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El Ángel

El Ángel is a movie starring Lorenzo Ferro, Cecilia Roth, and Luis Gnecco. The angelic face of Carlos, a 17-year-old teenager, hides a dark facet of robberies, lies and murders.

Other Titles
L'angelo del crimine, Melek, 永遠に僕のもの, Der schwarze Engel, Anioł, El ángel, Az angyal, Crni anđeo, O Anjo, Ο Άγγελος, The Angel, El Angel, Angelas, L'ange
Running Time
1 hours 58 minutes
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Biography, Crime, Drama
Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega, Sergio Olguín, Rodolfo Palacios
Cecilia Roth, Luis Gnecco, Malena Villa, Lorenzo Ferro
Spain, Argentina
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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The angelic face of Carlos, a 17-year-old teenager, hides a dark facet of robberies, lies and murders.

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Gregory Castro photo
Gregory Castro

Ah, the excitement of this film. The story is worth of mention, though some of the details are more than a little bit exaggerated. It is difficult to classify this film, as it really is more of a crime drama with a touch of romance. The film could have been a lot more dramatic if it were not for the colorful costumes and the numerous exotic dancers that are present in every scene. The film has a great soundtrack too. The music is captivating, and it fits in perfectly with the rest of the film. I can't help but compare the story to that of American Beauty, though this film is quite different. The film, however, is very enjoyable to watch, and it will definitely satisfy those who like crime dramas with a touch of romance. I give it a strong 7/10.

Edward photo

The movie is interesting and compelling. There are some unfortunate circumstances that are inexcusable. But I thought the movie was actually a rather well-done piece of art. The acting was good, and the director was able to effectively portray some of the worst acts of violence in this world. The cinematography was also great. The editing was fairly quick and elegant, so that the movie doesn't seem to drag too much. The plot is interesting, though the ending felt somewhat abrupt, and it was very much like I expected it to be. And the whole point of the movie is the middle-aged, wealthy and powerful man. I understand that people are attracted to that character, and that they are often portrayed as some sort of hero, but I didn't really feel that the film was very close to its goal. I thought that the movie was trying to make a statement about the justice system, but I think that it just didn't do that well. I thought that it was very anti-war and anti-capitalist. I think that it is a film that will appeal to a certain demographic of people. Overall, I think that this film was successful, and I think that it was worth the hype. I just wish that it was a little more well-written.

Danielle R. photo
Danielle R.

I have watched this movie several times and each time I enjoy it. The movie is an amazing drama, the main character is played brilliantly by Javier Bardem. The rest of the cast also plays their roles to perfection. The film has a lot of special effects, but that's the only thing I really hate about this movie. I have watched it a couple of times and each time I like it a lot. The story is very interesting, and it is highly recommended to watch it.

Jason S. photo
Jason S.

I have never seen the original version of "Angela's Ashes", the story of the life of the young woman who was beaten and raped by a gang of armed men, and became a runaway at a young age. This is a film about her, which I recommend to anyone who has not seen the original. Her life is a tale of tragedy, and her story has a small touch of comedy to it. Not the most conventional of films, but it's a good film. The story of the two women and their lives together is told in a very realistic way. The acting is great, and the cinematography is excellent. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were not many women in this film, and in fact, the majority of the cast are women. The story is about a woman who is being terrorized by a gang of violent men, and becomes a runaway at a young age. The setting is beautiful, with the stunning landscapes of the United States, and the writing of the script is superb. This is a very good film. My only criticism is that there was a lack of character development for the two main characters. I felt that they were too much one-dimensional. However, the performances and the direction make up for this. I recommend this to anyone who likes true stories of the nature. This film is a must-see for anyone who has not seen the original.

Marie Long photo
Marie Long

I thought this movie was really good, very interesting and one of the best movies I have seen this year. The direction was superb and the acting was superb. I think it is very difficult to make a movie like this, a very well written and great actor, but they did it. I do believe that the movie was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who likes good movies. I gave it a 8.6 out of 10.

