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Bande à part

Bande à part is a movie starring Anna Karina, Claude Brasseur, and Danièle Girard. Two crooks with a fondness for old Hollywood B-movies convince a languages student to help them commit a robbery.

Other Titles
Μια ξεχωριστή συμμορία, O bando à parte, Bando à Parte, Outsiderbanden, Külön banda, Band of Outsiders, Bande à Part, Çete, Bande à part - Laittomat, はなればなれに(1964), Neobična banda, The Outsiders, De clan van Parijs, Banda aparte, De laglösa, En rövarhistoria, Laittomat, Amatorski gang, Die Außenseiterbande, Hanarebanareni, Iban por lana, Outsider-banden, Asalto frustrado
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Crime, Drama, Comedy
Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Luc Godard, Dolores Hitchens
Anna Karina, Claude Brasseur, Louisa Colpeyn, Danièle Girard
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Two crooks with a fondness for old Hollywood B-movies convince a languages student to help them commit a robbery.

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Marie photo

A bit too slow in parts, but it is still a good movie to watch. It is a comedy, but it is also a drama and a good movie to watch with your girlfriend or girlfriend. It is a movie you can watch over and over again. If you are a fan of the genre, you will love this movie.

Arthur Morales photo
Arthur Morales

A really good movie. It's not an action movie but the story is so unique and interesting that you will want to see it again and again. It's not a movie for the adults but I would recommend it to everyone. It's like a character study of a young man. It's a good movie to watch with friends. The actors are really good, the music is really good and the story is really good. It's a movie you can watch over and over again. I love the fact that the movie is not a thriller. It's a movie about a young man who has a problem with his father and his problems with his mother and his problems with the world. And it's a movie about friendship and the love of people. I really recommend this movie to everyone. I hope you will enjoy it.

Gregory photo

This is a very good movie. It is very well acted, very well directed, and has a very good plot. It is also very funny, especially the end. I have to say that I really like the movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes good movies. The movie is very funny and also very violent, which is what I like, so I give it a 9/10.

Sandra photo

I was pretty excited when I heard about this film. I love French movies, and I like a good story, so I was excited to see what this film had to offer. What I got was a very well made film. I like the fact that this film had a good story, and that the story was not completely predictable. The acting was good, and the director did a good job directing the film. The plot was also good, and I think it was very well done. I thought the acting was great, and the characters were all very well developed. I really liked the way this film was shot, and the sound was also very good. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone. This is definitely a film that will appeal to the French film audience, and I think it is a good film for the general movie audience. It is definitely a film that is worth seeing.

Michelle photo

I'm not usually a big fan of the western genre, but this film is one of the few that I can truly recommend. It is not a typical western, and it is not a typical film. The story, as it is, is not the typical western. It is about a young man, named Claude, who has been abandoned by his mother and father, and is living in a rough neighborhood. He has no one to turn to and his life is miserable. His life is turned around when he meets a man named Benoit, who lives in the same neighborhood and is also a young man. They both find each other, and their relationship changes from the beginning. The story is told through a series of flashbacks. The story is very interesting, and the characters are very well developed. The actors did a great job, and the story is very unique. I have to say, the film is very well made. I think that the acting is very good, and the characters are very well developed. The story is very original and the actors did a great job. I think that this film is one of the best films that I have seen in a long time. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in a good film. It is a great film, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the western genre.

Donna Wright photo
Donna Wright

I enjoyed this film so much, I've been wanting to see it for a while now. It is very well made, well acted, well written, and the performances are well thought out. The film is about a couple who are trying to get a divorce, and have a mutual dislike for each other. The film is very dark, and has a very strong female character. The film is very well written, and I think the director did a great job with the script. The performances were good, and the direction was good. The film is very well made, and I think it's one of the better films of the year. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes films that are dark and have a strong female character.

Maria H. photo
Maria H.

I saw this film last night at the theater in San Francisco. I was expecting a dark comedy and ended up with a character study about a young man's relationship with a drug addict. The film is not overly violent or gory. It is very realistic and realistic in a way that is hard to do in a film of this type. It is a very interesting film and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good character study.

Henry photo

I really like this movie. I don't know if it's the soundtrack or the actors or something but I can't get it out of my head. It's a little slow to start off, but it never gets boring. The story is simple but it works. The characters are all very likable and the acting is very good. The movie is not a masterpiece but it is definitely worth seeing. The music is great and the cinematography is good. The only thing I would say is that I would have liked it if they had kept the movie a little longer. I don't know if they were just running out of time or if it was just too short, but I don't think they did a good job of showing the relationship between the characters. If they had kept it a little longer it would have been a lot better. It's not a masterpiece, but it is a good movie and worth seeing.

