Steam The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story

The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story

The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story is a movie starring Chris Canales, Taylor Kitsch, and Eddie Canales. When a young high school football took a hit that paralyzed him on the field, his life turned to despair and...

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When a young high school football took a hit that paralyzed him on the field, his life turned to despair and loneliness until a chance moment brought him from the depths of hell to the joys of being a hero to all.

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Susan May photo
Susan May

As a 9 year old, Chris Climb loved football and was a huge football fan. After seeing his hometown team's glory days come to an end, he was devastated by the loss. So when he found out that his old high school had purchased a stadium in his hometown, he immediately wanted to purchase a stadium for his school. It was a home run. It was something his old hometown fans had dreamed of for years. And it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. What started as a small project turned into a large one. The stadium has become a symbol of perseverance and hope for the future of South Jersey's football team. While the team has yet to be a champion, we can always look forward to a bright future. No matter how long the current streak may be, we can always look forward to a big victory. This film shows us what the fans of the football team go through when it comes to stadium planning and construction. Through the film, we can feel the passion that is still there and the struggles they face. The film has made me want to be a football coach and I hope that it has made many people see the spirit that exists in every one of us. I will always remember the game we played and what it meant to everyone.

Janice Lane photo
Janice Lane

The film shows the incredible story of the 1999 National Football League champion Green Bay Packers and their two legendary players, kicker Chris Kluwe and punter Tim Murphy. This film follows the two men through the highs and lows of the NFL Draft, and the challenges of being a player, and the amazing story of Chris Kluwe and Tim Murphy. This is an amazing story and a must see for any sports fan. This film will make you understand the power of football and the importance of the sport.

Tyler T. photo
Tyler T.

This movie was definitely worth the watch. It's very entertaining to watch. I have watched this twice and I really want to watch it a third time. This movie shows us a little bit about football and why we love it so much. The part that I thought was the best was the coaching. It showed us what coaches really do in the league and also what coaches really want in the league. If you're into football you'll definitely love this movie.

Mildred W. photo
Mildred W.

I don't get to see too much of Chris O'Donnell but he did a great job in this movie. He's the voice of Coach Fields and he was a great voice actor in the TV show Skins. If he could speak, he could be a super coach for sports. Well, he's not a football player, but he was a great narrator for this movie. I thought the sports in the movie were great. You see them in a very realistic way. When the word "sports" was used, I knew that I was watching something like the movie. It's great to see this type of movie because it's a good representation of what sports are really like. I recommend this movie to people that like sports and sports movies. It's a good movie. 8/10

Evelyn Grant photo
Evelyn Grant

In 1968, a group of high school football players, led by Robert Green (John Travolta), were a part of the 5-0 season. They were "Down in Rio", and the next year, the team was no where near as successful. But Green's teammates did become the first ever to win a state championship. The story of the five year drought is told in a series of interviews with the coaches, players and parents. The emphasis is on the school's frustration with the lack of success, and the athletes' lack of ambition. The film's non-football focus is what makes this documentary so special. Instead of watching sports, we see the stories of ordinary people with hopes for better. The people who showed up to play in these games weren't the stars, but the everyday, ordinary folk who wanted to win. That's the strength of this documentary. It's about what a normal person wants and needs in a football game. It's about what a normal person wants to happen, instead of what they do. It's about a person's belief in themselves and how they get the best out of their game. When a story doesn't happen like this, it's boring. The stories are about everyday people, who want to win. The actors are excellent. Travolta has a great voice, and he makes a character that is genuine, and he's very believable. I'm sure the audience will find themselves rooting for the "Hill Chris Climbed" to win. What a team!

Mark Evans photo
Mark Evans

i would have to agree with the other review from the members on here. although the actual story is not particularly original, but the way it was presented was very well done. i am sure there are others out there that also would enjoy this film as much as i did. it certainly did remind me of my time at the high school. i didn't know anything about the greats that were on the team that i was watching this film, but i would say that this was an outstanding film.

Marilyn G. photo
Marilyn G.

Based on a true story, Chris Meecham is a high school football player from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who just finished high school, and has decided that football will be his sport. While playing for the team, his team mates slowly start to get sick, due to the cold weather, and his heart begins to fail. It soon becomes apparent that Chris has a serious illness, and his football career is over. He struggles to return to football and even decides to retire, even though he has a daughter to support. The movie begins by showing how Chris was once a star quarterback and was picked by the Harrisburg Miners. After his playing career ended, he went back to college and had to find a job that would provide for his family. However, Chris found a job that pays him well, but is low paying, and working with a cheap field worker who is also ill. This was the main problem with the film, it doesn't show Chris having to struggle with the new low paying job. Instead, the film shows the process of Chris failing to find another job that will support his family. Eventually, he must find a job that provides him a decent wage, and a health plan. Eventually, the film shows the struggle of the low pay job, and how it makes Chris work overtime, in order to afford a health insurance plan. The film then goes on to show the full story of how Chris finds a new job, and how it helps him in his recovery. The film then shows how Chris gets his health insurance and pays the bills. It also shows how the job became so low paying that he was in danger of losing his house. Finally, it shows how Chris overcame the health insurance company's problems with health care, and finally the money to pay for his insurance. Overall, this film is very informative. It shows the process of Chris recovering, and how it helped him with his health. It also shows the difficulties he had in finding a job that would support his family, and how he eventually overcame these difficulties.

