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What They Had

What They Had is a movie starring Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon, and Robert Forster. Bridget returns home at her brother's urging to deal with her ailing mother and her father's reluctance to let go of their life together.

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1 hours 41 minutes
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Elizabeth Chomko
Elizabeth Chomko
Robert Forster, Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon, Blythe Danner
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Bridget returns home at her brother's urging to deal with her ailing mother and her father's reluctance to let go of their life together.

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Danielle H.

This movie is very emotional. The ending is very touching and a beautiful film to watch. The performances are excellent, especially the young boy. This is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. I highly recommend it.

Jack photo

If you are a fan of any of the actors, this movie is for you. I am a huge fan of this movie, and I'm glad I saw it. I'm a huge fan of the actors in this movie, and it was really great. I've seen the movie twice now, and I still love it. It was amazing, and I loved the story line, the music, the acting, everything about it. I think the best part of this movie was the music. It was really great, and it was very interesting. I think that all the actors did a great job. It was great. I think this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think that all the actors did a great job, and I think that it's great.

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This film is not at all what I expected. Although it is very clearly a British film it isn't. The story is very simple: Helen Steakins takes on the task of researching a lot of the evidence in the murder of the half-brother of John, the party leader. While researching she makes some connections that at first seem coincidental. But it becomes clear that the whole thing is much more complicated than they thought. Many scenes are beautifully filmed and drawn out. I found myself watching the film in slow-motion a few times. The acting was excellent. The characters were so well-developed, so well-cast, and so well-performed, that you didn't really know who to root for. A great film!

Virginia photo

I have been a huge fan of Sandra Bullock for a long time, but this movie blew me away. It is a fantastic story, and I will not spoil it for you. What I will say is that it is the best movie of the year, and probably of the decade. It is not a perfect movie, but it is so much more than that. The movie is about three women who are struggling with being single and in love. The story is about how they deal with these problems, and how they become more confident and happy. Sandra Bullock is great, and the supporting cast is amazing. I hope that you see this movie, and that you will enjoy it as much as I did. 9/10

Jose Bell photo
Jose Bell

I was very impressed with this film. I have watched the movie several times and it is always interesting. It is based on the life of a very young boy in a small town. It is a very sad story, but it is not only sad, it is very realistic. This is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is a must see.

Terry W. photo
Terry W.

It's been a long time since I was in a movie theater, but I really did enjoy "The Scramblers". It was very intense and was well shot. I thought the cast was fantastic. Ben Affleck was the best of the entire cast. The script was very well written and well acted. If you have never seen a movie theater before then this is the perfect movie for you. But you should definitely see this movie if you ever get the chance. I think it was more of a love story then anything else. But that is what is important to this movie. It is a movie about a guy who is in a relationship with a woman. And he is in love with the woman and he has a terrible life. But it is great for the movie and the movie is very intense. I don't want to give away anything about the movie because I think that if you watch it and are able to understand what is going on then you will like this movie. Overall, this is a movie about a man who is in love and has a bad life. But he still loves the woman. But he has no choice but to be in love with her. It is very well written and well acted.

Debra Ellis photo
Debra Ellis

Although this was a very depressing movie, I feel it was slightly suspenseful in terms of characters deaths and how the criminals died. The story was great and the acting was brilliant. But the main thing that bothered me was the ending. The ending left me wondering about what the film makers were trying to achieve by portraying that the killer's whereabouts are unknown. The ending was just completely confusing and felt a bit rushed. I would love to know what they were trying to achieve by including that ending. All in all, this was a great movie. I enjoyed watching it and I think it is a must see for fans of film.

Ashley H. photo
Ashley H.