Sara C. photo
Sara C.

A great film with a great cast. The best thing about this movie is the story. The plot is great and the characters are so interesting. You will really care about all the characters and I was shocked by how much I cared for them. The acting is great and the directing is great. The music is also great and adds a lot to the film. This movie is very good and very well made. The movie has a great story and is great.

Donna V. photo
Donna V.

This movie is an excellent example of how a well-written and acted story can make a movie that is even more entertaining than the original. The story is about a man who is divorced and lives with his mother who is a drug addict. When he gets a job as a cook for a local restaurant, he is befriended by the chef who tries to help him with his problems. He also meets the owner of the restaurant, who is a very kind and gentle man. The two of them work together and become friends. Eventually, they become lovers. The movie is very well written, and the actors and actresses do a great job of making the characters come to life. The movie is very funny and has a lot of heart. The movie has a lot of heart and a lot of laughs. The story is very well written, and the director did a great job of keeping the story moving along. This movie is a must-see.

Emily Foster photo
Emily Foster

I think that this movie is a perfect example of what a French film should be. The story is not so much about a gangster but about a gangster and his relationships with his gang. This movie is very fast and full of action and it keeps you on your seat. I think that it is a great movie and one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Scott J. photo
Scott J.

I had the privilege of seeing this film at the Sundance Film Festival and was blown away. The cast was great, the story was original and the direction was great. The story was about a young woman, who is going to be a single mother to her two kids. The kids are also going to be single parents. It was a great story and the acting was really good. It was one of those movies where you get the feeling that you are watching something real and not a movie. It was very realistic and I was very impressed. It is a very different film and it is one of the best films I have seen in a while. It is a very unique film and it is something you should see.

Andrea Fox photo
Andrea Fox

I don't think I've ever seen a movie that was so well written and so well acted. The actors are superb. The plot is very interesting and it is very well put together. The characters are very well developed and the dialogues are very realistic. The story is a very good one and the acting is also very good. I really recommend this movie to everyone, especially to people who like crime movies.

Steven Estrada photo
Steven Estrada

I'm not a fan of this genre of film. I do not like them. I have never been a fan of films that make me laugh out loud, but this one is one of the funniest I have ever seen. I really enjoyed this movie. I laughed, I cried, I laughed a lot, and I cried a lot. It is not a great film, but it is a good one. I can't say that about any other film I have seen recently. I have a feeling that I will enjoy this film more the more I see it.

Jane photo

This is one of the best films I have seen for years. It is not for everybody, and it is not for everyone who doesn't like to think for themselves. The film has a great story, a great script, and great performances. It also has a lot of language that you need to be fluent in before you can really enjoy this film. But if you do like to think, it is definitely worth seeing.

Beverly O. photo
Beverly O.

When you see a French movie, you think of a French movie. The actors are French and the story line is French. The plot is French. And then you get to see some of the greatest French actors in movies, the director in French and of course the story is French. So, when you see a French movie, you think French, and then you get to see the greatest French actors. This movie was not great, but it was great. I had not seen the movie in the theater because I was afraid I would not like it, but after seeing it, I thought it was great. I was shocked to find out that it was not done in the traditional French way. It was done in a way that is not like any French movie I have seen. I think the movie is worth seeing because it is different from the movie I thought it was going to be, but it is good. I think the movie is worth watching because it was a great movie, and the actors were amazing.

Samantha C. photo
Samantha C.

You know the music scene in New York City in the 1970s was a really interesting time, and this film is one of the most beautifully made films about the time. The film tells the story of a young and ambitious doctor named Charlie, who is really trying to make a mark in his career. However, he soon finds out that it is not going to be easy to break into the scene. And then things take a turn for the worse. While this is not a "pitch perfect" film, it is extremely well made. It is almost a documentary in its telling, and it is true to the facts of that era. The photography is breathtaking, and it is beautifully directed by Tom Hanks. I thought the movie was very well done, and I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the 70s music scene.

Kenneth photo

This is not a movie for the kids. A guy who wants to escape his life and have some fun makes a deal with a local gangster in order to get a lift home. From that point on it is a roller coaster ride. Don't expect some deep meaning or an artistic representation of a topic. It's a bit of a roller coaster ride that will make you feel happy and laugh. It's just a very simple story that you'll probably like it if you like stupid movies with stupid characters.

