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The Flash

The Flash is a movie starring Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and Ezra Miller. The plot is unknown. Feature film based on the comic book superhero, The Flash.

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Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy
Andy Muschietti
Christina Hodson, Gardner Fox, Harry Lampert
Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton
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The plot is unknown. Feature film based on the comic book superhero, The Flash.

Comments about adventure «The Flash» (14)

Kevin photo

When the rumor of the Flash's existence came out in 1980, I remember buying the movie just to see it, since the marketing didn't really make it out to be anything more than a pretty good cartoon. And I have to say that the movie is far better than the original, and even surpasses it. This movie does have it's flaws, but they are not really as big as people make them out to be. To me, this movie is better than the original because it has a darker, more mature feel to it. The movie has a good story, with great acting and a great storyline. The movie has it's flaws, but the movie is much better than the original, and it has a lot of great action and some great special effects. It's a great movie, and I recommend it to everyone. I give the Flash a 10/10.

Nicholas H. photo
Nicholas H.

I'm not usually a fan of the DC characters but they did a good job with the Flash. The costume was actually great. I've seen the movie twice now. I loved it. It's great and the movie has great action. The story was great too. I've seen many of the Flash's movies and this one was a great one. There is a reason why they changed the name of the Flash to Barry Allen. This is the only Flash movie that I've seen so far that is not named after a superhero. I'm looking forward to see more of these characters in the future. I hope that DC will make more of these movies. It's been a long time since I've seen a good comic book movie.

Nicole E. photo
Nicole E.

At last, a movie which has comicbook heroes as characters and not as the sidekick to a plot. The Flash is a superhero in comic book form, in this movie he is just a regular guy, not a super hero. The story is pretty good, and there is a lot of action, which is good. The actors are great, Tom Holland as the Flash and Ezra Miller as Iris, and the two of them make a great team, and I really like the chemistry between them. There is a lot of humor and a lot of action in this movie. There are a lot of classic scenes in this movie, such as the train scene and the battle scene. I am really looking forward to the sequel. I give it a 10/10, and recommend it to all.

Ashley G. photo
Ashley G.

I must say that this film was really great. I was so excited to see it, but I was honestly a little worried. I have never been a super hero fan. But this film was so good. The characters were so likable and the special effects were fantastic. I really hope that people will think this film is the best one out there. I'm really not sure if it is, but it's definitely worth seeing.

Karen H. photo
Karen H.

I've never read the comics, and I don't want to. So I watched this movie and liked it, but I've always liked the Flash. The costume is really cool, the speed in the air is awesome, the speed from the ground is amazing. The movies really captured the character, the comic was good, but not as good as the comics. I'm giving this 10/10 because the Flash was cool, the new villains were cool, and the movie has an awesome story. I can't wait to see it again and buy it. I'm glad that it wasn't just a forgettable comic movie, it was really good.

Madison photo

A movie which is done so well. i am so happy for this movie. i am so excited to see this movie in theaters. and it is so great to see new era of DC comic movies. because this is the best in the movie. if it is not the best, then i think it is the best in the series. this movie is full of emotion. even when people are trying to destroy the world. there is something emotional in this movie. like what happens to Barry Allen's family. i can't say it enough. if it wasn't for the action in the movie, this movie would be boring. it is just perfect. even the whole DC Universe story is done so well. if it was not for the action, i would think that the movie would be boring. but it is a perfect movie. so sad that this movie is not getting the recognition that it deserves. but that is the reality. i am so happy to see this movie in theaters. i am so happy for the fact that this is the best movie in the DC Universe. i am so happy that the movie is done so well. and i can't wait to see it in theaters.

Judith C. photo
Judith C.

I have been a big fan of the Flash ever since I saw the animated series on TV in the 80's. Flash is my favorite superhero. So, I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a while. And, it's finally here. I just got home from the theater, and I am very happy with the movie. There were a few things I did not like, but overall, it was a great movie. I really liked the chemistry between Barry and Iris, which they seemed to have in this movie. Also, the idea of the timeline of the Flash and the rest of the DC Universe, was very interesting. The story was very interesting and kept me interested the whole way through. I especially liked the story with "The Flash" on the Run. Overall, I really loved this movie and am looking forward to the next two movies. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves superheroes, and loves a good action movie. 10/10

Laura photo

After having heard so many negative reviews about this movie, I thought that I was going to be the one who hated it. I was wrong! This movie was fantastic! It was extremely fun, exciting, and has some of the coolest action sequences that I have ever seen. It was also very emotional. It has an awesome story, great characters, and has some of the most fantastic special effects I have ever seen. Overall, I would give this movie a 10/10. It was a very enjoyable movie!

Mark photo

I think that this movie is one of the best. It is not like the other superhero movies. It is more serious than others and you will enjoy watching it. The Flash is a fast-paced movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is not a superhero movie. I loved the scenes in the school, the people are very nice and the costumes are amazing. I like the fact that they had a little bit of romance in the movie. I think that the actors did a very good job and the effects were awesome. It is a great movie and I love this movie so much.

Grace W. photo
Grace W.

The Flash was a great film! I have to say, the cast was perfect. After seeing the film, it is clear that the actors have worked very hard to achieve this. I was extremely impressed with the acting of everyone involved. I was impressed with the cinematography, special effects, and directing. I can't wait for the film to be released on DVD! I also love the script, which was written very well. I was very impressed with the chemistry between the actors. The writing for the Flash and Barry Allen is the best that I have ever seen. The script is so powerful and well written that it makes me want to see the film. I was also very impressed with the director's ability to keep the film moving and to make you believe that it really happened. He is an amazing director. I love this film and I will definitely be seeing it again and again!

Donna P. photo
Donna P.

This is the best superhero movie ever. It is very difficult to believe how much better the Superman movies were. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and definitely not as good as the Batman movies. The Batman movies are just an average, very boring movie. It is extremely hard to believe how much better the Superman movies were, and I am sure this is not possible. I love the Superman movies, and I love this movie a lot. It is a masterpiece. The Flash is a great hero. The whole movie has some really good effects, and some very good jokes. I think that they should make a live action Flash movie with more good effects, and a story. The movie is very, very, very good. The movie is a good mix of action, comedy, romance, drama, and it is the best superhero movie ever.

Randy photo

A wonderful, fun film for all ages. I've never seen a movie quite like this. I can't wait to see the TV series.

Zachary H. photo
Zachary H.

I really didn't know what to expect with this movie and when it ended I felt like a little kid again watching the same cartoon. I will say this movie has lots of things in it that are different from the original cartoon, but it also has a lot of things that are different from the original cartoon. There is more action, a little more emotion, more angst, a little more sci-fi, a lot more humor, and a lot more sadness. But still it is a good movie, and one that I would watch again in the future. If you haven't watched it yet go out and rent it!

Kevin C. photo
Kevin C.

The new superhero has arrived and its pretty good. There was a lot of hype around it and when the movie came out I was excited. I went to the theatre and I was still very happy I went. I really like the movie. It was good and I don't see why some people are not liking it. I think it is a very good superhero movie and the action is good. Its more action than the batman movie. I also like the effects. I think the effects are good and it is good to see a superhero movie without having to see an animated superhero. The story is good and I like the way it is put together. I think this is the best superhero movie to come out this year. Its a good superhero movie and I think you should go see it.