Steam Labyrinth


Labyrinth is a movie starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, and Toby Froud. Sixteen-year-old Sarah is given thirteen hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother Toby when her wish for him to be taken away is granted by...

Other Titles
Lavirint, Labirynt, Völundarhús, Labyrinthe, Lavyrinthos, Labyrinth - Dove tutto è possibile, O Labirinto, Laberinto, Labyrinten til troldkongens slot, 魔王迷宮, ラビリンス 魔王の迷宮, Labyrintti, Labirinto, a Magia do Tempo, Fantasztikus labirintus, Labirint, Labyrint, Λαβύρινθος, Dentro del laberinto, Labirintas, Die Reise ins Labyrinth
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Jim Henson
Terry Jones, Jim Henson, Dennis Lee
Jennifer Connelly, Shelley Thompson, David Bowie, Toby Froud
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Teenager Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) is forced by her father (Christopher Malcolm) and her stepmother (Shelley Thompson) to babysit her baby brother Toby (Toby Froud) while they are outside home. Toby does not stop crying and Sarah wishes that her stepbrother be taken by the Goblin King Jareth (David Bowie). Out of the blue, Toby stops crying and when Sarah looks for him in the cradle, she learns that her wish was granted and the Goblin King Jareth has taken him to his castle in the Goblin City in the middle of a labyrinth. Sarah repents and asks Jareth to give Toby back; but the Goblin King tells her that she has to rescue her brother before midnight, otherwise Toby will be turned into a goblin. Soon Sarah teams up with the coward goblin Hoggle (Brian Henson), the beast Ludo (Ron Mueck), and the knight Didymus (David Shaughnessy) and his dog Ambrosius (Percy Edwards) in her journey. Will they rescue Toby in time?

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Hannah F. photo
Hannah F.

I think this is the best film of 2001. I don't really understand why people give it a 1 or 2. It's an awesome movie! It is all about the theme of it all, good vs evil and the dream and the future of this world. It's about good versus evil, and its the kids versus the adults. The children are called "princess" and "princess" as they are the heroes of the film. It also has a fantastic soundtrack, and its a film that you should not miss. I think this film was fantastic. I also like the music in it, especially the finale of the film. I think it's great because it's all about dreams and the world we live in. It also has a good story line, and I really liked it. This film is all about friendship, and how one can be more than what one wants. I think that this is a great film. I also like the fact that it was based on a book, which means that the film was created with the best that a child can create. It also has a good message in it, which was a nice touch. It's a film that is an all around good film. 8/10

Billy Guzman photo
Billy Guzman

I've always loved this movie. In the original I always thought that it was too dark for a children's movie, but this one was even more. I love it! The way they use the colors in the movie is awesome! The battle in the end was great! It was even better than the original, it's better! There are no other movies that have the darkness and fun that this one has. In the original it was more dramatic, but in this movie it is more to be nostalgic. I hope that you all love it as much as I do!

Dylan H. photo
Dylan H.

I really liked the movie. The acting was good. The story was good. The special effects were great. I think this is a movie you should watch with your kids. It is a good movie for all ages. I think the kids should watch it too. The movie is not for the kids.

Jesse Stephens photo
Jesse Stephens

I am not sure how to put this in a nutshell. If you are not an animator, you might get lost. It is not difficult to see why this movie did not do well at the box office. However, if you are an animator, or like this kind of movies, you will like it. I thought the special effects were amazing and this movie really is a children's fairy tale. The plot is very simple and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. If you have a child, this movie is very nice to watch. If you are a parent of a child, I recommend this movie.

Angela photo

In the late '60s, our nation was hit by a wave of violence at the hands of the Vietnam war. This started a vicious cycle that the United States is still fighting today. This movie is about a boy who lives in a world of fantasy and imagination. He finds himself in a world of monsters, where all of the rules of reality are tossed aside. The boy, who has spent his entire life working in a candy store, is tasked by his Uncle Harry to find out why he is drawn to the monster world. This is a great movie for kids. It has a lot of action, a lot of comedy, and a lot of heart. The story is great, and there are some great special effects. It's also really cute.