Andrew Roberts photo
Andrew Roberts

A British film with the unusual distinction of having no main character. (And even in the rarest of rarer case, there is no main character in the film). The main character is a criminal, given an incredible opportunity for a quick death and the chance to get away with it. The film is a real courtroom drama, with a strange twist. It is almost like a French version of A Serious Man, with a rather surprising and surprising ending. I'll try to describe it, but there is a lot of detail I need to cover. The story is set in a small town in the UK. An extremely wealthy family has moved into the town and the mayor is determined to get rid of the rich guys. He also has a mistress and two beautiful women in his home. The characters in the film are all flawed. They are all mean and immoral, but they are also funny and caring. Their stories have to be understood in their own terms. I found myself laughing and caring when they behaved in the way they did, and I found myself caring when they behaved badly. The film is not violent, but it does show the bloody side of crime. It shows the nasty and foul side of crime. The film is very realistic and realistic crime is not always violent. The audience is given no reason to cheer for the villains, and it is interesting that the movie doesn't show the police or the judge as being corrupt. It is also interesting that the main character, the police chief, is only a rather minor figure. He has a very small role and the movie is very well written. I think the director is one of the most interesting and unique film-makers in the world today. The acting is very good. I have never seen a film so well written. There are many unexpected twists in the film. The most obvious of which is the twist at the end, which was a surprise to me. It is very unique, and I think it is worth watching. I think that the film will be one of the greats of the 21st century.

Elizabeth Wilson photo
Elizabeth Wilson

I have just seen this film for the first time. The story is of the small time thieves in Marseilles and Paris in the 1930's. There is a French professor who meets two thugs who are caught up in the turmoil of the Versailles. It is a film that deals with a variety of social issues including the physical punishment of women and the ghettos of Marseilles. The acting is excellent and the story is very interesting. It is not a comedy, but a very serious drama that is not for everyone. I recommend this film for anyone interested in social issues and film history.

Ralph Lawson photo
Ralph Lawson

French Gangster flick with a few female heroes, some of them sporting huge boobs. The movie is based on a comic book, and its plot is rather basic: A woman is raped and killed. Years later, a gang of young women from the area kidnaps the "real" victim's brother. The gang is led by a woman, a hooker, who is played by Paris Hilton. The only way to free her is to kill the gang. The movie is in French, so if you can read the subtitles, you might get some insight into the story. The acting is decent, the story is decent, and it is a pretty good movie.

Shirley Knight photo
Shirley Knight

I think this movie could have been a lot better. It is not a movie for everyone. It is a movie about a guy who is just a normal guy who has his problems. And he is not a bad guy, but just a guy who does not like to go the movies. The actors in this movie were great. In this movie they are not just acting like normal people, but they are acting like real people. It was a lot more realistic. This movie is like the movie Fargo, but not as good. It is a movie that can be watched once. You can enjoy it, but you can not watch it again.

Jessica photo

So this is what I think. I have seen this film many times. I've had a chance to see it in many different locations. I really like the atmosphere and the music. I have also seen the DVD with some extra extras. This film is definitely worth seeing. I am looking forward to the second part of this film, "in the name of the father". I know this film was criticized for having many gay scenes, and I am not a homosexual. I really like this film. It's the best of the series. The actors do a great job. I also like the writing. I have read the books, and I really like the story and the actors. I really like the directors, especially Christian Bale. I really liked this film. So, go see it. I think it's great. 8/10

Crystal Little photo
Crystal Little

I am not surprised that this movie was panned by the critics. It is a very strange movie, a satire on the prison system and the way prisoners think about prison life. It is a documentary-style film, which is very strange because the film doesn't try to convey the prison experience, just the problems with the prison. The documentary style is very original, but it has a very difficult time getting the viewer involved. The film doesn't get the audience to care about the characters, and if you don't care about the characters, you won't care about the film. The first half of the film is very dark, depressing and depressing, with a lot of characters and scenes that make no sense. The second half of the film is more lighthearted, but this time the story is not really coherent. It is very hard to tell what is going on, and the director tries to explain the story through lots of images. The problem is that the images are so weird and disturbing that they don't fit with the story. The movie is actually very good, and I think it is better than the critics say. It is a very unusual film, but it is definitely worth a look.

