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Bharat is a movie starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Sunil Grover. At the cusp of India's birth as an Independent nation, a family makes an arduous journey to freedom at a cost. A young boy Bharat, makes a promise to his Father...

Running Time
2 hours 30 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Action, Comedy, Drama
Ali Abbas Zafar
Su-jin Park, Ali Abbas Zafar, Varun V. Sharma
Tabu, Salman Khan, Sunil Grover, Katrina Kaif
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

During the Partition of India in 1947, a young man is separated from his father in the promise that he will protect their family and lead the household. A young boy Bharat joins the The Great Russian Circus in 1964 and further joins the Indian migration to the Gulf territory during the discovery of oil in the region during the 70's. He falls in love with the chief engineer and also leads the immigrated group of Indians to justice. Throughout his life spanning from 18 to 70 years of age, he struggles to keep his father's promise and holds the family together.

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Nicholas P. photo
Nicholas P.

This movie has a lot of nice things in it, but for me, it was also quite difficult to get into. For one, it was quite slow at some points and didn't always feel like a good time. Also, the pace was not consistent, which was somewhat hard to get used to. Also, the story was quite a bit different from the first movie. This one has some good things to say about a world that doesn't feel like a big mess, but also some bad things to say about people. And also the ending of the movie felt quite different, compared to the first one. I will say that I enjoyed the movie a lot, but it didn't really hit home for me. The movie had a few good things, but overall it wasn't a very good movie. I would recommend the movie, but if you don't like the first one, I would not recommend it.

Samuel Wilson photo
Samuel Wilson

My opinion on the film is this: It's a very nice and enjoyable movie with a good storyline, good acting and great scenes. The beginning of the film is so predictable, but after that it gets really interesting. The movie is also full of great scenes, especially the dance scene between Dharmendra and Anil Kapoor. The acting by the two leads is amazing. Dharmendra is absolutely amazing as the main character, he gives his best to the role and he is an excellent actor. Anil Kapoor is very good as the villain and he has the best scenes of the film. Overall, I think this is a great movie and I recommend everyone to watch it.

Emily M. photo
Emily M.

One of the most awaited movie of the year. All the hype about it is justified. Rana is a much more relaxed, more beautiful version of Sridevi. The movie is much more emotional and in general it's a much better movie. I don't know why it is that Shahrukh Khan is being so criticized for not being a strong actor. It's really a must watch movie for him. I don't think he has to overact. He just has to put his heart into it. His acting is very good. The songs are also good. Overall I recommend this movie to everyone. 7/10

Tiffany Thomas photo
Tiffany Thomas

Anand bhai did a good job with this movie. This movie is a heart-warming story about a group of friends who take on a very difficult task of cleaning a river, after they have been banned from doing so. They have to clean a river that is being polluted by a chemical that is being dumped in the river. I think this movie is not to be missed. I don't know if it's true, but I heard that the original script was taken out and replaced by another one. I think this movie is a very good one. The story of this movie is very nice. The main characters of this movie are very good. I really liked the friendship between the main characters. The cast of this movie is good. Shahrukh khan is amazing. He did a good job with his role. The actor who played the role of the main villain, Amitabh Bachchan did a good job. The rest of the cast was good. This movie is not to be missed. 7/10

Larry photo

I went to see the movie with a very high expectation, but what i saw on the screen was a film with no action. I don't understand why this movie was rated so highly. First of all, the story was totally different from the previous one. It was an introduction of a new genre called "Cinematic India". This movie was a little bit slower in pace, but i was not disappointed. The acting was good. I was surprised to see Akshay Kumar in a role like this. The movie also had a lot of positive messages about India. In the end, I felt like i was watching a film from the 80s. It is definitely worth watching.

Megan photo

The movie, Rajneeti, is based on the story of the novel of the same name. The movie is a big hit with everyone. Its a romantic comedy, but in the end, its a tale about how a person can change the world. It is a movie that makes you laugh, cry and feel. The movie is really touching. I feel like this movie is the best movie of 2014. The music is really good. I feel like this movie is a must watch.

Benjamin Keller photo
Benjamin Keller

This movie is worth watching for the actors and the beautiful cinematography. The movie is a dream come true for fans of bollywood. It is a wonderful story that revolves around a group of ordinary people and their adventures. The characters are simple and likable and the director is not afraid to show some romantic scenes. The movie is really well directed and the action sequences are stunning. The movie is funny, exciting and a joy to watch. The movie is a love story that is told in the most colorful way. The movie is definitely a must watch for lovers of bollywood and romantic lovers. It is a dream come true for bollywood fans.