Willie Morris photo
Willie Morris

This film is very dark and depressing. It does contain a message of acceptance, but it does not stand out among the other films I've seen of this genre. The film focuses on a young prostitute who is used by a gangster in a sex racket, but her mother and younger sister are both very sick and badly treated. Her older sister suffers from cancer and has to turn to prostitution for survival. The sister is also beaten up when she tries to get the gangster to pay for her sister's treatment. This film is full of the old-fashioned elements of the exploitation genre, such as rough sex, sex between young women and men, and sadomasochistic acts. The film is very depressing, but there is a sense of hope in the story, so I recommend this film to anyone who likes films that are dark and depressing.

Rose K. photo
Rose K.

I was shocked to see the negative reviews of this film. I went in with high expectations and was prepared for a real tearjerker. I was pleasantly surprised at the honesty and depth of the film. It was a gripping, sensitive, real story and I wish it had a wider audience. The characters were well developed and the dialogue was superb. The cinematography was excellent and the story was perfectly woven together. I enjoyed it and I'm glad I bought it and bought the DVD so I can share it with my family. It will also be a great conversation starter for those who may have not heard of it. The acting was excellent. I'm certain that these actors would have been well-received if they had the opportunity to portray their characters in a different light. The film is also a reminder of how far we have to go as a society to fight for the rights of people to change our society. I was disappointed in the way the police behaved and the way the government of Mexico treated the people of this country, but I also understand that such a situation cannot be avoided. As the film ends, I was moved by the way the characters deal with their loss and the effect of their actions on the lives of others. I hope that this film makes it to the theaters, and hopefully I will be able to watch it again and again. I have an extremely low expectation for Mexican films, but I was pleasantly surprised with this film and I hope it is successful enough to get a wider audience. I rate this film 7 out of 10 stars.

Ethan C. photo
Ethan C.

I love when a movie comes out and everyone is comparing it to the other movies that came out the same year and I'm not sure how they can do that. In a sense, the people that make that comparison are simply not paying enough attention. The two films that come to mind are one of my favorites in the recent past and the new one that came out last year. The movie that comes to mind first is Clueless and I'm not saying that because it has a lot of similarities to that movie but the one that came to mind first is The Godfather. Those two movies are two of the most talked about movies of all time and one of the reasons why is because of the constant comparisons to other movies that came out that year. In the case of Clueless, many people were saying that the movie was unoriginal and that it was bad because of the way it was written. However, the fact of the matter is that it is original and there were many people who said that that was the best thing about the movie and that it was the best thing about Clueless. The reason why I give the movie a seven out of ten rating is because the movie is unique and the way it was written made it very original and it did not fall into any other movie genre. The movie itself is about a mafia family and the way they are all portrayed is very realistic and does not come off as cliche at all. The movie does have some cliches but it is still very much a story that people should watch. The movie is about a man named Joe(played by Samuel L. Jackson) who has a very powerful position within the family and he has done very well for himself. However, he has taken advantage of his position and made his family and friends very miserable and very sad. There are other people in the family who are trying to help him and that is what makes this movie unique. The movie is definitely not for everybody because there are parts of the movie that are very depressing and painful to watch. However, it is a very important movie that everyone should watch. It is also an important movie that should not be missed. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch movies about mafia families. This is definitely one movie that I would buy and have on my shelf.

Phillip photo

This film is about the life of the legendary comedian, Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, and his life in Cuba during the period of his exile. The film has an excellent cast and a fascinating storyline, but it's the cinematography that makes this film shine. The scenery is beautiful, and the city of Havana is one of the best ever filmed, as it is very authentic. I'd recommend this film to anyone, and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the Spanish-American War, Cuba, or Che Guevara.

Johnny photo

A man who has been a drug dealer for a long time is suddenly on the run from the police. As the story unfolds, we see the story unfold. The movie was very realistic. We see the whole story unfold in a very real way. The movie was very good and it is a must watch for all movie lovers. The acting was superb. Javier Bardem's performance was great and he really surprised me. The story was very good and I really enjoyed it. I am very happy to see a movie that is a real story. The story was very realistic. The movie was very good. I am very satisfied with this movie and I hope that more movies like this will come out.