Andrea Walsh photo
Andrea Walsh

I don't think there was ever a more inspiring story than the story of Duke and Mountie that went together. All it takes is one of the best players in the world to be in their place. The ups and downs of a friendship that is the stuff of life. The film does a great job of painting a picture of what it takes to have a friend and how a true friend acts. The film does a great job at showing the ups and downs of a friendship as well. There are moments when Duke and his dad are close, there are moments when Duke and Chris are close, and there are moments when they are apart. I would like to think that Duke's story has something to teach us about friendship, but I'm sure that would take a whole lot of explaining. One of my favorite parts of the film is when Duke is telling Chris how his friend died. The story was excellent, and I think that the camera work was really good. The footage was really good in my opinion, and the audience was right there with Duke and Chris. The one thing that I found really good about the film is that it shows how good friends can be for one another. There were moments where Chris's friends were dying in front of him, and I really felt for Duke. Duke's dad died at the very beginning of the film and that really made me feel sad. I feel that Chris's dad would've been happy with Chris's dad getting better, but instead he was feeling sorry for Chris. That really made me think about the difference between friends and family, but I guess it's true for many of us.

Shirley P. photo
Shirley P.

This was a great movie. A great documentary on the great tragedy that was the 2011 Valley League Baseball All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium. And what a game, of course it was not the one that was supposed to be played, but it did make for a good time. The documentary follows the players from the National League to the California League and shows what it was like. It also shows the issues that came with the teams being two different leagues. But there was a lot of humor, which was great. One of the players was named Criswell, a nickname that people from his hometown in Pennsylvania got a kick out of. The "Rocky" vs. "Tyson" game was awesome, and that was my favorite part. I really liked this movie, and I highly recommend it.

Alan photo

Watched the Making of. But I found it nice to see the old times and some of the early football.I think that this film is good as I knew about it a long time ago. So for the past 2 years I have been reading the books. But this is the first time I have seen it. I loved the style of the movie. I liked the game but also liked the characters. The film made me feel a lot of emotion. Even my friends didn't know what was happening at the time. But it was good to see what has been the football in the past. The movie also made me sad at times. I liked the game too. I thought it was nice to see. I hope they make another movie soon.

Kyle Pearson photo
Kyle Pearson

I saw this film at the Tribeca Film Festival and found it to be much more than just a sports documentary. Instead it is a strong indictment of the way our society treats athletes. The film takes a look at the lives of the "Hill Chris Climbers" and how they came to be the most decorated professional football players in the world. The movie also talks about the struggles of these athletes, and how they feel about being in a sport that they love, but is not popular, even though they are good at it. We also hear from some of their families and friends about how they feel about their sons' success and how they wish they could get back to playing football. I am not going to give anything away about the film, but I will say that there are some powerful, emotional scenes that will make you think about how we are treating athletes. A great documentary.

Betty Reynolds photo
Betty Reynolds

This film is about a former football player who gave up football to work with children with special needs, and later became an outspoken advocate for the causes he believed in. I thought this was a great film for the family to watch together. I thought it was very informative and I thought the acting was excellent. It was very uplifting and inspiring. I thought it was an excellent film that had a message for everyone. I give this film an 8/10.

Samantha D. photo
Samantha D.

A fantastic movie! A great story and a great soundtrack! I had no idea what to expect but it was absolutely amazing! I hope more athletes will take notice of this amazing story and make this movie happen. This is a must watch for anyone who is interested in sports. I loved the fact that it was not just about football or basketball but it was about everything. There are so many stories that will keep you in tears. I can't wait to see it again and again!

Jonathan M. photo
Jonathan M.

The official HBO Sports Films production of the book The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story chronicles the rise and rise of the Stanford Cardinal football team. Following the exploits of a team on the rise that fights with the ungrateful media and coaches as well as players, the film covers the improbable run of the Stanford Cardinal football team that took them to the national championship in 1994. The film's focus on the team, despite the easy narrative path it took, is thrilling, often surprising and real. It is a fantastic follow up to a great book, one that transcends it's source material. I liked the documentary format of the film, giving the viewer the opportunity to be a part of a great football story.

Bryan photo

Before I watched this movie, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was an inspirational film about a kid who is named after a famous football player, but I didn't know much about it. What I found was a great movie that really showed the true life of what is most important in life, which is the people you love. It made me realize that if I wanted to help people, I have to make myself happy. I think that the main thing this movie teaches me is to never give up and to always have hope. This movie teaches us that with hard work, determination, and love, we can achieve anything we set our mind to. If you want to be happy, watch this movie. I give this movie an A+.

Crystal Hunter photo
Crystal Hunter

A documentary about the life and career of former New England Patriots' quarterback Joe Montana and his beloved, but difficult-to-manage, football team, the Montana and Nashine High School football team. The film is a combination of interviews and testimonials, but the main focus is on the football players themselves. The football players, or 'the gridiron heroes' are presented as the people who molded their sport into a national institution. The film offers several contrasting views of the players, from their hard-hitting football careers to their softer, more personal lives. Montana himself comes across as a thoughtful, thoughtful man, who, despite his high-profile career, had to endure many personal tragedies that affected his life and his health. He is shown as a man who is fair to all of his players, but has to deal with the hardships of being in the public eye. He is presented as a man who never made it to the big time, but in his heart, he is still a football player. The film is a must-see for football fans and sports documentaries fans alike.

Anna photo

This movie is a must see for anyone who has ever played a sports team. The film shows the highs and lows of the sport, and the incredible journey of a young man who plays for the teams that he loves. The film is both inspiring and entertaining. I am sure many of you will find this film as interesting as I did. I highly recommend this film to anyone.

Melissa Ramos photo
Melissa Ramos

I never really watch sports-related movies so I was curious about this one. It's a pretty solid movie that tries to capture the spirit of the college football game from the 1960's through today. As a writer, I was shocked to see that this story has not been told by anyone before. It was a true story and the students really did grow up with the game. The kids are very intelligent, and if you don't know who the players are or what they did in their high school years, I'm not sure you can relate to the movie at all. You can tell they were very proud of their colleges. If you don't know any of the players, this will be interesting to you. I was surprised at the athletes who didn't get recognized for their work in the film. There was a lot of humor in the film, and the humor was the same that I saw in the real story of the film. You can tell they really wanted to show the other side of the game. I think the real story is not as interesting to tell, but it is still a good story and I think it will be interesting to any adult that wants to learn more about the history of the game. I think it's a good movie to see. I don't think it is the best thing to see, but it is a good movie to watch.