Jacqueline H. photo
Jacqueline H.

There are two things I'd like to mention about this movie. The first is that it is absolutely beautiful to watch, and if you have some time to spare, give it a watch. The second is that the movie is about a man trying to get the girl of his dreams. I'm not sure what the other people who have commented on this movie are thinking, and I don't want to give away the plot, because I think it's better to watch it yourself and decide for yourself if it's for you or not. The main character is a man who works at a mall in a small town, and he likes to party every night, and he has a lot of friends, but they all live with their parents and the love between him and his mother is really strong. In the middle of the night, he is out partying with his friends, and one of his friends brings him a box of cigars. The story goes that the first guy to come home from the party, tries to rob the man of his cigars, and the next night, a woman knocks on the door and asks for a cigar. He takes her out to his apartment, and then he goes home. When he's alone, he starts thinking about what's going on in his life. At this point, the movie starts. The second thing I'd like to mention about this movie is that it is absolutely beautiful to watch. The acting is great, and the directing is also great. There are some really great scenes in the movie, and the story is really good. I think this is a movie that is perfect for anyone who is looking for something to watch, because it is absolutely gorgeous to watch.

Joseph photo

I was initially looking forward to seeing this film, since I'm a fan of the French director, and I'm a fan of both French movies and America. What I found was a funny film about the French and American gangs in New York City. The film is shot in black and white, but in color would have made the film a little bit more interesting. The movie is a bit slow and the pacing seems a bit slow, but I think the director was aiming for that. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys French movies and/or Americans.

Daniel M. photo
Daniel M.

It was a very difficult task to film the movie. It was only made in 1999, the year the Taliban regime came to power in Afghanistan. The Taliban had not existed for the previous decade. I know the last ten years have been a difficult period for Afghans. There has been a lot of problems with corruption, and the economy is in ruins. But despite all this, the Afghan people remain undisturbed. I am not an expert on Afghanistan, and I do not know anything about it. I do not know what the people feel about this film. All I know is that it was a very interesting and a very well made movie. I can imagine that the Taliban regime might not like it. The story starts in a village in Afghanistan. A young boy named Hashim (Ali MacGraw) is being chased by his father to come to the farm where his mother lives. Hashim is deaf, and he is the only member of his family that can hear. The boy is a popular boy in his village. There are many rumors that he is adopted by the Taliban, who were afraid that they would be killed by their own people. Hashim's father was killed in the street. His brother and sister are left with him. Hashim is bored with his life in the village. He does not want to do anything, he just wants to sleep. He does not even want to go to school. He does not want to become a fighter for the Taliban. The boys in his village are all brothers. There is no one to speak to, and no one to listen to. Hashim does not know anything about the outside world. He does not know where he is going, and how he is going there. He is bored. He does not care about anything. He just wants to sleep. This is a perfect movie for the uninitiated. It is a story of boredom, and of people who want to sleep. It is also a story of how the world will not accept a war that was caused by a government that is not very popular. If you can read this, then you can probably understand what I am talking about. It is a very well made film. The camera work is very good. The music is also very good. Ali MacGraw is very good in this film. He is very funny. I am very impressed with him. The film was very well made, and it deserves a great rating. The acting was very good. This is a very good movie. I have seen it many times, and I have not been bored by it.

Jeffrey P. photo
Jeffrey P.

I love this movie. It is a real tear jerker. Even if you know nothing about French history or culture, you'll still love it. The acting is excellent and the plot is a masterpiece. This is a movie that you can watch over and over. I like it better when it's over. The character of Efren (Gerard Depardieu) is the most fascinating and the best actor in the movie. I think he's the best actor. I can't find any faults with the movie. It's a great movie. I give it 8 out of 10.

Johnny E. photo
Johnny E.

A likable film about a love triangle involving a policeman, a hoodlum, and a woman who could help one of the main characters. The film doesn't just use that as a backdrop to the main plot, it gives you that background, it gives you that time to develop the characters. And this is what makes it so good. It's one of those movies that you have to watch over and over, to make sure you don't miss anything. The only reason I give this film an 8 instead of a 10 is because the ending was a little bit too convenient. But other than that, this is a great movie.