Christine photo

Even though I'm not a fan of Bollywood movies, I thought this movie would be good. After watching the movie, I am not surprised by the good reviews. The plot is very good and the movie is good to watch. I liked the fact that the movie is not just about girls and boys, it is about family and friends. I am not sure why people are bashing the movie. It is not a story that will make you cry, but it is a movie that you will enjoy. I think this movie is a good idea to tell people that you can have a good family and you can have a good friends.

Diane Garcia photo
Diane Garcia

I love this movie! It's a great movie. The story is great and the screenplay is also great. The movie also has great songs and also the background music is great. All the actors have done great in their roles. The movie is also a story of how people can be different and how people can change the world around them. I think this movie is a must watch for all movie lovers. I rate this movie 9/10

Carolyn Hunt photo
Carolyn Hunt

Till now. Story. Music. Beautiful scenes. Inspiring lyrics. A real milestone in the history of Indian cinema. Amazing performance by all the actors. Amitabh Bachchan made a comeback after some time. He proved once again that he is one of the best actor in India. But Boman Irani did a great job too. Although he looked a little skinny, he played the part beautifully. A must watch for all movie lovers. Very well acted by all actors and movie which made me fall in love with Indian Cinema.

Alice H. photo
Alice H.

I went to see the film yesterday. I was not expecting much but after watching the film, I would say it was pretty good. It has its moments of humour and the story is not all that bad but it lacks a little bit of a punch to it. There is a lot of characters, a lot of twists and turns and the story is a bit slow in some places. The acting is good and the direction is good. However, the film is not a masterpiece but it has its moments of brilliance. The film is about a man who goes to a remote village and starts a relationship with the village women. It is a funny film and the performances are good. However, the film is not for everybody and it does have its problems. There is a lot of cliches and the plot is a bit slow in some places. It is not a great film but it is not a bad one either. I would recommend it to watch if you are looking for a good laugh.

Patricia P. photo
Patricia P.

I'm going to start by saying that I didn't like this movie at all. But after seeing the preview, I thought, I've got to see it. I was so wrong. It's everything I ever wanted it to be. As soon as the movie starts, I was already feeling so inspired to go see it. The pacing is perfect. It's funny, yet more serious than most comedies. And it doesn't end too fast. That's what you'd expect from a comedy, but I also thought it was very entertaining, and highly unique. I thought it was great that the storyline wasn't just based on a common scenario, but it was very interesting. I loved how they used humor to show the emotions of the characters, and how it was very relevant to the plot. It's very diverse in terms of characters, and the one that stands out to me is the boy who was there in the beginning. I thought it was a great development in the story. Overall, this movie was so well-written, that I think it was very well-thought out. There's no doubt about it, this movie is going to become a classic in Indian Cinema, and I can't wait to see it again. It's just too good. 10/10

Jesse M. photo
Jesse M.

I have always loved Salman Khan and he is a perfect fit for this movie. In the movie you get to see the love story of a simple and a young boy, Sameer, who has to face the tough trials of growing up in the big city. Sameer is a shy, but very intelligent boy who is learning to overcome his shyness by the example of his older brother, and also learning the responsibility that comes with it. At the same time, he has to face the difficulties of his life, which include a series of trials. I really enjoyed the movie. The story line is very simple and easy to follow, and the characters are really good. Salman Khan plays the character very well. It is nice to see that he is a good actor who can do his own stunts and fight scenes. He did a good job in the movie. I have seen him in lots of other movies and he is always a good actor. Sameer was also very good in the movie. Sameer is a very sweet, quiet boy who learns to overcome his shyness by the example of his older brother. He also learns the responsibility of the brotherhood that comes with being a kid. A good movie to watch. I give it 7 out of 10.

Austin photo

The film is a good example of what a well made movie should be. The story is good and the performances are brilliant. But, if you ask me to sum up the story in one word, it would be "plothole". It has a good story, a good plot and a good plot, but it is all plotholes. The only thing that really is in the story is a huge plot hole. I would say that the plot is ok, but the characters are not. There is no real connection between the characters. In the movie, there are about 3 main characters who are all acting in a very confused way. The problem is that there is no connection between them. In the movie, there are several different plots and one of them is not that good. I would say that the good plot is the one that the director has made in the movie. The problem is that the plot of the movie is not good enough. It is a very good movie but it has some plotholes. I would say that this movie is good and will be a classic.