Sandra Willis photo
Sandra Willis

I went to see this at the Chicago Film Festival last year. I have to say, it was a very interesting film. It is not a simple one-versus-many confrontation between football players and players of other sports. Nor is it one-versus-many rivalry between players of football, baseball, basketball, or hockey. Rather, it is a story of how sports help us see our differences and understanding, how sports remind us that we are not the same as others, how we cannot do the same as others. We must never forget our differences. We must always keep our differences and try to learn from them. The film is quite simply a must see for anyone who is interested in sports or social studies. For those who don't like football, this is not a film for them. But, for those who do like football, this film will give them hope for the future of our sport.

Lisa Burke photo
Lisa Burke

This is the best sports documentary I've ever seen. Chris is a true hero. The events in his life are incredible. It's such a shame that he was killed in a car accident. I know that he was able to overcome the obstacles he faced. His story is inspiring. This movie is an amazing reminder of the power of sports. The best part of this movie is the beginning and the end. They show the journey of Chris and his life. It's a great story. It's an incredible movie. It's definitely worth watching. It's a must-see. This is a great movie.

John photo

I really enjoyed this documentary, it was good, entertaining, and educational. It did a good job of presenting a historical look at how the NFL came to be, the coaches, players, and game-day events of the '70's. It was informative and entertaining. It should be watched. The director, director, and producer did a good job of presenting the history of the game of football in America, and the player's experiences. I do think that there are some important topics that are not covered adequately in this film. The fact that the players and coaches speak frankly about their feelings and motivations in the game of football is an interesting and interesting story. I think that the other subject that should be talked about more is the steroid scandal, which is the story that should have been covered more thoroughly. If you are interested in the game of football, this is a good film to watch.

Alan photo

This is a great documentary that shows the true story of the Gridiron Heroes. The athletes were not given the chance to be famous. They were told they would never be in the spotlight. But they fought hard and they were able to become the best athletes in the world. The film is great and is worth watching. It is a must see.

Kathleen Romero photo
Kathleen Romero

Chris Lambert (and other pro football players) is interviewed. I think this documentary shows us that the facts are often more interesting than the hype surrounding the story. This movie does a good job in that regard. The movie mainly focuses on the high school football season of 1962 and the growing popularity of football in the late 1960's. The story of one of the early "gridiron heroes" is told through his life and career. We see how football became such a popular sport in the late 1960's. The movie does a good job showing how the sport became popular, why it became popular, and the questions surrounding it. There is a lot of trivia on the subject, so you can get a lot of information on the history of the sport. The movie gives a good sense of the importance of the game and how important it was to the sport. We also get some great shots of the game itself, as well as the excitement of the game. I really liked this movie and recommend it to any football fans. However, I think it's a good idea to wait until you see the movie first. For the moment, I just found this movie interesting. * out of *

Emily photo

In the early 1970's, when the NFL was beginning to get serious about playing football at all, it was the National Football League (NFL) that was starting to gain momentum. These films are worth watching. There are a few baseball-based films I like that don't involve football, but this one is pretty good. This is a film about the rise of the NFL, the team owners who were turning their backs on the old-school, the players who made it all possible. They also got their names out there as some of the most colorful figures in American sports history. The film also includes interviews with players and coaches who are still active in the NFL. It's not one of the greatest documentaries ever, but it's a good movie to get into the sports world. It also includes interviews with people who have played football, coaches, and even some players who are now retired. It also includes a brief historical introduction to the players who were there back then. They also mention some of the teams that were brought in, like the Boston Patriots and the New York Giants. There are several other documentaries of that period that I've seen that are pretty good, but this is one of the best.

Gary W. photo
Gary W.

The documentary was definitely worth seeing, but could have used some more editing. The subject matter is a little bit too broad for a documentary. I would have preferred to see more of the coaches and less of the players. The coaches were interviewed a lot, but not the players. It was a little bit too much about football. I really wish they had focused on the players. The final part of the documentary was slightly confusing to me, because I had to look up the name of the coach. I would have been better off watching it again, and figuring it out. Overall, it's a very good documentary.

Ralph Payne photo
Ralph Payne

It was a lot of fun to watch this film and I'm glad I watched it. I would have loved to see the story come full circle. But, that wasn't possible. Instead, the film was told in a way that was very moving and inspiring. This was the first football film I've ever seen and I'm very glad I watched it.

Raymond Cunningham photo
Raymond Cunningham

I really enjoyed watching this film. I had heard about this film and was intrigued by the idea of watching a football documentary. I was very impressed with the acting of the actors and the film itself. The story of the documentary is very interesting and has a lot of depth to it. The film is very entertaining and keeps you interested. The documentary does not rely on a lot of gimmicks to keep the viewer entertained, which is always a good thing. The film does a great job of showing the love and passion that goes into a game of football. This film is very entertaining and shows the highs and lows of a football player. It is a very interesting and interesting film to watch. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the sport of football.

Barbara photo

After all the hoopla, I was somewhat surprised to see that this documentary had been made in the last two years, so I watched it and was very impressed. The topic is a fascinating one and the film follows the journey of Chris Mannix, a former football star who is now an advocate for the disabled and a self-confessed "Big Time Foul" who is also an expert in the field of disability sports. Mannix is a former football player with the Boston Celtics who in the 1990s was diagnosed with ALS. He has since become a controversial figure for his views on disability, and has been the subject of a number of documentaries and books. Mannix is also the subject of a New York Times article about his life and the sports that inspired him. The film follows his journey, from his childhood to his days as a professional football player. It is a very well done and well edited documentary that stays focused on the player himself, and the stories and experiences he is able to share with the world. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in sports or disability in general. 9/10

Lori Hunt photo
Lori Hunt

The documentary film about the West Virginia University football team that was buried at sea in the 1930s by a sea-sick captain who had a stroke. There was an attempted rescue by a ship with a big crew on board. The film is narrated by his wife and son who were there. They were interviewed by the director and the guys who were at sea. I really liked this documentary and I was really interested in seeing the guys who were there, they were really nice guys and very good sport. The film was shot by someone who really knew what he was doing and it was very professional. They really did a good job of bringing the guys who were at sea and all of the equipment and crew. I thought the film was good and I think it was worth watching. They didn't make it sound as if they were fishing for stars. I hope to see more of this documentary. I don't know if there will be a sequel. I really liked this documentary.