Teresa Wood photo
Teresa Wood

Nelly is a pretty decent movie in my opinion. It is not as intense as Nelly, but is still a great film. But I can understand why some people would not like it. I think that the movie is quite slow and it is not as shocking as I expected it to be. But, it is still quite interesting. It has a lot of suspense and I think that this is where the movie excels. I also like the movie because it shows people's anger and the point of view on corruption and greed. There are many things that are kind of racist in the movie. The movie is really interesting and it does a great job in showing the current culture of Mexico. I also like how the movie is about a person who's completely psychotic. I also think that it is interesting that this character is very strange. I also like the way that the movie portrays the corruption that is present in Mexico. I think that this is an excellent movie because it does a great job in showing the world's views on corruption.

Keith H. photo
Keith H.

A former gun-slinging, card-playing member of the Mafia, Raoul is imprisoned for his crimes. A second-generation South American immigrant to the United States, Raoul decides to write a story about his life. It was no coincidence that this story would be about the life of a criminal. However, even though he has a good background story, he can't write the rest of it. He is lonely and depressed, and he needs the company of others. A beautiful young woman comes to visit him and ends up taking the place of Raoul's wife. Raoul feels an attraction to this woman. Is she a romantic? Maybe a little. The man who he has fallen in love with is a bit strange. He is a womanizer, a dirty old man who has had a lot of affairs, and he is the perfect romantic match for Raoul. But it is not the woman who is attractive. The real attraction for Raoul is his former girlfriend, and they are not just looking for an easy love story. The violence is not the only problem. The film is not a big movie, and it has been edited. But it is so good that I had to watch the whole thing. I have seen many other movies that are in this category, but this is the only one that stands out in my mind. If you like the films "Escape from L.A.", "Kingdom of Heaven", and "Badlands" you will enjoy this. The violence is not the main story in this film. The story is about the characters, and they are all fascinating. I hope you will like this movie, and I hope you will also be interested in the story of Raoul. 7/10.

Jordan photo

I have watched this movie twice already. I did not want to see it again because I was not satisfied with the second viewing. I think I need to see it a third time to really appreciate it. The movie has many compelling moments, but is also a little too long for my taste. The story is quite linear, and is really good for a movie of this genre. The dialogue is great, and the acting is excellent. However, the movie is not very funny, and the final scene is really depressing. It's worth seeing, but don't expect too much.

Christine Black photo
Christine Black

This is a great film. It is a story about a man who goes to prison for a crime he didn't commit. He gets out, and is given a job. He takes it, and begins to get a taste of the American dream. It is an interesting story, with good acting. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good film. I will be watching it again.

Ann H. photo
Ann H.

I read the comments of many of the people that made negative comments about this film. I do not want to comment on that, as that would be pointless, but I must comment on the positive comments. People have made the comment that it is not a true story, but if it is, then they are not interested in the story, they are only interested in the money that was paid. This is not true. It is true that the plot is very hard to follow, but it is true that the film was very interesting. The direction was very good, and the story was well thought out. I also must comment on the acting, because the movie is about the family and the son, but there were many people in the audience that were crying because they were crying for their family. There were many people in the audience that were watching it for the first time. The movie was very emotional, and I think it should be given a chance. People can still get it, even if they don't understand the story, or have not heard of the story. I would recommend this film to anyone, and I would recommend it to everyone that is interested in the story. I think everyone should see this movie, and everyone should see it at least once. This movie is a great way to get into the story and see it for the first time.

Lori photo

I just got back from seeing the movie and I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed. The movie seemed to have a lot of great things going for it. I like the story and the characters. The cast is very good. And the actors were all very good. I really enjoyed the movie. The cinematography was beautiful and the actors were very good. But the movie just wasn't that great. It seemed to me like the story just dragged on and on and on. It was really hard to keep track of what was happening. It was like it was a lot longer than it really was. I really enjoyed the movie but I didn't love it. It was good but I don't think I will watch it again.