Carol photo

This movie has something for everyone. A great adventure story, with incredible special effects, wonderful characters, a great soundtrack and some of the best sequences ever filmed. The best thing about this film is its integrity. Every scene was built for maximum impact, it doesn't stray away from the general theme of a 3 hour movie. But what makes this movie so special is the fact that it is perfect. A perfect 3 hour movie with no flaws. The three hour adventure story is taken to a new level. When I heard that this film was based on a Disney classic I was worried. Not because of the fact that this film is completely different, but because of the fact that the characters are not used for their personalities. The villains are either too evil or too stupid for their own good, the protagonists have not been given enough character development and the good guys are either too good and too handsome or too evil. Even though I was concerned, I went to see it anyway. I loved it. It was the best 3 hours I've had in years. So when I heard that this film would be taken to a new level, I was very excited. After all, Disney has been known for great special effects and how great they are, so I was worried that the effects wouldn't live up to the spectacle. However, they have. Even with the best special effects I have ever seen, the film still holds its own. The three hour adventure is an adventure that the whole family can enjoy. All three parts have the same story and the same good-guys-against-the-bad-guys. The villains are very well portrayed and the heroes are just as much fun to watch as the evil ones. The film is a perfect blend of comedy, adventure, fantasy and adventure. It is one of the best films of all time and I believe it will go down in history as one of the best films of all time. An excellent film that every kid can enjoy. 8/10

Wayne Reed photo
Wayne Reed

At the same time the older versions of the movie were out, I heard some people saying it was the most realistic fairy tale movie ever. Well, I haven't read any fairy tales, so I don't know if it is realistic, but I can see how some people think it is. This is one of the few movies I can watch again and again and never get bored. It's very easy to understand, the movie isn't too long, and the scenes and scenes are very well placed. The story is very fun and original. It has everything, the love story, the friendship, the quest, the monsters and the adventure. The only thing I didn't like about this movie is the ending. It was the most stupid and disappointing ending ever. I just can't understand why the movie makers decided to end it with this. I think they had to try to make the movie so long that they were getting tired of it. So many scenes were cut out that I would have liked to see them. Maybe it was the director's fault, but it seems to me that the last 15 minutes of the movie are almost useless. I think they should have made the movie longer and shorter. I like this movie. I can't wait to see it again. I am very disappointed in the rating here at IMDb. It should be higher. I think it is a very good movie, but don't go see it if you are not a fan of fairy tales, because it is not the most realistic fairy tale ever, and it is not a very good movie either. I would recommend this movie for kids and adults, but not for children under 12, because of the stupid ending.

John photo

Some of the characters are a little bit boring, but the acting is top notch. This film was definitely not what I expected. It starts out very slow and I was expecting something on the level of the second and third Labyrinth, but it just wasn't. It starts off very slow and I think that that was what made the film better than the other two. But once the movie starts, it's almost no-where near as slow as it was. There were a few things I liked about this film: -The scenes with little kids that play with the cards. -The scene in the dark, but it is still extremely creepy. -The color schemes are very unique. -The idea of the labyrinth. -The whole concept of the queen and the dark prince.

Catherine R. photo
Catherine R.

It was a little slow in the middle. But it is a really good movie. It is not so deep as you would expect but it has some pretty good pictures. It is a good family film. It is also a good movie for the family to watch. I personally loved this movie. It has lots of different things. You know what to expect when you go to a movie like this. It is a really good movie. It is not a deep movie. You have to let the story flow and that is what makes a good movie. I recommend it to all children and adults. I give it an 8/10

Harold G. photo
Harold G.

Spoilers A Beautiful Baby is a wonderful fantasy/romance film. It is a little different from the other Michael Jackson films, because this one is a little more realistic. It isn't just your run-of-the-mill fantasy flick. This film is an interesting tale about how things in life can turn around for the better or worse, depending on the viewer's attitude. It is also a good example of the silliness of the children in modern society. The movie is made with a lot of love. It is very inspirational and not for everyone, but for those who like fantasy/romance films, it is definitely a must see.