Matthew photo

This is an excellent, well-made, and accurate look at the football-playing life of the legendary coach from the late 1950's to the mid-1960's. The movie does an excellent job of capturing the power and brilliance of Coach Jimmy Johnson. There are some details that I was not sure about, but as a whole this film was very well done. I liked the fact that they didn't focus on his later years, and focused instead on the fact that he was a true leader, a true leader who had to be. It was good to see how he dealt with the pressures of coaching, and the effects that his poor health had on his life. I really liked the fact that he was able to get the best out of his players. The thing I liked the most about the movie was the fact that they were able to show how the players really felt about Coach Johnson, and how he made them feel about themselves. The players were very loyal to Coach Johnson, and as a result, it was very believable that they would always support him. Overall, I recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about Coach Johnson, and how he was able to change the lives of so many. I would recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in sports, or sports coaches, or anyone who is interested in the life of Coach Johnson. It was very good.

Catherine photo

I saw the "Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story" a while ago on HBO. I have to admit that I hadn't heard much about the movie and that I did not know much about the story or the football legends involved. I was very interested in this movie and I have to say that it was an interesting one. I don't want to give too much away but it was a little bit of history that I would have liked to have known about. The movie was very interesting and well done. I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I did. This is one of those movies that I would watch again and again.

Brian Cook photo
Brian Cook

This film tells the story of the four members of the legendary "Hill" that was nicknamed "The Gridiron Heroes" in college. I believe this is a must see for college football fans. It's a must see for the ones who follow the game. The film is narrated by Robert Greenblatt who was the general manager of the "Hill". It is filled with interesting facts and interviews with the players, coaches and people that were involved. If you are a fan of the game then you'll love this movie.

Betty Elliott photo
Betty Elliott

This film is about the life of one of the greatest football players ever, Charles Haley, who overcame the odds to reach the pinnacle of American football. Charles Haley is now an inspirational figure in the lives of millions of Americans. This film tells the story of Charles Haley's incredible journey to the top of the football world. It is a story of perseverance, overcoming obstacles and of how Charles Haley's team overcame adversity and overcame the odds to achieve greatness. The film is a true story and tells the story of Charles Haley's life, as well as the story of the other great football players of the time. Charles Haley was a true inspiration to everyone who was around him. This film is one of the greatest sports films ever made. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in sports, sports films, or the inspirational stories of Charles Haley.

George Chen photo
George Chen

I just finished watching the film, and I felt that it was a great tribute to the athletic ability of the players who were involved in the film. I think that this film should be shown in schools and should be used as an educational tool for kids. This film is definitely educational and will definitely help those who are interested in sports to understand how these athletes did in order to be successful. The film also shows the different types of people that go into the sport of football, and how they handle it. I think that this film is a great educational tool, and I would recommend that everyone watch this film.

Jane Adams photo
Jane Adams

I found this movie through my local library. It looked interesting so I picked it up and watched it. I have been a fan of football since I was a young boy. In high school, I started to play for a team that won the National championship. In college, I went to an all-football school that went undefeated for 10 years. In my college years, I was a top-ranked running back and a high school All-American, and went on to play at the University of Alabama. I was fortunate enough to be drafted by the Redskins, but the NFL left me because they had their own team. I never saw the Redskins play and was glad to see the Redskins and some of the other teams play the Redskins. I was so happy when the Redskins played the Raiders. It was great to see the Redskins play another team that was not related to the Redskins. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did. If you enjoyed watching the movie, please give it a chance.

Brandon L. photo
Brandon L.

Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story (2016) 8.5/10 By David Walters. The film explores the life of Chris Crider, the man who was the first quarterback to start at an Ivy League university, the first to win a national championship and the first quarterback to reach 1,000 passing yards and a Heisman Trophy. With the emergence of other quarterbacks in the 1950's, Crider's legend continued to grow and lead to his career at Notre Dame being the greatest in college football history. It was an amazing accomplishment and the film does a great job of chronicling the story of Crider, the journey that he took to achieve his goals, and the emergence of a legend. The film follows Crider from the beginning of his playing career to his eventual retirement from the game of football. It covers the highs and lows of Crider's life as a football player and coach, and the mistakes that he made along the way. It also explores the numerous people that Crider met along the way, and how they influenced his life. It also explores how his ideas of football and winning affected the lives of many people, especially his childhood and family. This is a story that was incredibly inspirational for me, and I'm sure it's also inspiring for many others. The film is not without flaws, of course. The documentary is quite dry and it isn't very engaging. It's quite obvious that they tried to cover every single aspect of Crider's life and career, but it is a bit hard to follow. They also do a terrible job of showing how he became a legend and his journey to becoming the greatest player of all time. But it's still an inspiring film that I highly recommend.

Barbara B. photo
Barbara B.

I've seen the documentary several times, and the story itself is just incredible. The film itself is more of a summary of the story, but the documentary really captures the essence of the game. The sportsman in the story is not just a great athlete, but a great person, and the film is about his relationship with his family, with his family and his teammates, and how he used his athleticism to help the team. This is a great film, and the film is a great sports documentary.

