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The Price of Everything

The Price of Everything is a movie starring Jeff Koons, Paul Schimmel, and Larry Poons. With unprecedented access to pivotal artists and the white-hot market surrounding them, this film dives deep into the contemporary art world,...

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1 hours 38 minutes
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Nathaniel Kahn
Paul Schimmel, Larry Poons, Stefan Edlis, Jeff Koons
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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With unprecedented access to pivotal artists and the white-hot market surrounding them, this film dives deep into the contemporary art world, holding a fun-house mirror up to our values and our times -- where everything can be bought and sold.

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Frank L. photo
Frank L.

The Price of Everything is a documentary about the complex life of a single mother, Kayla G. Smith, who struggles to support her three children and her husband after they are killed in a car accident. The story is told by Kayla's daughters, now in their 20's, with her oldest daughter explaining the entire story and Kayla in her 50's trying to make ends meet. It is a powerful story of an ordinary woman and a strong woman. This film does not make the case that Kayla was an angel, but it makes the case that she was a woman who put her family first, and that it is a difficult thing to do. We see that she was a single mother who did not get any support from her husband, and that she did not take care of herself. There are times where she is sick, but she does not stop trying to feed her family. This is a very good documentary that shows that a single mother, a mother who puts her family first, who works all day and has to pay the bills. She made it, and she made it hard for her family. I would recommend this film to anyone, and to anyone who is looking for a good, compelling, and powerful documentary.

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

This movie is a great example of how to make a movie about a subject, but also a great example of how to make a movie that makes you laugh, cry, and think. From the very beginning of the movie you will be asking questions, as the other viewer, what is happening, what are the characters, etc. The camera work, story line, and editing are great. I think the story line is great because it covers all the different areas of the culture. You can see the difference in cultures, and there is so much to talk about. The movie was filmed very well, and there was very little shaky camera work. The actors did a great job, especially Robin Williams. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good movie, and is into African-American culture.

Ryan F. photo
Ryan F.

A very interesting film about the economic crisis. There are many fascinating moments as the economic impact of this crisis is slowly explored. One of the most interesting parts of the film is the way in which it is filmed. I believe that the whole purpose of the film was to show the economic impact of the crisis on the economy, and this is what the film does. It was a very interesting film that I recommend to all people interested in the economic crisis.

Mark Ramirez photo
Mark Ramirez

Price of Everything is a documentary on the history of business and its effects on the average person, particularly the people who have the most power and have the most to lose. These individuals tend to make decisions based on self interest and will often do whatever they want to do in order to achieve that goal. This documentary covers the past 20 years of American business, the history of the credit card and the impact it had on the average person. The idea of the documentary is that by watching it you will be able to see the way in which business decisions are made, and you will also gain insight into the life of some of the biggest names in business today. You will see that money doesn't really exist, people do not really have money, but they are in control of their destiny. In the documentary we see how these decisions can lead to huge problems and they also cover some of the biggest people in business today, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett. You will see that money is more than a number on a credit card, and that this decision can have a huge impact on you personally and on the people you know. Overall, the documentary is a good one and you will definitely enjoy it.

Brian Robinson photo
Brian Robinson

I don't really have much to say about this film except that I loved it. It's extremely well made, it's entertaining, it has a great message, and the acting is fantastic. This film's message is pretty clear to me and so it's really not surprising that I love this film. The cinematography is great, the acting is great, and the story is amazing. There are really only a few things that I would like to say about the film but they are minor. It is a really great film and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something that will make them feel good and it will keep them entertained. I hope you all give this film a chance and you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Ruth photo

I have always loved this film. I think it is one of the best films ever made. It is a must see film for all those who love history. The acting is very well done. The story is very important to me. I love how the movie shows the dark side of the American economy. It shows that the American economy was a very good one for the people who owned the land. The movie is very powerful and very sad at the same time. I have watched it more than 20 times and I still remember the scenes and the thoughts that I had when I was watching it. It is a very powerful film and I recommend it to all of you who love history.

Kevin photo

I just saw this film at a screening at the TIFF Film Festival in Toronto. It is a powerful and very well-done documentary about the impact that the global financial crisis has had on the world economy. The film is both disturbing and informative at the same time. It's about the impact of the global financial crisis on the world economy, but also on the families and friends of those affected by the crisis. It's also about the impact that the crisis has had on the economies of other countries, such as Canada. The film has some very powerful and very moving moments, and it's really great to see how the crisis has affected so many people in so many different countries. The film also shows the positive side of the crisis, and how the people who have been affected by it have made some very positive changes in their lives. I really enjoyed this film, and I really hope that the director and the producers of this film will be able to continue to make films about the global financial crisis and other global economic issues.