In 1980 the world got a glimpse of what young women could look forward to in the decade to come. The "Oscar Girls" of the period were not in fashion by today's standards, but were at the peak of their status. Eighteen-year-old models, 20-year-old models and 30-year-old models all had their first of three Oscar nominations. Though the majority of these models were in very small roles, it was still a very memorable career in the making. What They Had is a lot more than the Oscars. This is an important and moving portrait of the struggles of aspiring young women that had the powerful forces of sexism, the suppression of privacy and the control of economic assets all at play. Here's a story about a gorgeous young blonde who falls in love with her boyfriend, and the way it plays out is exciting, heart-wrenching and romantic. I particularly enjoyed the way the story played out in the scene where the young woman first hears her boyfriend's voice and the way she is seemingly amazed and touched by his voice. The young woman is seeing this man for the first time, and she is an innocent, young girl. The fact that she still loves him at the end is a beautiful scene of transformation. And it is the same story throughout the entire movie. There is a strong emphasis on the sexual relationship between the young woman and her boyfriend. I was particularly moved by the scene where she starts to fall in love with his voice, which is not just some secret he may try to keep for a while. It is his voice, and it is a very powerful one. I believe that for many viewers the idea of virginity and sexuality is a highly contested topic. The movie does not play down the sexual acts. There are no sex scenes, but this is not meant to censor them. It is a movie about sex and the way it can transform us, so these sexual acts are important. They are wonderful and exciting, but not gratuitous. I thought that the movie was done well, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good look at the world of young women who made their first of three nominees for the Academy Awards in 1980.

Crystal H. photo
Crystal H.

I saw the trailer for this film and it looked really cool, so I thought, why not watch it. I was very surprised at how good it was. I think this film is a great thriller, and it also has a very great message about the people and the system. I really enjoyed this film. The acting was very good and I think the story told was very well done. I also liked that they made the characters real and it wasn't just some drug-addled minds, and the messages were very real. My favorite scene is when Hector and Hugo had a fight, and Hugo was chasing Hector and he starts to do drugs and stuff, and when Hector was at home with his parents, I really liked how they showed Hector and his family life. The rest of the film is about what happens to them, and what happens to the people in this society. I thought the film was very entertaining and it kept me guessing. I don't think people should watch this film because it is a very violent film, but I think if you watch this film, you will see the world through the eyes of a family who had to survive. The film also had a strong message about the system that we live in, and I think that really makes the film work. This film also had a very strong message and I think it is a very powerful film.

Russell D. photo
Russell D.

I am a big fan of JK Simmons. I liked this movie so much. It is a true story about a friend and her son and all the things that are being put in their life. It shows the hard work, anxiety, and fear that families have to go through to stay together. It has a very nice story line and a nice ending.

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Beverly Meyer

The Prime Minister of Fiji arrives in London, England for the first time since the death of his father. He meets with his daughter's parents, to inform them of the death of his father. With no family to come visit him, the Prime Minister is forced to be a one-man rescue team. He makes his way to the factory where his father was employed and when his meeting with the factory manager becomes tense, the Prime Minister gets lost and ends up hiding in the back of a garage. From that point on, the Prime Minister is a stranger to all of the family members, as he is "not the Prime Minister" but a person from the local village. Every family member tries to convince him that he is still the Prime Minister, but he has an insatiable need to communicate and follow through on his goal. This film is a powerful and sincere tale of the power of love. Fiji is a beautiful and amazing country, filled with natural beauty. It is also a place where strong, human connections can thrive. This film is a testament to how much this island can heal and how much it can nurture and heal. The love that couples here share can heal even a broken heart. This film is a beautiful and powerful tribute to those who have been touched by family. Great performances by the entire cast. The best of the best.

Vincent photo

this is a wonderful movie. It has a very modern look and feels that you are just a part of it. It's funny, it has heart, and it even has hope. Sometimes it makes me think of the quality of a movie that I'm currently watching and although I didn't enjoy the movie I still liked the sense that it tried to show me that what we have today is not as terrible as I was led to believe. In the end, we do get to see that life can be beautiful. A happy ending for all of us. Thank you to all the cast and crew. I look forward to more films by you.

Andrea E. photo
Andrea E.