Rachel Butler photo
Rachel Butler

When I first heard of this movie I was interested in seeing it. When I heard that Chris was a part of the team I was excited. This movie is a great reminder of the greatness of football and how it can change lives. The story of Chris was very heartwarming and emotional. I don't want to give too much away but I would like to say that the best part of the movie is how he is able to change the lives of others through football. The movie is great because it is so true to life and how football can change lives. I would recommend this movie to anyone and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the game. I am not a big football fan but this movie is definitely something I would like to see again and again. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves football and how football can change lives.

Daniel photo

This is one of those sports documentaries that is so insightful and funny, you forget the sports itself. It is the story of three of the most famous football players in the world, living and training in the deep south of Florida. One of the best features is how these three men, and their entire training and life style, are so similar to each other. They share many similarities and it makes for an interesting look at what football is about. One can tell how much these men's lives are similar. They are all friends, they all love the game, they all have so much love and respect for each other. These are the guys you can really talk to. One of the best things about this documentary is that the actors are all so well known and have such an awesome career and that they still go on to play in many sports. One thing that I loved about this film is that the actors really do have a great background in football. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen on the subject and I highly recommend it.

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Brittany Shaw

To begin, I am a long time fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the football teams of the 1970's, 80's and 90's. I've been interested in the NFL for many years and have been a fan of the players and coaches of the NFL for many years. I have always been an ardent supporter of the NFL and always have been. But I never expected the level of pride I would experience watching the birth of the Pittsburgh Steelers. After watching this documentary, I am now a believer. Although I still have a lot of reservations about the existence of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I am now more excited than ever to watch the team in the Super Bowl, something that I have been yearning for my entire life. The NFL was founded as a way to support the players and not the owners, but I do believe that the NFL has moved in the right direction. I believe that the best thing the NFL could have done in the early 1990's is to sponsor a second team and bring back the glory and the glory of the 1970's to the 2000's. While it is no secret that the NFL is not the "Greatest Show on Earth," I believe that it could be the greatest show on Earth. The NFL is not just about the NFL and sports. It is about the fans, the teams, the fans, and the NFL. I believe that the NFL needs to be embraced by the fans, not just by the owners and the teams. I believe that the fans want to see a team that is successful, and I believe that the fans will support the team if they are supported by the owners. This documentary does a great job of explaining the history of the Steelers and the NFL. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the NFL, and I believe that it will help bring a positive image to the NFL. I am sure that most of the fans of the NFL will love this documentary and will be thrilled to see a second team in the NFL. I am very excited to see the Steelers in the Super Bowl, and I am also very excited to see the team on the field in Super Bowl XXVI.

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Jerry B.

I just finished watching the film and I am still in shock. I have been a big fan of the film for many years and now that it is over I am still in awe. I am a baseball fan and it is amazing that the film did not use any clips of any games. I had no idea that there were so many teams represented and how they played. The film is an incredible insight into the life of one of the greatest sports ever. It is a must see for all baseball fans and anyone who loves sports.

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Gregory S.

This documentary was the most informative and entertaining I have ever seen. I hope to see this documentary again and would recommend it to anyone. The football players are wonderful and the coaches and family are just as amazing. This documentary is definitely a must see.

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Crystal M.

Having witnessed Chris climb the "Hill" (as it's referred to in the film) I know how they were treated. Some of the scenes were painful. But what stood out the most to me was the hardships that Chris and other athletes endured to become the best, "one-on-one" men that they were. We are treated to a glimpse into the lives of the people who have been the inspiration behind many great sports stories. Even with a wide range of sporting talent, many never made it to the top. Many still remain overlooked. We see a glimpse into the lives of the people who were part of the pre-Nike days. It is a must see.

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Craig K.

I saw this movie the other day and was very impressed. I liked the fact that it didn't hold back in telling the story of the interracial football team from the beginning until the end. Also the fact that it showed the team's struggles that they went through. I liked the fact that there were no groups of people that showed the history of the teams. I think that that made the movie better. I found it to be very well done. The reason I am giving this movie an 8 is because I believe that there were some things in the movie that could have been better explained, but other than that this movie is excellent.

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Janet Ramirez

This is a great film that shows how one man's dedication to helping others is the same as the greatest athletes of all time. It also shows the dedication to a dream that is unattainable, and the sacrifices that the athletes must make to achieve it. It also shows how they had to overcome a lot of obstacles, including drug problems, financial difficulties, and even their own personal tragedies. The film was produced by a small group of friends that started out as high school football players and grew to be successful athletes and businessmen. This film is great because it is all about the sports aspect. It is not about the actual stories of the athletes. The athletes are just a part of the story, and they do not play a big role in the story. I also think that this is a great film because it is very entertaining. It is an entertaining film that is very well made, and it is also very informative. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in sports. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

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Stephanie Taylor

After watching the movie, I was shocked to see that the writer and director, Chris Climbing, has a very interesting and intelligent background. He studied the history of football in America and the history of the Gridiron team in the NFL. The movie is a great education for anyone who is interested in the history of the sport. It is also a great introduction for those who have never watched football. This is a must see for anyone who is a football fan. It is a must see for anyone who loves sports.

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Nicholas M.

I didn't really know much about Chris when I first started watching this, but when I did, it turned out to be a pretty interesting story. I think it was the first time I had ever seen a true story in a movie, as the whole game being played was only used as a bit of background for this film. I didn't really know much about the women involved, except that both of them were pretty good football players. As a football fan, I was not too familiar with the competition. I know they had to be pretty talented, but I wasn't really sure what it was they were competing for. This film covered the entire span of the women's career. I was so impressed with the interview footage of the actual players, the process of building relationships with their coaches, and the interviews of the coaches themselves. These guys are all extremely well known to me. One thing that really blew me away was that the women all seemed to have taken it on themselves to stay on the field for as long as they could, and to compete as long as they possibly could. I didn't expect this film to be as inspirational as it was, and it was. I definitely recommend this movie. The athletes that I saw in this film are also amazing. I definitely recommend this film.