Lauren R. photo
Lauren R.

This is a great documentary, about the so-called porn industry. It's very honest, and I really enjoyed it. As a general rule, documentaries are meant to make you feel better. I was very impressed by the way the filmmakers had made it so. The story was told in a very honest and non-judgmental way, and the subject matter was very important. I found it very interesting and insightful. The only problem I had was that the documentary didn't get as good as I hoped. At the beginning, the narrator does a very good job of explaining the story and the reasons behind it. It's not very interesting, but I understand why it is important. I just wish the director had been able to show more of the effects of porn on the people it affects, and more of the choices they make, and the results that go along with them. But that's a minor criticism, really. Overall, I found the movie very entertaining, and I recommend it.

Kyle R. photo
Kyle R.

I loved this film. I've always been a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I have to say, this film is fantastic. It is definitely the best documentary I've ever seen. It's informative, funny, and it touches on the many different issues in the world today. I am also impressed with the way that the director managed to make a film that is entertaining, but also has a great message. This film is also inspiring and inspirational. The director has made a film that will inspire everyone. It is truly a great film, and I can't wait to see it again!

Thomas M. photo
Thomas M.

What can I say about this movie? It is excellent. It is not the most important movie I have ever seen but it is a very good movie. It shows the view of the world of humans living in the forest. It also shows how the animals live. For me it was a great idea to show the animals living in the forest, how they live, what is there to eat and how they live. The movie also shows how humans can destroy their lives, and how we humans can save our lives. It also shows the use of animals for making money and for the products that we have. Overall it is a good movie, but not one that I would watch again.

Peter Ward photo
Peter Ward

This is a great documentary that focuses on the drugs, politics and the high price of marijuana in the USA. The media and politicians, have treated marijuana like a menace and the people that consume marijuana have had to pay the price. The people that have spent so much money to get this illegal substance, have had to endure so much because of the government and the media. But the media, has been making money off of it. And it is estimated that the price of marijuana in the US has gone up between 50 and 80% from its 1970s price. This documentary also shows the good that the marijuana has done to the nation and shows that the government and media has been wrong in their beliefs. Although some people would have not liked the drug, it has had a positive effect on many people, because it has allowed them to have more time to spend with their family and to make more money and not be arrested and jailed for having small amounts of marijuana.

Brandon photo

What can be said about this doc that hasn't been said before? Everything. I just had to get this movie out. This documentary is great. You know what's going to happen next and you can tell everyone else what's going to happen. It was that great. There's not much that you can say about this doc. I'm a sucker for documentaries and this one is great. It's all about finding out what's going on and why. You can find out the bad things about this country but you can also find out the good things about it. It's all good. It's just a really great documentary. The best thing about it is the way it's done. It's not like most movies that use a narrator to tell you what's going on. It's real. It's a documentary. It's something you can't find out for yourself. It's something that you can't go and find out yourself. I know I will buy this on DVD. I also watched the other documentaries by this guy and I'm giving this one a 10 out of 10. That's what I'm gonna give it.

Terry photo

The Price of Everything: (from IMDb) This documentary follows a diverse group of people in different countries as they discover the value of their currency and the risks that it can pose to their personal and economic security. They start by observing the different ways that people in each country are using their currency. People from the United States spend more time counting the pennies and more time trying to find the fraction of one cent. They also take up high-tech games that they use to make money, such as "Scrabble". The Spanish, Portuguese and Canadian people begin to discuss their currency's value, while the Chinese and Italians discover how their currency can be used to keep their wealth in check. In Europe, people are also debating the relationship between their country and the European Union. But, as the documentary progresses, it shows how people have been tempted by their own interest in the currency, such as the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. In the United States, people are increasingly tempted by the idea of the "privatization" of the Federal Reserve. The documentary ends with a look at how people in every country are going about implementing their own solutions to deal with their currency's problems. This documentary was shot in Canada, the United States, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The production was handled by the "Jury" (the public television channel in the United States), who had a lot of input in the making of this film. The producers were encouraged by the community members in the documentary to do as much as they could to make the film as entertaining as possible. Overall, this is a very entertaining documentary, as it has a lot of funny moments, as well as some sobering moments. It also does a good job of showing the danger that people face when their currency is devalued. I found this documentary to be very informative and interesting, although it did not always hold my attention.

Henry Martinez photo
Henry Martinez

I've seen the documentary and I am so glad I did. It's extremely informative and really shows the real life of the people involved. I don't want to spoil it, but I would say to anyone who has not seen it, just watch it. It's really amazing.