Carl photo

This movie is simply one of the best movies of all time. The animation, the characters, the story, and of course the music are all brilliant. You won't be disappointed. The main reason this movie is so well done is that it is set in a world of fantasy. There is a great deal of fantasy in the movie and it all adds to the magic of the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone of any age. There are a few scenes where the characters don't look like they are going to make it, but you'll know what I mean when you see them. The only reason I don't give this movie a perfect score is because there are a few characters that aren't in it for too long. They also don't have as much screen time as they could have, but this doesn't bother me. The characters were very well done and you could tell how much love went into making them. You'll find yourself wishing that they were together throughout the movie. If you're a fan of fantasy and animation, then I highly recommend this movie.

Eugene photo

If you have a childhood nostalgia for the original Fantastic Mr. Fox, you'll love this movie. I grew up with the movie, and I couldn't help but feel that it had a sense of timelessness that it never seemed to escape. While I couldn't say that I completely loved it, it was still an incredibly good film. It is filled with such wonderful elements of story, theme, and emotion that you can't help but love it. I can't help but think about all the times I've seen it in the past. I've watched it over and over, and I still find myself singing the story's theme, 'Mr. Fox, We have met', when I'm in a good mood. The themes of family and faith, friendship, and fear of the unknown are all still with me. There are many great things about this film. The story is simple and yet powerful, with a great sense of character development. The cast is phenomenal, with actors like Freeman, Sutherland, Roddy McDowell, and more, giving fantastic performances. The cinematography and direction are both top notch, with beautiful, lush landscapes and dreamlike dream sequences. The use of the music, as well as the costumes and sets are very important in this film, as they help create the world of fantasy that is perfect for the story. I also loved the fact that the film didn't shy away from the more dark aspects of the story. The creatures and creatures in the film are all so fantastic, especially the Oompa-Loompas and the Gummi Bears. They all have very dark personalities, and you can't help but love them. Another important factor in this film is the musical score. It is truly amazing, bringing back memories of the original, which I have always loved. I'm not going to give anything away, but the music is still a great aspect of the film, bringing back some great memories and feeling. The story is definitely interesting, and it's not a simple story. It has a lot of thought and emotion, with a great beginning, and ending. It is also well paced, as it doesn't drag. Overall, I love this film. It is an incredible fantasy film that will bring back so many memories of childhood. It is also a great film, with great characters, great effects, and a great story. It is definitely worth watching. 8/10.

Theresa photo

In this surreal fantasy, the owner of a circus, a small boy, and his mother embark on a journey into the castle of the villainous, but friendly, wiz-kid wizard. They manage to pull off a rather good escape before being recaptured by the villain. The main character has an evil, nasty look on his face and has some hypnotic powers. But the best part is how the wizard and the evil boy meet each other. The ending is a nice twist on the fairy tale way.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

When I first heard that they were remaking the classic "Peter Pan" with Johnny Depp and Emma Stone, I was a bit skeptical. But when I watched it I was in awe. It is one of the best movie remakes I have ever seen. This movie is a real tear jerker. It is well worth it. I think that people can enjoy this movie and it's history as a classic Disney film. It is so moving, its true story is so captivating. If you liked the movie, I think you will like this movie. But if you don't like the movie, I don't think you will like it. I think the thing that drew me to this movie is that I have always been a huge fan of Disney's classic films. The old classics are very emotional to me, even though I don't have to wear a heart in my chest, I still cry every time. This is a great movie that will always have a place in my heart.

Joyce Lawrence photo
Joyce Lawrence

In my opinion, this is the best movie from the Burton's career. The special effects are great, the actors are good, the story is good, the characters are good, the scenes are good, the music is good, everything is great. I've read other people's comments and I don't understand why people find it a waste of time to watch this movie. I think it's one of the best movie from the Burton's career and I think it's the best movie I've seen since Ed Wood. I would say to watch it when you are in a relaxed mood and when you can find something that makes you laugh.

Martha N. photo
Martha N.