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Deborah Fuller

An easy to watch documentary about the classic film "Hilly Grrls" starring the voice of Rob Schneider. This movie was made about the early life of Ron Tobe, the legendary football player from San Diego, who was drafted in the 1970's and became a star at UCLA. There is also a section of the film that gives a brief history of Ron's life and how he became the star of the movie. The movie covers his rise through the NFL ranks and his eventual retirement. The film also has a section about his daughter Rachel, who was a big star in college. You also learn some details about his wife, and how he was a very private person. Ron was a fighter and did everything he could to keep his family together and his dreams alive. It's a really good documentary that covers a great era in film history.

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This is a very informative and entertaining documentary about the life of the legendary football coach that started it all. I was only 10 years old when this happened and I still remember many of the team's names and their coach. If you are interested in football and the history of the game, this is the perfect documentary for you.

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Robert K.

The story of the nine athletes who were awarded the gold medal at the 1968 Mexico Olympics is a well known story. The film focuses on the childhood of one of the athletes, James Naismith, Jr. It is the story of the young man who wanted to be an athlete and grew up to be a basketball star. The film does a good job of showing the dedication and hard work that went into becoming a great basketball player. The film also shows the friendship that the athletes had with one another and the great amount of work that went into becoming a great team. The film is very informative and has great performances from all of the actors. This is a great film that everyone should see. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Nicholas Peterson

A very important part of the history of soccer is now being told in a very compelling manner. A lot of players have come and gone, but there have always been a few that have been there long enough to be remembered, and they are in this documentary. Ralf Fehrs was a pro soccer player for the Cologne Kerk, in the 1970's he was a member of the national team. He worked as a security guard and had a habit of stealing from his employer. His wife Ruth had to go to court to get the credit card he had stolen from his employer. But at the end of the day, he and his wife are very happy. He was a legend in the game of soccer. The one that I most remembered is Niki Pelet, he was the most famous German player of the 70's. He was a star of both men's and women's soccer teams in the country. They played a friendly against England, and in the end the Germans won 3-1. Niki Pelet had a heart attack during the game. He lived to be in his 80's. At the end of the documentary Ralf Fehrs gives the fans a story of how they can reach out to a man with a heart attack and help him to live his life. I found it very moving, it has everything that soccer fans should know. Fans should also know the stories of the people who made the sport what it is. I highly recommend it to soccer fans, but it's also a documentary of the life of an important figure. It's a great movie.

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Catherine A.

The Hill Chris Climbed is a great film that celebrates the birth of legendary head coach Steve Tisch. The film is narrated by Frank Hill (Eddie Murphy), and features interviews with both Tisch and his players, as well as some footage from Tisch's time as a coach and from some of the other men who have coached him. The Hill Chris Climbed will appeal to Tisch fans who can recall the heart-pounding intensity of the gridiron. Those who were young during the mid to late '70's and early '80's will be pleased to hear the tale of how the Tisch family did things differently than what was considered normal in the NFL. The film covers the early days of Tisch, as he worked at a local radio station and got coaching offers from college teams. The stories of the players who would go on to become superstars are extremely well-crafted, but there are several moments where the film cuts to a more personal aspect. The film begins with Tisch giving a motivational speech to the team and follows the story of Tisch's rise to the top. As the film progresses, the story gets more and more personal, and in the end the film is a great celebration of the life and career of Steve Tisch. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the history of the sport of football, or if you have a history degree. This film will not disappoint.

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Brandon Mason

This is the story of the first of the Gridiron Teams to have a major league baseball team. When the team is picked up by the Cincinnati Reds, the players and the town of Pittsburgh, were all very supportive of the team and the team was very successful. This was very hard to watch because it was a very long documentary. I had to remind myself that it was a 100 minute film. Some of the highlights of the film were when the team became famous and everyone wanted to be on the team. The players all have different personalities and each had a different career that they followed. The team was very successful in the 1950s and 1960s. The first manager, Lou Gehrig, was very successful as the manager of the team until the team was taken over by the Cincinnati Reds. I think it is a good story about a baseball team and the sport itself. The film was very informative, it had a good amount of baseball footage, the film was not boring at any time, and the players were all very nice and likable. I think it is a good movie about a sport that is very important to people, and it is a good story. There are some bad parts, and the film is slow, but the movie is really good and I think that this is a must see.

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Keith B.

The film "The Hill Chris Climbed" is the documentary that one should view in order to understand what makes the man Chris Scott tick. The documentary will most likely appeal to those who have not yet heard of Chris Scott and his achievements in the NFL. Although his story has been told time and again in various sports documentaries, I felt it was a bit unusual for the man to be interviewed by someone who knows him and the things he has accomplished in his football career. Scott talks about what made him play football, how he got into the NFL, and what he wants to do with his life. Although the man didn't need to do this documentary, I believe that there is a lot that can be learned from it, and if you know a bit about what it takes to play football and to achieve a dream that is not even possible, it can make you a better person. I felt that the interviews were very informative and informative, I think that the film does a very good job in conveying the importance of his football career. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn about the man and what he has done to reach his dream.

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Betty Stanley

As a die hard Yankees fan, and having witnessed some of the greatest football moments of my life, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The film was enlightening to me as I was able to see a side of New York I hadn't seen before. I also enjoyed the film as it reflected on the past and current struggles of the sport in New York City, especially when viewed from the current perspective of how the football season is currently a struggle, the Superbowl is just a few months away, and how the city is currently being despoiled of the amount of quality prime time football in the city. I thought the film was very informative as it detailed some of the facts regarding the culture, history, and how it is currently being utilized by many in the football industry. In the film, the film highlights the battles, rumors, and rumors that have plagued the city of New York ever since it was founded. It also reflects on the current struggles of the current city of New York, and how it is currently being effected by the suffering of the city and its football players. Overall, I really enjoyed the film. The story was interesting, informative, and had a very well written script. The actors, especially the director, did a wonderful job with the scenes they were in, and kept me invested in the film. I would recommend this film to anyone, and would be surprised if this film wasn't a top five, if not top five of the year.

