably watch it again and probably watch it for a second viewing as well. Overall, "The Devil All the Time" isn't exactly brilliant, but it's a very fun film with good acting and a few good scenes. It's a bit disjointed, but it's not that bad and the acting is pretty good. I don't really recommend it, but it's not completely unwatchable. It's certainly worth a rental, but I would say don't expect too much.

Patricia photo

When I saw the trailers for this film, I thought that this would be an action movie and that it would have the same elements of the first film, but instead it was a drama. It was very well directed and I think that the performances were well done. I also thought that the film was quite violent and it showed that there were some people that were out to get Talia Shire and her son. I also thought that the ending was really good and I really liked the last scene that the last shot of the movie was a bit like the one in the first film. I think that this is an interesting film that I will be watching a few more times and I think that it is very well directed and it shows that there are some people out there that are out to get Talia Shire. I think that this is a good film that is worth watching.

Debra photo

I really enjoyed the movie. It was well written, well directed, and I was genuinely impressed with the acting. All of the actors were great in this movie. I do have a couple of complaints, however. First, the ending was a bit abrupt. I felt like they should have had a bit more explanation for the killers motivations. Also, some of the plot points are left open for the viewer to interpret. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone, regardless of their political beliefs.

Benjamin photo

It was a good movie, the only thing that is wrong about it is that it is not long enough, The movie is good in the beginning and then it starts to get slow and boring. The movie was great for when you want to go out and enjoy a movie but you are bored and want to watch something else. The acting was good, the story was good, it was a good movie.

Eugene Schmidt photo
Eugene Schmidt

I was just about to watch this film on TV. When I found out it was a remake I was going to watch it. However, I was so pleased that I did not want to watch it. I read a review and I was shocked that this film was rated a 6.3. I have been watching this film since it was in theatres and I have never looked at my watch. It is the best film I have ever seen. I have no idea why it has been rated so low. I think the critics must have been watching the same film. I think the film is great and I think that the cast did a great job. The storyline is different than the original. I think the actors did a great job and I think that this is the best movie I have ever seen. I think that this is the best movie ever made.

Craig photo

Ahhhh the red-hot pre-teen movie genre. I'm not sure if I am supposed to feel guilty or sympathetic about that fact, but this film made me not care. I was still really excited about the ending (I still think the original story was cool), but I was already kinda bored with the rest of the movie. I'm not sure if this is a quality film or not. The main actor is not good, he looks like he's in a bad youth movie. I think he has a bright future. It is okay for a 15 year old to look a little retarded. The whole way through I kept thinking that maybe the director/writer is drunk. This movie is so well made, though, and it is the best teen movie I've ever seen. It was fun to watch, it was exciting to watch, it was scary, it was funny. It is definitely not the best teen movie ever made, but it is a great movie. I would recommend this to any fan of the genre, and I think that it is the best movie of its genre. I would recommend this to anyone. This is a good movie, with an engaging story, good acting, and a cool soundtrack. The characters are likable and believable. Some of the acting could have been better, and there are some great performances. For a teen movie, it is actually pretty good. The plot is good and engaging, and I was very satisfied with the ending. It is a very satisfying ending, and it does not disappoint. If you are looking for a cool movie to watch with your friends or with your significant other, this is one of the best teen movies of the past decade. It is definitely worth your time and money.

Karen photo

I can't say I'm surprised this movie isn't getting the respect it deserves.I mean I thought it was pretty good.Its been said before but what I thought about this movie was that it had some twists and that the ending was a little surprising. It's also hard to judge this movie based on the plot as I would guess it is based on a true story. The plot of this movie is pretty much like what you would expect from a movie like this.The story is about the kidnapping and murder of a woman by a cult of the dead that are thought to be reincarnated spirits. This movie is also a lot like the Conjuring movie because both of those movies were both extremely underrated movies and the first one was a lot better than the second one. These movies also have that same theme about the supernatural and how it can lead to the downfall of society. Both of these movies also have a similar end. They both show how something like that can happen and how it can not be stopped. It's all kind of similar and I think I like this movie more than the Conjuring. If you liked the Conjuring you will probably like this one as well. The movie has some twists that are actually really good and it has a twist I really liked. The plot is pretty good as well. The acting was decent as well and the characters were realistic enough. The first half of the movie is all about the murder and it is pretty much about what happens after that. The second half of the movie is more about the relationship between the two people who are supposed to be reincarnated and how their relationship changes as they try to figure out what happened. The movie has some good dialogue and it makes you think that maybe they didn't go in that direction to start with. The ending is a little surprising and the ending is very original. All in all, I think I like this movie better than the Conjuring and I think I will have to say that I was a little disappointed by the Conjuring and that's why I have to rate this one higher than it was. This is a very good movie. You may like it or you may not like it. Either way, I'm not going to give away the ending so I will just say that I thought it was a good ending. I'm rating it a 7 out of 10.