I first saw this movie when I was 5 years old, and it has been one of my favorite films ever since. The story is simple, but I won't go into details. The film really is about a boy named Peter, who is struggling with his mother's death. His father, a big construction tycoon, has just died in a house fire. Peter gets to take his older brother (who is now a little boy) and his little sister, and he tries to find a way to start over. He soon meets the beautiful princess, who lives in a castle called the Labyrinth, and she wants Peter to take care of the old king's little girl, who is the king's love, and the king is dying. Peter agrees, but after the king dies, he must go to the old kingdom and get the other princess, who lives in a kingdom called the House of the Mouse. That is the main plot of the movie. When I first saw this movie, I felt like I wanted to take my little brother and sister to go see it. This movie has just a great story line, and a wonderful story. The characters are very well written, and the actors are very good. I always think that the characters in this movie are so fun to watch. I don't want to say much about the story, because it is so well written, but I will say that I really liked the story. The music, well, the music was amazing, and the music will go on in my mind forever. The music was very well written, and it was great to hear the music. The music that the characters were listening to was so fantastic. I am a huge fan of music, and I think that the music in this movie was one of the best I have ever heard. When I first saw this movie, I thought that it was amazing. When I heard about the sequel, I was disappointed. When I heard that there was going to be a third movie, I was even more disappointed. When I heard that they were going to do the third movie, I was even more disappointed. I know that the third movie was going to be about the princess, but that was not the original plot of this movie. The original plot was very good, and I thought that the original plot was better. I am a big fan of the movie, and I think that the movie is very good. It is very good, and I love the story. It is very good, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of adventure and animation. I give it an 8 out of 10.<|

Mildred photo

From director Richard Donner (Watchmen, Superman Returns) and screenwriter Michael Heskett (Clerks, Dawn of the Dead, Hill Street Blues), the story of an Amish family of "lonesome wanderers" led by the eccentric and absent-minded Robert, an outsider to society, which leads to tragedy as his sister (Faye Dunaway), his best friend and the only one who understands him (Ray Wise), and his best friend's mother (Minnie Driver) all fall in love with the eccentric brother. The film is the first film to showcase Donner's hand-held camera techniques, which he began experimenting with with Superman, as well as his famous train sequences from Jaws. The story is based on a Stephen King novel, but the film itself is not. Although it is loosely based on King's book, the characters are not all drawn from his novel. One exception is the entire Mabry family, which is based on the characters in the novel by David Ogden Stiers. Even though they are not in the book, their stories are quite entertaining. The theme of the film is about embracing love and friendship, but the film doesn't focus on it too much. It's more of a family drama, and it is more than just a love story. In fact, I found myself laughing out loud when seeing Ray Wise as the "bad guy" character, played by Brent Hodge. His play on the villain was the best. The performances of the cast are good, but don't draw attention to themselves. Faye Dunaway is a sight for sore eyes, and she is always likable. Ray Wise is very charismatic, and it is refreshing to see him again in a movie after a long absence. The supporting cast is made up of other notable actors such as a young Will Patton, and Patricia Clarkson, and it's enjoyable to see them in the film. The movie is suitable for young kids, although I think younger children may be offended by some of the themes in the film. Also, don't expect any blood or gore. Although there is an odd scene near the end where a character is stabbed in the eye, it's not that graphic. One thing I found interesting was the variety of dialects spoken in the film. Most of the dialects are different between different characters, and it's interesting to see that. Overall, the film is a nice introduction to the director's work. I would definitely recommend it to fans of Richard Donner, the film industry, or just to children. * out of *

Andrew photo

This is one of those rare films where I actually had to make a decision about whether I should like it or not. The subject matter is definitely one of the most dangerous and controversial for a movie, but to me, this was a great film. It has the right amount of action, suspense, and romance for it's genre, and the CGI was superb. I was impressed by the performances of the actors, especially James Cameron and John Williams. The music was very appropriate for the movie and the background score was also very fitting. The movie doesn't need to explain too much about the backstory, so I won't go into it too much. However, the movie did a great job of showing the very good working relationship between Alice and James, and their struggle to save the Labyrinth. The end of the movie was very sad, but I personally don't care for sad endings, so I didn't think it was that bad. Overall, I loved this movie. I was looking forward to seeing it for quite a while, and I ended up getting to see it. It was an enjoyable movie, and I hope that other people can also get a chance to see it. The visuals are spectacular, the story is good, the acting is good, and the music is great. It is definitely not a movie for everyone, but for those who do not mind movies that are not meant to be enjoyed by everyone, I highly recommend it.

Albert photo

This is the second movie I've seen of Peter Jackson's trilogy, and I really enjoyed it. It is a very fun movie. The story is great, and the animation is wonderful. The story is a little different from the first two movies, but that is okay. It is a very fun movie, and I really enjoyed it.