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I really enjoyed watching this, I am a fan of film, the film is great. The Film is entertaining and is accurate. The Film tells the story of the film making it interesting and realistic. The Film is so entertaining. The Film makes you feel that you are a part of the film making you feel like a part of the team. The Film was an enjoyable experience. I was pleasantly surprised by the Film. I liked the Film. I gave the Film an 8 out of 10

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Jacob H.

What makes this documentary so interesting is that it is based on a true story, the true story of Chris' fight with cancer, his family, and his friends. The documentary is very well done, but for me, it was the real life of Chris that made it so interesting. The emotions that he went through during the filming are very hard to watch. The amount of emotion he had during the filming was so overwhelming. The documentary had an interesting mix of interviews with his friends, family, and doctors, and the documentary is very informative. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn more about Chris Climbed.

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Harry G.

When I saw the trailer for the Chris Woods/Riggs Sports Hall of Fame documentary I knew it would be a great film. The fact that it is based on real life events and is about the sport of baseball and its effects on the lives of its participants makes it all the more special. It is well-made, well-acted, well-filmed and well-written. The story is told in three parts, which make sense for the length of the film. We follow the journey of Chris Woods, a professional baseball player who lives with his wife Lisa and his three children. It begins in 1984 with the first day of spring training, when Woods and his wife Lisa are leaving their home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a writer who has been divorced for a number of years and is currently working in Washington, D.C. to support her children. Then in 1996 the Woods family moves to Washington, D.C. for college, when they go to college Chris becomes a big-league baseball player. There is a little bit of time between when they first arrive and when they move back to Virginia Beach. So the film is split between the first couple of years and the rest of the first couple of years of college. We see the two of them playing baseball, going to school, going to their jobs and having a family. As they make their way through college they are driven by the needs of their families and the sense that they are part of something great, something bigger than themselves. Then as the Woods family prepares for college, we see them in the major leagues, playing on the biggest stages, being on the court, playing for their teams and living the lives that most of us have only imagined. As they make their way through college and into the majors they are faced with the psychological and physical effects of playing in the major leagues. As they do so they are able to cope with these changes. Through baseball, they come to terms with the impact that the sport has had on them and come to terms with the loss of their wives and kids. In the film we get to see how they handle this loss. We get to see how their careers, both professionally and personally, take on a different aspect. We see how they deal with this loss and what they choose to do with it. We see how they are able to maintain the lives that they have built over the years and how they make the most of their professional lives. We see how they deal with the loss of their friends and family members. And we see how they manage the emotions and feelings that they have during this time. In the end we see them all have a lot of fun and doing the things that they did before baseball, like going to the movies, doing their weekly job, playing the piano and having a great time. Overall the film was very well done. It was well-made and well-acted. It showed the lives of professional athletes and the psychological effects they experience on a daily basis. It was well-written and well-directed. It told a good story and I was very impressed with the film. I highly recommend this film.

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Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story is a documentary about the 1993 football season in which three football players from the University of Washington, including the great wrestler Chris Kostos, who played football for the Huskies and is a great favorite to win the Heisman Trophy, were brutally beaten by three football players from a rival school. This film is based on a true story, and I was fortunate enough to see the movie at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. It's a great film and is very inspiring, but it also raises awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault, which is something that I think most people know about, but not many know about. I thought it was very well done, and I hope you will too.

Juan Beck photo
Juan Beck

The Gridiron Heroes has been told a few times in the past. It was a story of the 1966 Detroit Red Wings vs. the 1969 Chicago Blackhawks. The movie was not what I expected it to be, it was more of a chronicle of one season. A few years later we got the Rollerblading Hall of Fame and I think it was that year we saw the 1988 Chicago Black Hawks. One thing I noticed was how close the players were, I thought it was a bit unrealistic that the Red Wings would be so close, it is just so far from the normal home grounds for the Red Wings. A few of the players were retired and then they took their place on the roster. The 1989 season was one of the best I have seen in any NHL team, but this is not a hockey movie, it is a story of life at the game, and of the locker room and being a member of the team. The filming was done in and around the area where the Red Wings used to play and I think it did capture the environment of the old Red Wings Stadium.

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Janice H.

Well, I'm glad to see that Michael has finally released his life story. I've had a hunch that he had a tough childhood but had to overcome many obstacles to be who he is today. I was not disappointed. I know that there were more children in the class that he played with than I thought, and that the relationship he shared with his dad was really close. However, I felt that the story of his childhood was largely omitted. That's why I decided to write this review. I have seen many of Michael's other works and I was very impressed with the way the director and writer captured the experience of being an athlete in a tough, tough world, where some kids never get an opportunity to play football, and have to take what they can get. To those who know Michael, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say that there were many moments that he has to overcome and makes you think about. This movie is definitely for any NFL fan and anyone interested in the sport of football. I really hope that there is a sequel to this. Michael has a lot to be proud of, and hopefully a sequel will be made.

Austin H. photo
Austin H.

The reason I watched this film was because I had a great interest in the history of the sport of football. The film was well-made, well-filmed, and well-edited. The story was well-told, and I was interested in the sport. I liked the style and the delivery of the film, as well as the use of the documentary format. I thought the film was well-made, and I found it to be interesting and well-told.

George R. photo
George R.

I'm sure many people who have seen this movie will say "Wow, what a great story". It's a very good story. It's a story about a small town in Texas, and the story of the football players that are so important to the town. This movie is about a family that is torn apart by the death of their son, and a family that will do anything to protect their loved one. It's a very powerful movie, and I hope you will see it. It's very uplifting, and very inspirational. I'm sure that you will be moved by it.

Amy A. photo
Amy A.

