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You Can Choose Your Family

You Can Choose Your Family is a movie starring Anna Gunn, Samantha Mathis, and Michelle Hurd. A normal father's family life is turned upside down when his son discovers his dad has another family.

Other Titles
Biti Frenk, Being Frank
Running Time
1 hours 49 minutes
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Miranda Bailey
Glen Lakin
Michelle Hurd, Anna Gunn, Danielle Campbell, Samantha Mathis
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A normal father's family life is turned upside down when his son discovers his dad has another family.

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Stephen Smith photo
Stephen Smith

I don't see any fault in this movie. I watched it on cable, but I never watched it before. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Al Gore. I just don't find him to be that entertaining. I guess he's like that, just not very good. So I was really surprised to see a movie like this. I enjoyed it, but I am not sure it was the best of his movies. I think it's more of a satire. A very funny one at that. It's funny that the movie is about a guy that doesn't want to become a father, but he's having a baby. I'm not sure that's realistic, but it's a movie that makes fun of the current family policy and the government. It's a movie that is very entertaining. And I think that's the only reason I like it.

Kelly photo

I saw this movie the other day on television and it was not at all what I expected. It was an entertaining movie and I am not one who usually likes watching romantic comedies, but I thought this movie was very funny and very sweet. The characters were very good. I especially liked the two main characters, Joey (played by Ethan Embry) and Jo (played by Nicholas D'Agosto). Joey is a guy who is always talking about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend (played by Tracey Ullman). He wants to break up with her and get back with his father (played by Jonathan Silverman). Jo is a woman who is very sweet and has a crush on Joey. She is the perfect girl for him and he is the perfect guy for her. But it's all up to Joey's dad. I was very surprised at how funny the movie was and I think that a lot of people should watch this movie. It is not very dark but it has some very funny scenes. I think it is a great movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Sandra Pierce photo
Sandra Pierce

I went into this movie thinking it would be a typical teen movie and I was very wrong. It has everything a teen movie needs. It has a great cast, good writing and a great plot. It is the type of movie that you would want to see over and over again. I know I will be watching this movie a lot. It is definitely a movie to watch with your family. This movie has great acting and great writing. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good movie to watch with the family. 8 out of 10

Jacob photo

This movie is a must see for all the people who love to laugh. I like the way that it has all the characters together, each character has a different background story and is going through a change of life. It was a good mix of different characters that were able to fit in to the movie, you would think that it was impossible but it was. In the end I loved the movie, it was funny and has a lot of good laughs. The only thing that I didn't like was that the character of Robbie was a bit annoying and that's why I give it a 8/10.

Heather Ramirez photo
Heather Ramirez

I love this movie. It's a wonderful example of how a "Family" movie should be. If you're not familiar with this movie, it's a cute, fun comedy that's about the same length as a movie like "Rocky," but I can't say I'm disappointed. It's great to see Justin Timberlake (again), Kristen Bell, and so many other celebrities in the movie. It's so great to see a movie that's not "Hollywood" anymore. This movie is also great because it's a family movie. It's the same as "Rocky" or "The Family Man" but without the vulgar language or sex. If you like the same type of humor that I do, this movie is perfect for you.

Howard F. photo
Howard F.

I found this movie very funny. The stories and the characters are all very well thought out and fun. The humor is spot on and has a nice pace to it. The cast of characters and situations are all very well thought out and even funny in some parts. The story is a bit lighthearted and the characters don't always need to be serious. Some of the situations that are brought up are just downright hilarious. This movie is great for young kids to enjoy, but it is not a child's movie. The jokes are all appropriate for the ages of kids and adults. If you are looking for a family movie to watch with the kids, this is the one.

Alice Ortega photo
Alice Ortega

I wasn't expecting this film to be as funny as it is. The main reason I went to see it was for the star power, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea that this was a comedy until the end, and I was shocked. This film is a great family film, and it will keep you laughing for the rest of the day. The performances were great, and the cast of the film, and especially the young actor, played it perfectly. This is a very good film that everyone should see. It has great humor, and it has a great story line. This is a very good movie for all ages. This is a great film for the entire family to see. It is one of the best films of the year. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Doris A. photo
Doris A.

I saw this movie with my wife and we both loved it. It was entertaining, funny, and had a good message. I think it's because of the strong message. People in the movie don't have to be perfect, they don't have to have a perfect family. They just have to love themselves and what they have. We could relate to it, and it was a good message to tell people that you can choose your family. It was funny, it was a good movie, and it's good to see the two of us laughing together.

Michael Barrett photo
Michael Barrett

I loved this movie! I've watched it several times and still laugh every time. The actors are awesome! My favorite character was the racist pimp. He was hilarious! I recommend this movie to everyone!

Joseph N. photo
Joseph N.

I have seen this film twice now and I feel that it has been better each time I have seen it. The second time I saw it I was on a flight and missed it. This movie is one of the funniest comedies I have ever seen. The plot is predictable and over-used but it's funny and it is well done. I would say that it is better than the movie "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and is more of a comedy than a horror movie. It has a lot of comedy and a lot of action. The special effects are great. I also really like how it was done. It was very different from the other movies that I have seen, even though it is a different story. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I give it an 8 out of 10. This movie is really worth seeing.