Amy W. photo
Amy W.

The Price of Everything is a documentary about the illegal slave trade in South America, in the late 1800s. It takes us through the lives of two groups of slaves: one group is in the United States and the other group is in South America. The film starts with the slave trade in the United States and goes on to show how the slaves were sold and transported across the Atlantic and then across the Pacific Ocean to the South American country they were in. The slaves are held in a very violent way, and in some cases are kept in the houses of people who are not even human. The film shows us the lives of these people, their love and anger for each other, their fear of death and their love for each other. The film is very powerful, and shows the humanity of these people. I thought it was a very good film, but it is not the film to watch if you are looking for a history lesson. If you are looking for a film that shows the brutality of slavery, then this is the film for you.

Bryan photo

I've watched this movie almost every day for the past 6 months, and I still can't get enough of it. The film is filled with amazing interviews with the people who were involved in the film, and I felt like I was there with them as they spoke about their experiences. The interviews are so well done and so real, that you feel like you are part of the conversation. You get to see these people's lives and you can really feel the pain and hope that they had for their children. This is the type of documentary that is best when you watch it with someone who has not seen it before. It is a powerful film, and I will definitely watch it again, and again, and again.

Randy Bowman photo
Randy Bowman

I just watched this documentary and it was a very enlightening experience. I was really shocked to see how far the government has fallen. I really believe that the American people are starting to wake up and realize that their government is nothing but a big corrupt corporation and that we are the ones who have to fix it. I think that this documentary will help awaken the American people to what is really happening to them. It is absolutely the truth that we are the ones who have to fix this problem. I am very excited to see what happens next in the world of business and government corruption. I believe that the only way to save this country is to get involved in the elections and to stand up and speak out for what is right. This is truly a must see for everyone. The truth is right in front of our eyes and it is getting worse.

Ann Schneider photo
Ann Schneider

I just watched this on the Sci-Fi channel. There was not much of a story. But the main reason I watched this is because I was very curious to see if the same treatment was done for other major movies like "Dune", "Matrix" or "Pirates of the Caribbean". I was surprised how similar it was to the other movies. In my opinion this is a great piece of work by the man who directed "The Passion of the Christ". "The Price of Everything" is a very entertaining and very well made movie. For example I am a huge fan of Yorgos Lanthimos who is a good director and I was a fan of this movie but I don't know if he is also a great director. I would say that he is one of the best directors out there. So if you are a fan of him, then you should definitely watch this movie. I am sure that he will make more great movies like "Amores Perros" or "The Death of Stalin". I am giving 8 out of 10.

Dylan Davis photo
Dylan Davis

Not just a pretty face, but a real life. This is the story of a woman, who is no longer an actress but an activist and a mentor to young actresses. A documentary with a clear purpose, and she's made this in her own time. This is not a typical "make it big" documentary. The documentary focuses on some very, very strong issues. One of the issues is how hard it is to be an actress, and how difficult it is to find your place in a film industry. Many women are pressured into a career, and it can be very stressful, especially if the project isn't very well received. On the other hand, there are a lot of women who have dreams and aspirations, but also a lot of people who don't want to take a chance, because they don't have the courage to do it. We find out a lot about the life of Julia Roberts, and we see her with her children, and the relationship between mother and daughter. There is a lot of talk about the film business and its problems, but it also contains lots of advice on how to deal with it. We also see the struggle of Julia Roberts with her career and career-obsession, and how to make a difference in the industry. We also see how she handles her children, and the difficulty she has finding a role. I would like to say, that I enjoyed this documentary. It's very, very good, but I would have liked to have seen more of Julia Roberts, as it's really important to see the "face" of Julia Roberts.

Jane photo

This is a truly amazing film, a documentary about the biggest crisis of our time. I loved it! It has everything you could ever want in a documentary, and more. It is a must-see for everyone. If you are not yet convinced that this crisis is our greatest crisis, then you need to see this film. It is so incredibly well done. The actors and the film are just fantastic. It is the most honest, hard-hitting, powerful film I have ever seen. It is truly a must-see.

Lawrence photo

It's a rare occurrence when I get to watch a documentary that is not based on a book. This is one of those rare documentaries. The story of how we got here is fascinating, and it shows that we are all in this together, and that we should take care of each other. The documentary does a great job of showing the divide between the rich and the poor, and how that is not an accident. It's the fault of the government, and the bankers. It's not a coincidence that the richest 1% have more wealth than the bottom 90%. It's also the fault of the media, and the politicians. The movie was very well done, and the camera work was great. I highly recommend it. I am a little surprised that this was not a blockbuster. It is a must see.