The movie was a great story about the NFL and the success of the gridiron. The movie was very interesting and gives the viewer a good view of the game and what the players go through on the field. The movie also shows what it takes to be a pro athlete and what they go through in order to become a professional athlete. It is very interesting to see how the players deal with their injuries and how they deal with the fans. This is a must see movie for any sports fan.

Edward W. photo
Edward W.

The movie was a very good introduction to the field of football and it showed the guys on the field as they are. It also showed how they look up to the football players and how they all work together and make a team. The movie was very well made and the football players were very well portrayed. I was very impressed with the fact that the movie was not just about football and it also showed the families that they all had and the amount of support that they have from the fans. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the sport of football.

Cheryl Welch photo
Cheryl Welch

A lot of people may not understand the significance of this film, and it's probably the reason why so many people don't like it. But it's important to understand the reasons why it's so amazing. It's a story about a young football player named Chris, who was just a kid when he decided to take up football. After his team was eliminated in the state championship, he became a star in his high school, and became the star quarterback of the team. The team was the very first to be sponsored by the team, and he had a scholarship offer from the University of Michigan. He was already a star in the school, and he had the best year of his life. But, things were about to change. He was about to make a decision that would change his life forever. The film is a compilation of the interviews with the players, coaches, and other people involved in the story. They talk about how Chris was a star, how he was a great student, and how he became the star quarterback of the team. He was also able to become a role model for young people, and made a difference in the lives of many. He was a very bright and very caring person, and his story is a lesson that we can learn from. I think this film is a great way to learn about how people can make a difference in their lives, and how they can change the world. The interviews are all very interesting, and the film is very well made. I think it's a very important film, and I highly recommend it.

Roger Rodriguez photo
Roger Rodriguez

Chris' story is one of the most inspirational sports stories in the history of American sports. He overcame the odds and came back to help his school win the state championship in his senior year. The story is told through a combination of interviews and archival footage. It's a great film about the human spirit and overcoming the odds. The film is a must see for all sports fans. It is a must see for all sports fans.

Larry Snyder photo
Larry Snyder

The Hill Chris Climbed is a documentary about the legendary football coach of the Washington Redskins, Chris Weitz. The film follows Weitz from his coaching days to his retirement days and his life as a very active sportsman and philanthropist. It's a very interesting film that does a great job at telling the story of a legendary coach. I personally enjoyed it more than I expected. I thought it was very interesting and I found it to be very informative and entertaining. It was also quite entertaining, which is rare for a sports documentary. The film is worth a watch, but I would suggest you wait for it to come out on DVD. If you are a sports fan and you are interested in the Redskins, you should definitely check out the film. It is definitely worth a look.

Robert R. photo
Robert R.

After watching the "Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story" documentary, I was really surprised to find out that this movie was actually pretty accurate. This is a movie that I think all of us can relate to and relate to in some way. The movie is about the life of Chris Staley, a former football star and the football team at a high school in Los Angeles. Chris was always a really nice guy, but at the end of the day, he had to do what was right for himself. Chris was a good guy, and the people in his life had to do what was right for him. He was the best person in the world to be around, and he really did care about everyone he met. It was really sad to see what he went through, and he really took the time to write a letter to his son. It was really sad to see what happened to him and what his family went through. The movie was really good, and I really enjoyed it. I really hope that everyone will watch it and see that it really is a really good movie about Chris Staley.

Madison C. photo
Madison C.

The author of the book told me that when the film came out it was full of hype. He was afraid it was going to suck. He was right. This is a great movie for anyone who wants to know what it's like to be a football player. The film does an excellent job showing the highs and lows of a life in the NFL. Some may think that there are not many people like that. Well, this film makes that point. They show the highs and lows of it all. I loved the way the book was written, the interviews, the football footage. This is a great film and should be seen by everyone.

Roy Cruz photo
Roy Cruz

One of the best sports documentaries of the year, this shows how Chris was a major reason why football became such a popular sport. This is just a beautiful story. After Chris got injured, football became a huge part of his life, and became a way to show him that he wasn't just a football fan. He was a big part of the community, and helped those who needed it most. He was a person who helped people with the hopes that they would be helped, and the worst thing about the story is that Chris's death was so sudden. The video of the memorial service is amazing, and that makes you cry every time you see it. This is a must see, I'm telling everyone to watch it.

Patricia H. photo
Patricia H.

I'm a huge fan of the NFL. I even watch the games and I've always loved watching Chris Canty. I had the privilege of seeing the premiere of the film on the set of "The Hill" at the Hollywood Bowl. I couldn't wait to see the film and it was fantastic. It's a documentary about the NFL and the athletes that have come from it. It was truly an honor to be a part of this film and I hope it inspires a lot of people to want to get out and play the game. I hope this film inspires people to get out and play the game and get involved with the NFL. This film is truly a must see. I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves the NFL. I would say it is a must see. It's definitely one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Jordan photo

It's the truth about the most famous football team of all time, the Green Bay Packers. This documentary follows the life of the team from the inception of the team through the famous championship season in the 70's. The documentary includes interviews with many of the players, coaches, and team owners. The film also includes clips of the famous game footage, which was filmed during the game itself. This documentary is a must see for football fans, and fans of the Green Bay Packers.

James photo

This is a movie that should be shown to every school and not just sports fans. The story of the Hill Chris Climbed was told to me in a way that is both painful and uplifting. It showed how Chris' life was affected by this event and how his life changed forever. It was as if it was a documentary. This is a must see for every sports fan and should be shown in every high school. The story is not just about Chris, but about all of the families affected by this tragedy. This should be shown to every high school in the country.

Lauren T. photo
Lauren T.

This documentary shows the true story of the true story of the greatest football player ever. This movie is a must see. It is a true story that everyone should see. The documentary shows all of the great moments in the life of Chris Weathers and his family. It shows the game that Chris played, and the many other great moments that he had with the team. It also shows how he got the nickname "Hill" for his incredible strength and power. He had a great career and a great story. A great movie.