Michelle Holland photo
Michelle Holland

This is the story of Carlos, a drug dealer who works for the most dangerous drug lord in Mexico. The story follows him throughout his rise and fall, from his childhood in the slums of Mexico City to his brutal murder at the hands of the most dangerous drug lord in the country. This film is a fascinating look at the life of one of the most powerful men in the country, and a brilliant depiction of the people in the slums of Mexico City. The acting is fantastic. Javier Bardem does a fantastic job portraying a man with a life of drugs, violence and poverty. The film is very well directed. The soundtrack is also very good, the music throughout the film is very dark and intense. This film is one of the best films of 2014. 8/10

Sharon C. photo
Sharon C.

I have never been to the UK but this is what I have seen. For a first time viewer, it was a fantastic movie. I can't really see how you can compare this to the original, because this is an entirely different movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys movies that make you think and reflect on life and our place in it. If you have not seen this movie, please do so. You will not regret it.

Jessica photo

Argento is always very interesting, and with this film he is even more so. The film is a political thriller, and the only thing I didn't like about it is that the film is very long. The film is a bit too long. This is not a problem for me, because I like a film to be long. But I think that the length of the film is a problem because the film could have been shorter. Argento's direction is also very good, and I like this style in films. I also like that Argento uses the camera in many different ways, and it is very interesting to watch this style of film-making. In the end, I would say that this is a very good film, but I would not recommend it to everyone. This is not a film for people who are interested in politics, or in Argento's style of film-making. It is a film for people who are interested in great films, and Argento is a great film-maker.

Ralph Peters photo
Ralph Peters

The truth is, that the final "finale" of the classic noir film "The Big Sleep" is the only time the director of the movie "The Big Sleep" has been recognized for his work. The film was not directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock, but by Carl Denham. Denham was originally selected to direct the film, but due to the success of "The Big Sleep" and the film's popularity, he was instead chosen to direct the final scene of the film. It is not surprising that this scene was the only time Denham was recognized for his work. "The Big Sleep" was based on the story of a young man named John Connolly (James Stewart). He was accused of a murder he did not commit, but was exonerated because the body of a young woman was found in the house he lived in. John Connolly's guilt was finally confirmed when the police found a vial of poison in his house. "The Big Sleep" was a silent film, so it was not too difficult to make a silent film about a silent film. Director Carl Denham was not a silent film director, but he was a cinematographer, so his work is greatly enhanced by the silent film style. Carl Denham's work is almost unrivaled in the history of the cinema, but in my opinion, it is not a movie that can be considered his best work. "The Big Sleep" is the first film to be recognized as a classic, and it has been praised by many. It was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but lost to "Raging Bull". Overall, this is a very well-made film. The acting was good, and it was interesting to see how the silent film was made in those days. The production design was very well done, and the cinematography was beautiful. It is an excellent movie that is very well-made, but it is not a classic in my opinion.

Amy Warren photo
Amy Warren

I have not seen a movie quite like this one, that makes you wonder why people do not like this movie, the story is very well told, the acting is great, the music is very good and the cinematography is beautiful, it is a very good movie, that is worth watching. I just saw it at the cinema, and I am really glad I did, I will recommend it to everyone, this movie is definitely worth seeing.

Nancy Ray photo
Nancy Ray

This is a very sad movie. It shows the life of a drug addict. The story of the protagonist is very sad and it shows the life of a drug addict. The movie is very well directed and the acting of the cast is very good. The movie is very touching and I think it is one of the best movies of the year.

Nathan photo

I went into this film thinking that it was going to be a mindless action film, and it really wasn't. The story was really intriguing, the acting was superb and the action scenes were well-done. The movie has a very strong theme of what it means to be a man. It was a great film, definitely one that I would recommend to anyone. The only negative thing I would say about the film was the bad acting, but I thought it was really good and believable. I was really impressed by the acting in this film, and I think the actors did a very good job with what they had to work with. If you are looking for a film that is very good and well-acted, then definitely see this film.

Gerald Cook photo
Gerald Cook

I have seen this film twice and I love it. It is the best film I have seen in a long time. The acting is brilliant, the story is brilliant and the ending is brilliant. The only reason I don't give it 10/10 is because the ending is a little too predictable. But other than that, I would definitely recommend it. I don't think it would be possible to find a better film. I hope everyone sees this film and it gets a good reception. I hope this film gets the recognition it deserves.