A man has both a father and a mother who is an alcoholic, which could possibly be due to the fact that they both died before their child was born. So, the child would grow up to live a life of alcoholism and failed relationships. Some mother, because of the many problems that are experienced by the child, would lose her mind as she is possessed by this mother and this is a high end group of women who would experience a child through this type of abuse. That is not all though, because a large group of other women also have mothers that are known to have gone into that category. So, I will not mention them in this discussion. I believe that the main problem with this movie is that the director is not able to come up with an accurate view of the situation at hand, which is the common place. There are many women who are estranged from their mothers due to this type of abuse and it is very difficult to put a face to the situation. The director shows this in a few scenes where the mother is not on screen. Sometimes a tear is shed for the mother, sometimes not. It is the women who are in the hospital who are affected the most. I found this movie to be very realistic, because I was able to relate to the people in this movie. I do not feel like the people are trying to get a true picture of the situation, but I feel like the director made an honest attempt. This is a very sad movie, which was not made to be a drama or happy movie, but to show the problem that a lot of these women are dealing with and the children that grow up in that situation. Although, the director uses a lot of facts to show the women as they are in real life, but it does not help the audience to understand the life of these women, because there are so many unknowns. If the director did not make the people really talk about themselves, he would not know where to place this movie. I would have loved to have seen more of this. I would have liked to have seen the scenes where the mother was drunk, because I think that that would have been an even bigger issue and another way to explain the woman's problems. I am glad that they did not include this. It was not a major problem, but it is an issue and something that I believe should have been taken into consideration. I would have loved to see the women experience the pain of this abuse. I feel that the director chose to leave out this particular point. The mother does not drink or smoke. They are not showing how hard it is to have a mother that is an alcoholic. Maybe this director was doing what he could to try and show the viewer what it is like for a woman in that situation. This movie was very realistic and I would have liked to see a little more of that. I believe that there were a lot of good points

Jordan photo

I am an Asian man and I am from Taiwan, I do not understand why the Chinese and Japanese are always on the next one. The picture is very realistic and the filming was very well. The direction and the acting are great. I like the storyline very much and the feelings and the emotions are very well taken. I like the way they act very well. The movie has a great flow, you can go back and watch it many times, it is so well done. When you think of the situation of the war and also the time you lived there, it is very well done, because it is very true and the things that happened in the picture really happened and the war was not very long.

Jack photo

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It showed us how hard it is to live a world at war and how harsh the situation can be. From how they deal with war, to the freedom they have and how hard it can be to hold on. This was a great movie and was a must see!

Olivia W. photo
Olivia W.

What They Had is one of the few film that does not show the true atrocities of slavery. The story of one man's journey to find that freedom. This film is a great portrait of how one man's life changed and how his spirit went down the path that he did. The film follows the story of James Monroe Dooley, an ex slave and the man who did what he did to get to the point where he was. The movie also follows the story of Walter Manning. Walter is a black man who has taken up an ironing job and is struggling to take care of his elderly parents and wife. In the end, it's up to James Monroe Dooley to show his dad that the only way he can get out of slavery is to go to Alabama and find out about slavery. Walter is one of the people that James Monroe Dooley took with him. Even though the film is very emotional and very real, the movie is so much more than that. The story is also very moving. This film is not one that people should miss. This is the story of one man's journey to freedom. This is a film that everyone should see. It shows one man's journey to freedom and how one man's love changed the way he lived his life and how he lived his life.

Diana H. photo
Diana H.

This film is so realistic and it touches on the different emotions you will have as an adult. The acting by most of the actors is really great. Annelle Bywater is really good in the role of young "Auntie Dot" and Ryan Reynolds is also great. The film is fast paced and also uses quick edits and the camera angles is great to give a really cool feel to the film. I was never bored and this is a really refreshing film. You will think about this film after you leave the cinema. This film is for all ages and I think the best film of the year! Watch this film!

Bobby S. photo
Bobby S.

A story about two college roommates (Paul Rudd, Marc Blucas) who come together during the holidays, who would like to spend the weekend together. But their parents (Kevin Hart and Kristen Bell) aren't satisfied with their participation in their son's get-together. It's all about money and it's all about the money that I guess makes this movie "plotless". The movie isn't too interesting either. But when it's a Michael Cera film, it's not that bad, and I still liked the movie. I mean, Cera's acting was really good in the movie, he was really good in this movie. Just like Kevin Hart, he was great in this movie. I liked both of them, they both did a great job in this movie. Paul Rudd wasn't great, but he did a really good job. The other guy, I didn't really like, I'm not really sure why I didn't like him. He just didn't seem to fit in. Overall, the movie was pretty good. I think it was a good movie, it wasn't one of the best movies that I've seen, but it was one of the better ones. It's a good movie, and I recommend it to any fans of Michael Cera, Kevin Hart, and Kristen Bell. 8/10