Laura Lawson photo
Laura Lawson

This film is set in the 1970s and follows a fictional serial killer who moves around different cities and introduces himself as a teacher. There are numerous scenes in this film that could have been called creepy, but they are just farcical. Also, the lead character is known as "Grim", which I don't think he is supposed to be, and I'm not sure if he is supposed to be a guy who is constantly acting a fool. All in all, a good film that is well-done and really makes you think about the whole thing.

Cynthia Patterson photo
Cynthia Patterson

At first glance, the story appears to be little more than a lot of smoke and mirrors. In fact, the story is almost a straight-forward detective story, from the point of view of police work. As the story unfolds, it is easy to recognize a few flaws: the obvious lack of a middleman, which turns the story into a noir detective story; the lack of a lead character, who becomes the lead for the audience and who becomes the protagonist for the detective, also known as the head detective, who has to turn around and change sides at the end of the story; and the lack of any real mystery. But these are minor flaws in a film that in no way can be labeled as "boring." The film itself is a spectacular production that seems to have been filmed in a two-by-two set. The costumes are interesting and there are some beautiful shots of the ocean and the surroundings. It is a visually arresting and often quite entertaining film. The story does take a bit of time to get going, but I found it quite enjoyable. The characters are quite engaging and the screenplay is very well done, even if the story was rather predictable. If you enjoy detective stories, detective stories that are a little more of a detective story, but with a little bit of mystery thrown in, then this movie is a good one. It does not, however, deserve all the praise it has received. It is a good film, but I don't think it will win any awards.

Justin F. photo
Justin F.

Mulholland Dr. is a visual work, that seems to be almost a cinematic statement. It's very similar to, but a lot less sophisticated than, Hitchcock's The Birds. And, yet, it's a lot better than it looks. What I love about this movie is that it doesn't really give us any answers to the questions we have. The questions are still there, but we don't know exactly how they came up. I can tell you that the movie is about a guy named John, who makes a fortune in real estate by his humanistic theory. After his wife dumps him, he begins to lose his mind, and while doing it, the whole house starts to collapse. He thinks that this is a coincidence, and that he's only a pawn in a larger conspiracy. But, as time goes on, he discovers that the house is real, and he becomes convinced that he has been the victim of a complex conspiracy. Mulholland Dr. is very much a movie that tries to explore the nature of consciousness and the nature of reality, and as such, it tries to be so many different things at the same time. And while it's a pretty good movie, I wouldn't say that it's an extraordinary one. It is a beautiful and moody film, but the whole movie is a little too melodramatic for me. But, I will say that it is definitely an impressive movie, and definitely worth a watch.

Sara B. photo
Sara B.

The following is a spoiler free review of The Devil All The Time. Here's what I thought. I thought the movie was about a car with a devil on it. In the beginning of the movie we see the devil go around all the cars of the drivers and kill people. The movie was a bit slow but it got to me. I think I would have loved the movie if the devil was a little more on screen. I think this movie is a really good alternative to the horror movies that are out. I think this movie is so different from the horror movies out that it deserves an award. The Devil All The Time is very different from the horror movies out at the moment and I think it deserves the award.

Russell photo

I had heard about this film for a long time and finally got around to see it recently. In case you are not familiar with the director, David Hoberman, he made a few movies which are probably better than this film. Like 'Murders of the Moon' which I think is the best crime drama ever made. 'Kiss Me, Kill Me' is another film I thought was a little weak but again, Hoberman has had a few more worth watching before this. Overall, a good crime drama and an underrated gem of a film that I would recommend to those who are fans of Hoberman's.