Randy Sims photo
Randy Sims

I liked this movie so much. I have seen it over a dozen times, and still laugh about it! I like the fact that it's real life and not a Hollywood movie. There's no drama, no explosions, and no whiny teenage girl. I think it's great that they didn't try to change the world to make it a better place, they just wanted to live a normal life. I think that this movie was so well done, and it is really good for a family movie. I think it's really good for all ages.

Christopher J. photo
Christopher J.

I found this to be very good. It was very enjoyable and well acted. The characters were very interesting. There were many surprises and things that you didn't expect. The jokes were funny and the character development was very interesting. The performances were very good. The two leads were very good. The supporting cast was good. The direction was good. The music was very good. The special effects were very good. This was a very good comedy and I recommend it to anyone who likes family movies. It's a good movie.

Linda photo

I've been a fan of John Hodgman's since he first appeared on The Tonight Show in the early 80's. His material always had something to say about life, and this movie is no exception. I have seen a lot of movies and this is definitely not one of them. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a laugh. I will watch this movie again and again. This is definitely the funniest movie I've ever seen. It is definitely the best comedy I have ever seen. John Hodgman is definitely one of the greatest comic actors of our time. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Theresa P. photo
Theresa P.

I have to admit, I didn't know anything about this film when I saw it. But I thought it was great. It had a very good plot and was very entertaining. I found it entertaining, funny and thought it was a good movie. The cast was good, the actors did a good job. I think this was a great movie to see, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It is a great movie for people who love movies and movies that make you think and feel. I highly recommend it!

Jordan Andrews photo
Jordan Andrews

I just wanted to add a review on this movie. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad that it was made. I think that it was made with a purpose. It was a positive family movie. It was not meant to be a comedy. I was hoping for a "feel good" movie, but I got more than I expected. I really enjoyed this movie and I hope that it can get a wider release. I think that it should be in theaters. I really like the actors in this movie. The kids were really funny and the dad was very funny. The story line was very good and it was very easy to follow. I loved the way that the movie ended. I think that it was a great ending to a very good movie.

Aaron L. photo
Aaron L.

I loved this movie. I found the movie to be a lot of fun. I did not find the humor to be so funny and it did not feel like it was meant to be. I found the movie to be very light and it had a very good message. It was not a movie I would recommend to anyone. It was very funny and a great movie.

Carolyn Newman photo
Carolyn Newman

The first time I watched this movie, I was shocked and horrified at the "I told you so" ending, but now I understand it. What was going on? I watched it again the other day and realized that it was an allegory for the way society and religion treat the people who are different. It's not just the movie, it's the world we live in. This movie showed that we are all being taken advantage of, but what we choose to do about it, is our choice. It's about choice, and it's about making the right choices. The movie is great, it's not just about the characters, it's about the plot. The movie shows how hard it is to be an outcast, and how everyone is trying to get to you. It's really great. It's not just a movie about a lesbian couple, it's about a world that is being taken advantage of by the Church, and the world in general. This is a must watch, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie.

Bruce C. photo
Bruce C.

This is a movie that you can watch with your family or without your family. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially parents of young children. This movie is a lighthearted and funny movie about a guy who is having a hard time getting married. He meets a girl and tries to make her fall in love with him, but he is very much in love with her. As the movie progresses, you start to see the truth behind the girl's decision. I think this movie is a great movie to watch with your family or friends, because you can relate to this movie and it is a very fun movie to watch. This movie is very entertaining and you can relate to this movie.

Joyce C. photo
Joyce C.

This movie was hilarious. I really enjoyed it. I like a lot of the actors in it, especially Dennis Quaid. He was really good. I thought that it was an appropriate movie for young kids to watch. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. I hope that you will watch it and have a good time.

Jack Weber photo
Jack Weber

This film was well put together and the cast was excellent. I was surprised at how many people in the theater were laughing at the same scene! I loved the way they made the character's roles completely different from the previous films. I liked the fact that the whole movie was not only the same characters but also had new people in the cast. The idea of the plot was new to me and I thought it was really well done. The characters were great and I really enjoyed the way they made the plot even more original. I really enjoyed the film and was very surprised at how much I liked it.

Betty Nichols photo
Betty Nichols

My wife and I watched this movie with our 12 year old son. We really enjoyed it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is lighthearted and funny. The movie had lots of funny moments and the acting was very good. I have a 12 year old son and he enjoyed it too. The movie is not a kids movie, but it does have some very funny parts. This movie is a family movie, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I would give it a 8 out of 10.

Eric C. photo
Eric C.

This film is not for the squeamish. The plot is easy to follow. The characters are real, the acting is good, the direction is professional. It is not for the politically correct. The plot is simple. The characters are real, and the acting is good. The direction is professional. I have seen it over ten times. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun film to watch.

Carol C. photo
Carol C.

This is an excellent film, that I would recommend to anyone. I highly recommend it. This is a story about a family that moves to a new place and a family that moves to a new place and it changes the whole life of each of them. But the most important thing is that they each have their own choice and they choose what they want and what they need. You have to be careful what you choose. It is a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Diane Payne photo
Diane Payne

I was watching a documentary about the Jewish Film Festival and I was thinking that this film would be good. So I decided to watch it. I was surprised how funny it was. I am a big fan of comedy and this film was really funny. It was so well-written, well-acted and a great message about the importance of family and family values. I highly recommend this film.