Alice Watkins photo
Alice Watkins

In the spirit of the director's previous films, I feel compelled to add another review for 'The 'Burbs', a film with a lot to say about a lot of things. I feel that this film is quite challenging to discuss and even difficult to understand. A plot that is a little bit unclear, or at least I felt it was a little bit unclear, is why I was so engrossed in the film. The story itself is about a man who loses his job and an older woman who has not given up on him. But he doesn't know what to do with his life. He wants to find a job and a place to live and for that he takes the road of taking care of a homeless woman and her two dogs. But soon he realizes that he has changed and that he is no longer the man he used to be. What I think was really amazing was the cinematography, which really had me glued to the screen. The film is shot in a fairly similar fashion as his previous films, which is to say, the film looks like a real location. There is not a lot of footage of the actual locations. Rather, the movie is shot through the eyes of a homeless man who wants to find a job and a place to live. The film is not afraid to show the true face of the homeless, which I feel is something that is always important to tell. It is about the loneliness of the homeless and the fact that they often have no place to go. And what it is like to be a homeless person is really worth watching, especially since I have seen the homeless in all sorts of films, from documentaries to comedies. It is a very sad story and I think the film really got that point across. And there are a lot of great performances by all the actors involved. Ben Stiller, Paul Giamatti, and Robert De Niro are all really good in the film. I really liked the music in the film. It was different than the music that was used in the previous films, which I thought was good. It was not something that was used in a particularly catchy way, but it was still great. The only problem with the film is that it is really hard to understand the film. At first I was thinking that I was seeing it wrong because I didn't really understand the film, but I was wrong. The film really should have been better because I felt that the director was making a really poor film, which is a shame because I feel that he really should have been able to make a better film than this one. But I will give him credit for being able to tell the story with so much honesty. I think that this film is really worth watching, and it is definitely worth the price of the ticket.

Kathryn Lopez photo
Kathryn Lopez

I enjoyed this movie a lot. The idea of telling the story of two young girls in a rather "underground" part of France where they have their own lives and where they have to cope with the isolation of their environments is an interesting idea. They could have been a better story if they had spent more time in the bedroom and less time in the kitchen. It is true that some of the scenes where they are with their parents are not necessary. However, they are not the most important part of the story. I think that this movie could be better if it had a better story. I also thought that the direction was quite good, although I have seen some bad pictures of children. The actors all did a good job. The only problem I have is with the music. It is sometimes too loud. The movie has a good, clean atmosphere. The two young girls are a good example of a young generation in France who have grown up and don't want to be told how to think and who know how to make their own decisions about their lives. The parents are well-off. The idea that the parents are afraid of their children is not really well-known. But, I believe, the movie has more to do with this than with any other aspect. I am still not quite sure about the ending.

Teresa C. photo
Teresa C.

This movie is not the typical Hollywood movie. It was fun, a little short, but worth seeing. I am really surprised that it is not a huge hit, like many other great French movies.

Christian F. photo
Christian F.

First of all, I would like to say that I am a big fan of the genre. I think that the reason for the longevity of the genre is the fact that all the actors, actors and actresses work very hard to give an authentic performance. The result is a very entertaining movie that really does not miss the point, despite of it's many flaws. This movie has the same problem as 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'Rashomon'. It tries to be realistic, but it really is not. You can see the movie as a "Disney comedy", which would be okay, but not as a "modern fairy tale". The reason for the popularity of the genre is the fact that these movies are more interested in telling a story, and not about the creativity or the romance. This is something that I feel was well done in this movie, but it is not enough. One more thing that I would like to mention is that I think that the movie is a little too slow. I think that it is because of the fact that there are many parts that are unnecessary, and the main plot is too long. The movie is better than it's expected to be, and I would say that it is worth a watch, but it is not something that I would recommend it to people who don't like the genre. Overall, I would give this movie 8/10, but that is not enough for a full review. I would recommend it to people who like the genre, or to people who have never seen the movie before.

Crystal photo

I saw this film at a screening in NYC last night. It was a great screening and had an interesting story line. It is different and unusual but interesting. Some people might find it too slow paced but the characters in the film are very likable and the film is very unique in a way. I will not say any more than that for the film but I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies that are different and unusual.

Steven Perez photo
Steven Perez

I am a huge fan of Gabor, so I went into this film with a good idea of what I was in for. It was indeed very good. The plot was well thought out and well paced. I would have liked to see a bit more of Gabor, but I think that was the only thing I didn't like about this movie. I think it was a good movie. It's probably one of Gabor's best. All the actors did a very good job, and you really felt like you were watching this movie. And I must say, there are a lot of movies that are similar to this one, but in my opinion, it's the best of them all.