Brian photo

I think this movie was very well made. It is a bit like "The Ugly Truth" in that it has a good plot, good acting, good camera work, and good direction. The story is about a former policeman who has returned to his old job and is now in the high stakes world of organized crime. He is after a former mobster, he has been working for years. The mobster is out to get him. The movie is very well done. The acting is very good and there are some great character moments. The director did a great job with the story, the camera work, and the directing. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves to watch a good film and has a good sense of humor.

Roger P. photo
Roger P.

I have watched all of the Hellboy films, but this one has to be my favorite. It is a great story of a man who is a demon hunter. There is a lot of action, and the story is very interesting. The acting is good, and the special effects are very good. This movie is worth seeing, and I recommend it to anyone.

Michelle photo

I was very disappointed by the recent remake of THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME, which was a fine film but, for some reason, was missing the atmosphere of the original. However, this film was excellent, and it's a shame that the original is not available on DVD. This film is very gripping, and there is a wonderful atmosphere throughout. It is very creepy, but it's also very entertaining and very thought-provoking. The characters are very well-written, and I particularly liked the female lead, who was very interesting and real. The film is also very well-made, and it has an excellent atmosphere. It's definitely worth watching, and I would recommend it to any horror fan.

Ann Ward photo
Ann Ward

The Devil All the Time (2017) I saw this movie in an advance screening in Madison, Wisconsin. The title is a play on words of the title of a movie I saw recently. I don't think it's a coincidence that the name of the movie is the same as the name of the movie. It's the same movie. I think the title is a reference to the title of the movie and the title itself. It was a little confusing for me at first and didn't get all the way through the movie. The movie is based on a true story that happened in the mid 1970's in San Francisco, California. It is the story of the murder of a teenage girl who was raped and murdered by a group of men. The story of the story was told in a small town newspaper in the early 1970's and it was never made public. It's a true story that was never told. The people who were arrested are the same people that were arrested in the original story that was told in the newspaper. The movie was made in 1990 and was directed by Tom Holland. Tom Holland did a great job of directing this movie and he also did a great job of directing the first one. The story is a little confusing at first and the movie is a little slow at times but the movie is worth seeing and I recommend it.

Thomas D. photo
Thomas D.

I've been waiting for this movie for quite some time. My girlfriend even wanted to go and see it as soon as it was released on DVD. After watching it, I must say that this is a really good movie. The acting is good, the story is interesting and the acting was really good. I'd say it's an 8/10.

Kenneth photo

What is so good about "Noah"? I have watched it about 50 times, yet I still have a hard time finding a single thing about it I like. The problem is, that I am not the target audience for this film. It is a gory, cartoonish, graphic novel type film that attempts to be art. Its characters, like its characters, are very wooden and cliched. But it's not a bad film. I just find it frustrating that I can't appreciate it as much as I think I should. Noah is very good in my opinion. He is simply one of the best Christian actors working today. If you have seen him in "Life After Bethany", you will know what I am talking about. He is very believable, as are his characters. However, there is nothing truly great about him. His acting is "above average", which I think is a bit of a stretch, as he has played some pretty decent characters in the past. The problem is, he is very good at what he does. In "Noah", he is not the same character he played in "Life After Bethany", and that is a problem for me. That doesn't mean he is not good, it just means that he is not the same character he played in "Life After Bethany". To me, that is a flaw. The biggest flaw with Noah is that it is too real. It does not give us the impression of it being more than just a story about Biblical flood. There is no magical, epiphany moment, and it doesn't end well. Instead, we have an emotionally-depressing film that really did not need to be made. Why do we need to be told, on screen, how horrible the Biblical flood was? I really don't know. To me, the special effects in the film are almost perfect. Every time we see a character on screen, we see something spectacular. The CGI was done so well, that I can't help but be impressed. I would have liked it to be a little more realistic, but it didn't take away from the film at all. There is a scene that will stick in your head forever. A man gets his face slammed into the ground by an enormous boulder. As the film goes on, we see the man slowly wither away, and when he finally is, we see his skin turning a color that is not of his own making. When it is over, we see his body lying in a pool of his own blood. It is a scene that really makes you feel like you are watching real people. It is really hard to watch, and it is even more difficult to look at. The film is interesting, and it is really, really sad. I hope this is the last review I write about this film. It is not an example of great art, but it is certainly not the worst thing in the world.