Richard photo

One of the best movie I have ever seen. I had lots of expectations but after i saw it, i was surprised.I was impressed with the way the movie was shot and acted by all the actors. I think it is the best movie I have ever watched. The scene where Kaajani can make the water turn blue, it was really impressive.It was great. The music is also good. I really loved the song. it was very good. The scenes in the movie were really great. I think all the songs were really good. The director has done a great job. I really like the way it was shot. I really think they have done a great job on the movie. All the actors did a great job. The songs were really good. The movie really entertained me. I am very impressed with this movie. I really recommend everybody to watch it. I hope that you all will enjoy it. I hope that you all will watch it.

Steven Warren photo
Steven Warren

.because that's what this movie is all about. It's a film-within-a-film. You know what I mean when I say this. It has an unspoken message that we can all agree on. The film is about the character of the main character, Saif Ali Khan, who, though it is not well-known, is the most recognizable Muslim actor in the world. The film's story is about the girl who's name is Esha (Liza De Bosco) who is so determined to make it in the film industry. She is the inspiration of the film and the reason the film is made. Saif Ali Khan plays Esha, and is brilliant in this film, and it's a very good role for him, because he brings a lot of emotion to his performance. He brings a sense of humor to his character. There is no doubt that he is a superb actor. Though his film is very powerful, the film doesn't have the usual Hollywood happy ending, and the ending is, in a way, very hopeful. What I love about the film is that the film tries to say that there is no religion that defines what's right and wrong. The film doesn't give an ending that makes you say, "That's the end." It's a very beautiful movie. This is a film that can be watched by everyone, regardless of religion, because it makes you feel a lot of emotion and a lot of things. You'll definitely have a great time watching it. If you're looking for a film that has a strong message, this is a movie that you should definitely watch. It's a perfect film to watch with your significant other, because you can't take your eyes off it. I give it a 10/10.

Walter photo

A great deal of effort went into the direction of this movie. I thought the director did a wonderful job of setting up the main character's personal journey. And of course, there were also the other characters, who were given ample opportunity to display their personality and actions. As far as the story goes, it was quite entertaining. And for a low budget film, it had some interesting twists and turns. However, the story was quite predictable, and the ending was a bit too dramatic. I would have liked to have seen a more serious ending, where the main character would have learned some real life lessons, rather than just having a happy ending. However, I'm sure it would have made a great movie to watch with friends. Overall, I would recommend this movie to any adult who enjoys a good drama/drama/thriller. And if you have kids, it would be a good movie to share with them, since they would understand the characters better than most adults. I definitely would recommend this movie to all the adult audiences who enjoy the kind of movies the director has made.

Judith Jones photo
Judith Jones

The first time I watched this film, I was shocked at the way the director had used the story to create a drama. The story is that of a man who goes to Mumbai for a job. However, he is treated like a dog by a group of people, and he ends up going to jail. A group of people who were in the same situation, which is the reason they are in the film, decide to do a daring job to save the man's life. The first half of the film was amazing. The second half of the film, however, the film goes off the rails and becomes a melodramatic, soap-opera like film. I don't think the director was trying to make a drama, but more of a comedy. The film was more of a drama then a comedy. The acting was good, but the characters were not developed enough to be likable. The only thing that I enjoyed about the film was the film-makers skill at making a melodrama. The second half of the film was also good, but the film-makers skill at making a melodrama is what ruined it. The film is worth watching for the first time, but don't expect much. If you want to watch the film, then wait for the 2nd day of the film, as the second half is not that good.

Jessica D. photo
Jessica D.

I must admit that this is a movie with a lot of heart but it does not let you forget that it is not the only movie with a lot of heart. It is the first movie that I watched with my daughter. We watched this movie last night and it is now also very good in my heart. It is very good and important movie and must watch for the whole family and for all. The dialogs are so beautiful and the story is wonderful. I loved the characters and the story. The movie is great and if you want to make a movie just watch it. This is not a movie for everyone. It is very good movie. But you should watch it, your heart will be happy and your mind will be full of love for everyone of all age.