Jesse photo

I was quite surprised to find out that this film was the first to make me cry in a cinema and I would have been surprised if it was not the first one. This film made me cry from my heart. The film had a very sad ending which made me laugh out loud. I was stunned and felt for the characters because I knew them so well. The characters were all wonderful and made the film seem so real. And the plot was exciting and the characters were great!

Jose photo

As a child I was a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and this movie brought back those memories. It is a wonderful movie and I recommend it to anyone who loves fairy tales.

Emily T. photo
Emily T.

A giant rabbit that is more than a pet is adopted into the small town of Victoropolis. The rabbit is treated with special care by a young boy named Lord Carnal, and slowly he begins to trust the rabbit more and more. As the story continues, Lord Carnal learns of a prophecy about a giant rabbit that will rule the world and rule with a single word. Carnal, who is working on a brand new drug that would produce monsters for humans, goes to the countryside to see the giant rabbit. However, the rabbit disappears and Carnal has no idea where it has gone. With no way to track down the rabbit, Carnal is left to his own devices, trying to find the rabbit and its owner. The movie was one of the first films I ever saw. I remember watching the trailer and then I realized the film is going to be a special effects film. But I was surprised that it had such a great story. And I always have to say that movies that make me laugh or make me cry or make me laugh and cry are the best. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't like the film. The story is great. I think that this is the best fantasy film ever made. This is what you call a good fantasy film. Not a good science fiction film. It is a good fantasy film. I think that it is my favorite fantasy film, and I can see why. It is amazing. It has a great story, the acting is great, and the special effects are great. This is definitely a film you have to see, it's one of the best films of all time. It's a really good film.

Sara Ross photo
Sara Ross

I had no idea what this movie was going to be, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Sure the story was a little "unoriginal" but what did you expect? I liked the way it was done, especially the "mysterious" cameo that made me wonder "what's going on here?" I also loved the ending. It was awesome, the ending could've been a little longer but it was definitely worth it. The special effects were pretty good, and the cinematography was also nice. All in all, this movie was great!

Judy Reyes photo
Judy Reyes

I am not an adult, but I can say that I'm not bored of this film. What do you expect? In my opinion, this is a classic fantasy movie. It doesn't look childish and childish is a very good thing, because this is a classic movie for the children. It tells the story of a young boy and his guardian, a little white lizard named Scarlot, who comes to the town of Pan. It is a place full of magic and wondrous creatures. This movie is full of fantasy, fantasy and fantasy. It's a classic, and a lot of people find it boring, but this is the first movie that I can say that this is a classic movie. It's beautiful, it's funny, it's beautiful, and this movie has all of those things. My vote: 8/10. MY RATING: A

Charles Johnson photo
Charles Johnson

A lot of people think that this movie is one of the worst ever made. I disagree. While this movie is cheesy and silly, it is very good. I loved the movie and I think it is a great Christmas movie. The music is so good, especially "Lights On", which is by far my favorite musical movie. This movie is not about fantasy. This movie is about hope, love, and hope that we can turn to hope.

Benjamin Elliott photo
Benjamin Elliott

A very good fantasy film. I enjoyed the film greatly and will watch it again.

Samuel S. photo
Samuel S.

I really like this film, but I can't help but feel that it's a little too long. I think that the film could have been longer, and I think that it would have made a lot more sense if the film had been longer. The film is very exciting, and the ending is a little bit over the top. However, I think that the film is very entertaining, and it has a lot of heart. I think that this film is a good example of how a film can be made without a huge budget, and it's a good example of how to make a good film without having to use special effects. The film is very good, and I recommend it to everyone.

Daniel Harvey photo
Daniel Harvey

I watched this movie with my daughter and we both liked it. It's a good movie for children and adults to watch. The music is good and the special effects are good. I also like the movie because it is a fairy tale and a nice movie for kids. I give it a 7/10. My daughter liked it as well.

Helen Little photo
Helen Little

This film was a lot better than I expected. The story was original and the animation was spectacular. The songs were great and the animation was good. I liked the way they showed the characters and the way they moved. The only thing I didn't like was that the main character was a little bit of a jerk. I think that it was a bit too much and it was distracting. I think it was more of a character development thing than it was a story thing. Overall, it was a good film.